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    Had an accident...

    As I was coming to a complete stop behind a transport truck/trailer, my foot slipped off the brake and onto the gas as I was applying the final pressure to stop the vehicle. It is winter here so I use chill mode and reduce the brake regeneration to give tires better traction. The vehicle...
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    Model Y Heat stopped working

    Interesting, just did the update to 2020.48.26 and the app appears to be working again. I will try it out in the morning and see if the heat is actually coming on. Will keep my appointment. It has also stopped complaining about an open window (it closes them on command and then opens then a...
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    Model Y Heat stopped working

    I thought my heat wasn't quite working the last couple of days - this morning, tried to turn the climate and defrost on (-4C here) and got a failure. Service appointment on the 31st. Sounds like it could be the sensor.
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    Teslamate stopped working

    My teslamate that I run on my own server has not been able to connect to the Tesla infrastructure for a couple of days. The token refresh appears to be failing with a timeout error. Any ideas?
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    Speaker graphic for reverse?

    Ah thanks! I will try that out
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    Speaker graphic for reverse?

    When I put my MY in reverse, there is a little speaker/audio gadget on the left side of the screen - I can toggle the sound icon display on and off. There is no noise made at all and I don't hear any PWS system when I'm reversing. I'm running version 2020.40.7 Anyone know what this icon is for?
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    Post your Travel trailer that you tow with your Y

    What did you tell them to be able to get it? My SC says they can't order it for me unless there is a Model X VIN they can tag it to.
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    2040.40.7 is installing now here
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    Squeaky fan in climate system

    I just picked up my MY a month ago and have noticed when sitting idle that there appears to be a fan that squeaks a bit - like it is not quite spinning properly. I will be having a mobile tech come out and replace one of the rear side-glasses that was scratched prior to delivery so I will get...
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    Deep Blue Metallic Model Y Picture Thread

    Just back from getting full PPF and ceramic coating!
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    Tesla Roadside Assistance Does Not Have Loaner Wheels For The Y

    You might have a tire shop look at it and do a plug / patch if possible. I took a nail in my BMW shortly after getting it - BMW wanted me to buy a new tire since they didn't repair tires ($1000). My tire shop plugged it for $35 and all was fine after that.
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    Replacement T emblems

    If mine doesn't have holes then I'm likely going to leave the T's and the dual motor badges off and go with the clean look. Can always add black badges afterwards.
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    Red Y - Full Xpel Wrap - 1 piece wrap on the hatch!

    Good to know - mine goes in tomorrow for a full wrap + ceramic + window tint.
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    Quick Bandit Gen 2 Front License Plate Holder

    I think they would be shipping the most recent version. I'm pretty sure that's what I got
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    Quick Bandit Gen 2 Front License Plate Holder

    Love my quick bandit!
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    reuse Tesla emblem after removal for ppf?

    Where do you get the emblems? I would like black to match the trim
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    Replacement T emblems

    I'm getting my new MY PPF'd next week and the detailer mentioned it is unlikely the T symbols will be able to go back on the car. What have others done to put a new emblem in place? I would prefer black rather than chrome to match the rest of the trim.
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    Near perfect delivery in Canada!

    Hi, my VIN was in the fine print at the bottom of the signature. Manufactured: 8/23 VIN: 384xx
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    I have a delivery date but no SA (I don't think). Do I need one?

    I had a call from my SA just after I picked my delivery date - he had called to confirm what I would need to bring, the amount of the bank draft and was actually calling to set the date but had noticed I already had one. You'll likely get a call from someone the day before. If you've done all...
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    Near perfect delivery in Canada!

    I had them remove the cover and I actually picked up a spare cover as well. I'm going to see if I can remove a few of the clips on one of them. They wouldn't sell me a pigtail for the brake controller since it isn't a model Y part, so I've reached out to someone with an X and will see how that...
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    Model Y for Canada!

    Just picked up my MY today in Oakville and it was near perfect! The rear seat driver-side window had a 1" scratch on it (will get the glass replaced) and there were two small paint chips that I had them touch up. Gaps seemed to be perfect and everything was nicely aligned and working. Went...
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    Near perfect delivery in Canada!

    Wow, what an afternoon! I ordered my DBM LR MY with 19", FSD and a tow hitch on August 22nd. On the 27th I got a VIN and scheduled for pickup in Oakville today (10th). All of the information I've been reading here over the last 3 weeks has been great in giving me a list of things to look for...
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    Model Y Service Bulletins

    Thanks for these - how did you find them and how do we keep up to date on them?
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    Model Y Brake Controller

    In the parts catalog, the Model X component is listed as "over the counter, no VIN" - https://epc.tesla.com/#/systemGroups/61228 Item #6. As for the manual, yes it is poorly worded and I think the manual means the connector for the car is supplied, but the pigtail is not.
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    Model Y for Canada!

    Getting excited - picking up my MY in Oakville tomorrow afternoon - Got my checklist (as well as a bottle of water), front license plate holder and hopefully there won't be many (any) snags
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    Delivery Now 7-11 Weeks

    Wonder if it is a retooling to switch over to the one piece rear cast.
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    Pair phone for handsfree and second bluetooth device for media

    I haven't got my MY yet (coming in 5 days) and wonder if it is possible to have a phone paired to the car for phone calls (phone profile) and have a different bluetooth device (kid's phone) for media files at the same time?
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    Model Y for Canada!

    Glad yours came in - I ordered the same car with FSD and Tow just after you and I get mine on the 10th.
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    Model Y Tow Hitch package from Tesla Store

    If you are talking about the plate that covers the hitch, then it is also listed as over-the-counter no VIN required.
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    Model Y Tow Hitch package from Tesla Store

    From the online parts catalog - https://epc.tesla.com/#/systemGroups/66254. The pigtail is item #6
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    Model Y Tow Hitch package from Tesla Store

    Check out the video at Model Y Brake Controller
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    Model Y Tow Hitch package from Tesla Store

    I get mine on the 10th with factory hitch installed. My understanding is that it has the 7 pin connector for the trailer lights and brakes, however the 4-wire pigtail to use for connecting a brake controller isn't included (even though manual says it should). I did find in the Model X parts...
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    Model Y Tow Hitch package from Tesla Store

    The manual explicitly says that the 4-pin pigtail wire is included with the vehicle. I'm trying to get one of these as well!
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    Model Y for Canada!

    Delivery date set for Tuesday now which should give them more than enough time to go over it to get it ready.
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    Model Y for Canada!

    Have had a VIN for a week and scheduled delivery on the 10th (Oakville). Got a call today asking if I'd come in earlier since my car had arrived. Said I could do Saturday but that would be the earliest and only date prior to the 10th. Apparently the car actually isn't going to get here until...
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    Model Y condition was without any problems

    They aren't sequential - I ordered 8/22, got a 384xx VIN with a birth date of 8/23 and pick it up on 9/10. Perhaps each production week has a block of VINs assigned to it.
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    Model Y Brake Controller

    I've asked my SA to order the pigtail cable and have it there when I pick up the MY on the 10th. I will submit that since I ordered the tow package installed, the cable should be included at no charge which is the case with the MX tow package. I will update this goes as well as the whole...
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    Raining inside my 2-week-old Model Y

    My BMW X3 doesn't like me opening the sunroof - when I got it 5 years ago, a heavy rain would start a drip from the microphone above the driver. They fixed that. Recently I opened the sunroof a few times and lo and behold, the next rainfall I got the leak again. However, a drip is far...
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    Model Y Brake Controller

    Thanks for the info - I've ordered the connector and will be ordering the same controller. What trailer are you towing (weight / style) and what W/mile are you seeing with it? Our concern is that the range will be quite low and we will need to charge too frequently.
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    Model Y condition was without any problems

    This is me too - picking up mine in 11 sleeps!
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    No Notifications on iPhone Tesla App

    Could you be in a do not disturb setting? I've found that setting to impede at least phone calls and perhaps it impedes notifications?
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    Model Y for Canada!

    Congrats! I am picking mine up in two weeks in Oakville - VIN 384xx build 08/23 so happy to hear it likely has the new tail lights. Was assured that they go over it pretty well there.
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    August/September VIN Notifications and Deliveries

    That is totally weird! However, after hanging around here, it doesn't appear that Tesla is all that predictable or logical. Perhaps talking to the SA to figure out if there's something else blocking
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    August/September VIN Notifications and Deliveries

    Called my SA and confirmed a fresh out of Freemont (just leaving today) and was manufactured on the 23rd. A couple of more weeks to go...
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    August/September VIN Notifications and Deliveries

    I placed my order on Aug 22 and noticed this morning that my MVPA has assigned a VIN of 38483 with 30km on the odometer (Ontario Canada). This VIN seems to be a little order than the current ones and I'm concerned it's been rejected - will the SA be able to tell me the build date and if it has...
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    Model Y for Canada!

    Thanks! That is good to hear about the 1hr. I will prioritize the items to check out on inspection. I am getting new plates and will be doing PPF / ceramic and will be installing the bandit plate holder so hopefully they can just give me the front plate without sticking it on (I hope to have...
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    Delivery Day coming up in a week! (Good News Thread)

    Excellent! Just ordered my MY on Saturday and really looking forward to picking it up - no VIN or texts at all yet
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    Model Y for Canada!

    I saw this cooler too and it's on my list. Interested in your review as well
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    Tow Hitch (Factory) Waiting Room

    Hopefully they've made a second one for me - I ordered the same config with FSD on Aug 22nd.
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    Distance for unlock / lock doors

    What distance do you have to be for a phone key to unlock / lock doors? I don't have a garage at home and I'm worried that just moving around in the house (driveway is right beside the house) will unlock the car doors.

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