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    There is clearly something wrong with my Model 3

    I've had mine for just over seven months, the only issue I had was the gap between the hood and front bumper was too tight - the service center had to adjust the hood back about a quarter inch. Love the car, and plan on driving it for the rest of my life.
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    Windshield wipers are horrible, and arguably dangerous

    I'm not a fan of the wipers on my Model 3. During our last couple snowfalls, the wipers would get caked with ice after 10 - 15 minutes of driving. The windshield glass goes down several inches below the dash. So the wipers sweep water/snow from the warm glass (where the defroster hits) onto...
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    7.5 years from now or 120,000 miles my battery is out of warranty and is dead or serious degraded..

    I hope that ten years from now I'll be able to replace my long-range Model 3 battery pack with a new pack that has over 400 miles of range. I think that's totally doable for Tesla.
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    Is there a Tesla wave?

    I sometimes do the sign language "3": Thumb, index and middle finger extended. Like a peace sign plus the thumb.
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    Go Ahead -- Grade my Vanity Plate Idea

    Just received my first set of personalized plates (don't even have them on the car yet!): SILENC3 Now I need a license plate frame that says "Enjoy The" or "Nothing But" on the top.
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    Roll Call: Who Ordered a P-AWD without Performance Upgrade?

    I always wanted all wheel drive, but I was not planning on getting the 'performance' version. Then Elon tweeted about 'buy the performance model and get free supercharging for as long as you own it', so I went for the performance but not for the extra $5000 upgrade. For me it was mostly the...
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    Soliciting Some Ideas for Personalize Plates

    I just ordered SILENC3 for my oh so quiet Model 3. My neighbor called my previous car (Prius) "stealthy", this one is even more quiet.
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    Model 3 - Hood Wrap Badge Removal

    My Xpel installer removed the badge, and replaced it with a new one. So now the original is stuck on my wall here at work.
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    PSA re: Badges - Make sure to check alignment!

    I don't have badges yet, but will probably leave them off so no one expects my P3D to blow past them. /evil grin/
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    ICE: Would you ever go back?

    I still have a 2 gallon gas can for my lawn mower and snowblower. But someday those will be replaced by electric versions, too.
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    LTE Network outage

    I couldn't stream my favorite radio station on the drive to work, so I had to use the FM radio. I felt like a caveman.
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    New Feature Request: full regenerative breaking when pressing the break slightly

    This is the way my Prius drives, and the reason why after 141,000 miles on that car I still have 65% of my front brakes and 70% on the rear. Now that I'm driving my Model 3, I'm getting used to the "one pedal" driving, where it still trips me up sometimes is when the batteries are cold and I'm...
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    Rubber floor matts?

    I just ordered some through eBay. Brand name is "Hexomat", I hope they work.
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    Do you prefer Creep On or Off?

    I wish I could set it 'on' for reverse, and 'off' for drive. Most of the time I'm backing up it's out of a parking space, and I feel more comfortable with my foot on the brakes in that situation.
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    Biggest Positive and Negative Surprises About Model 3 AWD Performance Version

    The first thing I noticed is the front camera is not reading speed limit signs. A highway near me recently changed from a 45mph zone to a 55mph zone, and when I drive through it the screen shows the 45mph limit. Even when I drive past a 55mph sign, the screen doesn't update. I presume it's...
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    What did you name your Tesla?

    Jetson. As in "Meet George Jetson..." I was going to name it George, but my friend said Jetson was better. He's right.
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    Pictures of production Model 3s

    Picked it up on Saturday. #TeamRed
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    Great September Delivery Push

    Reserved 3/31/2016. Ordered P3D 8/25/2018, used a friend's referral code. First contacted 9/6/2018 to schedule delivery, said the car would be available 9/22/2018 Stopped at my local service center on 9/12/2018, asking if they had any more info, sales manager found my VIN, but said it looks...
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    AWD delivery thread

    I didn't get an email, but I got a phone call! Reserved 2016/03/31 Ordered 2018/08/25 Delivery scheduled for 2018/09/22 Red AWD Performance 18" aero wheels, black interior, EAP
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    P3D with Performance Upgrade and Black Interior status

    If by P3D+ you mean the 19" wheels & spoiler, then no. I want the 18" aero wheels because that extra bit of tire sidewall makes the ride more comfortable. And I'm quite sure I'll never get near the 145mph top speed, so no need to get the 155 option. :-)
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    P3D with Performance Upgrade and Black Interior status

    Just placed my order for P3D with black interior, on August 25th. Estimated delivery is October. To say I'm excited about finally getting my car would be an understatement.
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    Anyone delaying purchase for smart air suspension?

    Except I really want the performance version. :D
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    Anyone delaying purchase for smart air suspension?

    I'm currently waiting for any news on the air suspension option. The end of my driveway is steep enough that I believe the car will scrape without those few extra inches of ground clearance. (I've scraped my Prius on it more times than I'd like to admit.) If I can get a test drive in a...
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    In Poipu, Kauai HI on Vacation

    I visited Kaua'i a few months ago with the family, I didn't see any Teslas. And believe me, I was looking for them!
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    Tesla Model 3 Steering Wheel not centre on delivery

    Serious question: Is this something they adjust through the touchscreen, or is this a 'physical' fix?
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    Cost of a full PPF wrap?

    I got a quote for $5000 for full coverage XPel Ultimate. I sent emails to three different installers, only got a reply from one. I might have to bug the other two and ask them if they want my business.
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    What did you do to your Model 3 today

    Now I have an invite to configure for all-wheel-drive. So I'm trying to decide if I go for it, or wait for the air suspension. I'll probably end up waiting... /sigh/
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    1st day line waiter, got your AWD invite, please post your reservation time here

    Non owner, 3/31 reservation around 10:20am central time (#83 in line). Got the AWD invite 5/23 at 6:46pm. (Same time as MountainRoad.) But, still waiting for air suspension, so it's going to be a while. 784 days and counting!
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    What did you do to your Model 3 today

    What did I do with my Model 3? I checked my configuration page, still no option for all wheel drive. I looked into auto loan interest rates at my bank, and I'm contacting a couple local paint protection film installers to get estimates. 783 days and counting (since 3/31/2016).
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    Elon says AWD and Perf orders start at end of next week!

    I wish I could, but it's the section between the street and the city sidewalk. The driveway is flat except for that short section.
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    My So my M3 broke down 2 days after delivery

    I'm surprised this car ever made it out of the factory. Having to replace the drive unit and battery pack would seem like a pretty severe problem that should have been caught by quality control.
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    Elon says AWD and Perf orders start at end of next week!

    Next year for air suspension? /cries/ I need to get a test drive before I order, I need to see if the car will get into my driveway without scraping. My Prius scrapes if I'm not careful pulling into or out of the driveway.
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    The 1st week with my new Model 3

    Your son's shirt goes very well with the car. I'm sure he's ready to start driving it as soon as he can!
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    Speculation discussion: What Model 3 news will we get at the quarterly results call May 2nd?

    I'd like to hear a more firm timeline for the all-wheel-drive and air suspension options for the Model 3. Currently it's just "Late 2018", which is a bit vague. Although, a 400 mile Model S would be pretty neat, too.
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    Percentage of People Deferring

    Nope. I would rather wait for the car I want, rather than settle for something less than what I want. I can totally understand why people might order earlier, that $7500 is a nice chunk of change.
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    Percentage of People Deferring

    I got my invite to configure on March 22nd, but I'm waiting for all-wheel-drive and air suspension. My current estimate is just "Late 2018".
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    A day with the Model 3; got 227 wh/mi

    I wonder if the 'tilt' steering wheels went away as airbags were added.
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    For those who are a little hesitant to pull the trigger, what are some of your concerns?

    I'm just waiting for the all-wheel-drive and air suspension options. Then, I jump at the chance to buy my Model 3.
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    Saw a Performance Dual Motor Model 3 today at the track!

    And any guesses as to what it might cost.
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    What will you name your Model 3?

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    Model 3 clearance question

    I still hope that the adjustable air suspension will be available on the 3 by the time my turn to configure comes up.
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    Frustrated by Dual Motor Delay?

    I asked my Model S owning friend about this a few days ago. He said when he got his Signature edition Model S (RWD), he was amazed at how well it handled winter driving here in Minnesota. But, then he traded it in on a P90D, and was even more amazed at how much better it was than the RWD...
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    Model 3 Handover Event -- July 28, 2017

    Anyone else wonder why they never turned off the headlights of the car on stage? I felt sorry for the folks stage right in the audience who were looking into the headlights... I'm not looking forward to waiting another year for longer range & awd... :-(
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    18 or 20 inches rims

    I would go for smaller wheels, larger sidewalls on the tires. My friend's Model S has a noticeably smoother ride on the smaller wheels, that extra height on the tires helps absorb the bumps.
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    Chrome window trim?

    I dislike chrome on cars. I'm old enough to remember when something was chromed, that meant there was actual metal underneath. Now, if something is chromed, it's almost always plastic. So when I see chrome on a car or truck, I just think "plastic"... I'd jump at the chance to buy a black-out...
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    What kind of options/upgrades are you considering and why?

    Dual motors for winter driving Air suspension because my Prius scrapes on the driveway if I'm not careful, I'm sure the 3 will do the same. Larger battery for more highway range Cold weather package Panoramic glass roof Leather or 'vegan leather' interior, whichever lasts longer Upgraded sound...
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    -What will be the 1st song you play in your Model 3-

    Deep Purple "Highway Star"
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    Anyone want to team up on a savings thread to keep each other motivated?

    My goal is to put $1000 each month into the savings account for the Model 3 down payment. I started in April, so I have $5000 so far. Hopefully by the time I can order my options I'll have at least 50% of the price for a down payment. Of course if the car is ready earlier, that would be OK...
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    Why regenerative braking belongs on the brake pedal

    I've got almost 120k miles on my Prius, and my brakes are still over 70%. Back almost 40 years ago when I was learning to drive, I was taught the "caution habit" - when traffic situations look wonky, to take the foot off the accelerator and rest it on the brake pedal. That way if you need to...
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    Why regenerative braking belongs on the brake pedal

    My coworker had a Signature Edition Model S, he recently traded it in for a fully loaded Model S. I've been in his Tesla(s) hundreds of times. I'm quite familiar how it works, thankyouverymuch. I also have nearly 120k miles on my Prius, so I know how that works, too. And when I get my Model...

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