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  1. henchook

    Purpose of front bumper side air vents?

    Can anyone explain the purpose of these side air vents on the front bumper of the model 3? I know there is a motorized air intake that is used for thermal management of the battery (perhaps this is just on the S) but these have an opening in the back, and it seems like no through-opening or...
  2. henchook

    Help: 50amp 240v limiting to 32 amp only

    This is a Model 3 Mid Range RWD.
  3. henchook

    Help: 50amp 240v limiting to 32 amp only

    Just installed black signature wall connector, on a 50A breaker on the sub panel (with the selector pin properly set to #8 for 50A breaker). According to this chart Wall Connector the Model 3 should charge at 40A and add 37mi/h range, but the car shows only 32A max (approx 28-29mi/h). Is this...
  4. henchook

    Too many colors! (HOV Access stickers)

    We're all for Pride in California, but this is going too far. It's time to end the madness. This is fast becoming a management nightmare. There are no less than five different HOV stickers with different colors, and they all require that you place four stickers on your car, front & back...
  5. henchook

    Navigate on autopilot signaling lane change too late

    When using Navigate on autopilot, the car turns on the signals at the last possible moment before taking the off-ramp. It takes approximately just one second between the time the turn signal is engaged and the car starts the maneuver, and I'm always left doubting and second-guessing whether it...
  6. henchook

    Tesla Model 3 Windshield issue

    Isn't this standard because of the defogging wiring? My rear window is the same. Should I be having grief over it? Have you seen other Model 3s where the rear window doesn't have this, and is completely flat/smooth?
  7. henchook

    Flickering Headlights?

    Where/how do you submit a bug report?
  8. henchook

    Auto Open Trunk Mod

    Has anybody found struts the same length as the original Tesla ones (so the trunk opening height isn't reduced)?
  9. henchook

    Auto Open Trunk Mod

    Do you happen to have the direct link?
  10. henchook

    Turn signal indicator blinking

    Does anyone else think the turn signal indicator blinking is a little too subtle? Just the arrow inside the green circle is what blinks, the indicator itself (the circle) stays solid on screen. This effectively means the indicator doesn't actually blink. Sometimes it makes it harder to quickly...
  11. henchook

    Auto Open Trunk Mod

    I just might do it, since it's so simple to do, and easily reversible, but only when the parts become available again. I'd spend $30 on it, but definitely not $160. Had anybody found similar parts from another seller? Has anybody found struts the same length as the original Tesla ones (so the...
  12. henchook

    Reticulating splines

    Reticulating splines
  13. henchook

    No prismatic rear view mirror??

    I wish it was a normal prismatic mirror (cheaper than auto-dimming). I find that mine dims fine... except when it doesn't. During this evening's commute there was too much glare from the cars behind me (and it wasn't an F-350 get away). It wasn't completely blinding, just annoying. I'm not...
  14. henchook

    No mid-range Model 3 on trip planner?

    Ha ha. I wawasn familiar with abrp, I'll take a look at it. Thanks, antoinearnau!
  15. henchook

    No mid-range Model 3 on trip planner?

    Care to share which route planner you use?
  16. henchook

    No mid-range Model 3 on trip planner?

    The only Model 3 option in the online trip planner (Go Anywhere | Tesla) is the long-range M3. Weil selecting the 75 kWh Model S give a suitable estimate for a mid-range Model 3 trip?
  17. henchook

    USB Splitter for Dash Cam & charging dock

    I really didn't like how far it sticks out, so u returned it and got this little thing instead: Seternaly Mini USB Hub 2.0... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BGQRWH9 Looks pretty good and uncluttered, and it lasts flat against the front wall so it doesn't get in the way of anything I store in there.
  18. henchook

    Pause / rewind live radio ⏭⏯⏮

    I wish the Model 3 could pause/rewind live AM/FM radio. Many modern cars have this capability: Subaru: Chevy: Toyota: ... It's especially handy when listening to news/talkshows.
  19. henchook

    Scheduled Charging - Start Yes, Stop No

    Scheduled stop charging would certainly be useful. It's my #2 most desired Model 3 feature (after a "home" button that clears the screen and shows speed and navigation). None of the third party solutions seem to work well without being overly cumbersome although it does seem to be possible...

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