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  1. Tension

    Does free Supercharging transfer to a new owner?

    Question, on the app where it says "Free Unlimited Supercharging" - does it say that for both SC01 and SC05?
  2. Tension

    Anyone have experience with steinbauer P90D mod?

  3. Tension

    2016 P90D Upgradable to Ludicrous mode still?

    Here's one with before and after times: "...Back to back street testing produced a 10% faster 0-100kmh/hr verified time using Dragy GPS logging, dropping from 3.83s to 3.39 seconds, road with a 1.71% slope, the 0-100 was also completed in just 52.70 Metres! Acceleration runs are now much more...
  4. Tension

    Model S second hand market

    Well, the longer the S Plaids take to get there, the longer I have to save for an elusive 2016 P100D with free supercharging... but also the older they get and the harder obtaining finance becomes D:
  5. Tension

    Model S second hand market

    Side note, Sluggabed, How much quicker did you find the P90D Ludicrous vs P85D ludicrous?
  6. Tension

    Retrofiting the Winter Package

    I too would like to know if there was an answer to this thread...
  7. Tension

    Model S second hand market

    Just another bump! I'm in the market for any Model S that has both Ludicrous mode and free unlimited supercharging. Please send me a message if you know of anyone considering selling theirs. Cheers!
  8. Tension

    Tesla Model 3 in Australia

    Are you talking about which one/s appears at the bottom?
  9. Tension

    Ingenext Boost Modules [aftermarket]

  10. Tension

    Ingenext Boost Modules [aftermarket]

    There is a new rumour of an OEM performance increase/upgrade for the Model 3 Performance...
  11. Tension

    Ingenext Boost Modules [aftermarket]

    Still waiting on that Stage 3 upgrade from Ingenext ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. Tension

    Repair/Parts wait times in Australia

    Perhaps get a carbon fibre bonnet? Lightweight Front Trunk (Hood) for Model 3 Gloss / Matt – RevoZport But yeah, this parts situation is ridiculous.
  13. Tension

    Model S second hand market

    If anyone's looking to sell their 2016 or newer P90DL or P100DL, hit me up! Cheers :)
  14. Tension

    Used Model X Prices

    Hi people, Just trying to gauge what a reasonable selling price is for a 2018 Model X100D six-seater... the prices on Carsales seem a bit odd atm: there's a 75D and P100D both advertised for $130,000 (albeit two years apart), and then a random 100D for $116k... Does anyone know what's going on...
  15. Tension

    Model S history, anyone know this car ?

    Definitely over priced; I know of a 2015 S90D going for $60k atm...
  16. Tension

    GROUP BUY - MCU-1 to MCU-2 Upgrade, Testing interest

    How? Did you purchase an extended warranty?
  17. Tension

    3 phase or single phase WC supply better?

    I do have that Gen1 UMC Euro-5pin-connector, but I'm still considering the charger you've linked. My only question is, can that Gen1 UMC replacement do 32A single phase? (I realise the OEM one can't, but I'm curious about the 3rd party one given that they include a 32A tail in the bundle).
  18. Tension

    3 phase or single phase WC supply better?

    Does anyone know where to buy a Gen1 UMC?
  19. Tension

    3 phase or single phase WC supply better?

    I've already got the old 3ph plug to Gen1 UMC connection from when I had an old model S; sounds like I'll need to convince someone to swap their Gen1 UMC with my Gen2 UMC... I'm really not seeing any advantage of the Gen2's as yet.
  20. Tension

    Executive seat conversion?

    Hey guys, Has anyone successfully converted from executive seats to the standard bench seats (2016 pre-facelift S)? I'm pretty sure it's physically possible, my question is with regard to the seat heaters and the software that controls them (like the on screen controls) - does it automatically...
  21. Tension

    New and Used Prices

    If someone's thinking of selling a 2016 Model S AP2+ with air suspension give me a hollar :)
  22. Tension

    Where do the written off Teslas go in Aus?

    It'll buff out.
  23. Tension

    New and Used Prices

    I'm pretty sure all SR and LR and Performance Model S's in Aus are Raven.
  24. Tension

    Road Tax for EVs

    I can't believe people are even considering swallowing this. We're taxed like crazy as it is! The notion that they need this extra tax for the roads is complete garbage; our income tax AND GST should be more than enough, let alone the yearly registration tax that's already in place. The roads...
  25. Tension

    Tesla Cybertruck in Australia

    Fortunately not all roads and spaces are as ridiculous as Sydney. This thing would be perfect for WA
  26. Tension

    Tesla Cybertruck in Australia

    The features will make it more attractive as time goes by. My concern is the repair methods for such an exterior, but I'm sure they've thought of that... I wonder if they forgot to put the right glass in the windows :D
  27. Tension

    First used Model 3 for sale

    Tell 'im he's dreamin'
  28. Tension

    New and Used Prices

    Let me know if you want to sell it! :D
  29. Tension

    New and Used Prices

    AP1 or 2? $80k is still very good for that sort of car; cheapest I've seen one go for was last listed at $100k. And 112000kms is nothing.
  30. Tension

    New and Used Prices

    Saw this gem recently: a Blue 2019 100D - pre-raven. Asking $148k before stamp duty ($6,256.70 in Victoria, so $154,256.70 after transfer). Link One can buy the same thing (minus enhanced AP but still with AP) for $154,355 brand new from Tesla, but with better efficiency, better suspension...
  31. Tension

    New and Used Prices

    Damn, that's a good deal; there'll probably be more popping up on Pickles in the next few months. It was Pickles, right?
  32. Tension

    Renting out Tesla Model S paid for my TCO (free Tesla!)

    Not if they want to continue having Supercharger access haha
  33. Tension

    Warranty - does anyone have their warranty terms from 2017

    Was the car ever written off by an insurer? Or was it repaired by insurance as a normal repair job?
  34. Tension

    Nag on Lane Change

    Alas, that's currently how it works. I found it was quicker to just change lanes myself and then reengage AP
  35. Tension

    Anyone bought a "raven" Model S in Australia?

    If the car is in creep mode you should be able to touch the brake just enough to get the lights on but not actually brake... which works provided you're not reversing up a slope o_O
  36. Tension

    MCU Flash Memory Wear?

    I'd prefer they made that particular memory part removable (not soldered) and thus easily replaceable. If they're wanting to make million mile motor and batteries, the rest of it should be designed to last indefinitely too.
  37. Tension

    MCU Flash Memory Wear?

    It's explained in understandable detail from this point in this video: Click here (it should start at 8min 41second mark)
  38. Tension

    Anyone bought a "raven" Model S in Australia?

    I wouldn't say time is irrelevant - it's literally part of the definition. For example, 1 kWh of energy could run something at 1000W for 1 hour, or it could run something at 500W for 2 hours, or 250W for 4 hours, or 2000W for 30 mins, etc. We measure speed as distance over time, and we do...
  39. Tension

    Anyone bought a "raven" Model S in Australia?

    An excellent review - thank you so much! Just a point of correction (I believe) because I can't help myself :rolleyes:: you would have averaged 175Wh/km which means you were using 175 Watt hours of electricity per km (175kW/hr means you would have drained your battery in about 34 minutes...
  40. Tension

    New and Used Prices

    @rioli33 I would just like to point out that all Model X's in Australia have AP2+ hardware; no AP1 RHD X's have ever been sold here.
  41. Tension

    New and Used Prices

    Na all the current ones on Carsales at least have AP1. No-AP cars are very rare in Australia, and there aren't any D's without AP
  42. Tension

    Window Tint in Sydney

    Tint Haus in Thornleigh did an excellent job for me - https://www.tinthaus.com.au
  43. Tension

    New and Used Prices

    That's a valid perspective, @EcoCloudIT. My only counter-argument would be that Tesla is/was really the only 'no-compromise' electric vehicle, and for a long time the Model S was the only one. A lot of people don't care about features, and simply want the combination of cheapest & newest. The...
  44. Tension

    Anyone bought a "raven" Model S in Australia?

    Is that when the readout is set to typical or rated?
  45. Tension

    New and Used Prices

    Yeah the only exception now is buying a CPO from Tesla - they're removing free unlimited supercharging from cars that Tesla themselves resell. At least, they were - they haven't had any older CPO's on their site in quite a while.
  46. Tension

    New and Used Prices

    There are several things to look out for when buying older Tesla's. The most expensive one is screens (MCU's) needing to be replaced when a tiny memory chip dies from excessive logging. The car you linked has already had its screen replaced, so the current screen in it will be good for many...
  47. Tension

    Anyone bought a "raven" Model S in Australia?

  48. Tension

    Full self driving in Australia (Victoria)

    Imho the best thing about Model 3's hitting Australia is increase in data being collected of driving on our roads; hopefully it'll mean Navigate on AP will come sooner.
  49. Tension

    Anyone bought a "raven" Model S in Australia?

    @ICUDoc with energy consumption like that, what's the "typical" range estimate at 90% charge? I'm practically salivating...
  50. Tension

    My 3rd door handle failure in 2 years

    Call their support number - 1800646952 - and you should get through to a service representative who can help you. Nobody at St Leonards will answer atm.

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