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  1. Ven Rala

    Supercharger Referral Miles Disappeared after new referral

    I had about 4000 supercharger miles remaining from a previous referral but after I received a new referral with 1000 miles, my previous remaining 4000 miles disappeared and now my lootbox states I have 1000 miles remaining. Has this occurred to anyone else? I have tried to contact Tesla via...
  2. Ven Rala

    Referral Miles

    I see my referral 5000 miles in my lootbox. Yup, not the first place I would have looked.
  3. Ven Rala

    Referral Miles

    Where in your account do you see your referral miles?
  4. Ven Rala

    Do I need to pay full before home delivery?

    I am getting home delivery tomorrow, I paid my part of the payment online and am giving them the cashiers check from my credit union at delivery. I already confirmed with them about this.
  5. Ven Rala

    Tesla towing/flat repair story

    I have had 2 flat tires on non-OEM tires (though the wheels are Tesla) on my Model X and both times they did give me a loaner. They told me that these are non-OEM tires and the one they are giving me is OEM and to use caution and that I understand the risks, etc. The first time, about a little...
  6. Ven Rala

    Maryland Excise Tax Rebate

    So does this mean that Maryland will just hold the applications until more funding is available after July 1st? I remember with the previous tax credit a few years ago, once the funding was completed for the year, any additional applications in that year were all rejected. I am planning on...
  7. Ven Rala

    How often do Tesla owners run out of charge?

    4 1/2 years with a Model S and 1 1/2 years with a Model X with a combined >100k miles and never happened
  8. Ven Rala

    Supercharger - National Harbor, MD

    If EV owners complain to MGM and to ChargePoint, maybe they will listen. They did put them in to attract more customers, right?
  9. Ven Rala

    Supercharger - North East, MD

    Updated pics from today. Definitely behind the progress at Aberdeen, but happy to see them getting closer
  10. Ven Rala

    Supercharger - Aberdeen, MD

    Got beat to the update today. Here is my pic from today. Getting close!
  11. Ven Rala

    Charging at Nemacolin?

    Digging up an old thread, but anyone use their Tesla destination chargers recently? I'm headed up there in a few weeks
  12. Ven Rala

    Supercharger - Laurel, MD

    5 Teslas charging the day the supercharger opened?! I didn't realize that it was so anxiously awaited. So getting together at noon on Sunday?
  13. Ven Rala

    Model S can swim???

    That seems like a very bad idea. What if water gets into the battery pack...BRICK?
  14. Ven Rala

    Model X Tally

    I am picking up my X (95D) next Wednesday, vin:5xxx. We will also be a 2 Tesla family. Goodbye oil forever. Question for those who found issues upon delivery. Did you take delivery and take it back for fixes or did you decline delivery until all the issues were sorted?
  15. Ven Rala

    Odd craigslist Model X listing

    Sure looks fishy. Price is way too low for a X, 90D or P90D.
  16. Ven Rala

    Thoughts on Prepaid Service and Extended Warranty

    I just had the 12V battery replaced 'out of warranty' and it was $319 with labor and tax.
  17. Ven Rala

    Anyone Else Having Trouble Getting Service Loaners?

    I believe at some point Elon said that owners would get top of the line loaners when their cars were serviced. I know he tends to over exaggerate but as with many other luxury brands, I think in this price range, it would be expected to get similar loaners (not enterprise) when service is done.
  18. Ven Rala

    What wasn't said.

    I prefer pay for use only because as it has been stated before, the superchargers will get clogged and I don't want them to become parking spots for hours as I hear sometimes occurs now. I don't mind if Tesla charges for Model S/X if they stay past being fully charged.
  19. Ven Rala

    Supercharger - Newark, DE

    2 bays were full when I arrived today. When I was about to leave, one tesla waiting, so I pulled out and waited for my wife in truck parking (since I had enough charge by then to get home). Then as I was waiting, another tesla pulled up and one of the other cars charging unplugs and pulls out...
  20. Ven Rala

    BWI Rail Station Charging - 16 Hour Limit

    I agree that any long term parking (>24 hours) at train stations, airports, etc, should only need 110volt trickle charging. This would save money for the parking garage, reduce hogging up more needed 240v EVSE and reduce costs to drivers. I have seen airport charging spots that were taken up by...
  21. Ven Rala

    Tesla to use AT&T for 4G LTE

    I have had my Tesla for more than a year and a half and the only reason for LTE is that the web browser is slow, otherwise everything else that needs data is perfectly fine. Definitely not a deal breaker in my opinion. Especially when you consider all the other tech advancements in the S over...
  22. Ven Rala

    Evaluation and Observations with v6.1 Trip Energy Prediction

    I have started using it on my daily commute and it is a great feature. I just wish I had it 3 weeks ago on my 2600 mile round trip to Florida
  23. Ven Rala

    @TeslaRoadTrip 2015 - "Reach the Beach" - April 17th-19th, 2015

    It was a great event last year. I'm glad it is in the spring this year though. Looking forward to it.
  24. Ven Rala

    Savannah SC to/from St. Augustine SC -- real life experiences?

    I just did this trip 3 weeks ago in a 60. I did charge to 100% at savannah and drove conservatively at 65mph and got there with a few miles to spare. It was pretty cold most of the time high 30s/low 40s.
  25. Ven Rala

    Snow tires in DC: Yay or nay?

    I finally got good use out my 19" Rial Luganos with Michelin x-ice I ordered from tire rack a couple of months ago. They did amazingly well in the slippery snow yesterday. Very rare slipping and traction control would only be on for 1-2 seconds. Much much better than the OEM Goodyear all-seasons...
  26. Ven Rala

    Winter Tires - Michelin X-Ice Xi3 vs. Nokian Hakka R2

    I called tesla. Found the TPMS reset under settings. Thanks
  27. Ven Rala

    Vendor Rial Lugano "Tesla Turbine" 19x8.5" wheels now accept your Tesla center caps

    Well, thanks for the reply. I do have to say the Rials look real good on my S. And the X-ice I had installed are very smooth and quiet
  28. Ven Rala

    Winter Tires - Michelin X-Ice Xi3 vs. Nokian Hakka R2

    I just got the Rial Luganos with X-Ice Xi3 installed (bought on tirerack) by my local mechanic. They are very smooth and quiet, more so than the OEM goodyears. However the TPMS light is on and my mechanic says he doesn't have the software to reprogram it. I guess I have to take it to tesla...
  29. Ven Rala

    Petition to convince Toyota to build EVs again

    I signed because at the very least Toyota cannot use an excuse that nobody wants them to build EVs.
  30. Ven Rala

    Vendor Rial Lugano "Tesla Turbine" 19x8.5" wheels now accept your Tesla center caps

    Just missed it. Bought the Rials prior to these being offered. Have not had them placed on my model s though (waiting for it to get colder). Any advice on getting either the original center caps or vinyl tesla stickers on to place on the 'old' rials?
  31. Ven Rala

    POLL: Do you or would leave your MS at the airport or train station?

    I've parked it at an off site location at BWI and at in airport at IAD. Both had chargers. I think we need to promote use of charging stations at airports. If there is demand they will build more.
  32. Ven Rala

    Michigan passes bill to ban Tesla!

    I think this would be a good way to register our disagreement with state law (including limited ability to sell in my state of Maryland). But long term the only way forward is via a ruling by the FTC or a judicial case (granted I'm not a lawyer)
  33. Ven Rala

    Tesla: Too little range at

    My favorite question from EV skeptics is "you can't drive across the country in an EV", of course now you can with superchargers. But even so I would ask off they ever drove their car across the country and the answer is always no. I have driven across the country in previous ICE vehicles, but...
  34. Ven Rala

    Winter Tires - Michelin X-Ice Xi3 vs. Nokian Hakka R2

    When I ordered my Michelin X-ice Xi3s about a month ago, tirerack said they wouldn't be delivered until end of November. Since DC winters don't really start till then I figured that would be fine, but they sent them to me 2 weeks ago. My mechanic was nice enough to hold onto them until I need...
  35. Ven Rala

    Supercharger - Salisbury, Maryland

    It would be nice to get some supercharging on the Eastern shore. Any additional details?
  36. Ven Rala

    HPWC now $800! Huge price drop!

    Yeah, it changed, I see it now for$750
  37. Ven Rala

    HPWC now $800! Huge price drop!

    I just checked the U.S. site and it is still listed for $1200
  38. Ven Rala

    Need Advice: Minor Ding, Incredible Body Shop Quote (insurance? options?)

    I am using Europros in Gaithersburg. I have to use a Tesla certified body shop since I am going through my insurance. My insurance will guarantee the work if done by the approved body shop. Yeah I was upset at the hit and run, but it's fixable and no one was hurt. I am annoyed at having to pay...
  39. Ven Rala

    Got Firmware 6.0?

    I got 6.0 and drove it to work and back today without my key fob, just using the iPhone app. Very nice feature but only if you forget the key fob. Putting in the password each time is a pain, but good safety feature.
  40. Ven Rala

    Need Advice: Minor Ding, Incredible Body Shop Quote (insurance? options?)

    I am getting my front quarter panel replaced due to a hit and run and the tesla approved shop in Maryland is charging my insurance about $2300
  41. Ven Rala

    What's your 6.0+ car name (if you are willing to share?)

    ROADJET it is a combination of my sons names and my initials
  42. Ven Rala

    Amazing Meet & Greet event on Sept 20th in Bethesda

    Was able to stop by for a little bit this morning. Great event, thanks for putting it together!
  43. Ven Rala

    Slacker just stopped working

    I had this problem as well. I rebooted the center screen today and it is up and running again
  44. Ven Rala

    Existing Model S owners: how many would sign up for Model X soon?

    I would love to get a X to replace our hybrid SUV, but will probably wait and get the Model 3 to go along with our MS
  45. Ven Rala

    Red Blocks on Centre Console Screen

    Happened to me once as well. Reboot fixed it
  46. Ven Rala

    BMW i3 at a Supercharger

    I went to dinner next to a Mercedes dealer who had a chargepoint station. Though I would plug in while at dinner, of course the spaces were taken up by two ICEs, both Mercedes, am I to guess they were the dealers' cars. How do they ever expect to sell EVs if they ICE their own chargers. That is...
  47. Ven Rala

    19" and 21" Tire Wear (informal) Survey

    I've got 31k on my 19" and still good thread depth
  48. Ven Rala

    What do you think of this Model S front bumper design?

    I like the design, however, I think the front opening (air intake) is too large.
  49. Ven Rala

    Amazing Meet & Greet event on Sept 20th in Bethesda

    Would love to come but have another drive electric event that I'm already committed to
  50. Ven Rala

    Fast Charging options INSIDE the DC Beltway?

    Bethesda supercharger is the best bet, but there are mulitple charging locations in DC, check Plugshare

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