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  1. Oyster Bait

    Two tone Model 3 seen!!!

    That wrap stuff, or something like it, is available on Amazon in 36-inch by 100-foot rolls of "Armor-dillo" for some $78 which might be an option for temporary paint protection on the nose in lieu of PPF or an expensive bra, etc. Someone else go first and report back, eh?
  2. Oyster Bait

    Chasing a c6 zo6 in a rwd sr

    Nicely done! How was that video made/what was it recorded on?
  3. Oyster Bait

    Elon Musk: Tesla Model S Plaid To Have Structural Battery, 4680 Cells

    With the announcement that the Plaid Model S will use 4680 cells in a structural role, I'm guessing the Plaid model to be simply the top level of a completely redesigned Model S, which has been rumored for some time. A redesigned Model X shouldn't be far behind. The Roadster and Cybertruck...
  4. Oyster Bait

    12,305 miles over 7 weeks - Road Trip

    Ripping yarn! 256 WH/mi is better than I would have guessed. Does that figure include the energy spent at rest i.e. running a/c overnight? Did you make any special effort toward efficiency in your driving habits? Best - Gary
  5. Oyster Bait

    Newbie question

    Have you asked to see the car? Seems like a reasonable request. Since they are a middleman, the cars could be anywhere. If it is viewable and in NL, there may be a member who could give it a once-over.
  6. Oyster Bait

    Putting the 3 on all 4 jack stands

    Procedure addendum: It might be better to start at a front corner instead of a rear corner. Needs study. After all four Unijacks are in place, all should be adjusted to lowest position possible. Be safe. Cheers - Gary
  7. Oyster Bait

    Putting the 3 on all 4 jack stands

    Four Unijacks: https://www.amazon.com/Alltrade-640912-Black-All-Bottle/dp/B00GJJZ5YC/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=all-in-one+jack&qid=1590899684&sr=8-1&th=1 plus jack pucks, of course. $62 each. Procedure: with low profile floor jack, jack LR corner until Unijack 1 fits under LF corner...
  8. Oyster Bait

    MY Vs M3 pictorial rendition

    Would it be possible for anyone to photoshop/enhance that image to increase the contrast between the two profiles? Many thanks, in advance.
  9. Oyster Bait

    Higher efficiency, but still decent tires?

    How do you know the Primacy MXM4s are craptastic in terms of performance? Do you know of any threads that have included data (not seat-of-the-pants opinion)? If anyone reading this has experience with high performance driving on the OE tires, i.e. autocross etc., please chime in with your...
  10. Oyster Bait

    New Brake Pads on P3D - Much Firmer!

    @kbecks13, for my curiosity, did you have the stainless steel brake lines installed at the same time as the new brake pads? I wonder how the new brake pedal feel is affected by each of the two changes.
  11. Oyster Bait

    Model 3 2018.48.1 Trips and Tire Pressure Cards not displaying

    I am astounded this question doesn't come up more often. I wonder if it only occurs rarely. This thread is difficult to find for the usual reasons (how do you search for a problem that can be worded many ways)
  12. Oyster Bait

    First Ding. Ugh. Worth Fixing?

    Looks like a candidate for a paintless repair, if you can find one in your area with a good reputation.
  13. Oyster Bait

    Can an 8" Width Wheel be Used for the Model 3 LR

    The math seems to work out that the inside clearance shouldn't change since the offset is the same. The .5" narrower wheel should mean that the outer rim is less susceptible to curb rash because the tire should take the initial rash abuse.
  14. Oyster Bait

    Home Charging Question on Using Electric Dryer Outlet 10-30A

    After I got everything connected the first time, the charging didn't start out so smoothly - charging started then stopped a couple times and tripped the breaker once. I lowered the charging amperage on the charging page on the screen in the car to 20 amps and everything has gone smoothly ever...
  15. Oyster Bait

    Home Charging Question on Using Electric Dryer Outlet 10-30A

    I am renting a workshop with precisely that outlet and am charging my Tesla there at 20 amps, getting a 15 mph charging rate. I bought this pigtail adapter https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B078JLDB3Z/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 from Amazon for $40, to adapt to the NEMA 14-50...
  16. Oyster Bait

    Vendor MPP At Global Time Attack Superlap With A P3D! Nov 8/9

    Did you leave the MPP stability defeat magic in place with Track Mode? Does Track Mode do the same job - for the Performance model - as MPP's device does for the rwd model?
  17. Oyster Bait

    How to use jack stands?

    The structure isn't infinitely rigid. Lifting at a single point runs the risk of twisting the body which might break the rear window. On this thread, post 67, on the Model 3 Owners Club Forum, a member speaks of a service center without a lift that does service using four jacks simultaneously...
  18. Oyster Bait

    MS/MX style aftermarket rear chrome trim for Model 3

    Just thought I'd throw this in: the EVANNEX embossed TESLA supplements the embossed Model 3 in the OEM license plate frame to give civilians the answer to their first question: "What is it?":cool: Maybe not so much on the left coast, but here in Florida, most of the complements from my condo...
  19. Oyster Bait

    Improving my P3D+ range

    @Jedi2155 I'm genuinely impressed with your wh/mile statistics so far. I'm assuming you're on your OEM 20" Michelin Sport tires. Are you doing any hypermiling actions? I've got a P3D+ with the 20" Michelin Sports and don't have many miles on them but am getting dog *sugar* mileage. I have a set...
  20. Oyster Bait

    P3D Free Supercharging SNAFU Good News

    Dear Tesla, I sent a referral code. Why is my Supercharging account Pay Per Use? Sincerely, Model 3 Owner
  21. Oyster Bait

    P3D Free Supercharging SNAFU Good News

    Did you ask?
  22. Oyster Bait

    ICE: Would you ever go back?

    Vehicle #2 (or maybe #1) is a 2015 (post dieselgate) VW Golf Sportwagen TDI M6 which I love. It gets 45+mpg on the highway and has driving and handling characteristics approaching ideal. It happens to be the same color as my silver/black P3D+ Tesla and I feel like I'm on top of the world...
  23. Oyster Bait

    Supercharging Model 3 Performance

    Cool your jets. P3D Free Supercharging SNAFU Good News
  24. Oyster Bait

    Free supercharging still not working

    Cool your jets P3D Free Supercharging SNAFU Good News
  25. Oyster Bait

    I keep forgetting to charge when I get home....

    You don't love your wife if you haven't plugged your Tesla in.
  26. Oyster Bait

    P3D Free Supercharging SNAFU Good News

    I am in the group of end of Q3 buyers that ordered a P3D with a referral code before 9/16 and got delivery by 9/30 but still have "Pay per use" for my Supercharger status. I have good news. A couple weeks ago, I asked the obvious question on my account page and on 10/14 got an answer from...
  27. Oyster Bait

    Custom Litter Box

  28. Oyster Bait

    Murdered out Model 3

    I like the modified nose, on first look.
  29. Oyster Bait

    What to do with OEM Model 3 springs?

    Wind chimes.
  30. Oyster Bait

    Help installing wheels with centering rings

    I would use some fine sandpaper, maybe 400 grit, hitting the edges first, and then the "barrel surface" of the rings, if the edges didn't hack it. I bet it wouldn't take more than a minute or two... Then I would clean them with a paper towel dampened with just a pfft of WD-40 and then a dry...
  31. Oyster Bait

    Craziest thing I did with Model 3 Performance+

    Got a source for this? It's sort of intuitive, but I haven't seen it written up.
  32. Oyster Bait

    Oops! Don't shift into neutral while driving

    exactly so and with the box in neutral slide into the queue using the least amount of brake effort necessary to arrive at 0 at the line.
  33. Oyster Bait

    Biggest Positive and Negative Surprises About Model 3 AWD Performance Version

    Your choice of the minus version of the Performance upgrade got you some yuge bennies; while I live in Florida, I still don't dare risk living with tires that can't live below 40°F - $1500 all weather wheels+tires on order. I doubt I'll ever get my money back for the plus version; chalk it up...
  34. Oyster Bait

    Oops! Don't shift into neutral while driving

    Coming from a stick shift world, neutral is one of my favorite gears...
  35. Oyster Bait

    Frunk latch?

    I think a sawzall can fix your problem before mobile service gets there. /s
  36. Oyster Bait

    Vendor MPP Model 3 vs Performance Model 3 On The Track!

    It looks like it was great fun and the after session chat was interesting and all but there was a lot of inside baseball between the two drivers that others might not completely understand. Me for one. A narrative explaining the relative skill level of the two drivers and how their skill...
  37. Oyster Bait

    WTB OE Michelin Primacy MXM4 235/45-18.

    Purchase completed. No longer WTB. Thanks for looking.
  38. Oyster Bait

    PUP tires and rims on a rear wheel drive model 3

    The Premium Upgrade Package, or PUP, which appears to be automatically included with all Long Range Model 3s, Includes: Premium heated seating with 12-way, power adjustable front seats Center console with covered storage, 4 USB ports and docking for 2 smartphones Premium audio system Tinted...
  39. Oyster Bait

    PUP tires and rims on a rear wheel drive model 3

    I started a thread on this and didn't get an answer. My semi educated guess is that the P3D+ wheels will fit any M3 with a caveat. The they-will-fit argument goes like this: conventional wisdom is that the P3D+ wheels are different because they have a "step" machined into the inner end of the...
  40. Oyster Bait

    I offer $625, PayPal friends and family, shipped to 32931 (Florida)

    I offer $625, PayPal friends and family, shipped to 32931 (Florida)
  41. Oyster Bait

    Performance Model 3 Snow Tires/Rims

    I'm pretty sure the reason the19 inch OEM wheels will not work is that Tesla doesn't offer that wheel with the machining to fit the rear brake rotor hub that makes the P3D+ wheels special.
  42. Oyster Bait

    Biggest Positive and Negative Surprises About Model 3 AWD Performance Version

    I'll put the small rear view mirror complaint a different way; the bottom of the rear window is too high. The autopilot is not a very smooth driver. TACC is in too much of a hurry to get the number of car lengths to the right number, and the automatic lane change is more abrupt than I think is...
  43. Oyster Bait

    Are P3D+ wheels OK on other M3s?

    Much has been made of the fact that P3D+ cars need "special" wheels because of the rear brake rotor hub (not sure whether caliper size is an issue, but that's irreverent for this conversation). I won't go into that here but if someone doesn't know about the rotor hub issue, please ask and I'll...
  44. Oyster Bait

    Hi, I'm interested. I live in Florida, zip code 32931. I'd be interested at your $575 price...

    Hi, I'm interested. I live in Florida, zip code 32931. I'd be interested at your $575 price and split shipping, if it isn't too crazy. Could you find out what that would be and get back to me? [email protected], 210 861-1682, Gary Carpenter
  45. Oyster Bait

    WTB OE Michelin Primacy MXM4 235/45-18.

    Set of four, take-offs with low miles, plus/minus TPMS sensors. Central Florida. Shipping doesn't make economic sense. PM me your email address and/or phone number, please.
  46. Oyster Bait

    Hi, I like your 18" space gray flow forged spoke wheels for the Model 3 Performance plus...

    Hi, I like your 18" space gray flow forged spoke wheels for the Model 3 Performance plus model. I've been researching the various 18" tires and have concluded that the most attractive tire for my usage is the stock Michelin Primacy MXM4. Would you consider offering these as a special...
  47. Oyster Bait

    Performance Model 3 Snow Tires/Rims

    I don't think hub rings are an ideal fitment solution, and are probably responsible for your "rattley" complaint. I don't think wheels should ever rattle. The correct solution is for the wheels to be machined to fit the lip at the base of the disc hub which Tesla put there just to drive us...
  48. Oyster Bait

    Performance Model 3 Snow Tires/Rims

    I'm pretty sure the tires on the 3P+ are performance tires and aren't recommended for use below 40°F! They are strongly not recommended for use in snow and ice. The Model 3 Club's most recent pod cast had a fairly extensive discussion of the winter tire issue and is working on a specific pod...
  49. Oyster Bait

    Performance Model 3 Snow Tires/Rims

    Is this car lowered? By how much? What tires are these?
  50. Oyster Bait

    Build Quality: Improving, or Declining

    I'm not sure what you're asking for is going to give you what you want. Quality is measured statistically but any reports you'll get on the Forum, good and bad, will be anecdotal, and not representative.

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