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    Supercharger - Lubbock, TX

    I've been in the same conversations before and in additional to this example, I also add that EVs support ALL energy industries since EVs are agnostic to where it receives its power from. EVs give you the option to CHOOSE your energy source so you can be a lot more energy independent than...
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    Supercharger - Kingsville, TX - E Corral Ave

    Yep. Unless you constantly travel through any particular area at different parts of the day to truly get an accurate view on how congested a SC location is, I would trust the supercharger site location decisions Tesla makes since they ultimately have the best data to work with.
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    Will you go to the Telsa store tomorrow after the price drop

    So do you also think that during these past two years when Tesla jacked up the prices you should also have talked to the manager to give more money to them to make up the difference for your now cheaper Tesla? Do you seriously feel the same way about any other product or asset that you own that...
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    New Model Y LR cost is 53000$ today onwards (excluding Tax rebate of 7500$).I bought my model Y in December for 65000$

    So what did you say when Tesla was increasing the prices the past 2 years? Tesla is still a business at the end of the day that is subject to the market. These current prices have now essentially placed them back to what they were 2 years ago before the prices dramatically increased. And any...
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    Supercharger - McKinney, TX

    Luckily the maps within Tesla Navigation and within the Tesla app is up-to-date most of the time which is what really matters when trying to plan for a trip. The website seems like it is run by the IT/admin/marketing department who wait a long time to get their latest information from the...
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    Supercharger - San Antonio, TX - 255 E Basse Rd (Alamo Heights)

    Great! This will definitely help relieve the congestion at the Huebner Oaks SC since the majority of people that go there usually come from downtown.
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    Supercharger - Round Rock, TX

    It's better to just go straight through that intersection and turn right into McDonalds. No left turn needed.
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    So few s-chargers in San Antonio!!

    Where are you getting that percentage from? Regardless, the percentage doesn't really matter since the population size (especially greater metro area) between Houston and San Antonio is much greater. 1% EV adoption in Houston might equate to 10,000 EVs while 1% EV adoption in San Antonio might...
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    Has your car shut down before it hits zero?

    So yesterday, my 2018 Tesla Model 3 performance with 105,000 miles on it just shutdown when it was at 3% while I was driving. But I actually had my original HV battery replaced under warranty at around the 50,000 mile mark so I only have around 50,000 miles on this current HV battery pack. I did...
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    Tesla Partnership with Buc-ee's (26 New Locations)

    It was their first location, however since it was their first location it is a relatively small location. Therefore they plan on expanding that location to be their next largest Bucc-ees ever which is when I would assume they will be installing the Tesla superchargers.
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    Tesla Theater blank screen

    This happened to me a couple weeks ago and couldn't figure out how to bring it back after a couple of resets. But the Monty Python trick worked for me! Glad I found this thread.
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    Supercharger - Van Horn, TX - Broadway Street

    There's simply not enough people (less than half a million annually) that go to Big Bend to make it worthwhile for Tesla to build a supercharger just for it, at least for now. Tesla did build a supercharger just for the Grand Canyon because that gets much more traffic.
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    Supercharger - Van Horn, TX - Broadway Street

    Maybe this is the start of Tesla installing stations/stalls that other non-Teslas can use?
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    Supercharger - Corpus Christi, TX

    Great that these on finally online. Hopefully 8 stalls will be enough especially during holiday weekends when a lot of people from outsides areas like San Antonio, Austin, and the Valley want to take a trip to the beach. Because 8 would definitely not be enough if these were V2. Looking forward...
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    Supercharger - Katy, TX - Katy Freeway

    This will be a better option than having to rely on the V2 superchargers at the nearby HEB.
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    Supercharger - Flatonia, TX

    I remember when this supercharger was first announced people questioned what was the point of it since Columbus was so "close" by. But it's now my go to spot to charge. I haven't caught it though during a very busy time but another supercharger at the Luling Buc-ees would be ideal.
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    Supercharger - Corpus Christi, TX

    On my latest trip to Mustang Island, I charged to 98% at Three Rivers, arrived at the beach around 51%, left the beach at around 46%, and made it back to Three Rivers at 6%. I would have charged a little bit at La Palmera Mall just in case though.
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    Supercharger - Coalinga, CA (LIVE 15 Dec 2022, 80 stalls)

    If full level 5 autonomy becomes a thing, then ideally a family could travel during off-peak hours while they sleep towards their next destination. People already travel during off-peak hours including myself to maximize our vacation time by taking red-eye flights, overnight trains with full...
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    Horseshoe Bay Destination Charger

    My buddy has a couple of properties right next to Horseshoe Bay resort and is looking to convert them into AirBnBs. Currently working with him to have level 2 EV charging capability on all of this properties.
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    Supercharger - Corpus Christi, TX

    Anybody have any updated pics on this location? Would love for these to be online this weekend.
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    Austin airport parking with charging

    Long term parking is the perfect situation to just have 120V outlets for a lot of the parking spots. Its the cheapest option that is sufficient to provide power for those that need it in this situation. The port parking lots in Galveston offers this for those who go on long cruises.
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    Supercharger - New Braunfels, TX

    Would be even better if New Braunfels had some level 2 chargers throughout the city like at Landa and Prince Solms park. Still looking forward to Buc-ees though.
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    Supercharger - San Antonio, TX

    This supercharger is the closest to downtown SA right now so it makes sense that outside visitors will all be flocking to this location. Tesla does need one supercharging location much closer to downtown.
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    Tesla Collision Center San Antonio

    I wonder if they will be keeping that bypass road that goes from the Hampton Inn to the cul-de-sac.
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    Supercharger - New Braunfels, TX

    That would be awesome to have 24 superchargers but hopefully that doesn't further encourage ICEing to happen especially on busier days. But if it does happen, I would hope Buc-ees management will force those ICE vehicles to move in the same way that they monitor and force you to move if you...
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    Supercharger - New Braunfels, TX

    The fence stretches a good ways down. How many parking spaces is that and I assume that should be the same number of supercharging stalls they plan on installing?
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    Supercharger - Waller, TX

    Are those red posts structurally anchored to the ground or can they easily be knocked over? Because it wouldn't take much for car when trying to back in to easily jump the curbs and ram into those cabinets.
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    Supercharger - Lubbock, TX

    The Service Center in Houston has Superchargers.
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    Supercharger - San Antonio, TX - North Loop 1604 East

    I don't think this new supercharger will do much to relieve the traffic over at the Huebner Oaks SC since a lot of the traffic right now comes from tourists and visitors who are mainly spending time around downtown, SeaWorld (151/1604), or Six Flags (I-10/1604). So therefore Huebner Oaks...
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    Supercharger - Oakhurst, CA (LIVE Feb 2022, 8 V3 stalls)

    This is a misconception. Just because its a truck and there will be a lot of exciting people to get the CT, the fact is only a small minority (probably less 1%) will actually tow with their CT. This is true with ICE trucks right now and therefore would not be any different when EV trucks hit the...
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    Supercharger - Del Valle, TX

    Great location for those of us who track our Teslas at COTA!
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    How to arrange Fremont factory visit

    I sent them an email in October with no response. I just sent an email right now and hoping to get something back since I plan on being there right after new years.
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    Supercharger - Austin, TX - Frontage Road

    Because there simply won't be a "huge" increase since the vast majority of truck drivers and people in general do not tow. Now that doesn't mean Tesla shouldn't have any pull-thru or head-in chargers since Tesla already has some, but in the end Tesla is focusing (at least right now) on their...
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    Tesla Partnership with Buc-ee's (26 New Locations)

    I and many other Tesla owners have constantly been contacting Bucees to add EV charging but always gotten the cold hand. You must have done or said something special to get them to finally change their mind.
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    Tesla Partnership with Buc-ee's (26 New Locations)

    I and many other Tesla owners have been contacting Buc-ees for many years to have any sort of EV charging stations but have always had crickets. But I think the reason why they waited for so long was simply because of stubbornness and not taking EVs seriously. The past couple of years with major...
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    Supercharger - New Braunfels, TX

    Right, those have been there since that Buccees was built years ago. And I am glad since those parking spots can easily be ICED. Would prefer the superchargers to be further away on the outside perimeter of the Buccees parking lot.
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    Charging at COTA

    This was done through the racing organization/group that rented out COTA. I don't know who from COTA ultimately gave access. But there is a kiosk with usually somebody there working/standing guard so maybe you can ask them if you are allowed to use one of the RV sites to charge.
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    Supercharger - Round Rock, TX

    Hopefully they also greatly expand all the supercharger stations and overall number of locations all along the Texas triangle. Otherwise we will see the long lines of Teslas made famous in California occur here during big holiday weekends.
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    Supercharging in Texas

    I don't know who you are ultimately complaining to and what you exactly want to change, but you just need to accept the fact that your living/work situation of having to commute 600 miles a week AND only supercharging is not ideal for you after the pricing change for Texas superchargers. Just...
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    Driving at COTA (Circuit of the Americas)

    Check out Edge Addicts. They have a lot of events at COTA that you can take your personal car out to. http://www.edgeaddicts.com/events.html
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    Charging at COTA

    Yes it worked out great. They allowed to charge at the RV site which was really helpful in-between sessions. Luckily I had my onewheel scooter so I could quickly go back and forth from the RV site to the paddocks.
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    Supercharger - College Station, TX - Texas Avenue South

    I will be really curious if TAMU or anybody else will actually tow any ICE vehicles that will park here. This will be a prime ICEing spot because it is a major university campus. Additionally I hope they also tow any other Tesla or EV that tries to take advantage of these 8 spots by simply...
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    Supercharger - Kyle, Tx

    Stolen from facebook. Looks like they are moving fast at this location.
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    Shop in DFW area to hardwire V1 radar detector?

    I hardwired my V1 myself by plugging into a 12V source within VCLeft. This guy shows exactly where that is.
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    Supercharger - Brownsville, TX

    So where can I see when all the next SpaceX launches will be at Boca Chica? Would like to make a trip out there a least once to check it out.
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    Colmo ceramic key ring

    It's just the Y/3 since it's the only one with the RFID reader in the b-pillar. You can only unlock a Model S and X with your phone if your phone and Model S/X have data service connection (LTE/WIFI).
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    Dreaded "Vehicle may not restart" error

    So just got my Model 3 back after Tesla replaced the entire HV battery. Apparently the glycol cooling liquid leaked from its lasagna housing and spilled into the entire battery pack. They have no idea how it happened.
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    Supercharger - Lubbock, TX

    Maybe they should partner with Volta like Simon Malls has done so far. Not sure how much investment it takes but I would assume it's less than other EV charging solutions since the Ad-support is what pays for the chargers. Volta Charging - The Most Utilized EV Charging Stations
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    Dreaded "Vehicle may not restart" error

    Just got an email that Tesla ordered a new 75 kWh battery pack. Googling the part number of the battery pack led me to this service bulletin to replace the high voltage battery pack in which my Model 3 does fit within the affected vehicles within the timeline stated...
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    Dreaded "Vehicle may not restart" error

    So I just got this same exact message today in my Tesla Model 3 performance. Its 2 years old with 67k miles on it so far with the original 12V battery. I was over 220 miles away from home when this happened and I didn't want to risk stopping my car again at the risk being stranded so far away...

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