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    2018.26 3bbd9fd .-

    Late 2017 S90D - Just installed update last night, and the rear camera isn’t working this morning (just a flat gray screen - parking lines still show up). Tried resetting both the MCU1 and IC but neither worked. Anyone else experiencing this?
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    Model S - pass door opened by itself while driving

    Service manager confirmed- it’s the micro switch. Hope they resolve permanently. I had the same thought - glad my kids weren’t in the car.
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    Tesla service model to switch to Mobile Service as primary means

    That’s good. Think I got unlucky.
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    Model S - pass door opened by itself while driving

    Not sure if anyone else has experience d this, but while I was driving to the Service Center this morning to get some parts installed, my front passenger door opened automatically while I was on the highway. Sept 2017 S90D on 2018.12. SC is checking logs and hypothesizing issue could be a sensor...
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    Tesla service model to switch to Mobile Service as primary means

    Yeah and since they don’t, makes sense for me to take it in.
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    Tesla service model to switch to Mobile Service as primary means

    Had my car about 6 months and tomorrow will be my 7th visit. So one wash per month is about my frequency. :)
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    Tesla service model to switch to Mobile Service as primary means

    I have a service center appointment tomorrow and have been pinged twice about using mobile service instead. It is convenient and I would use it except I desperately need a car wash - if mobile service can do washes on top of service, I’d be completely sold.
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    Slacker not streaming

    FYI - they’re offering premium for a month as goodwill if you send them a tweet via Twitter. @slackerradio
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    Feeler: 2017 Model S 90D Unicorn (September Built)

    Curious, did you ever get a trade in offer, and if so, how much?
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    2017.50.2 3bd9f6d Is out, Easy Entry after belt unbuckle

    Same issue...regressed to pre-4x updates. Hugs the left lines and runs on top of the lane dividers through curves. Not a funny Easter egg indeed.
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    Feeling judged...

    This sounds awfully familiar!
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    Feeling judged...

    I think it's a Bay Area effect. I live up the road from you in San Ramon and feel the same way. While we have about 5 Teslas on our block (including a Model 3), many still drive their "beaters" to work (including me - I still commute in my i3). I definitely feel an unspoken stigma about...
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    Any news on 100D uncorking?

    Just to clarify, the escalation reply I received states “The performance upgrade is only available for 75D and 100D vehicles, but currently I see that your vehicle is uncorked for the maximum performance available.” So FWIW, I’m uncorked for maximum performance...
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    Any news on 100D uncorking?

    I have a Sept 17 build S90D. Asked the uncorking question to Exec Escalation l, and they confirmed that my vehicle has already been uncorked from the factory. 0-60 in 4.0sec with 60% SOC per PowerTools.
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    Blog Update Pushes Model S 100D to 0-60 MPH in 3.6 Seconds

    No, I got one of the 90Ds that they were manufacturing in late Q3 2017 (2 months ago). Inventory vehicle with all new updates (DU, cream vegan seats, SAS, etc). With a decent price adjustment too.
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    Blog Update Pushes Model S 100D to 0-60 MPH in 3.6 Seconds

    Has anyone confirmed that this is actually an update, or just the factor of no one having tested a 100D since the new DU in June? Really curious, and as an owner of a Sept ‘17 production S90D with new DU, obviously wondering if there’s additional upside via an update.
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    2017.40.1 e29b97f

    Homelink settled in and was working okay with 17.38 but 40.1 recreated the issue. Sad.
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    What is the best dash camera for the Model S nowadays?

    Johnny from Calibred just installed a 750 2-channel in my MS tonight. Great work, and he did it in an hour. Thanks @berkeley_ecar for the heads-up that he was in the area.
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    New Cream Interior

    Unfortunately, intentional. They discontinued the dead pedal earlier this year - don’t know why. My cream carpet is a bit loose around there too. Some aftermarket options that use adhesives to glue to the carpet. Not ideal.
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    HomeLink stopped working - is this widespread?

    Same issue that coincided with my 2017.38 update. Have to go to Homelink program screen, then hit cancel, and then signal will transmit again. Non transmission issue happens about 50% of the time.
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    Cream interior

    Looks like tan to me too (I have Cream in my 90D as well, VIN 214xxx) - might just be the sun. However, why would it have the old rear seat? Not aware of any cream + flat rear seat combo.
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    How fast should my 'new' 90D be?

    It’s an app that ties to your car. You can find it for iOS. There’s some version or similar for Android, but I don’t know offhand.
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    How fast should my 'new' 90D be?

    I just did my first Powertools 0-60 run today with my 90D that was new off the line about 3 wks ago. I ran a slight uphill, slight curved section and got 4.0 sec flat. Peaked at 450 hp on that run, but I’ve seen it as high as 480 hp.
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    bluetooth/iphone problem - any ideas?

    @flipb - I have this exact issue. Did you ever figure out the cause?
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    No more S75

    Think several of us were informed that they would discontinue at end of qtr, so timing is a bit earlier than expected.
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    Lucky break ordering my S 90D

    Picked up my 90D on Saturday. Fremont delivery hub is pretty nice!
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    FS: Carpet Floor Mats - Model S - Black, 3-Piece Set, $75

    Are these still available?
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    1 year old 21" Grey Turbine for sale with TPMS Bay Area, SF

    I'm in the Bay Area and am picking up a 90D next week. How much are you thinking?
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    Fantastic Tesla 90D Lease deals for someone ready to jump on it now -

    It came up on the "New vehicles available" link on the custom build page (on mobile only). They always list 3 cars there that are similar to your custom build. Usually new and aren't listed on your site nor on Tesla's New Invetory page. I'm guessing these are a snippet of the cars only available...
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    Fantastic Tesla 90D Lease deals for someone ready to jump on it now -

    I saw at least 3 midnight silvers last night - with black premium interior. e.g., this one is still available: Model S 90D 5YJSA1E26HF215028 | Tesla
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    Lucky break ordering my S 90D

    They do. Spec'd out per all the latest packages. Included new rear seats and AP2.5 as well.
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    Cream interior

    Yes, it's odd, but they're building many inventory cars with cream and dark headliners. I just claimed a new (still at factory) 90D with cream and dark headliner. These definitely don't officially exist in the custom order world.
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    Lucky break ordering my S 90D

    Very odd to see a run of this many. Clicking through most - they're all available, with a mix of Blue, Red, Midnight Silver, most featuring MP Black interior. Where did you find this list?
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    Lucky break ordering my S 90D

    Luck strikes again! Just snagged a 90D, blue with cream interior. Oddity bout this is a black headliner with the cream seats. My OA mentioned one more inventory vehicle available if anyone's looking for a similar 90D. Rolling off the line in Fremont now.
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    100D and P100D Q3 Sales push starts today

    Looks like all custom build 100Ds are a couple thousand lower than they were earlier this afternoon.
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    Lucky break ordering my S 90D

    You are lucky. I had my OA look this one up, and it was gone 5 minutes later. Congrats!

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