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    Quality of loaner cars

    Did you miss the memo that Tesla is no longer providing loaner cars? Anything you get is unexpected.
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    Quality of loaner cars

    I am amused that folks are upset with a car that Tesla doesn't have to provide them. There is that saying about looking a gift horse in the mouth. Perhaps they would be happier with no loaner.
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    2023 Toyota Prius Looks Shockingly Cool

    looks good , but do the driving dynamics still suck the soul right out of you?
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    2020 Model S with BMW wheels including range impact

    Looks just like my powder coated and machined original Tesla 19 in alloys, but mine were designed and tested for the Model S.
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    MCU1 owners: what should we expect from our cars?

    Unless you bought FSD. That's not done.
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    Electrify America general discussion

    Does anyone know if the government settlement agreement with Volkswagen requires them to install a DCFC system that can actually charge electric vehicles in the long term or just install chargers until the required fine is met?
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    BMW i4 M50

    I have a 17 Model S and you can most assuredly run the ac while supercharging.
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    Politics - Quarantine Thread

    Not true. BEVs will prevail for one reason, they are superior to ICE vehicles and consumers will make the choice. This can already be seen in the marketplace. The government had nothing to do with the shift from horse and buggy to ICE.
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    Dent and scratch in back bumper and panel while backing

    The rear fender is steel and any competent body shop can fix it for you.
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    Issues with maps navigation

    Sounds like the experiences I've had with other GPS navigation units ( Garmin ETC )
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    CCS Adapter for North America

    Try telling your spouse that.
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    Anyone else having problems with Summon not backing the car out of the garage?

    I have a 2017 S 100D that I summon in and out of my garage all the time and it works without incident. Sorry I can't help you.
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    Holy cow. I thought I’d hate this Chinese EV. I was wrong.

    Then why is Tesla outselling them in the rest of the world?
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    Can the Electric grid handle EV adoption

    No one asks if there were enough gas pumps to support the adoption of 100% ICE cars in 1900. Yet we made the change in @ 10 years. The implied assumption is that there will be no change in the grid. Build it and they will come.
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    Tesla to have salvage title supercharging reinstatement process by the end of the year, no s or x.

    You are exactly right. While I understand that Tesla has every right to choose which cars they allow to use their superchargers, I don't understand how they think they have the right to prevent drivers from doing business with another company (ie EA or the like) to obtain DCFC.
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    2022.16.3 released

    Mine stuck at 50% so I rebooted my wifi router and it finished the download right away. Isn't technology great?
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    2022.8.10.1 on MCU1

    That's what Tesla is counting on. They're playing out the clock so that they don't have much hardware to upgrade because of the FSD.
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    Battery Swapping Revisited

    Something that is not mentioned is that to swap batteries you need more than one battery for every ev out there. For an industry that is battery constrained that doesn't work either from the parts or the economic standpoint.
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    Cybertruck charging

    This is good GM logic. Your vehicle goes the same or less distance than the competition so rather than make your vehicle more efficient you install a second charging port so your customer can pay twice as much and charge in the same time to go the same distance as the competition.
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    Looking for gen 1 HPWC 80 AMP dual charger.

    I have a Gen 1 HPWC that I'm not using. PM me and we'll see what we can set up.
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    USPS should probably go EV, but they wont: 16 states sue USPS to block truck purchase

    Given your point of veiw please explain what is going on in Scandinavia and Europe.
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    All FSD/HW3 + MCU1 cars record broken dashcam video?

    A European court has ordered just that.
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    Bright light unavailable below 30 MPH

    This is the same way my Hyundai auto high beams work.
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    ioniq 5? too bad its a hyundai.

    It's pretty obvious that the OP doesn't own and hasn't owned a Hyundai in the last five years.
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    home charger keeps kicking off

    What year and particular model are you trying to charge? I have had my 2017 100D causing a random over current situation resulting in the connector going into an error state and quit charging. It has done it on 4 different wall connectors on two different circuits one circuit hardwired and the...
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    CyberTruck Image Leaked

    I wouldn't get too excited about this wiper as Elon has said it isn't the production wiper. Remember that Tesla patented an electromagnetic wiper that goes from side to side.
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    v11 software update SUCKS

    Louisiana comes immediately to mind.
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    v11 software update SUCKS

    In some states having your fog lights on when it's not foggy is a ticket-able offense.
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    Wiki FSD’s Earliest Adopters Still Waiting

    Folks need to state which MCU they have . It would be interesting to see if those not getting FSD Beta have MCU 1. I know we were told the MCU doesn't matter, but we were also told the cameras didn't matter. That changed.
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    V11 - How to turn on seat heaters without turning on climate?

    You'll notice that the article is talking about recirculation mode. That is not what is being addressed here.
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    New UI for pre-refreshed model S? Holiday update

    How do voice commands work if you have no cell connectivity ?
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    Wiki FSD’s Earliest Adopters Still Waiting

    Because the cars aren't wired for them.
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    Ford Decides to Double Production Plan for EVs

    A step in the right direction. Now they need to more than double that commitment. By 2030 new ice vehicles will be outlawed in many markets.
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    Tesla ranks 2nd worst in Consumer reports reliability survey

    I guess I'm the exception then. The 4 Tesla's I've owned and the two that my son has have been good quality, reliable cars. I've been driving for 54 years and they have been the most reliable cars I have owned. This includes BMWs Mercedes, Audi, VW, and American brands. A big difference between...
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    Tesla ranks 2nd worst in Consumer reports reliability survey

    I think Consumers reports anti-Tesla bias is showing. Tesla is so terrible that they have sold every vehicle they can make at least thru the spring. They are so terrible that they have the highest owner satisfacion rating of any car. Tesla must have a lot of people fooled.
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    Re-enable supercharging service request on salvage title.

    It will be interesting to watch Teslas' hipocracy on this It is not their car once they sell it. I would be interested to know the theory under which they are preventing a cars' owner from doing business (fast charging) with another company such as Electrify America. Their decision to disable...
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    Re-enable supercharging service request on salvage title.

    How is Tesla insuring that non-Tesla cars are not salvaged and are "safe" to fast charge on the supercharger network now that they have opened up the network to non-Tesla cars?
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    Steering wheel off center but alignment in spec?

    You can't just reposition the wheel it's keyed on the shaft. Schedule a service appointmet with your service center. They have to do a complete allignment and if you tell them that the steering wheel is off and by how much they will fix it at that time. A bunch of the threes were shipped this way.
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    Software update help

    Elon has stated that The MCU has nothing to do with FSD. I'm beginning to have doubts but I guess we'll see. If it is needed they will have to supply an upgraded MCU at no additional charge.
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    Software update help

    Welcome to the club.
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    Plaid Owners PSA: Ifhate the Yoke/Turn Signals/Horn, please complain to the NHTSA

    It wasn't only Renault, lots of manufacturers have moved the horn to buttons or stalks at one time or another, but if you haven't noticed they all use the center of the wheel now. There are safety reasons for that. Tesla isn' the first to consider using a yoke, but you will notice how many cars...
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    They are using 2170 cells so I don't think they got those from a 100D. The body isn't carbon so there's that. And they're using someon elses motors .Actually because of their efficiency and improved aero they will use fewer cells then Tesla.
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    Bought FSD, but X is stuck on 2020 software build without it

    MCU1 cars have had the dashcam funcion for some time now. The output is now saved to the USB drive, in the TeslaCam folder, automaticlly in the event of an emergency instead of having to do it manually.
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    Windshield replacement?

    Just had mine replaced by the service center and they did a fine job. There is really no after market because they have to get the glass from tesla anyhow. Then the service center has to calibrate the cameras after replacement anyhow. It cost $932 through the service center. You can then make a...
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    I messed up my new Tesla Model 3 LR !

    Looks like just the bumper cover needs replaced. Unless you were going fast when you hit. Get a replacement from Tesla, Should take less than an hour to replace. Go enjoy your car. g
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    New FSD Beta Button for 2021 Refreshed Plaid and Long Range

    The button stayes on the car page but the safety score disappears from the app. It appears that you opt back in when you want and start over.
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    Disenrolling or un-enrolling from the Beta button and Safety Score tracking

    Yes simply push the infamous button under autopilot again to unenroll. Go back to enjoying your car again.
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    What is the closest fuel car in size to the Teslas?

    Actually the three women mentioned drove electric cars because the electric starter hadn't been invented yet and starting an ice vehicle was difficult and dangerous. You had to use a hand crank.

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