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    Trak 4X4 Snow Chain Just... Fell Off!?!

    Used mine 3 times, The third time the center bar that holds everything to the wheel broke off on one side and I lost the chains and the "spider" holder, but not the part that attaches to the wheel lug. Like the OP I had the mirrors turned so I could keep an eye on them, and they silently...
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    Don't test drive a Tesla . . . unless you want to buy one

    Replace Lexus RX400 with Toyota Highlander and this happened to us. We head to the Factory tomorrow to pick up the X. Sorry to tell you that you are more correct than you know... it's only a matter of time...
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    Bug in self closing passenger side door?

    I did notice this on a Loner X just last week.
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    Gray tiles on navigation screen ( no outage related)

    Not seeing it recently, but I've always thought it would be cool to have the grey tiles replaced by a parchment style background with a drawing of the kracken and the notation "Here there be monsters", like a map form the 1300's.
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    100D upgrade to 72amp charger?

    One more reason to full (72/80 amp) charging ability. I've got a 2012 S with dual chargers (80amps), and in October took a road trip that had me charging at Lake Topaz. A tree had knocked power out not 30 minutes before I arrived with 68 miles of range left. We had to trek north to...
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    Sliding down menu bar makes me dizzy

    I do not want to have to tap twice for nav bar items, it is slow at best and distracting at worst. That said, I wouldn't mind if the background of the nav bar being the map, which would kind of give us the best of both worlds.
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    Car needs service - Car may not restart

    Car did not start Friday afternoon, neither the center console nor the instrument cluster displays lit up. The handles would present & I could roll down a window and open the charge port, though I could not get it to unlock to charge. Fast forward 8 hours later, and the displays work and I can...
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    Car needs service - Car may not restart

    I have a very early vin #997 I was getting the beep, beep, beep, as I turned to exit the car, every time I turned to look I say the message retreating. This happened 2-3 time a week for 3 weeks before I was able to catch the message. Twice after seeing the message (or hearing the beeps) The...
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    Car needs service - Car may not restart

    It's popping up on my 2014 model S, Eventually I also got a 12v system warning. I have an appt in Dec.
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    It's the law: Electric cars must make noise after September 2019

    I hear my neighbors Volt & Fusion coming up the street all the time in full EV mode. Tire on pavement is noisier than most ICE motors these days (those not in a sports car/Mustang/Camaro...)
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    Supercharger - Manteca, CA (LIVE 12 Feb 2015, expanded 12 Dec 2017, 20 V2 stalls)

    It might have been, I've got a a Signature P85 but it does not have the P85 badge or rear spoiler. The only way to know it's a P85 is to notice the carbon fiber trim inside, and know, that because it's signature Red, that carbon fiber was only available for P85s at that time. :) I don't...
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    Supercharger - Manteca, CA (LIVE 12 Feb 2015, expanded 12 Dec 2017, 20 V2 stalls)

    I've got a p85 and from San Jose to our place in Arnold on a 100% charge is possible with 30 to 50 miles left over. The Mantica stop takes any worries out of the equation for us. A walk from the chargers to the restroom in Outdoor World and back add almost 70 miles if I do some window...
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    Model S Bluetooth doesn't always connect

    I see this too, I toggle airplane mode on then off and I can connect to my Model S again. I've noticed it seems to happen after I spend time passing by the car. e.g. I'm working in the garage and over the course of an hour or so I'll walk pass the car 3 or 4 times causing it to wake up and...
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    TeslaLog.com - Your hosted Tesla Data Logger - Announcement / Support threads

    I noticed that the data on the "Reports/Charge Levels" page seems to use the range value from the first time 90% charge is reached, rather than the value at the end of the charge. For for example my graph shows 127 miles for today;s charge, but the last 3 entries in today's charge log are...
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    TeslaLog.com - Your hosted Tesla Data Logger - Announcement / Support threads

    Thank you for the great tool! One of the things I use VisibleTesla for is scheduling the setting the charge level to 90% at 10:00pm every night (I start my charging at 10:30). I do it so that if I set the charge level to 100% for a trip that, and I forget to set it back the battery will not be...
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    Poll: tire choice for 21"

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    Intentional key lock-in

    They can drop the fob into the truck well. The car cannot detect it there.
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    Model S had to be towed home

    less than 6 weeks after getting our Jeep Grand Cherokee, it shut down and rolled to a stop. It would not start, nor were there any error messages or "idiot lights" aglow. I had to get it towed to the nearest dealership. We had paid extra for a warranty that included a rental car if they had...
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    Signature delivery now mid/late January

    This fits pretty well with the model S rollout: 1) Founders roll out 2) a pregnant pause while the founder owners supply feedback and Tesla makes adjustments 3) painfully slow sig deliveries. 4) ??? 5) Profit.
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    Frunk for all your junk

    +2 I'd love a retro fit.
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    Navigation System Errors: nonsense routes!

    I think it's based on a snapshot of Waze data. Routing to my inlaw's place in Arnold was great until the last update when it wanted to take me on private dirt logging roads. Interestingly enough Waze was ding the exact same route, until I spent the weekend learning the map editor and fixing...
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    Slacker - Unable to play next track

    I see this too, however if I create a hotspot with my Verizon phone,and connect the car to it both slacker and the maps begin functioning normally. I'm inclined to say that in Los gatos and South San Jose AT&T is having serious bandwidth or routing issues with their cell network.
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    New Tesla Fatality - Single Car Accident.

    That's a T intersection and both the culvert and the car in the photo are at the top of the T. Marks on the curb (not in the photo) show that that a car has recently headed straight through the stop sign, over the curb, and head on in to the culvert.
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    Supercharger - Manteca, CA (LIVE 12 Feb 2015, expanded 12 Dec 2017, 20 V2 stalls)

    It's not on the Tesla website yet, but I did notice that Delicato Family Vineyards just up hwy 99 has 2 HPWCs at up to 80 amps, for use while you do some wine tasting.
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    Firmware 6.1 - For Classic Model S

    No "pop-up" for me either.
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    Petition to convince Toyota to build EVs again

    I already signed a petition to tell all car makers to build EVs, though it looked a lot like a Tesla Purchase agreement. :cool:
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    Supercharger - Manteca, CA (LIVE 12 Feb 2015, expanded 12 Dec 2017, 20 V2 stalls)

    Darn :mad: I was looking forward to this location as it's very near the midpoint between San Jose and Bear Valley. It was the perfect location for a top off and leg stretch (we stop in Manteca all the time on our way up or back) While the Lathrop plant will work, the shops and food joints...
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    How many folks got a second mobile connector bundle?

    Same HWPC for the house & mobile connector for the road.
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    What will MX be cross shopped against?

    Ditto, and since I have an S, I'm only looking at the different X models.
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    Toured the Factory Today - Model X is Coming

    I toured a few months ago, and did see near the giant stamper a reference sheet with die numbers. To my untrained eye it looked like some of the parts were too either too big or had door handle slots in the wrong place for S...
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    Awesome phone call from DS

    This flows both ways. My p85 was behind later reservation slots, when p85 motors were in short supply. I would guess that motors & battery packs are built in batches, then all other parts being available cars are build accordingly. The web site delivery targets fluctuate, I've seen 60,S85,P85...
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    Teslaccessories Caliper Covers

    Having just a big Tesla dagger on them in white would be perfect. There's probably a trademark issue somewhere here though.
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    ICE fire

    Sad, I wonder if Toyota will retro fit my highlander with a titanium shield to help mitigate this in the future? Ok no I don't wonder, I know they won't.
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    Tesla no longer selling NEMA 6-50 Adapter

    I installed a HWPC in the garage at home because if I used the UMC at home it would remain in the garage for normal use and get packed up and put in the car only when I went on a long trip. It It's then only a matter of time before I would head out on a trip which required the UMS and it would...
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    Supercharger - Manteca, CA (LIVE 12 Feb 2015, expanded 12 Dec 2017, 20 V2 stalls)

    Looks like it will be in Lathrop, since they are building out a CNC plant there according to this article: Tesla bringing jobs to Lathrop and there a lots of Lathrop CNC jobs on the Tesla website.
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    Clarification: 5.9 ride height setting: "Always"

    I discovered that if you set it to low on the driving tab, the car lowers and stays lowered until it shuts off. I've got mine set for 45, but on a long freeway trip I can just hit low and the car will stay low even if traffic causes me to slow to 10mph.
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    Older Teslas limited to 90kW Supercharging

    We have a Sig S, but have not jumped in on a Sig X, because it just seems less stressful to wait a year or two... we'll see though once pricing is released and how this unfolds.
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    Loud high pitch whine only when NOT accelerating

    Same symptoms here.
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    Firmware 5.8

    After my 4.5 -> 5.8 update I noticed that the fog lights don't stay on. I tried to turn them on and the screen shows them light up then turn right off, the physical lights never do turn on (even briefly). Is anyone else seeing this new feature as well?
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    TeslaMS tools for telemetry data visualization

    Solved. Start streaming BEFORE starting visualize (DOH!) Oh and I needed to add "--rest" to the mongod command. - - - Updated - - - Two places in visualize.js the ip address for mongo db is "mongodb://" instead of "mongodb://" which prevents storage &...
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    TeslaMS tools for telemetry data visualization

    I edited the visualize.js and put my credentials in. I wen to local host and logged in as me and the Vin is blank. I've also got the streaming app running, and I was able to track my wife's trip to work. I've looked in visualize.js and see that it pulls the information out of the database...
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    TeslaMS tools for telemetry data visualization

    Thanks, I've got it working now. EDIT: spoke too soon. How does one get the vin/firmware version etc to show up on the welcome page?
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    TeslaMS tools for telemetry data visualization

    Hi, I'm having trouble getting started. I've installed mongo db and node. The examples work ok until I try to run visualize. It tries to load /login.html which does not exist. here's the code: // simple login screen with correspoding POST setup app.get('/login', function(req,res) {...
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    Silicon Valley Tesla Owners Sound Off!

    Yep --- 3rd generation San Jose.
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    GPS - Wrong Turn by Turn Directions

    Yes, the turn by turn is "disk" based while the main map is google maps based. I get this on one of my trips where there is a new onramp. Turn my turn wants me to circle around a business complex to an older on ramp, while the main screen shows the new ramp. I'm hoping that the update due...
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    Charging in Chico CA.

    Does anyone know of a hotel in Chico that has a charger? I see charge-point has a charger at the Sierra Nevada Headquarters, but it's fairly far out of town and I really don't want to leave the Model S alone in the parking lot overnight.
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    Order Online - or - through Store/Gallery?

    We finalized our order in the Santana Row store, back in the Signature days. It was a great experience, and allowed us one last chance to see the colors in person, wander outside with them, and to get our questions answered. We spent about an hour and a half with the store manager, and used...
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    Limited to 50A - ordered with a HPWC - what to do?

    One more benefit is that with the HPWC you can keep the portable cable in the trunk thus preventing you from driving off on a trip and leaving it behind.
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    Tesla S - Daily Driver or Second Car?

    I drive mine just about every day. I even look for reasons to drive. I downsized from 3 as well: 67 Mustang (my 1st car), Maxima & a Highlander down to the Tesla and the highlander. I would love to swap the SUV for an X once I'v saved enough pennies again. It was agonizing to let go of my...

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