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  1. tren01t

    Question for those with a Tri-Motor order

    Taking into account if you use 8 percent of an arbitrary guess 1.5 million reservations (minimum) from this thread willing to pay 115K for a quad that would be 120,000 units sold so your opinion does hold water. If they are still working on the quad motor as the latest modification then it would...
  2. tren01t

    Question for those with a Tri-Motor order

    Agreed. I think the only other competition that will have a tri motor is the Chevy Silverado. Ford is dual only and Rivian is dual (2024) and quad if they get their act together from production hell. Imo the single motor may not be sustainable since it was the least reserved model and mostly be...
  3. tren01t

    Question for those with a Tri-Motor order

    This rumor could make sense due to the battery constraints of the 4680's and each CT configuration's deep throat for them. Looking at 1 million 4680 cells that would be utilized in about 1000 MY's, the CT would gobble them up with less units produced. Could be better to stagger TRIs and Duals on...
  4. tren01t

    Anyone switching to a Rivian R1T after watching reviews?

    I hear you on that one regarding the Dealerships or should I say Stealerships lol. I figure with the chevy, the first edition RST will be available after the WT next year. I am not buying a 105K chevy RST first edition and any ridiculous markups on the regular RST that I have reserved will get...
  5. tren01t

    Anyone switching to a Rivian R1T after watching reviews?

    After doing some soul searching and pearl clutching (lol), I broke down last weekend and reserved a Rivian R1T adventure and Chevrolet Silverado EV. Could not reserve the Ford lightening since the reservations are closed. I figure I will hedge my bets for now with hope that the CT will go into...
  6. tren01t

    CyberTruck Image Leaked

    Not safe, just read insideev's article and it states that if you are in the final stages of your transaction with rivian, no change in pricing. If not, you're hosed. If you want the dual motor then you wait till 2024 and still have to pony up for the bigger battery packs.
  7. tren01t

    CyberTruck Image Leaked

    I just went to the Rivian website and all I can say is OUCH! Just add 6 K on everything with a dual motor coming in 2024. Definitely out on Rivian
  8. tren01t

    Matte Black Cybertruck

    To quote Bruce Wayne, "Does it come in Black?" LOL
  9. tren01t

    Paint advice please - bare spots

    That is correct, Tesla will not take care of this citing a manufacturing issue. My wife purchased a M3 LR Black 2021 July and it is the same issue on both driver side and passenger side. Additionally, there were missed areas on the trunk lid. I call those unpainted areas "Holidays where the...
  10. tren01t

    Mobile Connector Gen 2 - solid red light after charging for several minutes

    Make sure your NEMA 14-50 circuit is wired dedicated to a 50 amp breaker in your panel. Do not split that dedicated line. Also, the wire gauge has to be 6 AWG; red HOT, black HOT, white N and green GND. It should showing an output of 240VAC and charge up to a rate of 32 amp in the model 3. I...
  11. tren01t

    Cybertruck production likely delayed....Post your best guess of WHEN for the record!

    Musk indicated that they were "Hedging" their bets by producing more 2170 batteries as a backup in case the 4860 batteries are not fully available. when needed That being said, that will increase the price of the Cybertruck, etc. Also, we are guessing at when manufacturing will start...
  12. tren01t

    Cybertruck production likely delayed....Post your best guess of WHEN for the record!

    Mid to late 2022 IF the 4680 battery production gets the wrinkles ironed out and scaled up for the redesigned Y, Cybertruck and Semi.
  13. tren01t

    Production In June?

    I just checked my Cybertruck reservation page this morning and the verbiage stating that the configuration orders to be placed towards the end of 2021 have now changed to when the Cybertruck gets close to production. No estimated date/year is there as before for tri and dual motor variants. Cant...
  14. tren01t

    Blog Tesla Cybertruck, Roadster Featured in Action-Packed Game Trailer

    Sweet, Nothing like cold rolled steel!
  15. tren01t

    MASTER THREAD: FSD Subscription Available 16 Jul 2021

    Yeah those mofos stole my thunder. Peace out lol
  16. tren01t

    MASTER THREAD: FSD Subscription Available 16 Jul 2021

    I was checking my app and saw the subscription for FSD at $199.00 month. Looks like it finally dropped. Comments?
  17. tren01t

    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    Your date has changed this morning. Now showing 07/26-08/16!
  18. tren01t

    POLL: Will you buy?

    Yes, you are right. I'll wait for the legislation to get signed first before changing configuration. thanks for pointing that out. Also, pockets can support 1 CT not 2 lol
  19. tren01t

    POLL: Will you buy?

    Sweet, that TRI-motor I have been drooling over just got 10K better. Time to reserve one along with my reserved dual motor! LOL
  20. tren01t

    Who has ordered?

    Reserved a dual motor. Looking forward to my new tank. It's getting rough out there LOL
  21. tren01t

    Tesla Cybertruck reservations lower than expected

    Don't give up hope. I was too in the same boat regarding the CT and wife's approval on it's iconic shape. It took a while and her driving my M3 to gain the appreciation of Tesla technology. And of course I built a DIY powerwall using Tesla Model S batteries to further build my foundational...
  22. tren01t

    Good News for the rest of us.

    Embrace it like I am and be proud, LOL
  23. tren01t

    POLL: Will you buy?

    I'm in (after getting permission from my wife LOL)!
  24. tren01t

    EVE for Tesla App [reported issues with functionality and support]

    I concur. Had the same experience. Disputed with credit card company and won after the first month of stupidity. I would treat it like was Talos IV (Star Trek TOS reference)
  25. tren01t

    EAP (Enhanced Auto Pilot) for $4k. Who’s in?

    Measured it and it will not by inches. May need an oversized garage or aircraft hanger for our soon to be growing fleet lol
  26. tren01t

    EAP (Enhanced Auto Pilot) for $4k. Who’s in?

    I'll keep that 4K and put it towards my Cybertruck down payment fund (currently working on my wife getting past her opinion that the Cybertruck is ugly and accept it lol). Current AP is good enough value as I paid for with my 2020 Model 3, Pearl White, AP no FSD 18" areos unmaked.
  27. tren01t

    Tesla Touch Up Paint White Pssw

    Dr. Colorchip PSSW is a very close match. Used it and very satisfied with the result. Do not use Tesla's and there is a thread on this.
  28. tren01t


    Yeah, saw that message today. If you live in Cali, you know the drill-
  29. tren01t


    Just downloaded and installed latest update. I will see how it goes. 2020 SR+ AP No FSD 18 areos
  30. tren01t


    I have the same router package and it works very well for my needs and my Tesla auto connects to the 5G band for faster downloads.
  31. tren01t

    light hearted request... your car name? - and why

    Ghostrider from Top Gun since I am always requesting for fly by despite the pattern being "Full" LOL
  32. tren01t


    Tally ho, I am in. Downloading the update via 5G Wifi network at home. 2020 SR+ AP 18" Aeros unmasked.
  33. tren01t

    Tint 35% vs 50% vs Leave it alone

    3M Ceramic on all glass surfaces except front windshield. Time of day 1730 hrs PST
  34. tren01t

    Waxing Model 3

    It's what inspires me every time I wax my model 3. LOL
  35. tren01t

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    GhostRider at the outer edge of the Walmart parking lot. LOL
  36. tren01t

    What did you name your Tesla?

    That's a negative GhostRider. the pattern is full, lol
  37. tren01t

    2019 IRS Form 8936

    This nonsense from Turbotax is the last straw for me. Well, I am going to bag Turbotax since they have not got their act together for one freaking form. It is not rocket science! For those who have turbotax, you can get a refund for the download package etc if it was purchased within in the last...
  38. tren01t

    A question for No. Calif. delivered Tesla 3's: how long to receive plates?

    Took delivery on 12/04 and plates arrived during first week of Jan via Tesla. I am sure it was the year end crush of sales on the delay since the DMV issued the registration on 12/22.
  39. tren01t

    PG&E rebate denied. Waiting for CA rebate status (55 day wait). Federal form still not out yet.

    Yeah me too. The state will take the temp registration but not So Cal Edison. Got to read the fine print and instructions to be sure.
  40. tren01t

    Tesla makes electricians see $$

    Glad I have experience in electrical work as a former builder and chemist. 6' run from my panel to new 14-50 NEMA 50 AMP 240VAC after abandoning the 240VAC 30 amp laundry room outlet. $60 for the parts and 1.5 hrs of my time. Electrician overcharge for sure and sad to see the Tesla community...
  41. tren01t

    OK, so...did everyone get their cars by the end of 2019?

    That's good to know since I work in Downey and figured the superchargers would be busy as well. Got my M3 SR+ from Buena Park on 14/04 and set up home charging on the NEMA 14-50 240V in Moreno Valley and drive to Downey 3 days out of 4 on my 4/10 work scheduled week. Charge to 90% and have just...
  42. tren01t

    California, The Land That Time Forgot

    I agree and even with AP, the same diligence is needed and of course the legal aspect is another consideration of self driving in CA.
  43. tren01t

    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    Congratulations on your hard fought battle!
  44. tren01t

    California, The Land That Time Forgot

    i have not seen such bravery! Bravo and may the wind be at your back...
  45. tren01t

    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    Totally agree with PowerBankT. I have had mine for almost 30 days, after a 6 week wait. Got lucky since I ordered on 10/22 and seen the angst experienced from fellow waiters here. Hope you guys get your cars before EOY! Hey PowerBankT, what was the % tint did you go with?. I am waiting for my...
  46. tren01t

    Federal EV Tax Credit - Anyone get a certificate from Tesla?

    Here is the link after performing a query at the EPA website for the necessary certs from Tesla. https://iaspub.epa.gov/otaqpub/publist1.jsp You are welcome
  47. tren01t

    MASTER THREAD: 2019.40.50.x - Driving Visualization improvements, new voice commands, Camping Mode

    Finished downloading 2019.40.50 earlier today and installing it via WiFi. So far with the voice commands. Me likey very much. I will check out the other features when I drive to LA tomorrow. Merry Christmas! [2020 SR+ White/Black AP no FSD]
  48. tren01t

    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    No one says it better than Big Worm! It's the principle of it Smokey, there's principalities involved. ROFL

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