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  1. plusonechoi

    Changing radio stations W/ steering wheel buttons

    glad im not the only one experiencing this issue!
  2. plusonechoi

    JEDA Wireless Pad - iPhone slips into console well

    Not quite the same issue as OP, but is anyone having trouble with their wireless pad not charging? I have charging only on the right side of pad, no response from left side or bottom of pad. I have tested different cables, swapped sides, with no luck. I am using an iPhone 11 Pro with NO case...
  3. plusonechoi

    Supercharger - South San Francisco, CA (LIVE 14 Feb 2020, 20 urban stalls)

    Charged here on my way home the other day with no issues, quite a few ICE vehicles blocking stalls, luckily not too busy when I was there. Great to have another local option. Saw the gate as well, was open when I arrived, unsure if they actually close the gate. If they do, unsure of time.
  4. plusonechoi

    Bad white model 3 seat stains

    limited data as I've only had the car for about 6 weeks. Just did my first maintenance clean of the white interior with Folex and felt it did a great job.
  5. plusonechoi

    Sleepy Tesla and Hapless Service Center

    Where is the car parked? Is it parked underground, where there is no limited connectivity? I park in an underground space at my condominium with no LTE connectivity. It takes some time for it get LTE back, not usually more than a few minutes. Only a couple times the LTE was not picked up after...
  6. plusonechoi

    Perfect Charging Routine

    I live in a condo community and have opted to not install a charger at my designated parking space due to high cost. I have been charging passively while at work (2-3 hrs a day, 2-3 days a week). Then utilizing superchargers if I know Ill be doing a longer drive and need to get closer to full.
  7. plusonechoi

    New Model 3 Brakes are Noisy

    Here in the Bay Area as well, have not noticed any brake noise in my first 2,000 miles. At the same token, I feel like I'm hardly ever using my brakes with the regen braking.
  8. plusonechoi

    Voice not working

    My update from previous post. Voice seems to be working much better now, closer to about a 85% of the time! Not sure how related if at all, but I did have to reboot the car recently because I was not getting FM radio signal (which is also working great now post reboot)
  9. plusonechoi

    First road trip in brand new Model 3 LR (with pics!)

    Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to do my first long road trip in my 3!
  10. plusonechoi

    Should I buy a model 3 if i can’t charge at home?

    I just got picked up my Model 3 a few weeks ago and live in a condo where I do not have the benefit of having home charging available. I looked into getting one installed at my deeded parking space, but since it is 1 level below (and also underground) where the electrical room is, it required...
  11. plusonechoi

    Voice not working

    Worked great the first few times, now seems to only work about 50% of the time.
  12. plusonechoi

    Don't buy from taptes

    From looking at their website, they are based in HK. Perhaps there may be other reasons related to the political unrest there for delayed responses. I have not ordered from them previously but I was looking at their site, considering purchasing some items.
  13. plusonechoi

    LR AWD Waiting Room

    No, I was originally planned for SF Tesla. They changed me to the temporary delivery space at Burlingame Service Center. Which is actually closer for me anyways, so it worked out well!
  14. plusonechoi

    LR AWD Waiting Room

    Took delivery today in Burlingame, CA Ordered 10/16 LR AWD White on White, No FSD
  15. plusonechoi

    LR AWD Waiting Room

    Ordered 10/16, still patiently waiting for VIN
  16. plusonechoi

    22% depreciation in 8 months [Update: sold it for 5.4% less than new price]

    There is no denying that a 10 year old car company has its share problems, but so do car manufacturers that have been around for 100 years too. Tesla is continually improving their cars and service from what I can tell, there's going to be a level of acceptance and understanding while they work...
  17. plusonechoi

    Looking for real world - someone must have made this drive...

    I'm glad so many have done this drive down to SoCal! Really looking forward to doing this trip once I take delivery of my 3 :)
  18. plusonechoi

    Should I get a Model 3

    There are a ton of YouTube videos from many different folks from across the country who have reviewed the Model 3. They have provided many pros and cons regarding the car itself, ownership, and how it fits certain life situations. I suggest watching those videos first and if some of your...
  19. plusonechoi

    MASTER THREAD: Jack Points — location, use, damage, pads, etc.

    Glad you're able to get that repaired under warranty! Now, I feel like I should just take delivery in Fremont instead of having it transported to San Francisco...
  20. plusonechoi

    Model 3 waiters in California - please post here

    Serious question, are you mainly upset that you were told 2-3 weeks and it is now taking longer? Yes, I agree it sucks and its frustrating, I am waiting for VIN assignment as well (ordered on 10/16). But honestly what is your rush? I imagine you're not hurting to have a car right NOW..either...
  21. plusonechoi

    Reverse Brake LOUD!!! noise

    Sounds like a brake squeak, is your car typically parked outside? Rust spots can form on the metal from moisture and cause a brake squeak at times. Does it only happen in the mornings? Does it eventually go away after some driving?
  22. plusonechoi

    Any logical sense in order fulfillment?

    When I put my deposit and ordered from a showroom, I was told to expect early December. In my portal online, it still says within 2 weeks. I am currently at 2 weeks with no VIN, however I am in no rush and patiently waiting it out :) LR AWD White/White 19's No FSD
  23. plusonechoi

    Premium White Interior, regrets?

    I was having a few second thoughts on white interior...but after reading this thread, I'm excited for white again!! The waiting period for a VIN is the most anxious!
  24. plusonechoi

    No VINs in October?

    Sorry forgot to mention detials: White/White LR AWD 19" wheels Located in the Bay Area
  25. plusonechoi

    No VINs in October?

    interesting to see everyone's updates! ordered 10/16 with no VIN as of yet

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