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    Supercharger - Malta, NY

    Just my two cents, but I would strongly recommend finding an apartment with charging either way. You're probably not going to love having to do 100% of your charging at a local Supercharger, and it'll cost you substantially more than home charging too. People can and do get away without home...
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    Model 3 Passenger side no power to windows or mirror...help!

    Perhaps, but that's just a guess. I was hoping that 3inMN might be able to offer some more insight, seeing as they have actual direct experience with the same issue. I live far away from the nearest service center, and it could take time to get a mobile tech appointment, so I'd like to have some...
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    Model 3 Passenger side no power to windows or mirror...help!

    Did the problem ever come back? I experienced the exact issue you described, only it was on the driver's side. Both windows and the mirror both spontaneously stopped working, and powering the car off and on again did not fix it. But then later the issue mysteriously resolved itself. No idea if...
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    Home Charging Issue w/Gen 2 UMC

    Yes I'm having the same problem with gen 1 vs gen 2 UMC, but in my case it's with a NEMA 14-50 outlet on a 50-amp GFCI breaker. Never had a problem drawing 40 amps on either of two different gen 1 connectors charging a Model S. But now with a Model 3 using the gen 2 connector, it has randomly...
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    Supercharger - Victor, NY

    Last year I went to Temstad on Monroe Ave, just because I used to go to them years ago with my ICE car and they always did a great job. I think mine might've been the first Tesla they'd ever had in the shop, but the whole inspection process is so trivially simple for EVs that it wasn't an issue...
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    New York just announced tax credit for EV !

    I was a bit worried by the wording on the website, when it said "purchase a qualifying electric car from a participating dealer". Sent an email asking for clarification though, and got a reply the next day: Yes, Tesla purchasers can receive the benefit of the $500 rebate once Tesla has signed...
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    GREEN EZ Pass

    I already had a regular NY State Thruway pass, so I sent in a letter with a copy of my registration asking for the NY Thruway Green Discount. It arrived today, and I checked my account and saw that they'd added two new plans: "NYGREEN" and "PAGREEN". Does anyone know if I will be charged...
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    Supercharger - Buffalo, NY

    There's also a new ChaDeMo charger in Ithaca, NY, which has been held up for over a month waiting for NYSEG to hook up power. Everything else is ready, but the station is just sitting there collecting dust because nobody will come out and connect it to the grid. Since this seems to be a...
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    lumbar support - bar seems to lack much padding?

    Good to hear. I'll keep fiddling with it and maybe I'll get used to it. Did you end up setting the lumbar all the way back? This might lend credence to the idea that the lumbar pushes out too far forward in the current seats.
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    Front diffuser damage

    That might actually be a bad idea, and could be what caused the problem the original post described. Unless I'm mistaken, after the car is parked, the air suspension turns off and the car lowers back down again. Thus, if the front bumper is on top of a curb, it will lower down to rest on the...
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    lumbar support - bar seems to lack much padding?

    Like others in this thread, I find the lumbar support in my new MS to be fairly uncomfortable on most settings. My back often feels painful and sore for a while after I take a longer trip, and I find myself constantly adjusting the settings to try and make it feel better. I have some prior back...
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    How to get the best rate with Tesla financing?

    I did end up going with Alliant, and they gave me 1.74% for 72 months at 5% down. Very pleased. For me, I was required to have full coverage (liability, collision, comprehensive) with a max deductible of $1000. But, this was precisely what I was planning to get anyway, so this worked out fine...
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    Weird, temporary glovebox problem

    Oh, interesting, I tried to search for info on that but I didn't find anything. Do you know how long it stops responding until it starts working again? My suspicion now is that the latch wasn't quite seated properly, and I pressed it a bunch of times and it stopped responding, then I pressed...
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    Weird, temporary glovebox problem

    Took delivery of my S85 on Wednesday, and totally loving it so far :smile:, but I've had one small issue. Before I signed off, I did a quick sweep over the car, making sure there were no problems with scratches, door handles, sun roof, windows, glovebox, etc. Just wanted to make sure everything...
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    Wiper blade defrosters - useful? necessary?

    Thanks for the replies, everyone! I think based on your collective advice, I will forgo the cold weather package. Sounds like it's really more of a luxury than a necessity. Yeah I know, I'm buying a luxury car, but I've gotta draw the line somewhere :wink:. I am a little disappointed that the...
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    Wiper blade defrosters - useful? necessary?

    I originally ordered my car without the subzero weather package, because everything in the description sounded unnecessary (even though I live in a cold climate). I've never had a car with wiper blade defrosters or washer nozzle heaters, and I've never had a problem with either of those things...
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    Tesla adds Titanium Underbody Shield to Model S

    Gotta say, I'm a bit worried about this. I placed my order a few weeks ago, and although I have a somewhat steep driveway, I did not get the air suspension because I did some measurements and figured that 6 inches should be enough ground clearance. It's not clear how much these additional plates...
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    Cost of Ownership

    I've heard reports too, but only for on the front bumper area. Apparently this was caused by an issue with the material used for the front fender bolts, and a TSB was issued that should solve the problem (see this thread New front fender bolts today). I agree in general though, that we'll have...
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    Cost of Ownership

    I think it's worth mentioning another point besides gasoline and maintenance costs: overall longevity of a Model S may turn out to be much greater than virtually any other car on the market right now, ICE or EV. In a cold climate with salted roads, rust is what really limits the lifespan of a...
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    How to get the best rate with Tesla financing?

    Many thanks for the info everyone! Sad to hear that they likely won't bargain, but I guess I'm not terribly surprised. I also didn't realize you had to get the yearly service to qualify for the buyback, so thanks to GardenStateTSLA for pointing that out. Now I'm starting to have second...
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    How to get the best rate with Tesla financing?

    Hi all! After a year+ of planning and researching, I finally pulled the trigger on my Model S order yesterday :biggrin:. I've decided I want to go with financing through Tesla so I can get the buyback guarantee (I don't expect to need it, but I'd really like to have the option just in case)...

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