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  1. FourBucks

    Ontario HOV access for single passenger EV's expires June 2016

    Green licence plates Not advertised to the general public: Your green licence plate is a sign of your commitment to a cleaner Ontario. Until June 30, 2016, electric vehicles with green plates will be granted access toHOV lanes on 400-series highways and the QEW, even if there is only one...
  2. FourBucks

    Ontario EV incentives upped to $14K... and decreased to $3k for Tesla

    Got this in my inbox this morning. I have already responded. Let's go everyone, start writing! Model SModel XSuperchargerPowerwallSupport Tesla in Ontario: EV Incentives Have ChangedDear current and future Tesla owners, Earlier this month, the Ontario government announced changes to its...
  3. FourBucks

    Ontario EV incentives upped to $14K... and decreased to $3k for Tesla

    Not sure if this was posted yet but: According to this http://www.mto.gov.on.ca/english/vehicles/electric/electric-vehicle-rebate.shtml, a vehicle purchased or ordered before Feb 10'th with an MSRP greater than $75000 will receive the incentive available at the time of purchase (i.e. I ordered...
  4. FourBucks

    85 kWh battery removed from design studio

    Won't happen. I ordered Dec 25'th and had to upgrade my pack to 90 for $3700 (CAD) or take delivery of the 85 before end of March. I upgraded. - - - Updated - - - Price of the 90D pack is not going down anytime soon. Where did you hear that? Canadian prices went up today and for my...
  5. FourBucks

    Tesla Quietly Discontinues the 85 kWh Battery Option in Canada

    (posted to a similar thread) I also got the call from Tesla to explain the situation with discontinued 85kWh pack in Canada. Looks like this will be the standard going forward for everyone soon so if you really want an 85, order it now! They gave me the option of keeping the 85 and taking early...
  6. FourBucks

    Tesla's Front Page AutoPilot Video

    And at 73 cents to the American Dollar it was a lot cheaper to make here too!
  7. FourBucks

    2016's getting pushed back?

    Ordered my S85D on Christmas Day (Merry Christmas to me!) and stated end of Feb arrival, however, I requested May delivery to give me time to set up the garage, charger and clear the snow and salt off the road for spring delivery. I suspect they got lots of orders from the referral program and...
  8. FourBucks

    Finally took delivery of my new 70D - WOW!

    Nice ride Miltonian! Will you be mounting the front license plate or does that mess the visuals and aerodynamics too much. Better to beg forgiveness if pulled over I suppose...
  9. FourBucks

    ICE Phone

    That is brilliant, even if it came from Nissan!
  10. FourBucks

    ICE Trip

    You may want to consider trading it in for the X when it comes out then everyone's happy (so long as you get along with your MIL)! Edit: Just saw your signature indicating reservation for X!! Well done.
  11. FourBucks

    Warming up the battery before driving in winter conditions

    There's no such thing as a "civil" engineer! (Mechanical myself...)
  12. FourBucks

    Disappointed in app, features

    Buyer's remorse? I'll take it off your hands. Try punctuation, makes reading posts much easier.
  13. FourBucks

    Tracking P85D delivery thread

    Snippiness: http://www.teslamotorsclub.com/showthread.php/7777-snippiness
  14. FourBucks

    Eastern Canada Superchargers

    Michael, I'd be interested to know what your rated km range is to get to Barrie from 400/407. I'm up the 400 extension towards Parry Sound and will need to drive about 206 km (one way) from door to door.
  15. FourBucks

    Why are there only 6 airbags in europe, used to be 8

    Knee airbags are needed for ICE cars since the engine is the first thing that enters the cabin in a head on crash and does the most damage to your lower legs. No huge front engine in a Tesla so no need for knee airbags. Energy tranfer and crumple zones keep the entire cabin intact and your knees...
  16. FourBucks

    I'll take Tesla for $200, Alex - Tesla on Jeopardy

    It was very telling how all contestants left that category until the very end. I was screaming at my TV "Pick Tesla"! Hopefully that educated the over 60 crowd to the awesomeness that is Tesla, LOL. Now, if they could only get a product placement on The Amazing Race, then everyone would become...
  17. FourBucks

    Value of my Sig?

    I was checking out Auto Trader this morning and saw your car. Looks really nice! Unfortunately, I'm waiting for an X otherwise I'd jump all over that. The market will decide my friend. Good luck!
  18. FourBucks

    Tracking P85D delivery thread

    Those will make for some nice Christmas presents! (or Hanukka, Kwanzaa, Eid, etc...)
  19. FourBucks

    Insurance and anti theft...

  20. FourBucks

    What is going to make Model X Unique ?

    It'll be unique when it's sitting in my driveway. :tongue:
  21. FourBucks

    Insurance and anti theft...

    Must be a Quebec thing? plus ça change
  22. FourBucks

    Insurance and anti theft...

    That is brutal! My insurance company gave me a quote that turns out to be only $147/year more than what I'm already paying for a '09 Toyota Highlander. Call TD Melloche Monnex (no I don't work for them...:biggrin:). Good luck!
  23. FourBucks

    What car will you be coming from?

    Planning to sell my '06 Audi A3 and '09 Toyota Highlander for a Model X in 2017 when I turn 50 (mid-life crisis?) Will get the fun drive of the Audi and carrying capacity of the Highlander all in one!
  24. FourBucks

    Model X Update Email 11/18/2014

    300 miles is ideal rated range (at 55 MPH), however, I have to consider that I'll have 4-5 adults, AC on a hot August day, 40 litres of gas (for the boat!), a cooler of food and overnight bags amounting to about another 250lbs of cargo and so there's no way I'd achieve 300m range. I'm thinking...
  25. FourBucks

    Model X Update Email 11/18/2014

    I'm a Canuk so I only speak SI :tongue: (although I'm also an engineer so fluent in stone, feet, inches, miles and pounds) - - - Updated - - - Similar standards here, although I'd be parking the car at a private residence on a First Nations Reserve and then taking a boat about 9km to our...
  26. FourBucks

    Model X Update Email 11/18/2014

    Hey Bonnie, for me I would use that 500+ range on a weekly basis in the summer to get to and from our cottage on Georgian Bay (413km round trip. I can plug it into a 120V over the weekend to trickle charge so I won't have to stop for a SC in Barrie, which will hopefully be open before 2017! As...
  27. FourBucks

    Model X Update Email 11/18/2014

    You have to think after the long production delay and advances with the battery pack since the advent of the S that they will offer an extended version for the X; my prediction is an X100 with at least the same or faster charging capabilities than the S85 and 500km+ range. With the timing of...
  28. FourBucks

    P85D sighting / test drives

    Newbie to TMC! My wife booked me a MS test drive for my birthday and now I'm a believer. I've run the numbers and the Total Cost of Ownership for us is the same or better than owning an ICE for 6-8 years. No brainer with the amount of km's we drive up here in Ontario, going back and forth to the...

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