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  1. dhcp

    Supercharger - San Mateo, CA - Hillsdale Boulevard (LIVE 5 Jan 2021, 12 V3 stalls)

    Been checking this one almost daily, sure looks done!
  2. dhcp

    Supercharger - San Mateo, CA - Hillsdale Boulevard (LIVE 5 Jan 2021, 12 V3 stalls)

    I also live right near there, I bet that one is going to be really busy, there are so many Model S and 3 around our neighborhood.
  3. dhcp

    Superchargers in Northern California (location speculation)

    Just drove by new ones In San Mateo just off hwy 92 at Hillsdale close to 280.
  4. dhcp

    Model S 21" Black Arachnid Wheel and Tire Package

    Silver is available brand new from referral folks for $2200-$2400 locally all day.
  5. dhcp

    WTB: 19" Cyclone wheel for 2015 85D

    Just the regular silver. There are lots of full sets available but I might have a local line on one, will let you know, thank you. I see the full new Arachnid sets have really come down, $2200-$2400 brand new sets around here.
  6. dhcp

    WTB: 19" Cyclone wheel for 2015 85D

    Went to Costco to have the tires replaced and on one of the wheels, they found a crack on the inside. There are always some deals on eBay that come along but ideally, someone in the Bay Area I could drive to would be great. Only one wheel needed unless it's a killer deal on a set. Cyclone...
  7. dhcp

    19" Slipstream wheels, Michelin Primary tires, and TPMS sensors

    Great deal, you can't get the tires for that price.
  8. dhcp

    My S85D and Tesla life at 50K miles

    Sheesh, we are all in the same boat. October 2015 S85D with about 36k miles. Also in the Bay Area and AP1 was worth the price of the car itself for me. Any time I'm in any other car it's like going back in time and un-drivable now. I love it. Not perfect, but for my 30mi each way to work...
  9. dhcp

    Software Update 2018.24.1 12dd099

    I don't get it - if your whole driving route is in grey, is there any way to tell the traffic conditions along your route? When I start getting into traffic I like to look down and see if the slowdown is short or if it's only the start of getting bad. From the screen shot above, you can't see...
  10. dhcp

    Tesla: The real out of warranty costs

    What a great video. I have a 2015 and I've been holding my breath, I haven't had a single problem of any kind beyond some dash squeaks that were fixed. I'm 30k in for miles so far and after reading this thread, I'm terrified to go out of warranty.
  11. dhcp

    Why I sold my 1-month old Tesla Model S.

    There must be a bunch of us - former AFM/CCS/WSMC/AMA racer here. :)
  12. dhcp

    WTB 19” Gray Slipstream Wheels

    Oops - you are totally right, just looked at my window sticker. "19" Cyclone wheels $2500". Don't they look almost identical to the new standard 19" wheel or am I missing the differences?
  13. dhcp

    WTB 19” Gray Slipstream Wheels

    I have the silver 19" turbines which almost nobody else has and they were a $3500 option at the time (2015). You could take the newer stock wheels which are almost identical and powercoat them.
  14. dhcp

    Tesla 19" Cyclones - Graphite Grey

    Great deal.
  15. dhcp

    Selling Arachnid Wheels, Directly from Tesla

    Might be a little speedy, they are going for $3500 on here and sitting, a few people on her bought new sets on eBay for $1200 and $1500, which were of course outliers.
  16. dhcp

    San Jose to Kirkwood Mountain Resort Charge Plan 70D

    Can't help you at Kirkwood, but for the rest: Depends on the route you take up there. I drive up to South Lake frequently (from the peninsula) with an 85D. I have to stop in Barstow on the way up there for sure, no way I could make it otherwise. On the way back I can make it from South Lake...
  17. dhcp

    Suddenly better AP2 performance / faster maps on 2017.44?

    The mapping speed could just be from improved cellular service in the area you drive. I believe Tesla is using AT&T so it could be capacity was increased along your route?
  18. dhcp

    FS: Brand New 21" Silver Arachnid Wheels and Tires

    When people have these, can they be picked up at any service center or does the seller have to be present? I'd love to jump on a set of these but driving 16 hours or dealing with shipping isn't desirable. Well, unless I get one of those new $1200 or $1500 sets people are getting off eBay. :)
  19. dhcp

    Current 10 busiest Superchargers, worldwide

    Can confirm in Hong Kong as I'm there frequently for work - Teslas are everywhere (almost always the lower battery packs) and most everyone street parks or otherwise can't charge at home so the Superchargers are the only way to go.
  20. dhcp

    2014 MS 85 AP1 $49.9k !!!

    Wait - if you sell it, will there be no more Teslas in Oklahoma??
  21. dhcp

    First Road Trip - SF Bay Area <-> LA!

    This man knows his fro-yo. This may be one of the more obscure levels of detail I've seen on here in a while, nice!
  22. dhcp

    Tesla charger UMC +j1772 adapter new

    Considering it looks truly brand new, that price isn't out of line. I've paid $400-ish for "well loved" kits.
  23. dhcp

    Newly Refinished Model S 21" Grey Turbines Wheels & Tires, in Seattle

    I'm not good with tread depth - how much life is left in them at that numbers? Do they include the pressure sensors? Thanks!
  24. dhcp

    Supercharger - San Mateo, CA (Park Place, 8 V2 stalls)

    Thanks for creating the new thread! Pretty exciting, I knew about Hillsdale but this is a surprise!
  25. dhcp

    Supercharger - San Mateo, CA - Bridgepointe Pkwy (12 V2 stalls)

    The Target in San Mateo / Foster CIt by 92??
  26. dhcp

    NEW Tesla 21” Arachnid Wheels/Acoustic Tires/ GEN 2 TPMS

    If these were grey I'd be reaching for the checkbook... Silver looks fantastic on many colors, just not mine.
  27. dhcp

    Autopilot Tips & Best Practices (Post Yours)

    Be careful using autopilot when cresting hills, sometimes it loses sight of where you are going and the steering gets squirrely.
  28. dhcp

    Funny - Perceptions - Model S Road Trip

    When I'm burned out sitting at my desk, I love reading these road trip stories, they make me smile.
  29. dhcp

    Tesla and Spotify

    I'm a big Spotify fan and no, don't think you can. I've had to just run it on my phone and bluetooth the the car, which sounds and works great but I'd love to have it as a native app on the car. I've heard that in Europe they use Spotify, not sure what the resistance to having it in the US...
  30. dhcp

    Superchargers in Northern California (location speculation)

    Wow - check Kirkwood out by Tahoe, too!
  31. dhcp

    21" Silver Turbines

    Shipping to CA?
  32. dhcp

    21" Staggered Grey Turbine Wheels + Michelin PS Tires + TPMS + Spare Tire - Bay Area

    Doh, I"m here in SF area and would have picked them up - need to check the forums more often!
  33. dhcp

    Supercharger for South Lake Tahoe

    Pictures or it didn't happen! :) Just returned from there yesterday, didn't think to check if one was open yet. Had a 40A charger installed in my house there and electricity is pretty reasonable (by bay area standards) and there isn't an on-peak or off-peak so you can house-charge anytime...
  34. dhcp

    2016 Model S 90D - Property Damage Claim Post Mortem

    This story gave me anxiety just reading it, dealing with people who spend their life trying to argue against every claim, no matter how reasonable and standard would keep me up at night too. Thanks for sharing this journey, I'm sure it aged you a few years!
  35. dhcp

    Truckload of Teslas on Vroom

    The lady on the chat function on the Vroom site sent it via the chat window. Normally I'm good at rationalizing bad purchases but I couldn't think of any way a car having been stolen and gone long enough they filed it with the DMV, that it could come back without some kind of abuse.
  36. dhcp

    Most number of Teslas you were together on highway?

    I should take a picture of our parking lot at work, it easily matches any of the group pictures shared on here. No excitement for us when we see another Tesla, just "Oh man, I hope he doesn't get the last charger!"
  37. dhcp

    Radar Detector

    Valentine-1, latest version. Everything else really pales in comparison. Plus, it too is made in 'Merica!
  38. dhcp

    Interested in Selling Model 3?

    Darn you autocorrect! Flip! Flip! Flipping, I meant! :)
  39. dhcp

    Interested in Selling Model 3?

    As a MS owner, I have no desire to be first in line for a brand new model. I'll keep driving my S and let a few years go by with refinements and corrections while everyone beta-tests it. Then I'll be able to get a P or D model that is pretty sorted out. It sounds like lots of people were...
  40. dhcp

    Superchargers in Northern California (location speculation)

    Yes, Hillsdale is doing a major expansion of the mall in San Mateo and has been working on it for over a year now, that's an easy one and will probably be like the mall in Folsom with charging bays in the parking garage. There is another planned on along El Camino further north in San Mateo...
  41. dhcp

    Traveling with Dogs

    Freaking brilliant. Printing two, thank you! Shipping a little pricey but still cheaper than broken glass!
  42. dhcp

    Truckload of Teslas on Vroom

    So there is a P90D on there for $100k, essentially my exact car, except a P90D. I passed a year ago on a blue one with all the options and 1800mi) from them for the same price and second-guessed myself about it, apparently, the price hasn't changed much. I couldn't view the vehicle history...
  43. dhcp

    Most number of Teslas you were together on highway?

    5 is still my record - I've been one of 5 in the carpool lanes driving to work and at an intersection, 5 others. There are easily 20+ in our smaller parking lot at work, I should take a picture sometime. At one point there were lots of Nisson Leafs but I think when their leases were up...
  44. dhcp

    Truckload of Teslas on Vroom

    I think there was someone from Texas Direct that posted on here a while back when they had a boatload of low-mile, newer ones on eBay too - they said that they had purchased them directly from Tesla, could be SC loaners. A lot of them were "one key, no floor mats" models, which sounds like they...
  45. dhcp

    Pacheco Pass and Highway 152/156

    I drove that 152 route every month both directions for years. There is some spooky stuff along that route. The worst fog I've ever seen in my life was along that route. It sneaks up suddenly but one time it was so bad - and I'm no exaggerating at all, I couldn't see a few feet past the hood...
  46. dhcp

    Best deal on Cubby Drawers!

    Bought the last one!
  47. dhcp

    Destination Charge is no practical now...still rely on SC only?

    @heytae - saw your email but thought I'd reply here: I just came back from SLT yesterday so it's still fresh in my mind. There are two places you can charge at that are free and easy and not very used. - Chase Realty - 989 Tahoe Keys Blvd. They have a Tesla 80-amp charger in the lot, call...

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