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    Working MyQ solution?

    Yep. I will just continue to use myQ through HomeKit. I can easily tell Siri to open the garage door rather than pay an annual fee for it!
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    Model 3 18" Rims and Tires (Orange County)

    Interested. Do all four have TPMS? Thanks!
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    Price Increase

    Yes. The bu77sh1t starts on page 1 and ends on page 2,456.
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    Just read CT delayed to end of 2022. I so 2023!

    Agree. Since they hiked the price of the Model 3 Standard Range by $5,000 in the last year, I think Tesla keeping the original Cybertruck pricing is doubtful.
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    Price Increase

    These states burn coal because it is locally sourced, plentiful and cheap. McConnel and Machin are looking out for their constituents. While here in California electricity prices are probably 3 times what they are in Kentucky and West Virginia.
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    Price Increase

    Maybe if they separated out this part rather than lump it into a HUGE $2.5 TRILLION dollar package of BS it would be bipartisan support.
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    Motorcyclist Splitting Lanes Scratched Passenger Side with a Knife!

    Posted this on Reddit and found another Model 3 driver who was the victim of the same guy. The CHP is working to finalize the report from the 3 of us, the other Tesla, me and the guy behind me to submit to the DA for criminal charges. Last update was about a week ago.
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    Motorcyclist Splitting Lanes Scratched Passenger Side with a Knife!

    ***UPDATE*** The CHP has still not contacted me. I posted on Reddit as did another Model 3 owner that had the same guy do the same thing to him on another freeway the same day! Last week, I went back to the CHP to let them know that this guy is a major problem and we have him on video...
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    Motorcyclist Splitting Lanes Scratched Passenger Side with a Knife!

    Thanks. I'm not familiar with motorcycles. With this info and the partial plate, I hope they are able to do something. The scratch is to the metal.
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    Motorcyclist Splitting Lanes Scratched Passenger Side with a Knife!

    Thanks. I could make out the M1555. I called the CHP today and they said I have to file in person, but I didn't have time today. Unfortunately, they said that most likely they couldn't;t do anything without a full plate number. But I've seen CSI! 8^)
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    Motorcyclist Splitting Lanes Scratched Passenger Side with a Knife!

    This happened June 8th on my way home. I heard something and saw the motorcycle go by, so I saved the footage. I thought maybe he slapped the side of the car. However, I totally forgot about it by the time I got home. Tonight when I got home I was taking something out of the passenger side...
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    Bumper repair in SoCal

    Interested in finding a good bumper repair place too. Asking for friend....
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    Model 3 2021- recommendations on door ding repair? PDR?

    I have a worse one that I got when the Sentry mode was being flaky. Mine is in the same area. $300 wouldn't be bad, even if it only got it 90% perfect. Interested here in PDR as well.
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    Boombox Custom Sound Thread

    Here is an evil laugh by Vincent Price. Vincent Price Evil Laugh - Sound Button
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    Boombox Custom Sound Thread

    Here is the Price is Right losing should. Price is Right Losing Horn | Free Sounds
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    Boombox Custom Sound Thread

    Here is Baseball Organ Charge! Baseball Organ Charge Sound Effect MP3
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    Boombox Custom Sound Thread

    Here is Speedy Gonzales Speedy Gonzales Arriba Andale Sound Effect MP3
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    Boombox Custom Sound Thread

    I figured that it would be good to have a thread to share the custom sounds that everyone has uploaded to their cars. Here is the Dukes of Hazards General Lee horn. Dukes of Hazzard Car Horn Sound Effect MP3
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    Sentry Mode Fail

    Got a massive dent on my drivers door sometime on Wednesday at work after I parked for lunch and before I left for work. Car was in the driveway otherwise and my wife said she noticed it yesterday. I just noticed it today. No Sentry Mode video for 2 days. There were videos from Tuesday and...
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    Unnecessary acceleration ticket

    So you’re saying that “the spirit” of the law is raising revenue!? The way I read it is that the spirit of the law was to keep things quiet. I’d definitely fight it!
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    Old more Range or New Refresh?

    I went with the SR+ and haven’t had an issue with range. I’m in sales and drive about 50-100 miles per day and have only had to charge outside of home once when I drove from LA to San Diego. I do however wish that I bought the AWD LR because of the better audio and the performance. I don’t...
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    trading in model 3 SR+ for model Y long range now or wait for cybertruck?

    I’m in the same situation and have decided to wait for the Cybertruck.
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    Federal Tax Incentive debate

    Your comment is like blaming the wife for her husband beating her.
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    Federal Tax Incentive debate

    Again with being so uncouth! Not sure what your problem is, but you may need professional help or a good sniff of hair.
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    Federal Tax Incentive debate

    UC Mountain Double D: I think you’re pretty funny too!
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    Federal Tax Incentive debate

    He is President, so “he” has given incentives over the last 3.5 years. “rolling back” means less than before, but he is supporting a 1.5% improvement each year. I think I’m really good at rebutting someone who isn’t that smart and apparently doesn’t know what a lie is.
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    Federal Tax Incentive debate

    Look who’s lying now!? He had all three branches of government his first 2 years. you can’t “roll back” emissions standards when each years cars are cleaner than the last.
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    Federal Tax Incentive debate

    It’s not a lie when it demonstrably true. You can throw around words like lie all you want but the fact that the Federal government has paid out tax incentives the last 3.5 years for purchasing an electric car is true. It’s NOT an “obvious lie”. You can accept that or you can continue to name...
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    Federal Tax Incentive debate

    His Administration has continued the Federal Tax credit on electric vehicles as the President stated in the debate. Misleading? Yes. Liar? Only to those with TDS.
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    Please Tesla offer SR+ with premium audio so i can buy your car!

    I agree with this. I ended up with an SR+ but should have gone for the LR. Even still, it would be nice if Tesla went fir making their customers happy and had an option for an SR+ with premium sound!
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    Federal Tax Incentive debate

    Thank you for showing such great acceptance of others opinions. Name calling me for disliking your post is just childish and sad. Calling the President a liar for saying something that was at best misleading is why I disliked your post. I figured we could be better than this, but apparently...
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    SR+ Audio Upgrade to Premium - Los Angeles Area

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    How long do you plan to keep your Model 3?

    Until my Cybertruck is delivered...
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    applying for CA HOV stickers with temp plates

    Go ahead and get the stickers now. You'll get new ones with the Cybertruck anyway! *^)
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    applying for CA HOV stickers with temp plates

    I tried this and it got sent back. By that time I had my plates and resubmitted they form. This was back in March/April.
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    Video: Vandalism by Motorcylist

    It’s looks like the 105. You can see the catenary wires from the Green line in the middle of the freeway.
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    Any chance of breaking down the classified forums by chassis?

    This needs to be done. Please separate by chassis.
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    Uses for the Frunk

    The only use I have found for my frunk is to hold the carpeted liner I ordered for it. Most of the junk I keep in the sub trunk in the back.
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    Thoughts on demo Vehicles?

    Have you seen the vehicle? Being able to inspect it beforehand would be worthwhile to check for alignment of panels, etc. then you can buy it knowing you won’t have to turn a car down after waiting 5-8 weeks!
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    Audio system crashes when making call over bluetooth

    The 2020.24.6.9 update fixed this for me. Made several calls over the last 3 days without issue.
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    SCE (or California In General) Charger Install Rebates ?

    they send you a check.
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    2020.24.6.4 !

    I’m sad as I’m still stuck on 2020.20.12☹️
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    Trade SR+ for AWD Decision

    I made the same mistake in going with the SR+ instead of Dual Motor. It’s a great car, but the extra monthly payment would have been worth it. I ran the numbers and thought about trading up, but decided to wait for the Cybertruck instead.
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    Considering upgrading to LR (from SR+)

    I have an SR+ as I wanted to spend less and they didn't have an SR+ to test drive. I wish that I would have gone for the LR AWD. Not only for the speed, but the sound system. I usually just drive around town so the extended range would have just been a bonus.
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    Anyone have a preferred place to park at LAX? Ding free and covered? Will be gone 4 days.

    Wally Park has door guards that hang between each space. Not sure if you want charging or if they offer. I live close enough to Uber.
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    CAV Decal 2020

    Check was cashed 5/22, decals arrived today, 6/10.
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    CAV Decal 2020

    they just cashed my check on May 22nd. Hope I get the stickers soon!
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    Registration fee question (Texas to California)

    It's only a trade off since you've been in your house for 20 years! Ive been in my house for 2 years, and trust me it is no trade off!

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