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    Autopilot does not like road repairs

    This is good. They will probably pull relevant footage from your car (if they haven't already) to use in training the neural net. I won't venture a guess as to how long it will take, but I am confident that the system will improve to properly recognize what that road is doing.
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    Autopilot does not like road repairs

    This is definitely an edge case. What that looks like is two solid yellow lines, and that is what the AP vision system saw. That is why it didn't recognize that you could change lanes. Yes, I can see the dashed white lines, but in that picture, the solid yellow is far more prominent. The...
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    "Um...honey...did you hear something?" Says the Model 3 owner.

    Another car fire involving a Tesla. That poor Nissan would have been fine if the Model 3 hadn't been in its way! /s
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    PSA: Go see the ISS in the sky if you’ve never done it

    Yea, I am doing what I can to get my girls (I have 2 of them, the other is two years old) excited about such things. We watch SpaceX launches as a family whenever they happen at a time when we can do so.
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    PSA: Go see the ISS in the sky if you’ve never done it

    I second the notion that once you've spotted the station, it's hard to mistake it for anything else. As an anecdonte: I have, on a few occasions, brought my 4-year-old daughter outside to look up to see the station when I knew there would be a visible pass. She definitely sees it, and gets...
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    Should I?

    How does your GF feel about it? As long as you are in a serious relationship with her, she should be involved in major financial decisions. If she's not on board with it, that should end the consideration right there unless and until you can convince her otherwise. This is especially true...
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    Video & Pics: Tesla hides large number of Model 3

    No, it means that if you travel to California to take delivery at the factory, you have to pay California sales tax. A lot of people, myself included, would seriously consider doing exactly that were it not for the sales tax bill. I don't know for sure that I would arrange a factory delivery...
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    Blog Tesla Signs Agreement for Shanghai Factory

    That's not how it will work. Teslas built in China will be sold in China, and maybe neighboring countries (like Japan and South Korea). Teslas sold in the US will continue to be built at the Fremont factory. Teslas built in Europe will stay in Europe. All of this will enable them to avoid...
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    Enhanced Autopilot: Future discounts (or free?)

    In time, as the competition perfects their own autonomous driving, it will reach the point that every car, even cheap econoboxes, will come standard with full self driving. I don't know how long this will take to come to pass (at least years, might be decades, even if Elon's ambitions timeline...
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    SpaceX F9 - Hispasat 30W-6 - SLC-40

    I wonder if they will ever scrub a launch because of these conditions, where the weather at the launch site is fine, but the landing site is not.
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    Why I am okay with losing the $7500 tax credit

    My decision factor for whether to stop at a yellow is a lot simpler than yours. It is "can I clearly make it through the intersection before the light turns red without needing to speed up?" If yes, I keep going, maintaining constant speed. If no, I stop. Speeding up to beat the light just...
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    POLL:How Many 3's Got Delivered in Q4

    1470 is my guess.
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    Poll: When will Model 3 deliveries overtake Bolt sales?

    So you have a 2013 Model S, correct? While it is too early to tell for sure, it is likely that a 2017 Model S is, on average, much more reliable than a 2013 model. This is simply a result of Tesla getting more experience at making cars. Is it as good as a 2018 Bolt in that regard? Maybe...
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    Time to Put a Model 3 In the Stores - ASAP

    Even looking at the strict business rationale, it doesn't make sense to wait until every customer has theirs to start putting them in stores. They need to keep sales (read, finalized orders) at a high enough level to maintain production levels. This means that they need to put cars into stores...
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    Tesla Semi Event -- November 16, 2017

    I wish they would just use Youtube livestreaming instead of trying to roll their own. This happens with every event.
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    Speculation on what Tesla is still hiding

    I'm not sure I agree. Even though Tesla Energy is doing fine, they have invested so much into the Model 3 (both in terms of capital and investor confidence) that a botched launch has a chance to sink the company. Once they get over that hump, they'll be in good shape to be a long-lasting...
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    Found iPad

    If you can get the iPad connected to Wifi (or if it is a cell-enabled iPad), you can ask Siri "Who does this iPad belong to?" If the owner has fully configured iCloud, it will answer with their name and phone number.
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    Could a significant number of pre-configured, finalized Model 3s already exist...?

    Doesn't Tesla usually close down the factory for a week or two at the beginning of every quarter for retooling? My guess is that "Job 1" (as referenced earlier in this thread) will be produced right after the factory gets up and running again after the July shutdown.
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    Elon says no Central Speedometer

    An aftermarket solution doesn't cut it for me. I need a built-in speedometer right in front of me as the driver. It doesn't even have to be on a screen - an old-fashioned analogue gauge would be fine. This is a dealbreaker for me. I'm honestly surprised this is even legal - I would have...
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    Elon Tweet: No 'significantly new consumer-facing technology' in Model 3

    I might be a rarity here on this forum, but to me the lack of an instrument cluster (on a screen or otherwise) in front of the driver might very well be a dealbreaker. Such a design choice won't make sense until L5 autonomy is actually available, not just as a stated intention that may or may...
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    Is Model 3 a good first car?

    I learned to drive in my Dad's '74 Chevy Nova. Not a bad car, but I never saw myself as a car enthusiast, and that car tends to attract that type. The first car I bought for myself was a '02 Saturn SL2 that I got in 2005. It's smaller than the Nova, but frankly it's superior to the Nova in...
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    Free Supercharging on CPO's

    There was some confusion back in December in which different people were getting different messages on whether free supercharging would stick with a car as it transferred ownership. I could be wrong, and someone will correct me if I am, but I believe they settled on free supercharging sticking...
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    You warned me and I listened (sort of)

    You can use the app to unlock and start your car, but the thing to remember is that this is the backup solution, not intended to be the primary means of unlocking your car. If you don't take that into account, you might wind up like this guy: Tesla driver stranded in the desert after...
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    My car is learning a lot but.... what? and how?

    I'm not an AI expert, but my understanding is that there is more to it than this in that the car is always watching what the human driver does and it learns from that. Since humans generally avoid traffic cones, it learns over time that it should also do so - no collision required. Using the...
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    How many miles are realistic to expect?

    My observation as an interested observer (mostly through this forum) is that while the potential is there for EV's in general to need less maintenance than ICE's, they aren't yet there. This is probably due to the fact that ICE's have essentially a century head start developing that...
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    How hard would it be to make an electric semi truck

    I've been thinking that it would be cool for Tesla to build an electric train to transport batteries from the Gigafactory to Fremont. Depending on how much battery capacity the motor would have, they might be able to do it entirely with renewable energy, charging it at the Gigafactory with its...
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    Impressive video of Tesla safety features at work

    When you watch, and closely listen to the video, you can hear the alert tone of the imminent collision followed by the tone of autopilot disabling, presumably because the driver hit the brakes. You can also see that the car was already slowing down before the manual braking, so Autopilot was...
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    Tesla provided Cellular Data Plan - Free forever?

    I seem to recall that it was announced that all cars would get 4 years free. For cars delivered before January 1, 2014, that was the date the 4 years started. For cars delivered after then, the 4 years start on the date of delivery. If this still holds, then no car has yet hit the end of that...
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    Wh/mi and why should I care?

    QFT. When talking MPG, higher is better, and it's because it's distance over unit of energy (bastardizing a gallon of gas as a unit of energy). Wh/mi is unit of energy over distance, which reverses the ratio - this means that lower is better.
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    More Model ≡ or Bolts in 2017?

    I fully expect the Bolt to ship more units than the Model 3 in 2017, but if Tesla produces even a fifth of what Musk is publicly announcing in 2018, the Model 3 will absolutely trounce the Bolt in that year.
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    Would you trust AP2.0 with your life?

    I'll trust it when Tesla is willing to accept full liability for any accidents it causes while it is enabled. It's not truly L5 until this is the case.
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    AP1 owners take heart

    You're right that we don't know exactly how things went down behind closed doors. That said, it's clear that the breakup wasn't amicable, and it certainly looks like it happened a lot faster than Tesla would have liked. I think it likely that Tesla was forced to get their own AP hardware in...
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    Should Tesla decide what you can or can not do with your car?

    To those who are getting worked up about this, I would like to pose this question: how do you propose it would actually work to use an autonomous Tesla to drive for Uber? As it stands now, you have to be there to accept the fare in the Uber app, indicate you've picked up the client, and then...
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    AP 2.0 on submitted orders

    My guess (based on nothing but my own supposition) is that if the following 3 conditions are met: Your order is confirmed Your car has or will have the new hardware suite Your order included the $2500 autopilot option then you will get the new Enhanced Autopilot at no additional charge. In...
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    Which slot to choose at stations. Supercharging etiquette.

    What is the difference in charge time from empty to full between best and worst case? By best case, I mean not sharing a charger for the entire charge, and by worst case I mean you plug in right after someone else who is also going from empty to full. I'm guessing it's no more than about 5 to...
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    Tesla Files Federal Suit in Michigan's Western District

    This was Tesla's plan all along - they applied for the dealership license knowing full well that it would be denied. What it did, though, was give them standing to sue. It is likely to go all the way to the Supreme Court, and a victory would mean that they could sell unimpeded in all 50...
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    Random Model X sightings

    No, not a Founders. The F you see in the VIN simply indicates that it was built in Fremont (every single Tesla has an F in that spot - that will change if/when they open another vehicle factory). The character after that F is a 0, so it's a normal production car. A signature would be S, and...
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    How does SpaceX explosion impact Tesla Motors?

    There's no direct effect that I can see (aside from Elon needing to spend more time away from Tesla so he can handle the fallout at SpaceX), but there is an indirect one - when SpaceX fails, it affects investor confidence in Elon Musk, which in turn causes them to question whether he can...
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    v8.0 release coming in a few weeks, details later today!

    True, but it's not unusual for Elon's self-imposed deadlines to slip. It's happened many times in the past. The blog post is probably just about ready, basically awaiting a final polish and review. He was probably about to do that (and may have even been working on it at that moment) when the...
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    New fatal crash in Holland

    My guess, for what it's worth, is that the driver simply fell asleep.
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    Why wait for model S. Selling my pre-delivered model S 60D

    Given that the buyer wouldn't be able to claim the $7500 tax credit (and you wouldn't be able to, either, if you immediately sell like that), your best bet if you really don't want it is to cancel your order. You'll lose your deposit, but that's less than the $7500 minimum (and probably more)...
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    Random Model X sightings

    Today at 3:08 PM in Colorado Springs, on Austin Bluffs just west of Barnes. Yes, it's a Model X on a large car carrying truck, in front of a used car dealership. Did anyone in the area just sell their Model X to a dealership? In any case, it was the first time I've ever seen a Model X in person.
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    So how many actually want 100% autonomy (poll)

    That's essentially my position as well. I want a car that is capable of full autonomy, but which I can still drive manually. Option 3 is closest to that, but that isn't what option 3 says. I did not vote.
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    Supercharger — Colorado Springs, CO

    What I wonder is how long until the City of Colorado Springs (the owner of the parking garage the supercharger is located in) declares the car abandoned and impounds it?
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    "Tesla Tourism" bill faces opposition in California

    I honestly don't understand the dealership opposition to this. One would think they would support it because they benefit from it as much as, if not more than Tesla does - it allows them to attract out-of-state buyers that would otherwise not consider it because of the tax implications. If...
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    Autopilot slammed on breaks in middle of highway

    I agree. I'm glad you posted it. False positives are bound to happen, and it is in both the public and Tesla's best interest to understand the conditions that can create them. My guess is that the recent update included a change to prevent a repeat of the Florida incident. There was an...
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    Taking first long distance drive.

    1: Destination chargers use AC charging, meaning they are dependent on your car's onboard charger. The charging speed you can expect will be similar to what you experience at home. They are primarily intended to provide an overnight charge. Superchargers, OTOH, are DC chargers, bypassing the...
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    Lemon Law Time?

    Have you told the folks at the service center that you are considering lemon lawing it? If not, I suggest you do so, and give them one more chance to fix it before you pull that trigger. Be polite, but firm. Keep in mind that Tesla has been known to blacklist people that have taken legal...
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    Tesla Master Plan Part 2 & 3

    It sounds like Tesla intends to directly compete with Uber and Lyft. I think this is a good thing. That said, I would absolutely insist on having cameras in my car if it's out and about giving people rides. If someone spills a Big Gulp, I need to know which passenger of the night it was to...
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    Expired LTE

    I could be misremembering it, but I believe it was January 1, 2014 that they started the 4 year thing. For every car delivered before that date, that's the date the 4 years started. For every car delivered after that date, the 4 years starts on the date of delivery. So, nobody has hit the end...

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