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  1. Gaige

    Bike rack mode

    This was not just the plastic cover, it's the CNC machined metal hitch insert that's much higher quality than others floating around on Amazon, you spend 10 seconds to screw in the tool to pull it out. The guy was covering cost for the low volume he made on the side.
  2. Gaige

    Bike rack mode

    There's a great trailer hitch cover thing from a guy named Marco on these forums. He designed and made a bunch of them. I have one of the preorders and really like it.. really clean and easy way to take it on / off. I recall he got blocked from TMC because he promoted it without following some...
  3. Gaige

    Model T Roof Rack Noise

    There's some early analysis on this back in 2020 posts , I believe it's 2-3% hit. It's small enough that it didn't matter for me Now loading stuff on the racks.. get ready for a much bigger hit.
  4. Gaige

    Best All Weather Tires for Model Y 20" Induction Wheels

    I believe they only sell the 3 snowflake version of the Quatrac Pros on Tire Rack, but you might want to double-check you got the snow-rated ones. Apparently there are another version All weather that are non-snow rated. I have done a lot of snow/sleet/ice driving, slipping, slides over years...
  5. Gaige

    Model T Roof Rack Noise

    Similar thing worked for me, with only the front cross bar needed. Still working great. https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/posts/5412047/
  6. Gaige

    Best All Weather Tires for Model Y 20" Induction Wheels

    I got them from Tire Rack, I'm going on a couple years with them .. got them right after the first winter using the Goodyears, it was a couple months wait back then, but not sure if it's improved or regressed since for the wait. Going to get them again once worn a bit more. They were night and...
  7. Gaige

    Best All Weather Tires for Model Y 20" Induction Wheels

    Vredestein Quatrac Pro is a great all year round option on the 20" inductions. There are several threads if you search Vredestein here. Much much better than the Goodyears. I use them as the year round all weather tires. Good in snow (3 snowflake rating).
  8. Gaige

    Battery degradation??

    My June 2020 MY LR has gone up and down quite a bit over the years. As everyone mentions on this thread and others.. try as best as you can not to worry about it (unless major drop 30%+) In my case: In June / July I was seeing as low as 283 on range estimate. For the last 2 weeks I am at 296
  9. Gaige

    Using MYLR wheels as an electric generator during an emergency

    It's not cheap, but much cheaper than the 60k you mentioned.. Bluetti, Jackery, Ecoflow have a lot of solutions that help and use battery backup power. For $2-3k you can have a pretty sizable backup option, you don't need to buy their solar panels but those are an option too. I went with...
  10. Gaige

    CCS Adapter - ?

    I own the OEM/ only being sold in South Korea Tesla adapter and was just sharing this as potentially a helpful tip for someone looking to get this adapter. You are right, identical was not the right word. Thanks for the corrections.
  11. Gaige

    CCS Adapter - ?

    For folks waiting on getting this. EVSE adapters recently listed an adapter that looks identical to the Korean adapter: https://www.evseadapters.com/products/ccs-1-fast-charger-adapter-for-tesla-new/
  12. Gaige

    I make my Model Y a Home on Wheels

    Thanks for sharing and good luck on the trip! If you get a chance, would love to see what your gear list / favorite items are.
  13. Gaige

    Model Y Roof Rack CRACK

    Agreed, keep them on all the time, enjoy them.. no major range hit, just be a bit more cautious of the glass roof
  14. Gaige

    Closed Cargo Carrier for larger Items like Strollers/Wagons/Coolers etc

    This is 1up 48" hitch cargo carrier. I mainly went with this because we have our bike racks from 1up and like their stuff. https://www.1up-usa.com/product-category/cargo-carriers/
  15. Gaige

    Michelin CrossClimate 2 finally coming to Model Y size

    We are close to a similar story. I'm ~18-20k miles on them, same timeframe June 2020 .. I think you were the one who recommended them and thank you for that! I got them before they were mega backordered. I really wanted one set of tires with a bit more tread that could hold up with some snow...
  16. Gaige

    Michelin CrossClimate 2 finally coming to Model Y size

    Vredestein Quatrac Pros have been great in 20", 290-300 Wh/mi after they wore in a bit going 65-70mph .. all weather tires with 3 snowflake rating. They are pretty quiet, I plan to buy them again. I've had them so long I forgot you could get better efficiency with better / less rolling...
  17. Gaige

    Closed Cargo Carrier for larger Items like Strollers/Wagons/Coolers etc

    This is close to the 160 lbs. 42-45 lbs for the hitch cargo carrier 110 lbs of a big heavy camping box. Has worked ok, overall happy with the setup.
  18. Gaige

    Model Y: roofbag ok?

    I went with the hitch carrier too, more for having a big camping box ready for car camping. - This one is the 1up hitch cargo carrier - I am definitely getting closer to the weight limit.. but works well for us.
  19. Gaige

    When is structural battery pack & 4680 cells coming & Why are you not waiting until then?

    I would love 50 more miles in the MYLR. Being from the SF Bay area, we do almost weekly ski trips on weekends to Tahoe in the winter. It's 215 miles to Tahoe but 7000k elevation gain through the Sierras. I always have to charge once going to Tahoe, never on the way back going downhill. 50 more...
  20. Gaige

    CCS Adapter - ?

    NEMA 5-20 adapter, I've used at several places / hotels on the road. It's a big improvement over 5-15 where you can almost overnight charge with it 12-20 hours and common enough that I'm always checking at places we stay. I've used this once, was cool to use it. It was at a resort that had bus...
  21. Gaige

    CCS Adapter - ?

    Got mine fairly quick, no login needed, 7-8 days from ordering. Really cool, just tried it out at an Electrify America station 150 kWh to confirm it works. Only got 62 kW/h but this was with higher state of charge 75% and not much driving to warm up the battery. Definitely a good option, will...
  22. Gaige

    Beginning of the end - at least in my mind

    There is a good chance it won't be all chargers. Imagine two or three stalls having CCS ready. I think it's a good thing if this is how it's rolled out. Depending where you are a lot of these sit idle all day and can be increasing the supercharger value / expansion. If it's all stalls, I am...
  23. Gaige

    Stopped Roof Rack Noise & Whistle

    Similar thing fixed the OEM roof rack noise I was getting. I got these rubber strips from Rhino rack which helped https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/posts/5412047/
  24. Gaige

    Modern Spare DOES fit in frunk area, with liners removed!!!!!

    Agreed on roof and don't plan on the hitch carrier for this. But to your comments on 20% range hit. I haven't seen that large of a hit with bike or cargo behind the car.
  25. Gaige

    Any solution to the excess wind noise from the Tesla roof racks?

    Yes, I removed the rubber on the OEM and these can slide into the channel where the rubber was.
  26. Gaige

    Modern Spare DOES fit in frunk area, with liners removed!!!!!

    Not for everyday driving, but for a big trip with easy gear transport I recently got this hitch mounted cargo carrier. Will share pictures next time I have it on. I didn't really think about carrying a spare tire on it, but this is another option if you really want it and extra space...
  27. Gaige

    Bike rack mode

    +1 to bike mode and snow mode. Hitch mounted bike racks like the 1up are great with the MY, low profile, look great, industrial strength, and easy to use. I use it often and keep it on regularly the bike is part of our commute setup. With the 1up super duty single the quickest way to remove...
  28. Gaige

    Pre-conditioning and arrival SOC on long drives

    I have observed similar behavior. I started doing the same work around of pick a landmark nearby the supercharger and 10-15 minutes before you get there switch back to the supercharger location to get some preconditioning in.
  29. Gaige

    How tall a box will fit in a Y?

    This box was probably the largest I have fit and not really much more room. It slid all the way up the middle and trunk closed with a little room to spare. Taking the height and width, it was ~78 inches long, ~24 inches wide
  30. Gaige

    Complimentary MY All-Weather Protection Kit?

    Nothing here, but I already purchased the mudflaps. May 2020 MY.
  31. Gaige

    Road Trip Portland to Southern California

    Shasta is a great stop / supercharger area when you reach Northern California. Lots of chargers and a nice mountain town Lots of chargers once you reach California should have no problems. - one optimization, look for V3 chargers .. ie: Red Bluffs is the first V3 after Shasta (not the best...
  32. Gaige

    Model Y Roof Rack Whistling Sound

    This pretty much eliminated the wind noise I was getting, looks like it didn't for everyone, but is cheap and worth a try. You have to cut them to size and I removed the rubber gap filler to put these in. https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/posts/5412047/ Also I have this, tried it first and...
  33. Gaige

    Supercharger - Auburn, CA (LIVE 3 Feb 2022, 12 V3 stalls)

    Saw it today driving by! Was going west and didn't need to charge but looking forward to it next time headed up 80 East. This was mid-afternoon 5 spots open. What I love about the V3 chargers is that they don't split the load when it's full. That means even if packed, people should move out...
  34. Gaige

    Help identify this plug hidden behind rear bumper?

    You may be able to use the one that comes with it, but it's tight. Others mentioned this and I did the same, email 1up support and ask for the angled pin. That works well.
  35. Gaige

    Regenerative braking on icy roads

    Snow and Ice Mode ! This setting, minimum for doing similar to off-road assist 4 wheel drive all the time. - chill acceleration - reduce regen I have been using off-road assist on the snowiest / slippery days in Tahoe this winter.. it makes a big difference, especially on side roads / steep...
  36. Gaige

    Supercharger - Auburn, CA (LIVE 3 Feb 2022, 12 V3 stalls)

    I looked at this going west on I-80 yesterday afternoon, I saw the fences still up but I swear I saw a white Model Y parked / at the chargers there. I wish this was on the other side walking distance to Ikedas.
  37. Gaige

    Super slow super charging

    127kW is still pretty good! Even at 250kW you will only be close to that rate for a short percentage of the charge.. - is: 20-30% - then it falls off. I don't think I've ever seen 200kW+ for longer than 5 minutes of charging. Then I'm down at 100-150 kW. I care more now a days that I'm at a...
  38. Gaige

    Holiday Update

    Got the update this morning, the whole family loved the light show. It was definitely loud too, I was tempted to turn it down with the volume control it prompts you with but went for it anyway. Also missing the quick cards for energy, tire pressure. Wish those were still there. Live sentry is...
  39. Gaige

    Should I get trunk panel gap fixed? Scared..

    I had a minor gap in the trunk June 2020 MY LR. I did the first service a month ago and asked the service center to fix it along with change air filters, check HVAC replacement thing, and install a hitch. If you can wait and batch it with a service center stop it's not too bad. I did have to...
  40. Gaige

    Review of new MY Hitch Cover for all VIN's!

    Got mine, early last week as one of the pre orders Same! I use the hitch for our 1up superduty regularly. This makes it so much easier to install / remove. Very happy with it. Another shout out to Marco for making this so much easier and great design!
  41. Gaige

    Skii Rack Suggestions

    I had an old Thule ski rack and switched to the Yakima Fatcat Evo 6. It's more efficient / looks better IMO. I believe similar 10-15% efficiency loss related to the racks on. I vaguely remember the few experiences with the Thule racks being slightly more. I like the way the Thule products...
  42. Gaige

    Supercharger - Auburn, CA (LIVE 3 Feb 2022, 12 V3 stalls)

    Actively lurking in this thread awaiting some news!!
  43. Gaige

    Long weekend away from charger?

    As others mentioned, don't worry about it but to always be prepared take a look at the Tesla supercharger / destination charger map or plugshare to confirm there's charging there if you really need it. We've been far away from chargers for whole weekends (camping, visiting friends, ..) using...
  44. Gaige

    HVAC Pressure Sensor Recall - Says I am required to take it in

    Got this done at service shop alongside installation of a Trailer Hitch. Same high / low sensor parts mentioned here and control arm seals check. - Additionally finally fixed a panel gap on the trunk. - Additionally cleaned cabin air filters Took 2 days for everything.
  45. Gaige

    19" Gemini [Mostly Winter] Tire Replacement - Vredestein Quatrac Pro?

    Still love them! Would get them again. I have tried not to care about range impact, I still get ~268-280 Wh/mi with roof racks too. 3 snow flakes ... I would feel comfortable with them in New England winters (grew up in NH). I know the Cross Climate 2 are supposed to be great too, but these are...
  46. Gaige

    Unable to wake up my Y after 2021.12.25.6 update

    Following up, the car woke up last night and it was able to be controlled via the app. There may be something happening with deep sleep + airport parking. Maybe lock/ unlock remotely, which I started doing and hadn't done before, can put it into deep sleep. I hadn't seen multiday unable to...
  47. Gaige

    Unable to wake up my Y after 2021.12.25.6 update

    Just started seeing this too. Not sure if it's the same issue, but cannot wake our MY which is parked at the airport for the last 5 days. We could wake it for the first two days. Not sure if there are any other ways besides being near the car to get it to respond.
  48. Gaige

    Car Parked for Week Unplugged

    Post in thread 'MYP - Parked at airport 5 days' that we left our MY in a garage unplugged for 2 months last fall. Fairly low phantom drain, even checking in many times during that trip. https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/posts/5446504/
  49. Gaige

    Any solution to the excess wind noise from the Tesla roof racks?

    No, I actually bought a bunch of them so super glued 3 together just to have one big strip
  50. Gaige

    MountainPass Performance Comfort Coilovers

    Yes, just did this last week to put it back up stock height. (See post above yours). More preference than concern for scraping. I like it at stock height.

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