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  1. Yuki Feng

    Hello,Does any know tesla 2015 MS front under shield part number?

    It looks like not the bolt M8 29,and not a push clips or May be just nothing holding up there ? Thanks for advice
  2. Yuki Feng

    Model S still the best design shape in my opinion

    Model S still the best design shape!
  3. Yuki Feng

    Has anyone sued Tesla over back-ordered parts and repair delays?

    Sorry to hear that bad experience for you, I feel you ,right place right technical person is the key point ,if go third place shop make sure you can they are tesla certified body shops , you can find in google serch.what give you some advice as my personal experience where you located at?
  4. Yuki Feng

    Any one know what kind of custom installed software looks like this?

    Any one know what kind of Costume instilled software showing like this?
  5. Yuki Feng

    Testing the health of 12v battery?

    Not needed,I asked the tesla mobile service guy, said before 12V Battery died there is notice pup up on the screen,use any third party May have some potential issues
  6. Yuki Feng

    Any one know how to avoid OTA updates?

    SO Is there any way to avoid OTA update? if not to install, every time get in the car beeping and remind me. Not interested to install most current software, Or you have no choices ? Tks
  7. Yuki Feng

    Tesla reenables Supercharging on salvaged vehicles

    Tesla disabled this but now?of course you need make app and do inspections only at tesla service center to get approved
  8. Yuki Feng

    I can no longer recommend Tesla. Their Service is the Worst

    I feel your pain, but now I prefer use app making apps,I don’t like talking on the phone and even after I drop off My car I will definitely only talk to the senior Technician or the manager Only ,and I will never let others touch my car
  9. Yuki Feng

    Tesla Service getting worst and worst

    If you car coming with free unlimited supercharger that will be with you for your car life until you car is totally or savage, even you replace Du or battery you still have it ,this coming with the car
  10. Yuki Feng

    Broken service system

    These are not normal at all, compared your other Ice car ever more quiet the reason why Tesla or other owners said that bc they have no idea the noise coming from ,Hehe
  11. Yuki Feng

    Service Visit Disaster

    I have some squeaking noise sound from driver front ,tesla changed all joint ball parts,upper & lower control arms & sway bar links but not fixed the issue,now they said need replace the spring ever tesla cover the fee but techs look like know nothing about the car only want make more money on...
  12. Yuki Feng

    Tesla Service getting worst and worst

    I would say car is amazing car but service is so bad ,I would go better third party shop to fix my car if there any !each time I go Tesla my car seat is dirty
  13. Yuki Feng

    Customer Service destroys loyalty

    This is worst service even some EV car dealers had some seat cover against any scratches on it but everytime I go Tesla service they all made my seat so dirty
  14. Yuki Feng

    Tesla service BS

    When all work done by tesla service,I do inspection by myself ,found 5-8 push clips for inner fender missing ,side glass a little damaged,body guard push clips May missing ,too attention to all tesla owner make a video before you go service ,technicians really know nothing about the car, my car...
  15. Yuki Feng

    AP1/MCU2 - no colorizer

    Tesla software will never add that colorized option for Ap1 upgrades(to Mcu2) conform by tesla service manager,they don’t think the software team will add this later
  16. Yuki Feng

    Model S premium sound vs model 3 stand premium sound

    huge difference for Ms premium sound vs model 3 stand ,but model 3 is showing has premium sound ,too May be because 12 speakers vs 7 speakers made the difference?has anyone have both car and feel the difference experience?thanks
  17. Yuki Feng

    Tesla service techs reply need more pro training

    After I inspected my car yesterday found the push clips all missing and replaced all new parts as tesla recommended still have squeaking noise ,will talk to the manager later today, Terrible experience
  18. Yuki Feng

    Model s rattled noise showing up again

    Start from the 10 s , went to tesla service they can not figure out why make this kind noise ,any one know what is wrong with the car ? Thanks for any reply Tesla changed all parts may cause this problem but still there
  19. Yuki Feng

    What is your Tesla weight?

    First notice my model s Gvwr 5710 Lb A vehicle's GVWR is the maximum amount of weight the vehicle can weigh when fully loaded with occupants and cargo. Gawr Frt plus Gawr Rr 5944 Lb? So what is empty car weight only ?
  20. Yuki Feng

    2014 Model S 85 - Vibration + Noise that comes and goes?

    Most recently issues caused by both control arms and sway bar link,need replacing
  21. Yuki Feng

    Is that any possible Tesla would send the wrong part to the certified Tesla body shop or May the body shop lied to me?

    I don’t think so ,should all car may have 6 or 4 sensor holes
  22. Yuki Feng

    Is that any possible Tesla would send the wrong part to the certified Tesla body shop or May the body shop lied to me?

    Is there any Tesla have 0 sensor ? I thought all have same amount sensor hole if they have parking sensor function
  23. Yuki Feng

    Is that any possible Tesla would send the wrong part to the certified Tesla body shop or May the body shop lied to me?

    All magic paint shop in riverside county, after waiting for two months,today went for a replacement/rear bumpers,been told the bumper no sensor holes on it!asks the mechanic have this been happened before,he said no ,this first time meet this,I was thinking any possible tesla factory sent the...
  24. Yuki Feng

    Car showing as different colors on the screen.

    Thanks, Just got back my car ,unfortunately the manager said even after update to the latest version firmware may not resolved this issues, we would see what happens later when I get notice to update
  25. Yuki Feng

    Car showing as different colors on the screen.

    Tesla app not have that problem Thanks for reply,I will let tesla center know ,they even not made the voice command connected to right position ,I will recommend all Tesla owner test everything before you pick up your car !or you may need make second appt that would be another 2 weeks for wait
  26. Yuki Feng

    Car showing as different colors on the screen.

    Have you been fixed by tesla?
  27. Yuki Feng

    Car showing as different colors on the screen.

    I have the same issue like you.same color,

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