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  1. tracykarin

    Can anyone with a new LR post their experience?

    I purchased the 2020 Model Y Performance with PUP July of 2020 and have no regrets! Loving the acceleration!
  2. tracykarin

    Windshield sun shade same as model 3?

    I purchased a Covercraft UVS100 Custom Silver Sunscreen for my 2020 Model Y Performance and it fits perfectly requiring no suction cups or flimsy screen that sags. It folds up flat and you can purchase the optional storage bag which I did. https://www.covercraft.com/us/en
  3. tracykarin

    How long before delivery did you install wall charger ?

    I live in a townhouse that I purchased in 2005 (big mistake). It took me 3 months to get the association to approve my request to install the Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector. But the approval came with two stipulations: 1. When I sell my townhome, I must remove the wall connector, cemented post...
  4. tracykarin

    Review: Tesla's Model Y Rear Liftgate Sunshade

    I was just going to purchase this liftgate sunshade from Tesla, but searched for an install video and found your post. Thank you! What is it with Tesla and gaps - Geez.
  5. tracykarin


    Was just notified myself and downloading now!
  6. tracykarin

    Why is insurance so high?!?

    I pay $899 for 6 months with USAA ($1,800 yr). That includes $0 comprehensive to cover glass and $1,000,000 liability and $500,000 property damage. My 2017 BMW X3 MSport was about $1,500 yearly but only 100,000/300,000. So I don't think that's really expensive. No ticket, accidents...
  7. tracykarin

    Astronomer, NASA Social Alumna, Skyscrapers Astronomical Society, The Mars Generation & Higher...

    Astronomer, NASA Social Alumna, Skyscrapers Astronomical Society, The Mars Generation & Higher Orbits non-profits. Retired Disabled USAF Vet
  8. tracykarin

    TeslaFi Referral request thread

    Can one of my *Awesome* Tesla Brothers or Sisters send me a TeslaFi referral code? Would like to try it out!
  9. tracykarin

    MODEL Y no backup warning noise

    Thank you for the update! :)
  10. tracykarin

    Quick Bandit Gen 2 Front License Plate Holder

    This eBay license plate mount still uses the grill work to secure the license plate bracket where the Quick Bandit doesn't. I'm sure if the grill were to break, it would cost more than the Quick Bandit. I paid over 70K for my Red Model Y Performance with premium black and white interior and...
  11. tracykarin

    MODEL Y no backup warning noise

    The speaker was not required on Tesla's until September 1st, 2020. The wiring and mounting area should already be there. You can purchase the speaker from Tesla and install it yourself or have Tesla service install it for you. I hear it's really annoying....so I will not be installing...
  12. tracykarin

    Drive through car wash?

    Thank you so much again for your insight! My PY was manufactured on Jul 10th, so I sure okay as far as paint setting like you said. All the Best, Stay Safe and Enjoy your Tesla!
  13. tracykarin

    Drive through car wash?

    Thank you so much for the response. I saw this article and video on *InsideEEVs* website where a white and a red Model Y had their paint peel off when PPF was being adjusted or pulled during installation - should I be concerned about this? Is there some sort of test of the paint prior to...
  14. tracykarin

    Drive through car wash?

    I'm scheduled for an Xpel PPF next week! Do they have to take any of the body panels off to install the PPF? I'm just having the entire front bumper, hood, front fenders, side mirrors and rocker panels done. Also, have you had any issues with the PPF peeling on the edges? Thank you!
  15. tracykarin

    Issues with Model Y wireless phone charger

    I'm having the same problem with my Samsung Galaxy S9+ I'm currently using Urban Armor Gear Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus [6.2-inch Screen] Plasma Feather-Light Rugged [Ice] Military Drop Tested Phone Case which works fine with the Samsung wireless charger, but not so with the Model Y charging pad...
  16. tracykarin

    Rhode Island TM3 Owners?

    I checked the Tesla website and none were listed yet for Rhode Island! I'm a retired USAF disabled Vet and would love to join, but unable to be involved in the setup and organization of such a club. Maybe we could ask our Tesla advisors in Warwick to reach out to other owners and see if their...
  17. tracykarin

    Drive through car wash?

    Personally, I would never take my car through an automatic car wash or even a touchless one at that. The regular drive thru auto car wash have brushes and shammys that are full of dirt and small stones from many other cars that they've cleaned that could ruin the finish on your car. Their...
  18. tracykarin

    Dope: Rashed Uberturbines First Week

    Ugh! Sorry that happened to you. Instead of trying to touch it up yourself, I suggest you take it to a place that specializes in wheel repair. See if they can repair that one area without doing the entire wheel if possible.
  19. tracykarin

    Windshield sun shade same as model 3?

    Thank you for your response - very much appreciated! :)
  20. tracykarin

    Rhode Island TM3 Owners?

    I'm a 2020 Tesla Model Y owner! Are there any Tesla clubs in Rhode Island?
  21. tracykarin

    To repaint or not to repaint

    The rest of the hoods looks beautiful and it's a factory paint job that uses brand specific specialized primer, paint and spraying techniques. I don't think any 3rd party down-the-street paint job will match the factory color or have the same durability, longevity or fade equally as the rest of...
  22. tracykarin

    Windshield sun shade same as model 3?

    Do you have a photo of the Covercraft sunshade inside your Model Y? Also, I hear that the dashboards can be easily scuffed installing a sunshade. Have you encountered any issues in this regard? Thank you!
  23. tracykarin

    MY road noise?

    I will - thank you!
  24. tracykarin

    Just got my VIN

    Wow! That was fast! I ordered my Red MY PPUP on June 13 and received my VIN on July 11, scheduled pickup on July 25th. Congratulations fellow USAF veteran!
  25. tracykarin

    Model Y price reduction

    IMO, tor $1,990 you certainly can't go wrong and if and when you sell, i'd be more desirable I think.
  26. tracykarin

    MY road noise?

    Whoa! That's gorgeous looking - Congratulations! I'm taking delivery of my Red Model Y Performance with PUP on July 25th - So Excited!
  27. tracykarin

    Model Y price reduction

    I reached out to Tesla financing via email last night since they approved my loan yesterday. They sent an email today (Jul 14th) to my Tesla Advisor in Warwick, RI and they cc'd me on the email. I hadn't received an email reply or phone call today, so I called Tesla in Warwick, RI but the phone...
  28. tracykarin

    Soon to Become New 2020 Model Y Performance with PUP

    Hi Tesla Family! I'm from the Rhode Island aka the Ocean State, a TSLA stockholder and expecting delivery of my Red Tesla Model Y Performance with PUP on July 25th! I was happy to sell my 2017 BMW X3 M-Sport with the Dynamic Handling Package for this new ride! Need assistance in finding a...
  29. tracykarin

    Quiet Package?

    Hmmm! Instead of seeing white paint between the fender and door, now you see a black rubber strip. Don't think that would be aesthetically pleasing. If they made the rubber strips to match the paint color, that might be better, but than again have to worry about color fading. Also, I wonder...
  30. tracykarin

    Dealing with ICEholes, don't lose your cool

    Thank you for posting! My Model Y Performance arrives on July 23rd 2020 and learning as much as I can about owning my first EV.
  31. tracykarin

    Model Y Road Trip Experience

    Wow! You're Awesome - Thank you!
  32. tracykarin

    Model Y Road Trip Experience

    Wow! What a *Stellar* view in the video - and thank you for your reply! I upgraded my Model Y long range to the Performance version with PUP, but today I saw some posts about having to replace the 21 inch tires in less than 15,000 miles. I wonder if I purchased a set of 19 or 20 inch wheels...
  33. tracykarin

    Model Y Road Trip Experience

    Thank you for sharing your story! I have a Long Range MY on order, should I bump it up to the Performance version? Is your's the Performance MY and if so, how is the handling and body roll? Sometimes I wonder if I should get the Model 3 Performance instead? Your opinion would be much...

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