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    Premium Connectivity in Canada

    I think the order date (rather than build date) will be the defining criteria, because it depends on what the website was showing at the time of order. I ordered Sep 9, 2019 and just got free premium connectivity showing up today. I never subscribed after the “trial” ran out. 2020 SR+ (Nov...
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    MASTER THREAD: Removing marks from white seats

    The picture is after the 1st attempt without steam, and the video is a short clip of the steam
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    Group Buy for Power Trunk/Frunk Liftgate!

    On my car 2020 SR+ (late-2019 build), this trick solved the issue of the frunk not closing all the way. I would highly recommend. The problem is the Hansshow struts have a shorter travel distance compared to the OEM Tesla struts. Seems common on 2020 Model 3's. If you remove the black...
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    Group Buy for Power Trunk/Frunk Liftgate!

    I recently installed the v3 frunk kit on my car and my result is different. When my frunk is opened, the interior touchscreen shows the frunk open, and the "Open" button remains click-able. This mirrors exactly what is shown in Hansshows demo video for the v3 kit and was an important...
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    Vancouver (GVRD) - Ceramic Coat & Tint

    A quick shoutout to @Gleamworks for an awesome job on additional PPF work and CQuartz leather coating on my SR+! My car just hit 10k and my white leather was starting to stain and show the infamous stretch marks. Gleamworks was able to do a really great job of cleaning it up. The extra PPF was...
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    MASTER THREAD: Removing marks from white seats

    I have a white interior SR+ that within 6 months, started staining on the driver’s seat lower outer bolster. The commonly noted stretch marks as well as blue dye transfer (most likely from jeans). My local detailing/PPF shop who does a ton of Teslas used the “Inside” cleaner from Carpro...
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    Vendor Looking for Model 3 Owner to test electric tailgate

    I am in Vancouver and definitely interested. In fact.. I have the Hansshow kits (both trunk and frunk) already purchased and ready to be installed, if that helps! PM sent
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    Vendor (PPF) Paint Protection Film & Ceramic Coating Vancouver

    Highly recommend Igor and his team at Gleamworks. Got the basic PPF package done on mine as I thought it was really good value, and selected a few additional add-ons. Xpel Ultimate PPF is a superb product (perfectly clear, smooth, nice gloss.. and very durable) and Igor does an amazing job on...
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    White Interior Deliveries SR+

    Got my VIN today too (09/09 white on white) and it’s within 50 digits of smalik.. located in the same city. So these are definitely batch produced and there are definitely a big chunk of them in transit to the West Coast. Have hope!
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    Financing Tesla vehicles in Canada

    Almost at the end of the month so anyone who wants to lock in Nov rates, you’ll have to do so soon. For up to 72 months they are: - 3.47% Scotia - 3.50% RBC These were increased from Oct where 3.42% (Scotia) was best for up to 72 months. Sep was as low as 3.3%. I had a 30 day hold with...
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    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    For those of you with West Coast white interior orders, there is hope... Got my VIN in source code today and a text to schedule delivery! Picked the earliest possible slot which is 11/29 (not a holiday up here in Canada). 09/09 order so it will be 81 days from order to delivery if all goes to...
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    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    I’m waiting for a white interior on the west coast.. was very recently told by SA that best guess of a soft estimate right now is delivery in the 1st week fo Dec. That means there has to be a white interior SR+ production run slated for before the end of the month. Mind you, I’ve been waiting...
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    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    Not entirely sure how your SA got this info but if true, that means white interior SR+’s are on the production line as early as next week. If Florida deliveries are happening in <2 weeks after production, then west coast has a chance of seeing white interior SR+ deliveries by late-Nov as well! I...
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    Model 3 rebate problem in Canada on 2020 models

    I’ve posted in the waiting room but thought it’d be useful here as well. The rebate issue has now been resolved as both federal and provincial vehicle eligibility lists have been updated with 2020 model year. Hope your deliveries go well!
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    Maxpider 3D Mats on Sale at Costco [$40 off]

    I ordered a couple weeks ago during the late-Oct restocking and also got a price adjustment. Only took 1 day to process after submitting the online form. These mats look great and are incredibly light. Would highly recommend. At $129.99+tx it’s a no-brainer
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    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    The price on my SR+ order went up a few days ago on my online account and just got adjusted back down today. There’s a new line called “referral credit” which adjusts the total price back down to the pre-Oct 17 price. It happened without any action from my end. Also, for Canadians, it looks...
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    No VINs in October?

    It's true.. just checked federal (iZEV) and provincial (CEVforBC) sites and the 2020 model year isn't listed yet. This applies to SR/SR+ orders (only model that qualifies). I assume this isn't going to affect production but will certainly affect deliveries. Whether Tesla will hold the cars in...
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    Vancouver, BC Model 3 SR+ Subwoofer installation?

    Curious to know what model amp(s) you're using and whether your balance/fade still works (i.e. are your front door tweeters getting signal from your front dash speakers?). Also very interested to know how much the full setup cost you from SoundsGood, including Saturday's work
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    Financing Tesla vehicles in Canada

    If the debt settlement was very recent, it’s possible that it hasn’t been reported to the credit agencies yet. May take a couple months. Perhaps worth retrying the application after it shows up on your credit report. Otherwise you’ll have to try to obtain your own financing through a “B”...
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    Financing Tesla vehicles in Canada

    We'll know in 2 days when the banks update their rates for Nov. Most analysts predicted a rate hold so I wouldn't be surprised if there isn't much movement. FYI - best rates for past 2 months for up to 72 months: Sep: 3.30% with RBC and 3.32% with Scotia Oct: 3.55% with RBC and 3.42% with Scotia
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    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    Q4 VIN assignments started with LR AWD w/ black interiors, then SR+ with black interiors. We're now starting to see LR AWD with white interiors. I like to think that means SR+ white interiors will follow shortly. But then again... maybe a biased prediction because that's my order...
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    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    Been waiting since 09/09 (7 weeks now..) and still no VIN. Seems like some white/black and MSM/black got VINs today.. no white interiors yet rolling off the production line I guess =( (Mine’s white/white, 19”, no FSD)
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    Q4 Delivery timeline.

    Looks like there are definitely left-hand drive LR AWD is recent VINs (52xxxx & higher) being assigned to both American and European markets. Doesn’t seem to be any SR+ though. My guess is they’re re-tooling Fremont for the range increase on the SR+ before they switch production. Hoping that...
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    Financing Tesla vehicles in Canada

    Has anyone had experience with either RBC or Scotia honouring a finance rate that has expired? My 3.3% for 72 from Sept is expired (past 30 days) with no sign of a VIN getting issued for at least a few more weeks. Seems like rates have gone up for Oct and may not get better in Nov either...
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    No VINs in October?

    Long time reader, first time poster. Also in Vancouver and waiting the long wait.. Sept 9th order SR+ White/white 19” sport AP (no FSD) No VIN yet at 6+ weeks. Have been told my config is “uncommon” by a couple people at Tesla but taking it with a grain of salt. Seems like LR AWD’s for North...

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