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  1. Stars_Fan

    Downgraded UI in v11

    This is perfectly stated. We use iPhones because they have nice clean intuitive interfaces. This android cartoon icon stuff looks like something kids would enjoy.
  2. Stars_Fan

    v11 software update SUCKS

    Want Tesla to know this sucks. Open up service appointments telling them is sucks and you can't find feature.
  3. Stars_Fan

    Model 3 2018(with FSD) vs 2021(without FSD)

    2021 easy. No ugly chrome to cover up
  4. Stars_Fan

    Notification when unplugged at home.

    Would be best if the notifications could be under X% notify of home and unplugged
  5. Stars_Fan

    Megaphone mode?

    Driving slowly around the neighborhood with ice cream music is going to be far too satisfying
  6. Stars_Fan

    Issue with keyless entry with iPhone 12s and iPhone 12 minis?

    No issues here on my iPhone 12 Pro
  7. Stars_Fan

    Why is Black the least popular color?

    The old saying goes: once you go black you start smoking crack
  8. Stars_Fan

    Door misalignment - fix it or leave it?

    Looks about like mine. I'm pretty sure the other week the tint place adjusted it correctly.
  9. Stars_Fan

    Buy used M3 2019 from Tesla and save $10k or new M3 2021?

    Ask them to drop the FSD. You can buy it once you own the car and get a refund if you don't like it.
  10. Stars_Fan

    A sad day. Got T-boned today.

    Glad you're ok. Shocked to hear Austin still has a PD
  11. Stars_Fan

    Traveling by Supercharger can be more expensive than ICE

    2018 Accord Touring is a mid 5 second car and gets 30mpg.
  12. Stars_Fan

    Cars,faster than a model3 or performace

    I love doing the same in my vette. Deflating egos of ev owners
  13. Stars_Fan

    YouTube Music after Spotify?

    No to anything from google
  14. Stars_Fan

    Auto Lane Change not working

    Open up your wallet. You need FSD for lane change
  15. Stars_Fan

    New aftermarket TPMS won't read...how to fix?

    Dueling sensors .... en garde!
  16. Stars_Fan

    Why is insurance so high?!?

    Shop around
  17. Stars_Fan

    Regen Less Grabby?

    FFS people. It's brake not break
  18. Stars_Fan

    Vendor Tesla Tint Tuesday - Ceramic Tint Package Giveaway Every Tuesday!

    What level of tiny is on the Y pic above?
  19. Stars_Fan

    Oh no, Stacy's Mom is a democrat!

    Fox has been shitty leftist garbage for years. Your car is doing you a favor
  20. Stars_Fan

    Model 3 Insurance Range and Companies

    We’re at $67 a month for 100/300/100 coverage and 499 deductibles for comprehensive and collision for our M3 LR AWD I’m 39 and my wife is 34
  21. Stars_Fan

    Speed limit detect disaster

    Ermahgerd cervid
  22. Stars_Fan

    Nine dollars and seventy-five cents

    Then we get a thread title one thousand dollars ...
  23. Stars_Fan

    Tesla App Not Connecting... Fix?

    Who is your cell provider?
  24. Stars_Fan

    Getting pissed with degredation

    My 2020 LR AWD has quickly gone from 289 miles (March 2020) at 90% to 261. It seems like every week the mileage is going down. This has been a major disappointment for me owning a Tesla.
  25. Stars_Fan

    How do i calculate my MPGe actuals? I drove 2000 miles and spent 85 on super charging

    I like to pull up my Teslamate app and show them this: My last car got about 325 miles on a $40 fill up. I try to take advantage of the 4 free hours at Chargepoint locations and my average home kWh is .08
  26. Stars_Fan

    How long do you plan to keep your Model 3?

    Good job bringing back a 4 year old thread
  27. Stars_Fan

    TeslaMate Super Thread

    Yes that has to be unchecked for the home unlocked option.
  28. Stars_Fan

    Brand new cars up to date with software?

    You can try the two button reboot to fix the camera. Like others have said give it time and it will update. Your software version is from the 11th week of the year or March 9th. It's not that far behind.
  29. Stars_Fan

    Blog Lucid Says 2021 Sedan Will Pack 500 Miles of Range

    So a bigger battery than the S and it gets about that much more range. Meh
  30. Stars_Fan

    Snippiness 2.0

    This right here. Most people are ****ing retarded and don't pay attention. Idiot OP probably almost ran the guy off the road.
  31. Stars_Fan

    Tesla iOS App not working

    Good luck. I switched for 3 months last year. Outside of cities the coverage is crap at best.
  32. Stars_Fan

    Can you delete apps?

    sell :rolleyes:
  33. Stars_Fan

    Current real world 0-60 times vs. advertised for all models

    2020 LR AWD with boost. Lined up next to a 2016+ Camaro SS and it was easily 2 car lengths to 60. He was reving at the light and I let off around 100 and he flew by flipping me off.
  34. Stars_Fan

    Police Palaver

    OMG no masks. The horror you might catch the rona.
  35. Stars_Fan


    The 20th week was 5/11 to 5/17
  36. Stars_Fan

    2020.16.2.1 Throttle Response

    I felt like 2020.12.11.1 was sluggish for my LR AWD w/boost. 2020.16.2.1 seems to have restored everything.
  37. Stars_Fan

    Model 3 - Android Auto

    Any proof they charge? Apple clearly says no charge on their website for CarPlay to manufacturers.
  38. Stars_Fan

    P3D Add performance checkbox removes on new custom orders

    Why? It's an epic little 8==D competition
  39. Stars_Fan

    Is it possible electric rates can go down with oil crash?

    I hope these rates stick with us through summer. Our 3 a/c units run non stop all summer. We’re down a hair from last months .1005
  40. Stars_Fan

    Almost all firmware downloads stopped.

    Hard reboot would be unplugging the plug under the rear passenger seat along with the 12v battery.
  41. Stars_Fan

    I miss driving my Model 3

    I’ve racked up 1500+ miles since this hoax started. No reason not to get out and live your life.
  42. Stars_Fan

    How is everyone disinfecting their interior?

    I just disinfect myself.
  43. Stars_Fan

    Finished up my DIY Ceramic Coating

    Can’t wait for some sunshine here. I snapped this pic right after I put on Adams ceramic coating
  44. E00D12EA-4BF0-48BA-886E-1EE3DF4E85C0


    Fresh ceramic
  45. Stars_Fan

    Full self driving FSD group buy?

    Good for you internet rich guy.
  46. Stars_Fan

    Full self driving FSD group buy?

    I plan on picking it up almost half off with my govt check
  47. Stars_Fan

    Navigation update 2020.12 is out!

    Good to know
  48. Stars_Fan

    How much does gas have to be to match Model 3?

    Wow some of you are paying some oppressive rates. We are paying somewhere between .09 and .11 a month. I can’t imagine paying my bill during the summer when the a/c is making us use 4,000kw a month.
  49. Stars_Fan

    Model 3 P3D Wheel Alignment cost from Tesla ?

    Dallas SC tried to charge me $225 to correct my steering wheel off center. Who pays that much for an alignment.

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