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  1. Hotrodder

    finding an electrical connection

    I'm trying to add some front end lighting to my 2017 ModelS. Does anybody have experience with adding and electrical connection to the eyebrow lights? I canot find a schematic of the front end electrical connections. I'm looking to tie into any line that would be active while driving. Is...
  2. Hotrodder

    Turning "OFF" the Tesla MS. There seems to be an option of "turning off" the Tesla MS from the control screen. Several questions come to mind:

    a) does this stop any of the phantom drain? What happens when you approach the car with yout key fob? do the door handles present? How do you "turn on" the car again... Does the screen activate and do you choose the optionof "ON"? How long does it take to "re-activate " the car? Any...
  3. Hotrodder

    A New Idea for Glass Roof Tint

    Is there any problem with placing insulation/reflective material between heat shield and inside of roof glass? I'm using sun shield, but it too gets hot, transmitting heat into the interior. Is there a problem with the glass getting too hot from this scheme and cracking????
  4. Hotrodder

    A New Idea for Glass Roof Tint

    About to try your suggestion of the alum/bubble wrap betwee sun shield and roof,. 'm in Fl and the interior will often get over 115 if not protected by cabin cooling. My question is is there any propblem with the glass getting too hot and cracking?
  5. Hotrodder

    Model Y Repair Experience (Tesla Insurance)

    I was parked - charging at a WAWA, when the other driver backed across the parking lot into the charging station, destroying it, and in the process ripped the charging cable from the port and caused a fold and cut into the quarter panel. Video indicated that other car never applied brakes until...
  6. Hotrodder

    Parts on back order - timeline/recent experiences?

    Update... New QP received after only 10 days. BULLETIN .. Quality control allowed panel to ship with misaligned support bracket so that panel does not fit!!!! Bracket needs to be removed ( unbonded) glue removed, realigned and re-glued into place. TESLA SAYS NO! NO adjustments or...
  7. Hotrodder

    Parts on back order - timeline/recent experiences?

    Things have not gotten better!!! My MS was at charging station (WAWA) when idiot backed across lot and destroyed Tesla charging station which I was attached to. Ripped put charging block within fender and created small tear area at charging door. Working with authorized Tesla body shop. They...
  8. Hotrodder

    Anyone else dislike the new UI?

    New display is terrible, and I concur with all of the negative comments above. On MS, Red car, I cannot see if brake lights are on, and the third light is invisible on the UI. Hard to define where the car is relative to the road markings! New UI requires focus on the display rather than the...
  9. Hotrodder

    Tesla V10 Software Update Video And Tweet Overload

    soooo disappointed! My MCU1 won't have the Netflix, Caroake, etc.. Elon has left out the over 200,000 cars manufactured before Aug of 2017, with no chance of new updates. my resale value has just plummeted!!!! Will the HW3 unit when installed ..?how many years from now..? have these updates???
  10. Hotrodder

    XPEL Prime XR?

    Have to agree with acarney. The temperature inside the car does increase, even with tinting!. I'm in Florida, park outside, and can consistently see temps of 115 and more when parked in sun. Only way I have reduced the inside temperature while parked is with the following: A thermal blanket...
  11. Hotrodder

    New offer from Tesla for FSD. $3000

    I received the "reduced price" offer, and have responded to Tesla. See below. Tesla Executives; Let’s talk about the "self driving update" you wish me to purchase at the “REDUCED” price. 1) Right now, on auto pilot on secondary roads, if there is a large intersection which I have to go...
  12. Hotrodder

    Sharing WAZE with Tesla

    I've read that you should be able to "share' a WAZE navigation from your phone to the Tesla Nav Screen by clicking in Waze onto "share" and then "other" and Tesla. After many tries, I've been unsuccessful. Has anybody had success with this sharing of Waze??
  13. Hotrodder

    Interchangable Model S FRUNK interior surround exchange

    You are right. I never considered this.
  14. Hotrodder

    Interchangable Model S FRUNK interior surround exchange

    Thanks. I do have the upgraded air filter package, so if it takes the extra room I cannot change it. What would make the area more user friendly is an automatic Frunk lift lock/unlock mechanism similar tothe rear lift. Something for the secondary market to develop.
  15. Hotrodder

    Interchangable Model S FRUNK interior surround exchange

    I have a June 2017 Model S (2 wd )75. I'm curious whether the small front FRUNK luggage-space area structure (cardnoard type material) can be interchanged with an older, larger Frunk interior which has at least 2 x's the luggage capacity? Can it just be removed (snapped out) and replaced? Has...
  16. Hotrodder

    How to plan a road trip - how long will it take?

    When planning a vacation or overnight road trip.... YOU MUST stay at a destination hotel/inn or be very close by a local charger. Otherwise, you may be 30 minutes away from charger at 11 pm and planning to go on a long road sightseeing trip next day and have to delay 2-4 hours to charge...
  17. Hotrodder

    2019 Firmware Updates for AP 2.0?

    Thanks to chillaban and BigDog for the guidance. I was just hoping...... LOL
  18. Hotrodder

    2019 Firmware Updates for AP 2.0?

    I have 2017 ModelS 75 (July 2017 build) . No dash cam . 2.0 Hardware. Received 12.1.1 with Sentry mode now enabled. BUT, I cannot record onto Thumb drive ( properly formatted to fat32) nor get iphone notice that the Sentry mode has detected a Break-in or a disturbance as I bang on the window...
  19. Hotrodder

    DIY Power Lift gate for Tesla Model S Walkthrough Video

    Has anybody developed a lift, motorized or not, and lower/lock for the FRUNK? I have only used it twice in 1 1/2 yrs due to inconvenience of loading or unloading. Any DIY engineers willing to tackle this problem?
  20. Hotrodder

    XPEL Prime XR?

    I have experienced that the tinted windshield still radiates heat inside, as the sun is entering through the glass, heating it, and then being reflected back again, not reducing the heat from radiation. If it could be stopped before heating the glass, as in an outside tint, I would think that...
  21. Hotrodder

    XPEL Prime XR?

    I know this thread if for the Model 3, but has anyone had any experience with XRPlus installed on outside of the Model S all glass roof for heat rejection? The Model 3 rear window is similair to the Model S window and roof. Has anybody measured difference in heat transmission into car?
  22. Hotrodder

    Vendor New Window Tint Blocks 98% Infrared Heat by XPEL

    Can it be installed on the outside of the all glass roof on a Model S? The glass heats up and radiates a lot of heat into the car. How effective in terms of reducing interior temperature is it? Is there lab data to support the claim? Inside window install is not very effective.
  23. Hotrodder

    Reducing the heat from the Pano roof

    I live in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida and park the car facing west. Red MS75, Black interior, fill glass roof. The interior heat can be unbearable if I don't put the pre-conditioning on. It is still very uncomfortable for the first 15-20 minutes as the heat is still radiating from the roof...
  24. Hotrodder

    Seriously Tesla, TACC sucks now

    I’m having a significant safety problem with the auto steer on my Model S 2017 build, Software Version 50.6. While driving on the Florida Turnpike at 75 mph, I engage the auto steer program. The road is very straight for many miles. The auto steer started with small variations while keeping a...

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