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  1. ClearwaterBchSteve

    Reaching 4 years of ownership in February. Purchased extended warranty.

    Thanks for replying... We decided to opt out. It was a really tough decision - could have gone either way, but the key influences were the fact that we have had many of the early "problem" parts replaced already (touch screen, door handles, 12v battery among others). I still plan to have the...
  2. ClearwaterBchSteve

    Reaching 4 years of ownership in February. Purchased extended warranty.

    Thanks, I didn't realize it was available online - Tesla service sent me one to review a few months ago. I'm really on the fence at this point, leaning towards not purchasing the agreement. Will I spend at least $4200 on repairs in 4 years on "covered" parts? I'm not convinced. So many "wear"...
  3. ClearwaterBchSteve

    Reaching 4 years of ownership in February. Purchased extended warranty.

    $4000US with $200 deductible per incident. Note: this is not an extension of the original "bumper to bumper" warranty. There are specific exclusions outlined in the warranty terms. You can request the warranty document from your service center for review.
  4. ClearwaterBchSteve

    Reaching 4 years of ownership in February. Purchased extended warranty.

    Hi, I'm facing the deadline to purchase the extended warranty. The warranty can be purchased 30 days following the original warranty expiration. I have read the warranty terms in detail and it definitely outlines far more "excluded" items than "included" items. Our Model S is a 2012 P85 (serial...
  5. ClearwaterBchSteve

    PAST EVENT: Club Med Sandpiper Bay, Sept 18-20, 2015

    It was an awesome trip! We all look like we were having great fun in the pictures. We're two for two with Club Med - it really offers a unique experience. So much fun to hang out and interact with other Tesla Enthusiasts!
  6. ClearwaterBchSteve

    New home build - Anti-Solar provision question

    Wow Klaus, this is great to see a 50% cost reduction. I'm glad you bought a Sunpower system - maybe my investment in that company has a chance to at least getting back up to the price I paid just before panel manufacturers dove. 3 of the 4 companies I invested in are out of business. Sunpower...
  7. ClearwaterBchSteve

    PAST EVENTS: National Drive Electric Week Events in Florida

    Robin and I will be attending again this year. We'll have our antique 2012 Model S there along with our Nissan LEAF. See you there!
  8. ClearwaterBchSteve

    Comments on HD Audio

    Mine does show album artwork for the majority of the FLAC files I produced directly from CD - presumably by getting the artwork off the net. However, it does not for files where I manually embedded an image.
  9. ClearwaterBchSteve

    Florida Tesla Enthusiasts (FTE) club sign-up page

    Very Nice! Congratulations.
  10. ClearwaterBchSteve

    Is the Premium Audio Worth the upgrade?

    I have the original "Sound Studio" premium sound system and I think it sounds great. It gets plenty loud and never seems to have any strain or distortion. When I really want to enjoy it, I listen to hi-rez FLAC files from USB. XM and the Internet stations sound acceptable as well. I noticed...
  11. ClearwaterBchSteve

    Comments on HD Audio

    I have a 2012 Model S with the original "Premium Sound" option which is some similar version of the current "Ultra High Fidelity Sound". Long before I took delivery of the car, I too was exploring the capabilities of the audio system with respect to high-resolution files. I opted for FLAC and...
  12. ClearwaterBchSteve

    Firmware 6.1 - For Classic Model S

    Agreed. It's one thing to be able to monitor the valets' actions in real time using the phone app, but being able to "limit" what they can do is important to me too. I'd be much more likely to use valet service more often with some protection from potential abuse. With the flexibility of the...
  13. ClearwaterBchSteve

    Firmware 6.1 - For Classic Model S

    Mine's the same "vintage" as yours (VIN1794). Got the notification on my phone yesterday that the update was available - installed without issue today. I was happy to see that the "what's new" screen only described things pertaining to our car (it did not mention items relating to updates for...
  14. ClearwaterBchSteve

    I expected more from a P85D

    Sure, if I were a newbie Model S buyer today, there would be no question that I would strive to obtain the P85D.
  15. ClearwaterBchSteve

    Parking with auto-leveling suspension

    I'm glad I can't see the underside of the front plastic guard because this has happened a few times. Other owners have experienced substantial damage due to the car lowering over curbs after parking. Seems that technical solution would be for the car to remember its height upon going into park...
  16. ClearwaterBchSteve

    Firmware 6.1

  17. ClearwaterBchSteve

    How do you keep the heater and stereo on when exiting the car

    It would be nice if there was a brief time (couple of seconds) that systems (HVAC, sound system, etc.) would stay on inside the car after driver leaves and closes door allowing the passenger to choose to "leave on" without everything going off, then having to be turned on again.
  18. ClearwaterBchSteve

    I expected more from a P85D

    I've been driving a 2012 P85 for two years and have enjoyed knowing I've owned the most awesome car of its time. Sure, I was hoping it would be the "top of the line" for a bit longer, but just like any technology (iPhone, iPad, etc.), things get "outdated" quickly. I'm taking the same approach...
  19. ClearwaterBchSteve

    P85D performance confirmed

    So "Sport" mode essentially makes it act like an "old" P85? If my Model S had a "slow" mode, I doubt I would ever have it selected...
  20. ClearwaterBchSteve

    Firmware 6.1

    Been waiting on valet mode for 2 years... Yeah, I have a 2012 ;)
  21. ClearwaterBchSteve

    PAST EVENT: Meet-up & Road Trip from Florida House to Historic Green Village

    Great pictures Larry! That was a really nice event. I'm glad Robin and I were able to participate. Looking forward to the next gathering (hopefully at official Tampa Supercharger dedication).
  22. ClearwaterBchSteve

    PAST EVENT: Meet-up & Road Trip from Florida House to Historic Green Village

    It's a tough time of year to schedule events but you found a "hole" Robin and I will be joining the group - sounds like a fun day. Steve.
  23. ClearwaterBchSteve

    Tesla Detailing, Paint Correction and Protective Coatings

    Great pictures of our Model S Pete - it still looks fantastic. I've only washed it once since you did your magic! Thanks again for doing such a great job. Steve.
  24. ClearwaterBchSteve

    Supercharger - Brandon, FL

    Nice car - looks like the twin of ours ;)
  25. ClearwaterBchSteve

    Curb Rash - Fixes in Florida?

    I think there is enough of the paste to do at least 2 or 3 wheels (at least if the damage is only along the rim edge. First step is to sand down the roughness and clean. You then apply the paste then re-sand after it hardens. After my first go at it, it looked pretty bad because the included...
  26. ClearwaterBchSteve

    Curb Rash - Fixes in Florida?

    For minor damage (just along the rim edge for example), you might be able to use a kit and do it yourself. I bought a < $30 kit from Permatex online. It has a filler paste, sandpaper and paint. I have the silver 21" wheels and the paint in the kit does not match the wheels (found that out the...
  27. ClearwaterBchSteve

    Tesla Detailing, Paint Correction and Protective Coatings

    I recently had our silver Model S Performance sedan professionally treated by Pete Borras of First Impression Professional Auto Detailing. Pete did a complete detail, paint correction procedure and applied G-Techniq protective coating on our Tesla. The results were astounding. The car was...
  28. ClearwaterBchSteve

    FL (Ft. Lauderdale): Shop took my p85 for a 85mph joy ride then charged me $135.00

    And this is why we still want a "valet" mode that will allow us to limit speed, range and other functions when we drop off our Model S's.
  29. ClearwaterBchSteve

    Supercharger - Brandon, FL

    ddh1313 is correct in calling the Superchargers rectifiers. That is exactly what they are technically. They look pretty serious. After all, if these are 120Kw capable SC's, there's a megawatt on tap at that site. Pretty impressive. I'm looking forward to trying it out when it's ready.
  30. ClearwaterBchSteve

    National Drive Electric Day Event - Sarasota

    Good luck with the event in Sarasota. I'll be attending and displaying our Model S & LEAF at the Tampa event (same date and time) in Oldsmar.
  31. ClearwaterBchSteve

    The Tampa Bay Drive Electric EVent

    I registered and will be displaying our Model S. Will probably have my wife Robin register and bring our leased Nissan LEAF as well!
  32. ClearwaterBchSteve

    Supercharger - Brandon, FL

    I was at the Tampa service center Saturday afternoon (8/16) and curiously stopped by the Supercharger site. Unfortunately, I ended up in the parking lot area for the shopping center behind the Supercharger and it was a complete log-jam of traffic. It took 30 minutes to get out of the parking...
  33. ClearwaterBchSteve

    Supercharger - Brandon, FL

    I know I'm being over-optimistic, but I just want to use a supercharger. Looks like the first opportunity will be our club trip to east coast in Sept...
  34. ClearwaterBchSteve

    Supercharger - Brandon, FL

    I'll be at the Tampa Service Center next weekend, I plan to stop by the new SC site and see how it's progressing. Based on how quickly the Ft Myers one came together, it might be finished!
  35. ClearwaterBchSteve

    Hot UMC Cable

    I have a home-made adaptor to mate my UMC 14-50 to an "old-school" 50A 3 prong 10-50. Even though the wall jack is fused and rated at 50A, I've always set the maximum current to 35A for a safety factor since the adaptor I built is far from 'certified". With a laser thermometer, I've measured...
  36. ClearwaterBchSteve

    Charge Port indicator says door open, but it's not...

    I noticed this early on (I do have a very early Model S), but I've found that closing the charge port door firmly and quickly will initiate an audible "snap" within about a 1/2 second when the electro-magnet engages letting you know that the door is properly latched. If you don't hear this...
  37. ClearwaterBchSteve

    Supercar Week in West Palm Beach January 3-11th 2015

    As you mentioned Larry, it's far in the future, but we do love our super car events don't we? I am interested. Steve.
  38. ClearwaterBchSteve

    Welcome home Larry

    I washed the Model S today, it looks great (except for the damn scratch still there!!!). I would have liked to join the group at the Cars and Coffee tomorrow, but not with the damage :( Now with Orlando having the only Tesla approved body shop, it might be a while. Going to be tough to get...
  39. ClearwaterBchSteve

    Welcome home Larry

    Not sure if I'm one of the "three Steve's" you're referring to, however I don't really feel too cool about "showing off" my Model S with self-inflicted damage. For those of you that do go, have fun - it was great when we had 6 of them there earlier this year while the cars were still very...
  40. ClearwaterBchSteve

    Recommendation for Auto Body Shops (Florida)

    I still have minor rear fender damage to be repaired. Gene Perez blew me off since I didn't want to do an insurance claim and I was ready to re-try them after Lawsteve's success story, but it sounds like things have changed. Orlando is going to be very inconvenient... Any recommendations for...
  41. ClearwaterBchSteve

    Vendor This is one glossy Silver MS

    I saw Larry Chanin's Sig MSP last weekend after Pete did his magic and it's fantastic! As soon as mine is repaired :mad:, I'll be scheduling with Pete!
  42. ClearwaterBchSteve

    Recommendation for Auto Body Shops (Florida)

    Hi Steve. Last month, I backed my Model S into my over crowded garage and scraped the right rear quarter panel on the back side of the wheel well right at the seam between the quarter panel and bumper. Per Kim @ Tesla's recommendation, I contacted Gene Perez and took my car over there for an...
  43. ClearwaterBchSteve

    Vendor Protective Coating...The Process on a Silver MS

    Nice to hear from you Binh! Pete did a wonderful job on your Model S. I'm really considering having him do ours once it's 'fixed" I went to the shop yesterday and all I know so far is "it won't be inexpensive" - a typical quote from a body shop :frown: One piece of good news is they'll be...
  44. ClearwaterBchSteve

    Vendor Protective Coating...The Process on a Silver MS

    I'm just going to get a quote and idea of what would be involved from Gene Perez today. I might get a few opinions from other shops. Based on what I've seen of your detail work, I wish you could do it :)
  45. ClearwaterBchSteve

    Vendor Protective Coating...The Process on a Silver MS

    Pete, I will choose a body shop like I would choose a surgeon for myself. First stop is the one Tesla Tampa has used: Gene Perez. The damage is "cosmetic", however the rear right quarterpanel and rear bumper (behind right rear tire well @ the seam) are affected. The quarter panel is...
  46. ClearwaterBchSteve

    Vendor Protective Coating...The Process on a Silver MS

    Impressive, maybe I'll be next - unfortunately I need to get some minor body work done first :(
  47. ClearwaterBchSteve

    Funny SunPass charge

    That's worth the $8.48 charge just in hilarity! Isn't your SunPass card registered for a 2 axle vehicle? You'd think that would be a cross check within the system...
  48. ClearwaterBchSteve

    Firmware 5.0

    Hey, so v5.0 also enables WiFi? If so, sweet! Sleep mode not selectable? That's not so sweet...
  49. ClearwaterBchSteve

    Supercharger in Ft. Myers confirmed

    Nice charging rate aviators99! 78kW. You are right, the cord is short. I'll be trying out the Supercharger for the first time next Friday since I will be in the area.
  50. ClearwaterBchSteve

    "Ultra High Fidelity Sound" option - worth it?

    I have the original "sound studio" in my 2012 P85. It's good (actually good enough for me at this point), but not what I would call "out of this world". I had no intention of purchasing the "basic" system originally and a $900 option for the "updated system" seemed on par with upgraded systems...

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