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  1. charliestyr

    Model Y sighting today in Anderson Valley CA

    Wow that car does look good compared to the early Model 3 test cars! The Model 3 design has morphed into a CUV (or whatever acronym) very nicely indeed.
  2. charliestyr

    Pictures of production Model 3s

    Thanks for the info. It looks like it is pointing upwards slightly, not that it matters really, just surprised. Car looks great, I would have freaked out if I saw the Model 3 out on the road in the UK already :p looking forward to spotting one hopefully soon!
  3. charliestyr

    Pictures of production Model 3s

    Is that the official front plate mount/holder? Looks like it is at a funny angle? I am guessing perhaps you have mounted it in an easily removable way and so that's why it looks weird, or at least, I hope so!
  4. charliestyr

    AutoPilot free trials coming!

    It's a pretty galling up front cost - since it's all software to enable/disable they should go down a subscription route or something... they probably will down the line. At this point there's no need for the complexity I guess enough people buy it...
  5. charliestyr

    Pictures of production Model 3s

    I must admit I've always liked the look of the 3 in silver. Wasn't planning on getting another car that isn't a "colour" (i.e. not a shade of grey) but the silver 3 will definitely tempt me!
  6. charliestyr

    Pictures of production Model 3s

    The car is looking great - excitement levels are going through the roof for the launch party now!
  7. charliestyr

    How good are the LED headlights?

    From how it looks in the videos the headlights were not functioning, they had some light on but as you say there was no focused beam on the road at all, despite the headlights appearing quite bright. I guess they are not finished yet - which is totally fine, and understandable!
  8. charliestyr

    Model 3 Reservation in UK

    When they talk of 200mi range I'm fairly confident they mean EPA rated range which is fairly realistic. Not European range which when they say 200 will probably be nearer 250 or more.
  9. charliestyr

    Looking Forward to the Model 3 Debut

    Definitely the Saleen GTX... it has hood vents, is that colour and the wheels look right. Here's their blurb re: the vents... Not sure if that's about the vents on the top of the hood but anyway. If you do a search for the Saleen GTX you will see pictures of the vents...
  10. charliestyr

    [Rumor] Tesla Model S Facelift in 2016 !

    Regarding a facelift, I would be surprised if the Model S did not have a redesign at the front to bring it in line with the X, the new nose design and LED headlights is what I'm thinking. This was done with the roadster which was an even rarer car, bringing the design in line with the Model S...
  11. charliestyr

    Suspension broken?

    I don't really know but do I remember that the roadster shocks are fed by an external gas reservoir or was that some kind of aftermarket thing? Could it be both rear shocks are fed by the same source? e2a: and therefore if one point of failure occurred both sides would droop? Otherwise, dunno...
  12. charliestyr

    Next Generation Headlights?

    I would imagine a prototype of an all LED headlight, as already mentioned. Recall the Model X prototype and its headlight design: I can imagine without the elegant coverings it may look something like what we are seeing on this Model S. Manufacturer/dealer plates say it all. :-)
  13. charliestyr

    Will the base Model 3 be front wheel drive and the high end version all wheel drive?

    One of the benefits of the Tesla dual motor design is I'd imagine you could have it either way. If they wanted (yet another) USP how about your choice, FWD or RWD? Would be kinda cool. People who are cross shopping with 3-series etc would get RWD, someone who would be interested in a long...
  14. charliestyr

    Efficiency claim of the Dual Drive Train

    Those figures are not EPA they are tesla guide figures at a steady 65mph. A theoretical rather than real range. Perhaps we will see an improvement in EPA figures when tested but I severely doubt that kind of improvement and the P85D should be less range in theory than outgoing P85 afaik.
  15. charliestyr

    So with Elon Repeatedly saying how adding a second motor improves efficiency...

    I'm fairly sure the S85 got 300 miles on the old Tesla "55mph test". 265 miles is EPA and much closer to reality. This new "65mph test" is different again and so not really comparable. There used to be a range calculator somewhere on the TM site, I don't know but you could probably specify 65mph...
  16. charliestyr

    Unused tail light on trunk lid?

    I would have thought the same because as far as I'm aware the only stipulation regarding the fog light is that it is reasonably far away from the tail/brake lights. I'm sure there's a specific rule but I don't know it in detail. The reversing light that was on didn't seem very bright to me. It...
  17. charliestyr

    Unused tail light on trunk lid?

    @mknox I've seen an S reversing in the UK and only one of the reverse lights was on so I imagine the fog is in the other one.
  18. charliestyr

    Supercharger Locations UK

    I would imagine if there are regular queuing issues the amount of bays will be increased. However that would still take time leaving people waiting in the lurch. I know that most of the service stations do the 2hour parking thing because there were lots of problems with colleagues meeting at...
  19. charliestyr

    Pioneer with Apple CarPlay option for Roadster?

    It is just connected by USB but I think it is something to do with the lightning connectors throughput... or perhaps the iPhone 5+ processing power. I'm not sure but Apple specify that CarPlay is only compatible with iPhone 5, 5s and 5c. Perhaps just another way to encourage upgrades, or they...
  20. charliestyr

    Highest Mileage

    Link to tweet
  21. charliestyr

    LED light pipes availability

    Model S came out in 2012, and presumably the lighting design was finalised a bit before that. So when you say "like a 2011 lexus" that sounds about right for the age of the car. The Model S diffused LED is similar to Audi A8s from that time etc. Something that involves significant design...
  22. charliestyr

    Pioneer with Apple CarPlay option for Roadster?

    I suspect all CarPlay solutions involve plugging in the iPhone. It's limited to lightning connector only phones (iPhone 5 onwards) and I think there's a lot of data going over to the head unit, too much for bluetooth.
  23. charliestyr

    RHD model pictures

    Yes to clear the most amount of rain/dirt from the drivers view. You'll notice less of the passenger side is cleared due to the sweep of the wipers so they flip them around.
  24. charliestyr

    RHD model pictures

    I think J1mbo is wondering whether it was Japanese or UK car as the way to tell that would be Japanese cars have US ports, UK Type 2. The only way you could tell that is the side marker lights in the tail light cluster, it's a charging light on European cars but side light on US cars. However...
  25. charliestyr

    RHD model pictures

    Funny I was thinking about the RHD Model S yesterday and had some kind of day dream or thought that they may have forgotten that the wipers should go the other way, glad to see they didn't miss this change out ;-) Looking forward to seeing them in the UK!
  26. charliestyr

    Model S Test Mule?

    This sounds most plausible to me. It's a Model X mule, the roof rack being their to simulate weight for both range testing and dynamics... But of course who knows really ;-) Exciting whichever way!
  27. charliestyr

    Importing model S from US

    Definitely wouldn't be worth it. - Tail lights would have to be changed (they blink the brake lights for indicators in the US) - Headlights need to be changed (pointing the correct way for UK) - Charger connector would be complicated (but not impossible). Easiest way to use US Model S in...
  28. charliestyr

    Model S spec - Dual chargers in the UK?

    The chademo/43kw AC chargers do seem somewhat unreliable. Although perhaps better of late. You can follow Ecotricity on their charger specific account here: Electric Highway (ElecHighway) on Twitter They update any faults or when chargers are back online.
  29. charliestyr

    charging in the uk

    Daniel, Check out the Zero Carbon World zeronet which has a lot of businesses now: ZeroNet - Zero Carbon World Mainly hotels as far as I'm aware, I'm sure you can find some on your route! Good luck
  30. charliestyr

    Supercharger Locations UK

    Yeah, I suspect superchargers eventually every 100mi or so up the M40/M6/M74 :-)
  31. charliestyr

    Supercharger Locations UK

    yes they'll definitely be along the major roads/motorways, not in cities. Perhaps one day you might find the in cities for people to use the way they use petrol stations if you have street parking and no possibility of a home charger. However, that will be very low priority/never happen.
  32. charliestyr

    Tesla Model S vs Jaguar F Type S acceleration test

    central exhausts suggest V6 S
  33. charliestyr

    Supercharger Locations UK

    I would definitely expect Tebay services on the M6 to get superchargers. They currently have a Roadster charger and offer high quality food etc (for a service station) which fits in with Tesla's mindset. That would open up Scotland to areas from the midlands and a bit further south, with...
  34. charliestyr

    Test: Swedish Auto motor & sport

    Exactly :rolleyes:
  35. charliestyr

    Test: Swedish Auto motor & sport

    As far as I know the reasoning behind washers being required on HIDs in the EU is because if the headlights get dirty, the extremely bright focused area of light from the projector then gets diffused on the dirty headlight potentially dazzling oncoming road users. Evidently they also decided...
  36. charliestyr

    Test: Swedish Auto motor & sport

    Interesting, thanks for the clarification :-) Not sure why the UK market lists halogen only, I know the MoT test is pretty picky about HIDs and washers/self levelling. Probably just a typo though, as ultimately I'd imagine it just follows the EU rules. I presume 25w is bright enough? I know...
  37. charliestyr

    Test: Swedish Auto motor & sport

    I was wondering about this headlight washer thing the other day funnily enough. I came to the conclusion that the European cars are halogen headlights only, which is a bit lame, especially for a pricey car, but they seem to have done this to avoid having to design a headlight washer system...
  38. charliestyr

    Hi-res photo shoot of my P85+

    Fantastic photos.. wow. Not seen better :-) I very much enjoy that green tint, a great atmosphere.
  39. charliestyr

    UK web site now includes prices

    Good question...! if the UK prices weren't set I'm not sure how you could have different prices. Only option I can see is they can compare your configuration on previous EU prices and new EU prices, see the percentage difference and give you a discount to that effect, but that is really vague!
  40. charliestyr

    UK web site now includes prices

    VAT is not really a "problem" as such ;-) it is sales tax here and is charged on pretty much everything. The "assembly" in the EU that they do is to avoid some kind of import duty (I am not 100% sure on this) but it certainly is nothing to do with VAT. Whether the government should charge a...
  41. charliestyr

    UK web site now includes prices

    Better than I was expecting as well. With regards to the conversion looking at $159k, with 20% VAT, right hand drive R&D and that little bit more shipping, seems about right to me. (and comparable to say an Audi S8 etc). Bodes well for Gen III pricing being reasonable down the line ;-)
  42. charliestyr

    Autocar UK Tesla Model S review

    Wow, a great little comparison test. Still surprised that's a UK write up :-) It's not worth the time to read those comments. They're invariably ridiculous and end with something along the lines of "just wait for hydrogen" "hydrogen is the future" etc, always make me feel more sad and filled...
  43. charliestyr

    "Tesla Roadster" in Grand Theft Auto 5

    Yep, for sure getting GTA V. It is a great series, and I'm sure V will be even better. In addition to the Tesla, sorry, "Coil" there is a Fisker rip off too. Called the Khamelion... (Karma). Interestingly Rockstar call it an electric vehicle, so I guess it isn't an "EVER" or whatever Fisker...
  44. charliestyr

    "Tesla Roadster" in Grand Theft Auto 5

    Grand Theft Auto 5 is due to be released in a month and as such the producer Rockstar Games is ramping up marketing. They updated the game's website Grand Theft Auto V and under the "fast cars at your fingertips" tab there is a car called the "Voltic" by a company called "Coil" (subtle). I...
  45. charliestyr

    Top Gear Favorable review by Clarkson of electric MB SLS

    He was positive about the Roadster as well until it "ran out of battery". Much the same here, and to be fair with the SLS it has a particularly high energy consumption when being driven hard, I guess the 4 motors have something to do with that. For the amount it costs I can't help but feel they...
  46. charliestyr

    Converting Side Markers to LED

    In videos where I've seen the side indicators blinking they were definitely incandescent, "slowly" lighting up and dimming down rather than instant on/off. Quite a while ago I saw this, but presumably they haven't changed. Always found it quite odd that they were not LED.
  47. charliestyr

    European Charging Info

    Sounds about right arg. [/LIST] This is the same with the US mobile connector, they can connect different connectors for their "household" outlets, vs. higher power outlets such as the 14-50 which seems most popular. This is just the European equivalents, a "household" adapter like our 3-pin...
  48. charliestyr

    Model S charge connector in UK / Free Chargers

    It has been announced that the Model S in Europe (and the UK) is a "Type 2" connector, aka "Mennekes" connector. Here's a photo of it (a suspected prototype version, but still) photo credit goes to doug :) Charlie -
  49. charliestyr

    EU finalize and deliveries

    ah interesting, perhaps that's their way around it. Such an absurd rule the headlight washer thing. I know the stated reason, but that reason makes no sense... ah well.
  50. charliestyr

    EU finalize and deliveries

    Interesting to see some photos of the euro cars! I see no headlight washers, so either the cars that you can see without have just the halogen projectors, or there is going to be a bit of a run in with EU rulemakers?! Looking forward to seeing these cars on the road :smile:

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