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  1. youlikeadajuice

    Ioniq 5 vs Model Y

    Ouch, sorry to hear about your troubles. I got mine in Jan. 2022 and have had zero 12v problems. At least you have an excellent solution in place, I hope it all gets resolved.
  2. youlikeadajuice

    Ioniq 5 vs Model Y

    I bought my Ioniq 5 almost a year ago and have been very happy with it. At that point, it was almost a no-brainer vs. the ModeY as far as value is concerned. The recent Tesla price reductions have changed everything though. If I had to make the choice again today, it would be a Model Y, no...
  3. youlikeadajuice

    Decision to keep or not to keep my 2013 Model S

    125k for 60s...I believe is was 100k for 40s
  4. youlikeadajuice

    Decision to keep or not to keep my 2013 Model S

    The HV battery failed 2500 miles out of warranty on my 2013 S60. In hindsight, I wish I would've gotten rid of mine before the warranty was up, although the OPs miles are much lower than mine. Tough call.
  5. youlikeadajuice

    insurance co towing to Sevice Center, now what?

    Just contact roadside and let them know what’s happening, they’ll notify the local service center. This is part of the problem with Tesla not picking up the phone at local service centers, amongst many other things.
  6. youlikeadajuice

    NHTSA Investigates - Pack Cooling, 2012-2016

    Interesting counterpoint to the original article...Tesla Hacker Says Model S Cooling Coil Issue Accusation Is Ridiculous
  7. youlikeadajuice

    Model S unable to start car

    I just had the same experience, Tesla says there is water intrusion in the rapid mate...they are 70% sure it will bring my car back to life. I’m hoping this will fix it, I had no sudden battery loss prior to the car not working. I’m 3,000 miles outside of the battery/drivetrain warranty though...
  8. youlikeadajuice

    Software Version 9/10 for Non-AP/Classic Cars

    Quick update...I "forgot" and re-synced my phone from bluetooth since my contacts and recent calls weren't updating, and voila, voice commands are working again (although laggy).
  9. youlikeadajuice

    Software Version 9/10 for Non-AP/Classic Cars

    Same boat here, voice commands don't work at all since update, MCU1 3G...Also, incoming text messages are partially obscured by the speedometer.
  10. youlikeadajuice

    Cleaning the windshield Magic Eraser? Claybar? Invisible Glass?

    Use newspaper instead of a towel or paper towels...it is amazing.
  11. youlikeadajuice

    Cannot super charge my antique 2013 S (jan build)

    Jan 2013 build, V9 2018.48.12.1 Frequent red ring and multiple re-plugs not unusual at supercharger. More of my problem details in previous posts.
  12. youlikeadajuice

    Cannot super charge my antique 2013 S (jan build)

    From what I could gather from my recent road trip is that it's not location or stall based, it has to do with the car. Superchargers we stopped at and had trouble with on the way down to FL were fine on the way back up and vice versa. Sometimes it took multiple re-plugs, others went straight to...
  13. youlikeadajuice

    Cannot super charge my antique 2013 S (jan build)

    Check my post further upthread (#29), I also had a few problems that unplugging and replugging did not resolve. Along with not being able to charge in Glen Allen and having to spend 4 hours at the service center to get the charge port swapped, I spent 30 minutes on the phone with Tesla service...
  14. youlikeadajuice

    Cannot super charge my antique 2013 S (jan build)

    I’ll add to the list of people having problems. I have a Feb. 2013 car and had lots of supercharging difficulties on our road trip from NJ to FL and back over Christmas. Absolutely could not get the car to charge at Glen Allen supercharger on the way down, tried multiple stalls multiple times...
  15. youlikeadajuice

    Software Version 9/10 for Non-AP/Classic Cars

    Anyone else experiencing lukewarm preheating with version 9? My car used to preheat so nice and toasty it would melt the snow off the windows. Now, it’s extremely tepid when I get in and only then do the fans and heat really start to kick and warm things up. The whole point is for it to be warm...
  16. youlikeadajuice

    Thoughts about v9.0 Quick Controls screen

    Another vote for suspension in quick controls. Don't know why this is missing from that screen.
  17. youlikeadajuice

    RWD 1st Snow Driving Experience with All Season Tires

    For what it's worth, the snow storm in the Northeast on Thursday evening was particularly "special". Not so much the accumulation as the qualities of the snow/freezing rain/sleet and the sheer number of people who were out on the road. I've had my RWD Model S for almost 6 years and run it with...
  18. youlikeadajuice

    Tune In radio losing hundreds of stations

    Yes! It’s 101.1...can’t remember if it’s HD2 or HD3
  19. youlikeadajuice

    Supercharger Routing App for iOS, Beta testers wanted

    I'm probably an outlier, but I have a 2013 Model S with no navigation or route planning. I opted not to get the "tech package" at the time since the only feature I wanted out of it was navigation, and $4000 for navigation seemed steep for something my phone could already do. Since I'm already...
  20. youlikeadajuice

    Tune In radio losing hundreds of stations

    @mknox thanks for the tip about HD substations...I listen to so little FM radio I had no idea that existed. My newly missing traffic stations from TuneIn are in fact available on HD substations, although the reception is pretty spotty. USB and Slacker cover my music needs, but I hope Tesla will...
  21. youlikeadajuice

    Tune In radio losing hundreds of stations

    Was listening to 880 AM news radio via TuneIn on my ride into work this morning when I hear an ad saying that 880 will be moving to radio.com and to use the new radio.com app to listen as it will no longer be available on TuneIn. Obviously, Tesla doesn't have a radio.com app, soooo, I guess no...
  22. youlikeadajuice

    Add Charge Indicator Ring to Door Handle Class Action...

    There’s no option for zero replacements. 2013 with 100k miles, no charge port light issues (or door handle replacements).
  23. youlikeadajuice

    Battery to 0 overnight

    It can still heat the battery without a dedicated "battery heater", they have just redesigned it to use heat from the motor (even while parked) to heat the battery. From the article "Even when parked, Tesla’s software can send a request to the powertrain inverter to start powering up and pass...
  24. youlikeadajuice

    2013 Model S 60 10312 - $38,000

    The first post says 55k miles....
  25. youlikeadajuice

    Model 3 standard range postponed until Early 2019

    Standard range with AWD appears to be available mid-2018...
  26. youlikeadajuice

    Textile/Fabric Interior

    I've had the textile seats for 5 years and 95k miles....they still look virtually new. Compared to the leather seats from the same era, the textile has held up far better. No stretching, still look great. I find them comfortable and not itchy at all. Highly recommend them!
  27. youlikeadajuice

    What's your 90%?

    I haven't posted in this thread in a while, but thought I'd offer up some numbers on a 2013 S60 with 95k miles. 90%=177 rated miles, 100%=187 rated miles.
  28. youlikeadajuice

    Owners delivery stories, photos and first impressions

    Navigate to Tesla Traffic Incidents and Information on the web browser...not perfect, but better than nothing. I use it instead of the integrated Tesla Map usually.
  29. youlikeadajuice

    Comprehensive USB Bug List

    Can confirm problems with .m4a files...no problems with mp3 but frequent problems with m4a. No problems with those files prior to my update to 17.28.4 a month or so ago. What's strange is that sometimes a certain m4a file will take a second to play and then eventually work, and other times, that...
  30. youlikeadajuice

    Poll: Model S/X owners with Model 3 Reservation

    I chose "not decided", although we will definitely be getting a Model 3 for my wife. I'm just not sure if I will keep my S or if I will trade it for a 3. My S will be close to 100k miles around when my reservation should come up (and out of extended warranty). Debating if I should reset the...
  31. youlikeadajuice

    Driving efficiency with windows or sunroof open?

    There's a thread here...basically, Tesla is definitely more efficient with AC on vs. windows open.
  32. youlikeadajuice

    Is my 2013 60kwh really only worth $35,000 from Carmax, or should I put in effort to try for more?

    My only reason for getting a quote from Tesla was to weigh my options on trading for a Model 3. I'm not selling it until I've ordered a Model 3 (if I do that, I may just keep my S), but I was hoping for more than a $30k offer from Tesla...I know I can get better than that from a private sale.
  33. youlikeadajuice

    Is my 2013 60kwh really only worth $35,000 from Carmax, or should I put in effort to try for more?

    Oh, right. Mine came with halogens as well (all cars had DRLs at that time) but I upgraded to xenon myself with a $75 kit from Amazon. This made a huge difference, the halogens were awful!
  34. youlikeadajuice

    Is my 2013 60kwh really only worth $35,000 from Carmax, or should I put in effort to try for more?

    Honestly, on a "classic" Tesla, I don't feel like I'm missing anything by not having the tech package (especially now). Navigation is really the only thing, the map still shows me all the superchargers with all of the corresponding info, I can search for something (voice command, "Starbucks")...
  35. youlikeadajuice

    Is my 2013 60kwh really only worth $35,000 from Carmax, or should I put in effort to try for more?

    Appreciate the offer, but there's no way I'm selling it for anywhere near that low. I had them give me a quote because I was considering trading it in for a Model 3 when the time comes and wanted to get a ballpark idea of what they would give me.
  36. youlikeadajuice

    Is my 2013 60kwh really only worth $35,000 from Carmax, or should I put in effort to try for more?

    I have the same build as the OP (mine has textile and supercharging) with 82K miles....Tesla offered me $22k
  37. youlikeadajuice

    Firmware 8.1 - Classics

    It is a new behavior. The lights always came on if you twisted the wiper switch and actually turned them on, but not if you just did a light press on the end of the wiper stalk for a single wipe. I'm aware it's the law in some states if it's raining, but if you've just got a drip on your...
  38. youlikeadajuice

    Single wipe switches on the headlights

    Just discovered this today on my slightly misty drive. Kind of obnoxious to have the lights going on and off throughout my 40 minute commute.
  39. youlikeadajuice

    Firmware 8.1 - Classics

    Updated to 8.1 this past week. I was driving this morning and there was a slight mist so I used the "single wipe" function for the windshield wipers and it turned the lights on as it would if I had actually turned the wipers to on...kind of annoying and new behavior from what it was.
  40. youlikeadajuice

    Air Suspension Longevity and Frequency of Use

    What do you mean by "turning on"? The compressor would run?
  41. youlikeadajuice

    First Road Trip (2014 S60)

    Have you checked your tire pressure? You should be able to do well over 120 actual miles in flat, sunny Florida in an S60. My wife and I road-tripped from NJ to Florida and back last May and had zero trouble getting 160 actual miles out of a 90% charge (2013 S60) doing 75-80mph with 2 adults a...
  42. youlikeadajuice

    Is this scenerio feasible for an S60?

    Gotcha, that makes sense. Not as unbelievable then that they could have the same Cd.
  43. youlikeadajuice

    Is this scenerio feasible for an S60?

    Right? I was surprised as well, but everything I've found says that it's the same (despite a larger frontal area). Crazy!
  44. youlikeadajuice

    Is this scenerio feasible for an S60?

    I'm surprised 80mph takes 25-35% of the range out of an X...I've seen nowhere close to that kind of a penalty in my S60. Both the S and X have the same drag coefficient, so I guess it must be the extra weight?
  45. youlikeadajuice

    Is this scenerio feasible for an S60?

    I own a February 2013 S60 with 80K miles and it still yields 199 rated miles on a 100% charge. 125 shouldn't be a problem anywhere, even doing 75-80mph. 160 shouldn't be a problem either, unless there's heavy rain, cold temps, strong headwinds or lots of uphill. As mentioned above, just slow...
  46. youlikeadajuice

    Factory Tour in Fremont

    Does anyone who has been on a Factory tour recently know if they have one of the Model 3s from the reveal on display there?
  47. youlikeadajuice

    Public Medium post about unionizing..

    I don't appreciate your condescending remarks about my work ethic. I understand that you have had negative experiences concerning unions, and I don't dispute that, but to take your personal feelings and apply them as a universal rule is inaccurate. Maybe try improving your attitude.
  48. youlikeadajuice

    Public Medium post about unionizing..

    I'm not speaking for the UAW, but to say all unions are not the answer and that all union workers are lazy and entitled is an arrogant and ignorant comment. I'm a union member and I bust my butt working. The union keeps me from getting abused, which sounds like the major point of the Tesla...
  49. youlikeadajuice

    Pearl White exterior... Why do you pay the extra $500?

    It could all just be voodoo, but I assume since pearl white and the red are "multi-coat" that it costs more in time and materials since there are multiple coats. But maybe that is what I'm "supposed" to assume ;)

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