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    Roadster 3.0

    I know - but you have to know to get to post number 1016! Roadster 3.0 - Page 102 Also - it is news. Happy Christmas!
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    Roadster 3.0

    Roadster 3.0 *prototype* confirmed After Elon's Christmas Day tweet, this blog has just gone up on Tesla's website: Roadster 3.0 | Blog | Tesla Motors it confirms some details including a 31% improvement in battery capacity, aero and rolling resistance improvements and a planned 400 mile test...
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    UK Tesla Club for 2013 onwards?

    And another - Roadster owner in Edinburgh (sadly only one in Scotland). Have driven as far south as Goodwood but would prefer somewhat further north - Cotswolds sounds better
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    Pike's Peak Hill Climb

    365 Wh/mile average seems exceptionally good. What speeds were you driving?
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    Europe: Future Charging for Model S 1-phase or 3-phase? (Part 2)

    The first of those attachments just seems to be nonsense in places, and it contradicts things in the second. Its just a draft and far from the end point is my view.
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    Supercharger Announcement 2013/05/30

    Thanks for the very quick transcript
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    Supercharger Announcement 2013/05/30

    Early design stages of Gen III. A little smaller. S = 5 series; Gen III = A4, 3 series Economies of scale because greater volume Learning from Gen II Wants to do something more - but they don't have it yet Style will be "in family" with Model S and Model X - - - Updated - - - ... once 200...
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    Supercharger Announcement 2013/05/30

    How many "plugs" per station? Significant increase in ports per existing station
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    Supercharger Announcement 2013/05/30

    Elon is enigmatic in answering a battery swap question - into "optionality" but not too keen on battery swap but "maybe something to say in a future announcement"...
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    Supercharger Announcement 2013/05/30

    1/2 MWh of battery storage capable of sourcing 1 MW at some SC stations
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    Supercharger Announcement 2013/05/30

    This announcement is actually better than I expected - and some Europe (and possibly elsewhere) Super Charger announcement will come "at a later date"
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    Supercharger Announcement 2013/05/30

    Grid failure tolerant - even in the event of Zombie Apocalypse - sez Elon
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    Supercharger Announcement 2013/05/30

    Grid storage at Supercharger locations!
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    The Supercharger Announcement 10:30 PDT May 30

    5th part of trilogy June 20th
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    Supercharger Announcement 2013/05/30

    charge rate tapers later => better user experience - about half the time to charge
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    Highway 101 Charging

    That map is a thing of beauty! So much charging on the US (and BC) West Coast.
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    Anyone North of Little Rock with HPWC?

    I am impressed with the level of match between the EV Trip Planner and your actual experience. If you average the prediction of the two legs (56.3, 59.9 - average 58.1) and your actual on the two (58.0, 58.4 - average 58.2) it's remarkably close: 0.2% difference which is essentially identical...
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    Swapping is Coming [Discuss how it will be accomplished]

    Or Tesla can now buy Better Place for pennies on the dollar, acquiring a fully built out battery swap network in Israel, a partially built out one in Denmark and a well developed technology (ready no doubt for some Tesla magic to improve and tweak it, bu essentially ready to roll out in the US...
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    "Drop Tanks"

    Stirling engines depend on having a hot source and a cold source. These would be...? Sturling engines are not at all power dense.
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    [Europe] Twin-charger: how does it work, and will it support 3-phase?

    OP is in Norway. I don't think US experience or specs will shed much light on the situation in EU or Norway as US chargers (single or dual) are single phase whereas European ones are three-phase. I don't think we even know yet what "dual chargers" means for a European three-phase charger on...
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    Renault Zoe ZE

    Off to Knockhill Racing Circuit to support the Scottish Transport Minister Keith Brown launch Scotland's charging network. He wanted a Tesla for "something sexy" to be photographed with - gotta love him! ZOE relevance: Renault are bringing one to the launch and I may get to ride or drive...
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    Wh/Km, Projected range and Energy Screen

    Try switching your display to miles and see if the numbers change.
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    3.7 and 3.9 0-60 Times

    I believe you are incorrect. The PEM is the same between Sport and non-Sport, but there is a hardware difference to the motor. I believe they were wound with more turns of copper wire for the Sport, and I think that was possible because at the time humans were able to wind more densely than...
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    Help me build a serious charging network from Los Angeles to Phoenix!

    Sounds like Chiriaco Summit is the first place to try. Only two people to convince!
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    Elon Musk talk at Oxford University 2012-11-14

    Thanks for the heads up David - I have registered. As luck has it I have an event in Cambridge the day before (I'm a speaker at iHeat) and in Preston the day after. Now Oxford connects them (with no doubt a nod to Mars). Brilliant.
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    Tesla Model C Concept Design Study

    It looks like a European "Hot Hatch". Given Tesla off-the-line electric torque I think it would be a hit here.
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    Europe: Future Charging for Model S 1-phase or 3-phase? (Part 2)

    Quite a while ago I also made a suggestion. There is a large, three pointed void right in the middle of the connector. Could Tesla be planning to put contactor surface on the inside of that and convert the trefoil guide in the socket into an active conductive surface - perhaps in three parts...
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    Model S First Drive Reviews

    Please don't lump us all together! The Tesla Roadster I drive daily; Kevin Sharpe; David Peilow; the Electric Vehicle Association Scotland; and many others collectively say that some Brits are very on board with EVs.
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    Model S Demo-Car rolling in Europe?

    @nikwest: thanks for that detail. So no point getting excited or worried about charge ports on these vehicles. I still believe we will see a "Mennekes" inlet on the model S in Europe.
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    Model S Demo-Car rolling in Europe?

    I very much think we will see a Mennekes style 3-phase vehicle inlet. EDIT: Or perhaps not based on the picture (http://www.wheels-and-you.com/JA/images/cars/Tesla/ModelS/TeslaModelS-19.jpg) in the Swiss review above referenced by suxxer. I guess it depends whether the press models are EU spec...
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    SuperCharger Launch

    It does mean that, somewhat ironically, to beat range anxiety (by using superchargers for a fast charge) you must embrace range anxiety (by arriving as close to zero state of charge as possible).
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    Will any companies be able to match Tesla's performance and range by 2012?

    We now have an answer to the thread title: No. Any bets on when we will see a Range competitor to Tesla? And who will it be?
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    HPCs at Supercharging sites?

    I think you will find that David Peilow actually know a LOT about this. I have no idea what your background is but I do know David's and it's fair to say he knows a great deal about how to arrange electrical supplies for EVSEs.
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    Electric Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Sportscar

    I always felt the 100K-ish Roadster was amazing value. Those of us privileged to buy one got a once in a lifetime deal.
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    Right (Passenger) door on EBay

    I need a left one for a RHD roadster. If anyone has one.
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    Hello from the Cotswolds, UK

    Come and visit. I've done the opposite journey (Edinburgh to The South) multiple times now. There is decent charging in aero burgh now mostly thanks to Zerocarbonworld. There are HPCs at Nottingham and Durham (east coast) or Tebay (west) to reach us. Though I haven't tested any of them recently...
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    Zero:Net - The UK's open Charging Network

    This is a great initiative and the right utility to do it with. I Am already a Good Energy customer so that I can charge from renewable energy at home. Been very happy with them. Is there any way to get them to donate you £25 for me staying loyal?
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    Nissan Leaf

    Hi David - can you please explain the "after tax rebates that's effectively halved" point?
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    first around the world EV race starts May 2012

    Well he'll be back at his very original start point and home base of Barcelona today (9/9) so a circumnavigation is then complete. It looks like he then goes on a mini "Tour de France" to arrive at Strasbourg, the start and end-point of the other circumnavigation (the French team in their...
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    Conversion Tesla Adapter to Mennekes socket

    Thanks for the clarification. Do you know any source for a 63A M to J cable?
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    Conversion Tesla Adapter to Mennekes socket

    Hi Kevin. I'm a bit confused. Is that 63A end-to-end? And where did you source each piece? And can we? Andrew
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    Chelsea - Bob

    I would be careful giving too much credence to a tweet
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    GM Chevy Volt

    Appreciate that mistakes happen and respect the great work moderators do here. With respect, I disagree with your assessment of on/off-topic on this occasion, but it is a judgement call.
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    Charging a Model S In the Wild

    This I did not know. Thanks!
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    TSLA Investor Discussions

    Can you explain what you mean?
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    Model S charge plug & socket adapters

    I hope they can keep the 30kW capacity.
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    Charging a Model S In the Wild

    I would think Tesla would be unlikely to allow user choice to down-rate the charge rate at a 90kW super charger for a few reasons: 1. They know better how fast your battery can take a charge based on how it's been used recently and over it's life. Why offer you the chance to second guess them...
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    Choosing the Right Charging Options for your Model S

    A high amperage EVSE (eg 80A) will throttle back to 40A if you have a single charger. So it will work just fine at charging your car. It just won't charge it as fast as it would with twin chargers.
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    New Section of the Website? "Charging"

    Looks nice but virtually un-useable on an iPhone as the page relentlessly jumps back to the top at every opportunity.

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