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  1. Darblish

    New update 2021.44.25 adds customizable app launcher like Model S refresh plus other major upgrades to system.

    I was hoping to have the update for my drive today, but still nothing. Glad to see other vision-only cars are getting it though, so there’s a fair chance I’ll see it before the weekend.
  2. Darblish

    New update 2021.44.25 adds customizable app launcher like Model S refresh plus other major upgrades to system.

    Nothing here (July 2021 vision-only Y), and nothing for the other vision-only owners in a Facebook group I’m in. Anecdotes ≠ data, but after spending 3.5 months on the factory firmware with a 75mph autopilot speed limit, I’m less than enthusiastic about how Tesla deploys their updates.
  3. Darblish

    CCS Adapter for North America

    July 2021 build of Model Y here, and CCS adapter support is “not installed.” I think we had a June 2021 in the thread that did come with support, so perhaps the CCS removal came along with the July changes (biodefense mode, etc.).
  4. Darblish

    Tesla CCS Combo 1 Adapter User Manual (in English) Generates Questions

    It would be nice if it did, but my expectation is that it would not. The large pins on the vehicle end of the connector are probably wired to DC+/DC- on the CCS1 end, instead of L1/L2 on the J1772 part of the combo plug. Tesla reuses the high-voltage pins for AC and DC charging in a way that...
  5. Darblish

    CCS Adapter for North America

    It’s pretty likely that, since the CCS modem is in the vehicle, we see some third-party options pop up once the vehicle software to enable them is distributed a bit more widely (plus manufacturing lead times, etc.). The question is whether Tesla will price their adapter high enough to let other...
  6. Darblish

    Defragment tesla hard drive

    Longer ago than that. Apple switched to extent allocation in 1985 (HFS in System 2, I think) and added on-the-fly defragmentation in 1998 (HFS+ in Mac OS 8). By and large, disk fragmentation is relegated to the past, and no modern system worth purchasing (or implementing, in Tesla’s case) is...
  7. Darblish

    MY Sentry Mode Live View Trial?

    Yep, I’m in my free year and it works. Your vehicle may need an update to support the feature though. From what I’ve heard, it usually takes a few weeks for new deliveries to get on the normal update track, though in my case it was a little over 2 months.
  8. Darblish

    Map routing/super charger question

    It could be that what you saw is what was being referenced, where the vehicle was trying to avoid a line at the charger (and you were unlucky enough to have the range/timing to get a weird or delayed route). It could also be, based on the fact that sometimes my phone does similar things, that...
  9. Darblish

    Map routing/super charger question

    Tesla made a comment during/after their shareholder meeting to the effect of “we take into account how busy a supercharger is when deciding how many people to route there,” so it might not just be that the charger is busy now. It could be that the charger has more people currently navigating...
  10. Darblish

    Tesla Lost Over 20% Charge Parked for Three Days

    I wonder how much of that is just that they never planned for a “low power mode” on the vehicles. It seems like if it can’t be done while the car is asleep, it’s just “on.” I wonder if that’s something an update could fix down the road, or if it would be part of an electrical redesign with the...
  11. Darblish

    Tesla Lost Over 20% Charge Parked for Three Days

    Sentry mode on its own uses about 7% a day for me; 20% over 3 days seems about right. The car can’t go to sleep with sentry mode on, and it consumes more power when it’s awake than the 12v battery could handle, so it never disconnects the traction battery like it normally would. Less-impactful...
  12. Darblish

    Vision-only cars

    I was on the delivery software version for 3 days short of 2 months. I went from 2021.3.104 to 2021.32.21. It’ll get there eventually.
  13. Darblish

    Big New Update

    I believe 2021.32.22 has the beta request. It seems like FSD cars are getting .22 and everyone else is getting .21. You have to turn that option on per-network in the WiFi settings.
  14. Darblish


    Nothing terribly exciting or brand-new in the update itself, it seems. I’m just glad to be off of 2021.3.104. I’ve gotten several game updates since reboooting, though. Nothing there seems different yet, but they’re still going. (July build vision Model Y)
  15. Darblish

    Autopilot and Auto High Beams

    I can’t wait for this to be configurable – or at least for auto high beams to not immediately turn on, then realize there are cars around and turn off a few seconds later. Autopilot isn’t terribly useful at night if, after every lane change, you have to flash your bright lights at cars directly...
  16. Darblish

    New Tesla App - neat look, but no Supercharger Availability info?

    It did for me a few hours ago. The percentage, time remaining, and charge speed was visible at the top.
  17. Darblish

    New Tesla App - neat look, but no Supercharger Availability info?

    I am a bit disappointed that you can’t see, or set the car to navigate to, distant superchargers using the app. I know it can be done on the car’s screen, but I have my phone in my hand and my car is out in the garage, plus I’m lazy. I have a few trips coming up where there is no (or L1 only)...
  18. Darblish

    Registration/Temp Tags in Ohio

    I just went through this (with a bit of stress). It wasn’t a problem, just slightly different than was described at delivery. You’ll get paper temp tags at delivery (and it’s Ohio so you have ~10 days to get insurance finalized) and a paper “registration” for the glovebox. Then later you’ll get...
  19. Darblish

    New Software 2021.24.11

    Oh look, we’ve got someone from the future over here! I’m having a grand time on 2021.3.104 with my automatic road rage generators high beams and autosteer that often doesn’t feel it’s necessary to steer. :)
  20. Darblish

    Charger damaged by raccoon

    Maybe a job for Sugru? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B007VXJM58/
  21. Darblish

    Pics of white Y with and without Gemini covers

    Held in by pressure, or some kind of clips?
  22. Darblish

    Pics of white Y with and without Gemini covers

    I’ve not seen a definitive statement: how difficult is it to remove the Tesla cap kit to reinstall the stock Gemini covers? I know it comes with a lug cap puller, but for the logo center cap, I’ve heard everything from “pop it out with a screwdriver” to “you have to take off the wheel and push...
  23. Darblish

    Vision-only cars

    Or 3 if you’re on one of the vision-only cars stuck on a 2021.3.10x version. :/
  24. Darblish

    Is anyone using Tesla’s Model Y Trunk Storage Bins?

    I got them for the flat surface in the back, but the fact that they’re waterproof has been super helpful for drinks with condensation, small carry out containers with questionable seals, etc. Should also be good for hiding little stuff and not having it roll around the giant sub-trunk.
  25. Darblish

    Weird issues on brand new MY

    I’ve had the opposite experience; if I use the momentary/3 flash signal and begin moving the wheel before the blinking has stopped, the resistance on the wheel is minimal. If I use the full blinker it seems to need a few seconds before it “releases” the torque keeping me in the lane.
  26. Darblish

    Premium Connectivity - Probably a Stupid Question

    I believe “your” is a modifier to “local,” not “telecommunications company.” As in, the carrier which Tesla happens to have a contract with to cover your local area. I believe in the US, the cars connect to AT&T, but I’m certain it’s different in Canada/Europe/Asia. Hence the note that service...
  27. Darblish

    Oncoming car visualization

    The FSD visualization is also available if you don’t have FSD. It’s poorly named. My vision-only car also doesn’t show oncoming traffic while we’re both moving, although it does if we’re all stopped. It may be a limitation of Tesla Vision.
  28. Darblish

    Strange HVAC issue since windshield replacement

    You might have some condensation or debris in front of the cameras behind the windshield. I think that’s how the car decides whether it needs the defogger or not.
  29. Darblish

    Charging sickness

    It sounds like you’re describing electromagnetic hypersensitivity, which is a psychosomatic condition caused by the perceived presence of electromagnetic fields. Studies have shown that people with such a sensitivity generally lose their symptoms as soon as they’re reliably informed that the...
  30. Darblish

    Is Tesla cheating customers by selling damaged vehicles as New ?

    Strictly speaking, you might not. The law (especially here in Ohio) specifying what you’re owed in this case was almost certainly commissioned and written by a conglomerate of dealership owners, then handed directly to Larry Householder with a substantial “campaign donation.” It’s weird that...
  31. Darblish

    Autopark People!

    I definitely can’t imagine paying $10k for it as-is, or even subscribing for any significant period of time. Autopark is nice, lane change is nice, and the rest… ? I have a 1,200 mile trip coming up in the spring, though, and I might subscribe for a month to ease the road fatigue a bit. I took...
  32. Darblish

    Autopark People!

    I stand by my statement that Tesla would sell a bunch more FSD upgrades/subscriptions if they enabled autopark at/near superchargers. It would also lead to less annoyance when someone parks so poorly that they block the next stall.
  33. Darblish

    Shipping times / delays from Tesla store

    I ordered the NEMA adapter bundle on 7/7 and it shipped on 7/7. I ordered a mobile connector and mounting kit on 7/13 and they shipped on 7/16. I ordered mud flaps and rear storage bins on 7/17 and they shipped on 7/28. In short, it’s been all over the place but trending worse as time goes on.
  34. Darblish

    "Please pay off your remaining balance prior to delivery" Meaning??

    I paid via ACH, standing in front of the car, after checking it over inside and out. Everything looked good so the rep asked me to pay and accept delivery, which took about 30 seconds to do.
  35. Darblish

    Vision Only Limitations

    Same boat here. Picked up 7/27.
  36. Darblish

    Abuse of Wi-Fi for fixed devices; added costs, headaches, and vulnerabilities.

    Yeah, I think we both know that I’ve read it by now. Being bad at making a point does not mean that people aren’t watching your attempts hard enough.
  37. Darblish

    Abuse of Wi-Fi for fixed devices; added costs, headaches, and vulnerabilities.

    I think you vastly overestimate the critical nature of your car charger phoning home for firmware updates if you think it lacking an Ethernet port is an unacceptable “danger” (to quote the thread title). I work for the servicing company for a series of banks, and of course we keep actual...
  38. Darblish

    DMV examiner horror(?) stories

    Not me, but my cousin: The driving test in my area growing up ended with a left turn at a light, back into the strip mall where the DMV was located. There was a turn lane to use for that purpose, but an accident had happened and the very front of the turn lane was blocked by a smashed car. My...
  39. Darblish

    Camera colors off

    I’ve noticed that mine seem to be less accurate in the evening, and especially the rear camera often picks up weird colors from cheap LED bulbs. I assume the color filters used in the cameras don’t filter all nonvisible light, either for better autopilot performance, cost savings, or just...
  40. Darblish

    Abuse of Wi-Fi for fixed devices; added costs, headaches, and vulnerabilities.

    You made an entire thread and wrote almost 500 words about how much of a problem you have with it. No one is making you prioritize a working, competently-configured wireless network if you have other things you'd rather spend money on, but lack of priority on your part is not equivalent to lack...
  41. Darblish

    Abuse of Wi-Fi for fixed devices; added costs, headaches, and vulnerabilities.

    Fix your WiFi setup. If you don’t have the skills to properly architect a wireless network (and it’s more than “throw some extenders wherever”), hire someone who does. You’ll be much happier. I’m at ~60 connected devices across 5 levels of a house, plus the yard and garage, using 3 mesh APs...
  42. Darblish


    Still on 2021.3.104 here.
  43. Darblish

    cost/ benefit of installing a nema plug vs tesla wall connector

    Thanks! The mount is from Tesla, though the item description is not great at suggesting it comes with a mount for the connector at all: Cable Organizer I’ve had a few issues with the 40A corded mobile connector and that mounting bracket, and made a separate thread about them. It seems to not...
  44. Darblish

    Mobile connector maximum amperage fluctuating

    I forgot for the 7,000th time today to unplug the CMC and check the brand on the receptacle. I also forgot to check before I reconnected things this afternoon when I picked up the car from service. One of these days I’ll check, but recent evidence seems to indicate it’s a function of the CMC...
  45. Darblish

    ABRP Curiousity

    ABRP prioritizes actual trip time over number of stops. The vehicle charges at different speeds depending on the battery state of charge, and ABRP knows that so it calculates accordingly. If you set the slider in ABRP to always prefer the fewest stops, it will probably resemble something like...
  46. Darblish

    Anyone end up with a lemon? Anytips?

    The arbitration clause covers the agreement, so whether you opt out or not for the order agreement, you’ll need to do so (again) for the MVPA. I didn’t bother for the order agreement because it’s a maximum of $100 lost and I’m not likely to take anyone to court over $100. Over $50k, though, is a...
  47. Darblish

    Anyone end up with a lemon? Anytips?

    Read your MVPA for the info on opting out of arbitration. Generally for those clauses in contracts, you send a letter saying “do not want” with your info on it, and Tesla has a similar process. The way it was explained to me — and I’m not any sort of lawyer — is that if you opt out of...
  48. Darblish

    Anyone regret not opting for performance?

    I just picked up a MYLR last week. It is by a wide margin the fastest vehicle I've owned. I can't imagine even needing the Acceleration Boost. I say that now, but in a couple of years I won't be able to understand how I drove without the AB option. :)
  49. Darblish

    The weird front

    I think it looks like a catfish. That said, it really does appear to be more efficient than other EV designs. There was an article posted here in another thread not long ago about how much more efficient the Model Y is, watt for watt, when compared to something like the Mach-E.
  50. Darblish

    New M3LR stuck on firmware 2021.3.103

    I'm in a similar boat (but it's 2021.3.104, since I took delivery about a month after the OP), but it seems that the 2021.3.x branch is getting some recent updates, still. In my case, Teslafi didn't see this firmware until mid-July, and I definitely have the somewhat-recent Tesla Vision changes...

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