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    Tesla Merch palooza: Men's, Women's, Kids clothes and few other goodies

    Some how over the years I have collected way too much Tesla merchandise (bought for holiday gift and hid it and then forgot about it). Some new and some gently used. A few limited edition items including a jacket only given to employees working the Detroit Auto Show (way back when Tesla...
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    For Sale: Tesla Tequila - new in the box

    Selling Tesla Tequila - this is with tequila (not empty bottle) $700 for pick up in Chicago area (or meet up in Chicago area) and will include original collectors 2012 Tesla brochure (shown front and back - folds out to 8 panel picture of Model S) pictures are from my open bottle. You will...
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    For Sale: Model 3 20" Zero-G Wheel 40mm - Non Performance (Chicago)

    For Sale ONE Model 3 Zero-G wheel 40 mm (non performance) Still NEW in the box. This is just the wheel (no tire, no TPMS; just the wheel) I missed the return window. My loss your gain. $475 firm. Prefer a local sale, but will ship at the buyers expense.
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    Brand new 3rd gen 18' wall charger

    I'm innterested. sent you a DM
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    New 3rd gen 18" wall charger

    Interested sent you DM, direct message.
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    My Model 3 got totalled, selling spares

    Thank goodness you are okay.
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    FS: J1772 Adapter $79 - free shipping

    Selling for $79 and includes priority mail shipping (depending on where you live 2 day or 3 day according to USPS ;) Tesla sells from $95 plus tax; so save at least $20 bucks SAE J1772 Charging Adapter send email to davidrmay at yahoo
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    Keychains, Tesla umbrella, Tesla Golf Balls, Model S/X Phone Dock, Tesla Scarves, more!

    PM sent for Abstract Ocean Parcel Shelf Lift Kit - $10
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    FS: Model 3: All-Weather Mats

    Brand new in the box 3D MAXpider floor mats for Tesla Model 3. Paid $189. Will sell for $160. Ships Fedex Ground you pay $10 ( I will pay the rest) or pickup in Chicago area. Thanks
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    FS: Tesla Model 3 Winter Mats

    Our local Tesla Club of Chicago did a group purchase of Tesla Model 3 Winter Mats. We have one extra set - still new in the box. Amazon price $205. Group price $189 for pickup in Chicago. It's a big box so probably expensive to ship. These are Winter Mats...
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    FS: Rare Limited Edition: Brown Leather Duffle

    Looking for a very special gift for the Tesla fanatic in your family. Here's a great gift. Tesla Brown Leather Duffle with Tesla logo embossed on the leather. It is 19” long, by about 9”-10" tall. Has three outside pockets and one inside pocket. Never used. Comes in gray velour bag...
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    Free Tesla Model S Sunshades - Pickup Only Chicago 60614

    Would like them. I live very close by. I will send PM to you
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    FS: Model 3: All-Weather Mats

    Brand new in the box: 3D Maxpider All-Weather Mats for Tesla Model 3 Prefer pick up in Chicago area $189. If need to ship to Lower 48, PM me your zipcode and I will get shipping quote. for pictures, see https://www.amazon.com/3D-MAXpider-B07D9GMYG8-Complete-All-Weather/dp/B07D9GMYG8
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    Odd question that might fit here

    Here's picture of my suggested method mentioned above - in my Tesla Model 3 (with white seats no less)
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    Odd question that might fit here

    one idea to get them to fit. in your model 3 remove the trunk lid to the lower trunk section (you can put it upright behind the front seats) and see if you can stand the wheel upright and still close the trunk lid. Of course fold the seats down and put the other three wheels in first. Then you...
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    Model 3 Aero wheel cap kit

    I will take them
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    Tesla Account Page Issues

    [email protected] or 877-79TESLA 877-798-3752
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    Wanted: chademo

    I have one to sell. PM me if you are interested.
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    For Sale: Tesla Leather Duffle Bag

    Tesla Leather Duffle Bag never used. Just over 18 inches long and about 9 inches wide. Mothers Day and Father's Day right around the corner - makes a great gift. Subtle logo not over the top. $250 Pickup in Chicago area or pay for shipping. Please PM or reply.
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    Super Rare Collectible Model X Paperweight

    Super rare. Model X Paperweight for select Signature/Founder buyers of Model X. See pictures on ebay. Never available for sale. Tesla Model X Collectible Paperweight Rare | ebay
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    FS Model 3 Aero Wheel Cap Kit 50$ shipped

    I will take one. How do I get you the money
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    Performance Model 3 Snow Tires/Rims

    I like your recommendations. I see that you picked "all-weather" from the list of Performance "all-season" tires. The top rated Michelin CrossClimate + - where do you find 235/45/18? Seems to be sold in Europe and not US. Michelin ranked 1 out of 25 tested with score of 75 and Good in every...
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    Performance Model 3 Snow Tires/Rims

    Consumer Reports November 2018 issue tested a bunch of All Season and Winter Tires. I live in Chicago. We get a bit of snow but really not that much compared to say upstate NY. I'd be interested in what others think about the tire ratings in CR. I was surprised how much wet handling you give...
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    too many Tesla

    too many Tesla
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    Looking for model S parcel shelf

    I have parcel shelf. I will email you.
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    Tesla CHAdeMO Adapter for sale

    Tesla CHAdeMO Adapter for Tesla Model S/X Gently used though does have scratches. $395 and will ship at my cost. Contact me [email protected] thank you.
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    Tesla Pebble App Now on Pebble App Store

    Totally Geeked Out Now I'm controlling car from my freakin' Pebble Watch; my mac or pc (via Visible Tesla) and my phone Of course, the obvious question, why your Pebble Watch? especially when you consider you Pebble Watch must connect to your phone via bluetooth (within 30 feet). So why not...
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    Tesla Pebble App Now on Pebble App Store

    Pebble Watch app - SETTINGS on the phone First the author supports Android and has no iPhone for testing. Second, I've got Android; description of what I'm guessing could be your issue below. "Doesn't save or use the settings" I think this might be the problem. Open Pebble app on your...
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    Tesla Pebble App Now on Pebble App Store

    Tesla FTW does work. Success! Initially it did not work until I turned Accessibility ... Device > Accessibility > Pebble (BETA) - turn ON I normally keep this off since it conflicts with Samsung gestures and multi-window support. I turned on Accessibility for Pebble (BETA); then went back...
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    TeslaMS tools for telemetry data visualization

    Wow! the pictures of what's running on pebble are amazing. I'm also happy to volunteer to test. I have Pebble Kickstarter edition and Android phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 3)
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    Fisker, Tesla, and their DOE loans

    well PR is PR and buying and paying are 2 different things. You buy the house and pay (close later) I still tell my friends I bought the house the day the counterparty signs the docs. In the same way they stated they got the DOE loan in June 2009. That was actually just the loan approval. No...
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    Fisker, Tesla, and their DOE loans

    Factory bought with Loan or Cash On Hand I remember Elon stating, I believe in the Revenge of the Electric Car movie (or read it one the articles on him) that the $30-$40 million (whatever it was) was the offered (and accepted by Toyota) as that's what Tesla had available. The energy.gov...
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    Roadster Owner Based Study of Battery Pack Capacity Over Time

    10 days of no charging I was just on vacation and could not keep car plugged in. I was told it would be fine by Tesla. It was 10 days between charges. I noticed no change when I started charging again (and could not detect change in battery level either). I've been pulling my logs...
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    Roadster Foundry License Plate Bracket

    I used this same method and it came out great. Couple of tips: a) Local hardware store (not big box) bought 100mm 10x1.5 metric bold and washer (no plastic screw to remove from tow ring in my car) b) drilled the middle whole in the plastic plate holder big enough to put bolt (easy to do) c)...
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    Roadster Owner Based Study of Battery Pack Capacity Over Time

    I'd like to submit my data. can you reply with detailed instructions.
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    Automatic creep makes it impossible to come to a smooth stop

    Definitely has my vote. not a fan of the creep. seems silly.

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