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  1. J

    3p Or Used S100d?

    model s 100d mike drop
  2. J

    Fill High Or Drain Low

    drain low....
  3. J

    Supercharger - Lincoln, NH

    A current winter version. Happy charging and skiing and hiking and.....
  4. J

    Charging Challenged - Service Panel Too Small

    GET A DRYER BUDDY via Dryer Buddy's ......I Have no affiliation to Brad S. Apelgren (BSA Electronics) But he seems to have many work arounds. https://www.dropbox.com/s/hc6ei1dkkqwbiwz/BSAelectronics%20EVSE%20flyer.pdf?dl=0
  5. J

    High Power Wall Connector, BRAND NEW - No Longer Available

    Does it have the new or old fuses? Is been a major update to the fuses in these which ones does it have
  6. J

    Strange burning smell coming during charging and look....

    This explanation is just what I was curious about, THX
  7. J

    Strange burning smell coming during charging and look....

    its two extension cords NEMA 14-50 one Camco (yellow) 15ft and one 4 ft to UMC my garage was built in 1929 for a "Model T" and is tight on all sides with BIG BERTHA inside. I leave her out seasonally so I do not have to do the squeeze play out of the car and all the other risks of damage My...
  8. J

    Strange burning smell coming during charging and look....

    over a few day period I have had a strong burning smell and look what is going on Educate me...... why? how? I have replace this with my long extension
  9. J

    SOOW- 6/3, 25 ft. HD USA Portable Outdoor Indoor 600 V Flexible Wire Cable - No Longer Available

    SOOW- 6/3, 25 ft. HD USA Portable Outdoor Indoor 600 V Flexible Wire Cable Ordered 2 by mistake perfect for DIY extension cord This is real nice and flexible just like on the mobile charger Call jeff @ 617-966-8800 List Date: 10/1/2014 For more info, click here to view the original...
  10. J

    Firmware 6.0

    Got the update yesterday In a word.... UNDERWHELMED
  11. J

    Model S REST API

    I have finally logged in with the same info as always thx for the help
  12. J

    Model S REST API

    Yes i have check and rechecked online and my app and have the user name and password for my tesla that works by not here
  13. J

    Model S REST API

    just downloaded this very cool app...but I cannot log in with the correct credentials ???
  14. J

    XM radio reception

    First you need the sound studio option and then pay for monthly XM service
  15. J

    XM radio reception

    the XM radio reception I find is quite poor. I listen to XM 95% of the time and find it spotty at best. It gets worse as I travel to more rural areas but also have trouble on open highway. Service says its a know problem but no fix. My BMW sat radio is not like this.
  16. J

    New Tires/Wheels

    your price of $2200 is way outside of reasonable
  17. J

    FOB and windows

    My Bmw does this.... I would really like to open and close the windows with the FOB AND the app !
  18. J

    The ski round-trip problem in the Northeast

    Being from Boston, and planning a trip to Killington is 3 weeks, I came to the conclusion that taking the S85 to Killington/Okemo was a recipe for disaster given the charge points that I could see via the web vs the common wall charger and inconveniences that might arise
  19. J

    Mobile charger will not work properly

    In follow-up to this, I got a call from service @ 10:15 Monday to ask if and when I was coming in, they were expecting me. I was mins away (10 miles away from home). My car was seen right away, had a coffee, chewed the fat a little, made some phone calls and after about 20-30 mins I was told the...
  20. J

    Mobile charger will not work properly

    Starting in the last few days, each time a plugged in the mobile charger to my car I got a white ring a lot of clicking then a red ring...no charge at the beginning but I could unplug it from the car or from the wall and then get green and charge. Yesterday that did not work anymore.:crying: I...
  21. J

    What's a good length for NEMA 14-50 Extension Cord?

    I bought the Camco 55194 50 AMP 15' RV PowerGrip Extension Cord to allow me to charge in my driveway without backing in. This cord is very stiff and more so when it is cold. it sure look good. reason it has a good price is there are 4 wires in a sheath case, not like the Tesla cord at all...
  22. J

    Consumer Reports follow up after full year of driving

    they forgot to mention the energy drain during cold weather
  23. J

    P85+ Rear Tire Wear at 7400k Pictures

    Tesla I will not tolerate this ! Are you listening?
  24. J

    Subzero Weather Package - Heated Wipers / Nozzles

    My experience here in Boston on two separate snow events were that the wiper blades were a failure and presented an unsafe driving condition even after several stops to clear ice off them. I stopped by the service center today about just this situation...."they are fine sir" I do not have the...
  25. J

    Electric Vehicles Out in the Cold

    http://www.technologyreview.com/news/522496/electric-vehicles-out-in-the-cold/ Electric vehicle range drops in cold weather, and technological solutions are years away.
  26. J

    Selling Tesla model S rear spoiler

    YOUR MAIL IS FULL the price? willing to ship to Boston? installation details? gobble gobble :biggrin:
  27. J

    Oem 21" Turbine Performance Wheels -Silver with Tpms- Location-Bay Area

    They are MINE! Thanks for a great transaction Major
  28. J

    Gravity - The Movie

  29. J

    November / Late November delivery (2013) VINs?

    I placed an order 8/10 and asked for a 11/10 delivery date got an email 9/24 with a vin ending 24007
  30. J

    Model S Insurance

    I live in Boston, MA my current BMW 5 series coverage thru safety is $2800, and recently spoke with the same Safety Insurance Company thru my agent"if the cost new of the Tesla is under $95,000.00, then it wouldbe $3,679.00. If the cost new is over$95,000 to $100,000.00 then it would be...
  31. J

    There is talk of an announcement on 8/1

    My source did tell me yesterday that the news was delayed until today 8/2 I hope its about additional goodies me are missing in the Model S
  32. J

    There is talk of an announcement on 8/1

    HI Everyone, I have not been able to watch the site 'til now. Yes, I have ONE POST, but not on many other BMW sites. I have owned 9 BMWs over the years and just but a deposit on a Model S. I have spent the two week period doing my homework. Visited the service facility, met the manager, had a...
  33. J

    There is talk of an announcement on 8/1

    does anyone know what it is about? :confused:

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