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    Model X Refresh driver side doors sensing obstruction that isn't there....

    We're having this exact same issue. It happened at delivery (Nov 16th) and they replaced the sensor. It's still happening intermittently. I've got another appt scheduled.

    Vendor S3XY Buttons - Regenerative braking

    Any chance we can get Creep Mode back in the refresh Model X/S?

    Vendor S3XY Buttons - Regenerative braking

    Does the regen adjustment work with the refreshed Model X/S?

    Hi, is the CCS1 adapter still available and what's the cost?

    Hi, is the CCS1 adapter still available and what's the cost?

    FSD Beta - No Email From Tesla

    I got a software update last night as well. Figured it was just a normal update; no email from Tesla. Got in my car to go to work this morning and discovered I had FSD 10.3.1. No email in my spam folder.

    Gen 1 to Gen 2 Seat upgrade

    Thanks. Good to know.

    Gen 1 to Gen 2 Seat upgrade

    Ok, so Tesla did the swap? My problem then is if I were to get Gen 2 seats off of a Junked car, I'd need Tesla's help in updating the firmware. I've asked Service about paying for the upgrade but they said they don't have a procedure for that at the moment.

    Gen 1 to Gen 2 Seat upgrade

    It happened around May 2018 I think.

    Gen 1 to Gen 2 Seat upgrade

    How did you update the firmware? Do you still have your Gen 2 seats? I'm trying to locate a pair.
  10. VBXATL

    Gen 1 to Gen 2 Seat upgrade

    Anybody have any luck upgrading their Gen 1 front seats to Gen 2? I have an early VIN car with Gen 1 seats. The Gen 2 seats are much more comfortable. I asked Service but they don't have a procedure to upgrade the seats. I've been told the Gen 2 seats have different controllers. Does...
  11. VBXATL

    Tesla mode 3 parts

    Do you have Driver's side and front passenger seats? Are they Gen 2.
  12. VBXATL

    Vendor How To: Perform Hard Reset on Tesla Model 3

    I was at my local service center today and mentioned pulling the HV connector to fix a no audio problem I had been having. Luckily a recent firmware update had resolved things. He mentioned to me that if I was going to go this route (which he would neither recommend or not recommend ;-) ) that...
  13. VBXATL

    No audio bug in Model 3

    Someone in Reddit posted this blog about how to disconnect the main power. Tesla Model 3 Hard Reset I haven't tried it yet. Luckily, the audio came back this morning. Anyone else try this disconnect? I went to the Service Center today and they reviewed my logs but couldn't see any issues...
  14. VBXATL

    No audio bug in Model 3

    I've been having this issue off and on ever since the 2019.16.2 update. No resets seem to work. In the past, it's resolved itself overnight. However, ever since it happened again on Sunday, it still hasn't been fixed. I've tried all the resets (power off, scroll wheel reset and even...
  15. VBXATL

    No audio bug in Model 3

    I'm having the no audio issue as well. This happened after the last 2019.16.2 update. It's happened about three times now. Two scroll reboot and power off doesn't seem to resolve it. On the two other occasions where it happened, waiting overnight seemed to fix it. Not ideal as you can imagine.
  16. VBXATL

    Gen 1 Front Seat Upgrade?

    I have an early Vin Model 3 with the Gen 1 front seats. Has anyone had any luck getting Tesla to upgrade them to Gen 2? I'd be willing to pay Tesla but they don't seem to have a procedure for this. The parts department seems to be at a lost. It took some pictures and me showing my car to...
  17. VBXATL

    How do clear "replace 12v battery" warning?

    Hi, I'm getting a 12V error code as well. I have a dashcam wired directly to the 12V. The 12V battery was replaced a few months ago so I don't think it's bad, just throwing codes. When you disconnected the FRL and the negative on the 12V was there a particular order? 12V first and then FRL...
  18. VBXATL

    Auto lane change not working

    This happened to me after I got the 10.5 update. It was tied to my ultrasonic sensors (the parking sensors). They weren't working at all. When I pulled into my garage, I didn't get any of the normal beeps and lines when I got close to a wall. Without the ultrasonics, everytime I tried to do...
  19. VBXATL

    Dashcam Install Help

    5 amp fuse. One month and no issues so far.
  20. VBXATL

    Dashcam Install Help

    It’s just wired directly to the positive terminal of the battery with an in-line fuse. Negative is wired to a nearby grounding bolt. No issues thus far.
  21. VBXATL

    Dashcam Install Help

    Just as an anecdotal statement, I've had a Blackvue that's directly attached to my 12v battery installed in my Model 3 for about a month now with no issues (knock on wood). I've not experienced any battery issues so far.
  22. VBXATL

    VIN Assignment

    Ordered 1/4/18. VIN 34XX assigned 1/15/18. Silver Metallic with 19 inch wheels. Told to expect Feb. 6 delivery at Decatur, GA SC!
  23. VBXATL

    Summon issue since latest update

    My Model X 90D is doing the exact same thing. Summon was flawless all year and then with 50.1 it started turning the tail left after it cleared the garage. Very weird! I'm just hoping a new software update comes down fixing it.
  24. VBXATL

    New quieter door latches

    I got my 90D Model X in June 2016 (March 2016 build), so it was a pretty early delivery car. The front door latches always made a loud whirling noise when they opened and closed. On opening, you would hear a mechanical whirling and then a pop. On closing, you would hear a similar whirling. I...
  25. VBXATL

    Camper Mode release notes

    Camper mode release notes courtesy of my MX P90D loaner.
  26. VBXATL


    Any thoughts for a Model X version? The trunk area is pretty dim even with the AO lights.
  27. VBXATL

    Leather gone? All interior options vegan?

    Someone else posted that the material used is called Ultra Leather from Ultrafabrics. Original | ultrafabrics
  28. VBXATL

    Ultra White Seats

    I wonder why Tesla hasn’t started offering other colors in this material?
  29. VBXATL

    Birthday Presents for my X

    Balena (my MX) turned 1 a couple of weeks ago and I decided to buy her a couple of presents. :D Performance Pedals and new FWD switches. The Marietta service center installed them in less than an hour. Total cost: $150 for the Pedals $95 for the switches ($75 parts and $20 for labor). I...
  30. VBXATL

    2nd Row Storage Cubby

    I just got this storage cubby for the 2nd Row of my 6 seater. Works pretty well. It velcros in place. I ordered it from Amazon. Amazon.com: Topfit Rear Center Storage Box for Tesla Model X, Seat Back Center Container for Tesla Black: Automotive Here are some pictures. I have no affiliation...
  31. VBXATL

    Blackvue 2-Ch Dashcam Install on Model X

    Thanks. Just ordered one.
  32. VBXATL

    Blackvue 2-Ch Dashcam Install on Model X

    How do I order one?
  33. VBXATL

    The correct method to escape from the falcon wing door of Model X.

    Has anyone tried pulling on the manual release on the FWD? How do you reengage it? Does it click back into place once you close the door? I'm a little nervous trying it.
  34. VBXATL

    Tesla X - dangerous Cruise control, Autopilot and Self driving..

    To disengage AP without the little button, just push the level forward (towards the front of the car). This disengages both TACC and Autosteer. Also, I believe DRL is inactive if you are in Range Mode. Check whether you're in Range Mode.
  35. VBXATL

    Blackvue 2-Ch Dashcam Install on Model X

    I was looking at the same thing. Here's a good webpage that analyzes what SD card works best with dash cams. Apparently, you don't want too fast of a card as it results in overheating and poor video. Best SD Cards for BlackVue Dash Cams I'm getting the Lexar 300x 64G. I've had some issues...
  36. VBXATL

    Twisted second row seat belt

    This happened to me. You won't be able to rotate the buckle. I tried and so did the service advisor. The belt has been rotated. I fixed it by extending the belt as far as it would go and then folded it on itself and fed it beck in. After that, if I pulled the belt all the way out, it seemed...
  37. VBXATL

    Ultra White Seats

    I have the ultra white seats in my 90D which was delivered in June. I wear dark blue jeans almost everyday. The seats will take a blue hue after a week but a quick wipe with a wet microfiber towel and it comes right off. Ever few weeks I also clean it with a rag with leather cleaner to give it a...
  38. VBXATL

    SC Alignment Fix Experience - worth doing?

    I had some mis-alignment of my passenger FWD and some other fit and finish items. Originally, my SC (Marietta, GA) said that FWD alignments needed to be made by a body shop (this was back in June when I took delivery). In October, they said that the shop had gotten a lot of experience fixing...
  39. VBXATL

    Blackvue DR650S Review + Tesla Model X Install

    I got it off of ebay. It cost about $8. I took the cable, cut it and used a volt meter to find which wires were the ground and the power. Google the schematics of a the OBD connector. Here's a link: obd2 pinout - Google Search Pin 16 is constant 12v and pin 4 is ground. I then spliced...
  40. VBXATL

    Blackvue DR650S Review + Tesla Model X Install

    That's what I did. I spliced a cigarette lighter to a OBD-2 Connector and ran the wire along the A pillar down to the footwell. I tucked everything up into the side panel. You can't see any wires. This gives the appearance of a direct wired installation but allows me to unplug it in case I need...
  41. VBXATL

    Sun Visor broke - lost TPS & FM

    I went to swing out the sun visor yesterday during my drive home (like I've done a dozen times before) when I heard a pop. The visor assembly had sheared off. At first I thought it just popped out but after fishing in there a bit, the mounting stud looks like it completely sheared. Also...
  42. VBXATL

    How are your Ultra White Seats looking?

    I wear dark blue jeans and started noticing some dye transfer on the seat bolsters and the seatbelt assembly. A damp cloth and some leather cleaner an it came right off.
  43. VBXATL

    Model X Wind Noise

    While driving, press on the seal between the large window and the small triangle window. If the noise decreases then you have a problem which they can fix.
  44. VBXATL

    AC Problems

    Have it checked out. Mine and a few others had their a/c lines routed backwards. Search the forum. There's a fire threads on it. After the fix, it works great.
  45. VBXATL

    Model X Wind Noise

    I had the same issue on my passenger window when I first picked up my car. The SC adjusted the door latch so it sucked in the door some more. This created positive pressure on the triangle window seal. No more noise. The triangle glass and the window glass should be flush with the rubber seal...
  46. VBXATL

    Ultra White Seats

    Tried a Magic Eraser as well.
  47. VBXATL

    Ultra White Seats

    Yes. I tried alcohol as well as some regular car cleaners. Some of it came off but what you see is what remains.
  48. VBXATL

    Ultra White Seats

    I just checked my car. It's only two weeks old and I'm having the same reddish discoloration. Car is only two weeks old with less than 600 miles on it and its been in the SC for 4 days to boot! This is happening on all four rear seats. I cleaned it as best I can but I can't seem to get it...
  49. VBXATL

    Super loud fan while super charging

    When I took of my delivery of my MX90D a couple of weeks ago, one of the first things I noticed was how loud the A/C was. Anytime the temp outside was over 85 degrees, the A/C compressor would ramp up to 100% and would stay that way the whole time. It seemed really weird and I asked the SC...
  50. VBXATL

    A/C issues

    It's amazing the difference. Before, the a/c would almost always run at 100%. It sounded like a jet engine. It was embarrassing. The SC said that this was normal but I couldn't believe it. Now, after the fix, it rarely goes to 100%. It's so much quieter. What a relief! I need to talk to the...

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