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    Tesla V10 software update rollout: post here if you are still waiting

    Still on V9. 37 days after delivery. A few weeks ago it updated itself from 2019.32.2.2 to 2019.32.2.4. It has since had 3 attempts to update further, each of which has left the car unchanged at 2019.32.2.4. Chat support just insist there's nothing wrong, v10 isn't available for my car, I've got...
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    How to get update?

    I'm not sure if I'm relieved or not to hear you're in the same boat, but I don't find the not-yet-batched explanation plausible. I think there must be some sort of misconfiguration somewhere in our cars or Tesla's systems and it's unlikely to resolve itself without someone back at HQ putting in...
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    How to get update?

    I am still waiting for V10 and am looking for advice about how to escalate the issue. In more detail: I got a model 3 SR+ at the end of Sep with V9.0 2019.32.2.2 software. The car has spent most of its time on WiFi for the last fortnight. A week ago, I chased up the lack of update on chat. An...
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    Model 3 bought through ltd company needs insuring

    As others have said, Direct Line is happy and the premium is unchanged from what it would be with personal ownership. I wanted the car to have me as Registered Keeper, which is what I understand dvla to prefer. Tesla weren't cooperating and Direct Line said they expected the company to be...
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    Model 3 bought through ltd company needs insuring

    So far as I can see there's absolutely nothing that needs justifying. Nobody's claiming these cars are wholly and exclusively for business purposes (and if they were, the VAT would be reclaimable). Rather provision of personal use of a taxed, insured, serviced vehicle is part of employee...
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    Paying for M3 with multiple bank transfers

    I echo the let your bank know in advance and it'll be fine. Perhaps with a bit of hassle from their anti-fraud dept but that's fair enough, even reassuring. Last year I did a couple of large transactions from a First Direct account without paying extra for CHAPS. Substantially larger than buying...
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    LTD company too good to be true?

    It sounds to me like you're talking about fraud. Whether it actually crosses the line and you get caught is another matter, but if that's your plan then talking about it on the internet doesn't sound bright. If the company you control sells you the car, it needs to do so at "market price". If...
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    LTD company too good to be true?

    Claiming the VAT back isn't just a matter of being registered - it seems the car needs to be pretty unambiguously business only. Any private use and you're scuppered. This appears to be where leasing enters the equation because reclaiming VAT on lease charges is less controversial. (And the car...
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    LTD company too good to be true?

    Having now twigged how significant this is (and consequently my Ltd company has just bought a Model3), I'm sure there will be huge company car demand. But isn't that the government's aim to get electric cars into the company fleet and trickling out to private buyers in 3 years time? They have...
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    ALL Model 3s still have to pay Luxury Car Tax

    Actually I think it can hardly be coincidence that £39,990 just slips under £40k. I agree the document Jason71 linked appears clear that the £850 should also be included, but the spot-on nature of the white SR+ pricing suggests that Tesla believe otherwise. Hopefully for good reasons which turn...
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    Delivery chaos continues

    This is not true. Return policy is here and has no such exclusion Return Policy
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    Luxury Tax

    Indeed, I'm not surprised to hear that a Powerwall's economics are suspect. But the corollary is that getting your load time-shifted for 11p/unit really is a bit of a bargain. Or most of that 16p/unit isn't for the energy itself but getting it exactly when you want it.
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    Luxury Tax

    Because time shifting demand is a valuable service that you clearly prefer to pay 11p/unit for than sort out yourself (eg with a Powerwall).
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    Any Model 3 RHD Test Drives Yet?

    I've got a test drive coming Tuesday week. My local showroom having burnt down (Gatwick) it's the "mobile sales team" who're sorting me out.
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    Personalised Registration

    Is switching after delivery an insurance hassle - as you will need to have insured it under the old plates to take it home?
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    Personalised Registration

    Having waited 38 months to buy a Model 3, I thought a few more months till September wouldn't hurt me and have indulged myself with a 69 plate. Does anyone know how the procedure works to get Tesla to register the car with your own plate?
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    Yankee moving to UK and wants to home charge

    Or perhaps it's not a 100A fuse. In which case the distribution company may be willing to upgrade it for free. UK power networks (South East) are. Fuse upgrade | UK Power Networks
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    Home charging options

    Rolec's website's saying £129/£199 inc fitting (after grant). GrantFundedChargingPoints Is it that they've come out with a new cheaper model since your installations? Or is it that it would be that price for a simple installation, but no installation is simple and there's always a few 100 extra?
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    .Gov Petition for the Luxury Car Tax

    We, the undersigned, feel so passionately about the environment that we want to spend over £40,000 signalling our virtue. It's just not fair that the nasty government want to recoup almost half the plug-in-grant in extra road tax when we're only trying to preserve air quality for generations to...
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    Model 3 UK PCP Price Calculator

    The P100s aren't current models are they? But yes, I excluded the MS Performance as an outlier - it's irrationally cheap in the UK (or expensive in the US) which pulls the best fit line to an even lower slope / higher intercept. I'm happy with my conclusion though - whether deliberately or...
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    Model 3 UK PCP Price Calculator

    @buzbe I find Tesla's base car pricing (pre plug-in-grant) does fit on a straight line. Excluding the (cheap in the UK) Model S Performance It just doesn't have a zero intercept - or anything like it. Least squares line (as drawn above) is GBP = USD * 0.88 + £7100 At the current exchange...
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    UK Model 3 order page open!

    On past form, there'll come a quarter end when Tesla wants to raise cash by making you a "one time only special offer" to upgrade to FSD for a surprisingly low price.
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    Model 3 UK PCP Price Calculator

    In my opinion, buzbe's methodology is spot on. It's reasonable to expect prices starting from around £38k before plug-in-grant. That's not what we see this morning - what's going on, are they soaking us for an extra 10%? Tesla have always come across to me as somewhat disorganised, prone to...

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