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    Supercharger - Bellevue, WA

    I've been supercharging on occasion at this location and still thought the parking was free since the entrance/exit gate arms aren't down in use. I usually go to Dough Zone in the building anyways, but just assumed they hadn't started charging for parking since they weren't issuing the entry...
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    Value of 2012 Model S Signature P85 w/out working battery

    I'm curious what your charging rates are now with the reman battery?
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    2016-2017 Tesla Model S P100D used or 2021 Tesla Model S Long Range

    I'm just hoping there's a way to retrofit the new refresh door panels to my car. I do like having a panoramic sunroof that opens, and ventilated seats as well in my car.
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    Lights going Yellow to replace $8,000

    Take it to a detail shop and they can polish out the oxidation on the outside of the headlight lenses if that's the issue.
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    2016-2017 Tesla Model S P100D used or 2021 Tesla Model S Long Range

    I love my 11/2016 P100D. But I am jealous of the door pockets that the refreshed Model S has...and I will eventually need to spend $2k to swap to the MCU2 and lose my AM radio. But I enjoy my free supercharging and free premium connectivity. If you are fine with the LR specs, go for the refresh...
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    What "radio" from MCU2 upgrade w/o new radio or premium connectivity?

    I've heard folks get no charged for the digital tuner upgrade when they did the MCU2 upgrade if they had the Premium Audio option. Anyone confirm this is true? I definitely still want OTA radio, and would love to save $500.
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    What "radio" from MCU2 upgrade w/o new radio or premium connectivity?

    My 2016 that I bought from Tesla last year came with lifetime premium connectivity.
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    Model S 2012-2016 OEM 19" Rim and Tire. Brand New

    Looking at the pictures you posted, looks like your tire was made on the 39th week of 2014. The last 4 numbers of the DOT on the outside of the tire is the datestamp. First 2 digits are the week, and last two digits are the year. So the tire is getting kinda old. From what I've heard, 7 years is...
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    Ugliest Tesla ever. Today in Santa Clarita

    Still looks better than all the badge engineers who put P100D badges on their non P vehicles...
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    Supercharger - Vancouver, WA - NE Vancouver Mall Drive

    Stopped by twice yesterday on a day trip down and back up between Seattle and Portland. I was able to get up to 179kW. Only 2 of us supercharging, and another 2 on the destination chargers.
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    Sentry Mode/Dashcam recording USB for AP3/MCU1

    Samsung PRO Endurance 129gb Micro SD Card and Rocketek Micro SD Card reader https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07B984HJ5/ref=ppx_od_dt_b_asin_title_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06XTQZS4F/ref=ppx_od_dt_b_asin_title_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 You'll need to format the cat with...
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    AP2 (HW2) to HW3 (no MCU2 upgrade)

    Got my HW3 upgrade today at the Bellevue, WA SC on my 11/16 AP2.0 P100DL. They also UV treated my MCU1 screen and got rid of the yellow ring. Cameras are calibrated now after 10 mile drive, and I'm glad that the Dashcam feature is now enabled as well. Haven't driven enough to notice much...
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    DIY UV Treatment for Yellowed MCU Screen

    Did you have any other services done, or just the de-yellowing of the screen? They weren't able to do this the last time I had my car in at the Bellevue SC for other repairs, so I'm hoping they can just do the UV treatment for me.
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    Just installed 2020.12.11.5. Appears that nothing new added except for maybe some minor bug fixes.
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    BMW wheels, Corvette tires and Mustang lug nuts!

    Apologizes for bringing a thread back from the dead. New P100D owner here looking to pick up a set of 19" wheels for a winter tire setup. I know that Model S wheels are 5x120 with a bore of 64.1mm and an offset of +40. Looking over ALL the wheel threads on this forum, looks like most folks are...
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    Parked Car and came back to find it 15 meters ahead with right wheels on curb!

    Just going through the millions of older posts learning about my P100D. I would guess that maybe you pushed the Park button twice and the car went into autopark mode and pulled forward on it's own after you got out? I still can't seem to get autopark to recognize parking spaces, but I don't have...
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    Dual motor frunk liner

    Try some Nature's Miracle. Usually can be found in pet stores or online. I haven't tried personally on milk, but it works wonders on most other odors.

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