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    Integral links. What do they do?

    I'm trying to find out why my MS with coils is so bouncy especially in colder temperatures. I'm thinking maybe some of the suspension rubber bushings are getting hardened over time. Anyways, looking at the rear suspension there are small "integral links". What purpose they serve on the...
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    Software limited 60 batteries: degradation, upgrades and overall health

    A little update. After 3 months and around 9000 km, my "nominal full pack" is down to 65.7kWh. Full charge is about 301km on the display. :(
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    Fluid has appeared around edges of main display

    The glue which bonds the glass and the panel together is failing. A new display is needed. Unfortunately that might be expensive from Tesla because it isn't a dumb display. Swapping just the display might be possible as a diy project
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    Strange Error Message : Low Disk Space

    If you haven't done any rooting etc. on the car, contact Tesla service. You shouldn't have a dev build car though I'm sure a few Tesla hackers would love to access your car.
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    Software limited 60 batteries: degradation, upgrades and overall health

    I've got a 03/2017 manufactured Model S 60D. It has done over 89000 km and although I still love it, the battery has suffered some degradation. I thought that software limited 60 batteries had a set amount of kWhs nett and the degradation would just reduce the gross amount available from the...
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    RWD S90s. Those are rare, right?
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    VIDEO - Malfunctioning Door Handle

    I'm not sure but I think around end of 2018 or early 2019.
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    VIDEO - Malfunctioning Door Handle

    The motor sounds weird. I'd say that is the problem and if so, only a new handle will help. Fortunately the 3rd generation handles are supposed to be much better.
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    FSD upgrade option disappeared from My Account

    Weird. Mine goes to a page like this: This gotta be some kind of a web page error or something. I wonder who I should contact about this. The service center via the app? :rolleyes:
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    FSD upgrade option disappeared from My Account

    Bump! The upgrade page link in my account leads to the referral page. Anyone else have that problem with their AP2.0 car?
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    Anyone using Michelin CrossClimate+ tyres on their Model S?

    Or worry about every weather condition always.
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    Likely MCU Failure (MCU1 eMMC)

    I have arranged the repair with someone local, already. Maybe the chip would be still good if I would have used the energy saving mode more and disabled always connected.
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    Likely MCU Failure (MCU1 eMMC)

    Looks like my car's eMMC is failing. Today I got graphical corruption and unresponsive screen for the first time. I am going to get the chip changed before the whole unit is dead. March 2017 Model S with 82000 km on the odo. :(
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    Likely MCU Failure (MCU1 eMMC)

    I'm sorry if this has been discussed somewhere in the thread but does the service center have a way of checking the eMMC health and if they do, how do they report it? Do they just say that "it is ok" or something like "it's worn but not that bad"?
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    Uncorking official for most 75Ds!

    Most likely it's due to the potential battery problems (you know, the ones where the fix decreased range).
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    Uncorking official for most 75Ds!

    At this moment, the 60s cannot be upgraded to 75s. The option just isn't there anymore.
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    "Performance Mode" Easter Egg in Raven Car

    Yes. You could drive a performance model with 60D power.
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    Tesla autopilot HW3

    A possible AP2.0 to 3.0 retrofit spotted looking at the fw updates (see image).
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    The $150- Rattle Frustration

    It might be the IC screen itself. Mine rattled and they changed the screen (!) which fixed it. Try tapping the IC screen.
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    Software Update 2019.16.x

    Most likely they had to nerf it to get NoA approved.
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    Software Update 2019.16.x

    Just got 16.3. Last week I got 16.2. I have set the updates to advanced. MS AP2.0.
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    Tesla autopilot HW3

    Maybe just a small battery to keep it powered just enough to stop the car safely?
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    Tesla Autopilot maps

    I recently noticed that on my daily commute, Autopilot (or Autosteer) suddenly (overnight) started to drive much better; less weaving, didn't try to take a merging lane anymore etc. The firmware has stayed the same (2018.50.6) so it must be an update in the maps, right? How old are the current...
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    Tesla autopilot HW3

    Anyone thought about how they would implement Autosteer city driving as a lvl 2 car with you holding the steering wheel? Can't be done if the requirement is to hold the steering wheel.
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    Tesla autopilot HW3

    Problem I have with the current, low-priced "FSD" is that if you purchase it, you subscribe to the new description of it, not the old lvl 5.
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    HW2.5 capabilities

    I don't know if you guys have noticed, but HW2.0 is currently getting left behind on FW updates as per Teslafi. Are they already deeming 2.0 not worthy?
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    303 Aerospace Made My Interior Blotchy

    You used which product? The 303 aerospace protectant is, as stated, a protectant. Not a cleaner. Can you post pics of the results?
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    Software Update 2019.5.x

    Ap2.0 is getting left behind. That can't be good. :(
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    Tesla autopilot HW3

    I came here for the HW3 info, stayed for the bickering.
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    Model S 50mph caution sign on dashboard display?

    Speed limit set to absolute from settings.
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    No coverage in cold weather?

    My MCU1 car's connection errors disappeared when I disabled Teslafi, for some reason
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    Door opens automatically after park

    The handle needs adjusting. It presents too far.
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    Seeing the world in Autopilot V9 (part three?)

    Speculation: the front radar is used to validate vision based distance estimation. Later it will be used only for redundancy. Change my mind. :)
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    screen protector?

    I have a matte screen protection and I like it. Less reflections and my finger slides easier on it.
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    Someone here had a titanium metallic AP2 car.
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    Tesla Autopilot maps

    There are reports that auto lane change is now enabled on other roads than highways also, here in Finland. Must mean that the maps are updated.
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    Hepa Filter Biodefense Model Upgrade and Option Code

    Is there any possibility of you posting a screen shot of the invoice? Just the part about this work being done. :)
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    Hepa Filter Biodefense Model Upgrade and Option Code

    I think the option codes are what they are from factory. Did you just ask for the upgrade from Tesla? I didn't it was possible officially. How much did it cost?
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    Tesla Autopilot maps

    When you switch to drive, yes, it default to 3G/LTE but you can select the wifi again.
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    Rock chip in all glass roof

    OK, got the stonechip filled up. It is now unnoticeable.
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    Rock chip in all glass roof

    That's cheaper than I thought.
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    Rock chip in all glass roof

    I wanted to do that but a wrapper said he wasn't sure if the glass would expand and contract differently causing problems. What kind of climate do you live in?
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    Rock chip in all glass roof

    Replacement cost would probably be in the thousands. I also have a chip/crack in mine but it is just 1cm long so I plan to get it filled.
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    Premium audio

    I don't have premium audio on mine and IMO the standard audio is quite good. I had a 2015 loaner with premium audio for a few weeks and for some reason it didn't sound consistently nice as the standard does. Some songs were great but others were worse than on standard, no matter what the...
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    Coast-to-coast offer for Elon Musk from MIT

    I'm getting sick and tired of your toxic regurgitation on this matter on every thread. It seems that you don't think anyone is worthy of a polite and half decently worded counter argument, not even an MIT research scientist. You just yell stuff like "rubbish!" and "scam!". If you think Tesla is...
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    Driver door "Thumps" like lock/unlock actuator or maybe door handle

    Didn't break my fingers but it did hurt alot:oops:
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    Out of curiosity, what do you hate about your Tesla?

    I absolutely HATED the six month wait I had to endure after I ordered the car. I don't hate anything about the car itself. Sure, there are plenty of things I'd change and stuff I hope will improve but it is still the worlds best car, even if it's not perfect.
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    AP1 Radar With No Gasket?

    Looks weird... and fragile. One rock and it's gone.
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    Model S: Dash/front end rattle

    Is it a plasticy rattle or a metally one? I have a plasticy sounding rattle coming from the drivers side dash, most likely from under the steering wheel. SC tried to solve it but didn't/couldn't. I hear it randomly, most often on high frequency road imperfections. Sometimes it is gone for weeks...
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    Autonomous Car Progress

    I'm pretty sure most of you have seen this already but for those who haven't: FSD with just cameras. Although I don't know what's happening with them now, this video is from March 2017.

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