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    v11 software update SUCKS

    Funny how different people are. In addition to this improvement I can't wait fo the section with the animated car to show what is happening behind your car as detailed and as far back as it shows what is going on in the front. Whenever I merge on change lanes, I would trust Tesla's technology...
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    v11 software update SUCKS

    Got it, thanks! Now there is at least something good about this disaster of an "improvement".
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    v11 software update SUCKS

    Just installed this update today and OMG it's bad! I test drove a MY earlier today and it has the side camera pop up on the screen when using the turn signal. This was the only feature I was looking forward to. However, my M3 does not have this feature even with the latest update :(
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    only third party insurance on loan cars?

    I asked this in another thread and only later found this one. Could anyone recommend a 3rd party excess insurance that would a) work in Finland b) include courtesy vehicles? It's funny that the previous time I had a loaner I was just handed the keys and off I went without signing anything. I...
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    Tesla substitute car deductible 2500e?

    I was about to drop off my M3 for maintenance and had even manage to get a substitute car since the repair would will take several days. Just when I was about to sign the papers for the substitute car I was informed that the deductible/excess is 2500e = no matter who is at fault, if something...
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    I wish the Model 3 had the new Model S steering wheel

    I am willing to pay €1000 to have this in my M3, so cool! This is a lot, because I'm not willing to pay a single € for any other add-on features , real or wishful thinking :D Would me amazing to have all the controls in the wheel and give the cabin an even more minimalistic look and feel.
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    Tesla 3 charging door won't open

    Problem went away in an interesting way. After writing my previous post I removed the cable by pulling harder. Every time since that I have been able to remove the cable by using slightly more force than I would normally use. Everything works fine otherwise, so nothing is broken I guess. I also...
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    Tesla 3 charging door won't open

    That sounds like a really plausible solution. I'll try it tomorrow and report here in a few days. I already tried it with the Type 2 cable (that rarely gets stuck) and was able to remove it easily.
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    Tesla 3 charging door won't open

    I get a security error message when trying to upload photos here.
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    Tesla 3 charging door won't open

    Oh, thanks. I'll take a picture tomorrow when there is light.
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    Tesla 3 charging door won't open

    During the last several weeks I've encountered a similar problem. Did not find any other thread describing exactly what has been happening to me. Now every time when I need to remove the Mobile Connector cable it does not unlock. Doesn't matter if I click "unlock" on the screen, on the app or on...
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    Seat Heaters - Quick question before booking service appointment

    I'll have to do a thermometer test at some point. My original post was probably written badly, since in no way did I intend to state that I have read/heard anywhere what I described. I just tried to say "This is normal, right?"
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    Seat Heaters - Quick question before booking service appointment

    Actually in all scenarios: turned on in the app with no butts in seats, only a butt in the driver's seat, only a butt in the passenger seat.
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    Seat Heaters - Quick question before booking service appointment

    Because this is what happens in my M3 :D If I turn both seat heaters on at the same time (same level), the one on the driver's side will warm much quicker than the one on the passenger side and will take longer to warm and also will never reach the same temperature.
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    Seat Heaters - Quick question before booking service appointment

    The seat on the driver's side is supposed to warm up much quicker and to a higher temperature than the passenger seat, right? If not, I need to contact Tesla and have this fixed.
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    Weird behavior of regenerative braking at higher speeds

    The problem is occurring more and more rarely, so I've not managed to get it recorded yet. The couple of times when it has re-emerged I have forgotten to record :D But to be honest, I don't really think a video would showcase anything that has not been described in this thread.
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    Pre deparure battery pre heat. What temperature? Best way to preheat?

    A couple of points about preheat that don't seem to be that common based on this and other similar threads: 1) I can easily achieve 0C => 28C cabin temperature in 5 minutes or less and do this multiple times a day. Why would I need to preheat for a longer period? I usually charge for around...
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    Weird behavior of regenerative braking at higher speeds

    I took the car to the SC. Did not cost anything, but did not fix anything either. The statement, that I cannot open anymore, said that this is a known problem and will be fixed in future updates. The issue thus remains. Every now and then when I'm driving at higher speeds and either lift the...
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    Weird behavior of regenerative braking at higher speeds

    I've scheduled service for later this week. Interesting to find out if this can be fixed. The biggest oddity in my opinion here is that sometimes when I brake I have to "fight" against the car. In other words, if I don't brake, the car maintains speed or even slightly accelerates. Rather than...
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    Model 3: Pros and Cons

    This is the only significant con I have encountered. Almost feels like a fraud. 12. The energy consumption was a shock after purchase. I only get about 1.5 miles per 1% charge when driving 60-70mph in spring and autumn when air/heat use are off. I get 1 mile per 1% in summer and...
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    Weird behavior of regenerative braking at higher speeds

    Thanks! I remember reading somewhere that it could be made on the website (in addition to the app). The problem reappeared during the weekend. It does not occur always when slowing down from higher speeds, but in more than half of the cases.
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    Weird behavior of regenerative braking at higher speeds

    Since I could not find the option of sending a service request anywhere on my account webpage, I sent Tesla an e-mail. No response so far, but the problem disappeared right away. Go figure.
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    Weird behavior of regenerative braking at higher speeds

    Tesla Model 3 RWD Loses Regen With Winter Tires? Forgot to mention that this started after swapping to winter tires. However, this does not explain the acceleration/complete lack of slowing down in some situation where the foot is lifted off the accelerator pedal.
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    Weird behavior of regenerative braking at higher speeds

    This is the weird part. The weather has been very similar here for the last month. Around 5C during the day with a few colder exceptions every now and then. There were some dots, but nothing significant. Immediately after these incidents regenerative braking worked perfectly fine at lower...
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    Weird behavior of regenerative braking at higher speeds

    During the last week I have encountered some really weird behavior by M3 SR+ when I take my foot off the accelerator pedal at speeds above 70km/h. First, most often, the car doesn't slow down at all or very little until I press the brake pedal. Second, it sometimes even slightly accelerates in...
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    Tesla Referral Program

    I don't know why anyone would use my code. I don't even post here regularly. This is link Thanks if you fell for my dry Finnish humour.
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    Charge to 100%

    I charge to 90% when I charge for free (some malls) and only what I need when I charge at home. Usually around 50-60%. If I leave early in the morning when its cold, I charge a little even if I don't really need to. Just to warm the battery up.
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    Poll for most annoying aspect of your model 3

    Not being able to open the charge port "on-site", only through app or screen.
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    Range depletion due to low temperature

    Winter diesel fuel, yes.
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    Range depletion due to low temperature

    If they do, I totally missed it. I might have discussed the issue with the Tesla representative among other issues, but was not told anything as significant as what is discussed in this thread. He/she probably said something like "cold temperatures slightly affect range in a negative way" and a...
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    Range depletion due to low temperature

    Thanks! It's funny how everyone just seems to accept the fact that in certain conditions you lose 50% of the range as something totally natural. So the assumption is that before you buy a Tesla you spend dozens of hours researching online and talking to Tesla drivers. Don't get me wrong, I'm...
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    2021 Model 3 and differences from 2020

    Estimated delivery month of the M3 has now changed to February on the Finland site. Some of the updates are cool, but thank god I did not wait for them!
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    2021 Model 3 and differences from 2020

    The only thing more frustrating than receiving my car in the end of September is how people are referring to the refresh as "Model 3 2021" :D Or is this an official designation? I don't particularly regret not waiting, though. I like the chrome and don't care about most updates. More range...
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    Range depletion due to low temperature

    During the first two trips of the six in total the temperature was about 8C before I left. The latest four had slightly colder temperatures. Lots of tricks available to make the situation slightly better in the coming months, but has anyone actually confronted Tesla about this? What is their...
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    Range depletion due to low temperature

    I already asked this in another thread and got a good response, but would like to present the example here as well to gather more information: On Sunday I drove my 2020 SR+ (less than three weeks old) on the highway: - Total trip 158km, around 18km in the city and the rest on the highway -...
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    Reduced Model 3 SR+ Rang

    I didn't think starting a new thread was reasonable. I have an opposite example and would like to ask whether this is normal by any standards. Yesterday I drove my 2020 SR+ (less than three weeks old) on the highway: - Total trip 158km, around 18 in the city and the rest on the highway -...
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    Biggest pain of EV is .......

    Driving 120km in 10C (nice autumn day) on a highway and using almost 60% of the battery. I might start a thread about this, but first I need to research existing topics. I love everything else about my electric car.
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    Buy now or wait for 2021 model?

    Something that you and everyone else pondering over when to buy might want to consider. When I was planning buying a M3 I was extremely restless all the time, constantly reading this forum and various blogs and looking for rumors about various updates. Now I have the car and feel calm and happy...
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    When to buy a Model 3?

    Thanks, but I already got the car :D And I'm loving every single moment driving it!
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    When to buy a Model 3?

    Thank you to everyone who shared their opinions in this thread and in all the other threads here! I decided not to wait and ordered my M3 26 days ago. Imagine the relief when I watched the Battery Day live stream yesterday and realized that it was all about the future. Today I became a Tesla...
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    Tesla Server Down??

    Funny this happened on my first day as a Tesla driver :D The keycard is and will always be in my wallet and in the wallets of all people who will drive this car.
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    Please pay off your remaining balance prior to delivery

    Any Europeans here? I've been asked to pay my down payment before delivery. I really don't want to risk not getting the car on delivery day because I insist on paying only after inspecting the car, but is it the wise thing to do? I would imagine that they would refund in the unlikely case that I...
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    Model 3 Heatpump soon?

    I understood that these specimen just arrived, so deliveries would be next week and later.
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    Model 3 Heatpump soon?

    I wish the word "several" actually means "all" :D
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    Major increase in delivery times... updates features coming?

    All models are now 5-10 weeks in Finland. Was "during September" earlier. Might just be something related to how batches are shipped, though.
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    Model 3 Upgrade Incoming?

    Am I the only one who is not excited about this at all? The only things that would excite me are: - cheaper price - better battery - heat pump
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    Does Pearl White issues still exits?

    I love Tesla and I will probably defend the manufacturer vigorously when I get my car, but those misalignments are f***ing pathetic.
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    Discussion: Floor Mats in Model 3

    Have you had any regrets about not getting the ones with the taller edges? I'm thinking about buying directly from Tesla instead of getting some other brand for slightly cheaper.
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    SSD size for Teslacam / Sentry mode

    Thanks, all help is greatly appreciated!

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