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    Model 3 LR RWD in Texas. Woke up to a notification that a sw update was available (the notification came in around 2:00 AM). Started the update to 36.5.2 about 20 minutes ago. Opted in since the beginning, no in/outs on Android. Didn't know the score for a few days and when I did it took a...
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    Firmware 2020.48.x

    It appears that the current roll out of "part 1" is only going to cars with speakers now and those of us with early vins are going to have to wait. Sorta of backwards-- Merry Christmas early adopters! Looking at the Vins on Teslafi for this build install it looks like the only low vins are MY...
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    Battery discharge with Sentry mode vs without?

    Not at all relatively speaking- San Antonio, TX
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    Battery discharge with Sentry mode vs without?

    After upgrades to 2019.36.--- the battery draw while parked with Sentry mode enabled has gone up radically. Just this morning after parking for 2 hours 6 minutes I had a loss of 8.93 miles and 2.03 kwh. This has become about the standard type of loss for me with sentry enabled. It used to be...
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    MASTER THREAD: 2019.36.1 update released with 5% power increase

    I really have not seen any range increase. If anything it is getting harder to track. I have gone to energy instead of miles on the display because at times I would come back to the car and my range had actually increased- no charging, in the garage with stable temps, etc. I have seen as much as...
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    MASTER THREAD: 2019.36.1 update released with 5% power increase

    I have 36.1 and got it on November 1. I have a LR RWD with FSD added. FSD was not available at the time of purchase, just enhanced AP. The car was built 8/2/2018. I don't have a clue about the early AP or if anything really happened when I purchased the FSD and the claim that we would be added...
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    MASTER THREAD: 2019.36.1 update released with 5% power increase

    I received my 36.1 update on 11/01. LR RWD FSD built August 2018. Like the one pedal driving but it does take some getting use to in reverse. The only other issue so far is wipers- they again seem to have a mind of their own. They occasionally start with no rain around and don't start with a...
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    MASTER THREAD: 2019.36.1 update released with 5% power increase

    Sorry about the post as a duplicate. Was uploading pics while the other thread got started.
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    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    For everybody that is having this range issue following firmware updates you might want to watch this video: If you have not seen it it may help to understand why all of a sudden so many of us are having "range issues" (myself included). He suggests that Tesla has set aside a cushion of...
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    Everybody give up. I have the magic Tesla!

    Now that I have your attention is there anybody that has seen this strange anomaly. The car was just parked, NOT charging, no weird weather changes, etc. I have never seen this before and when I asked at the Service Center they were pretty much baffled as well saying they have never...
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    Group Buy for Power Trunk/Frunk Liftgate!

    Thanks for the info. I hope that is the case and I will actually receive it sometime in the near future. It would be nice to have some kind of shipping label or number but maybe I will come home sometime in the next week and be pleasantly surprised!
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    Group Buy for Power Trunk/Frunk Liftgate!

    Really happy for all of you that have received yours in good to hear that some people have already installed their items but I am not quite ready for the install videos yet. Not whining, no I take that back I am whining because as of this moment I have received nothing except my receipt from...
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    Group Buy for Power Trunk/Frunk Liftgate!

    Glad to hear that some people have already received their items. In my case the only thing I ever received is a receipt from PayPal. I just emailed the [email protected] email address to see if I get a response and what may be going on. I'm curious if there is anybody else now that has received...
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    Tesla V10 software update rollout: post here if you are still waiting

    Has anybody received 2019.32.10.1 that does not meet the FSD and advanced download selected criteria that Elon mentioned in the original tweet?
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    National Drive Electric Events Sept 14 - 22, 2019

    I know it's sort of off subject, but K1 Speed sent me an email yesterday offering a $15 drive for registered owners and three friends of any full electric vehicle. The offer is from September 16 through the September 22. If you have never driven their electric carts they are a lot of fun. I...
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    Supercharger - San Antonio, TX

    Yesterday when I went by the supercharger it appeared that of the seven along the street six were functioning with one still being wrapped up. I didn't check for the three along the back. I just took it for granted that the post earlier that stated that a Tesla rep had said that the back three...
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    Supercharger - San Antonio, TX

    Yea!! Power to the (Tesla) people! As stated earlier they opened most of the bays (7 of 10). I guess SA is really a big city now!
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    Supercharger - San Antonio, TX

    Ok boys and girls- the meter is in! Time to start planning something for this. I guess it is all up to Tesla now-
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    Supercharger - San Antonio, TX

    Went by today and there was a CPS truck sitting by the transformer/meter. I stopped and asked what they were there to do and the guy was nice and told me that they were there to prewire the meter. he checked his paperwork to see if there was a meter install date mentioned but none was shown. he...
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    Supercharger - San Antonio, TX

    If it's not inside that cabinet the only other source that I see possible is from the back side by the five cabinets. When they were trenching I did not notice if it went back and there is something masked by the bushes. I will try and check when I go by after work tomorrow (easy off and on of...
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    Supercharger - San Antonio, TX

    Not a pic but I was by there when they were installing the wiring. It comes from conduit that runs from the 5 power supply cabinets along the back to the large transformer in the center. You can see it in the last pic in my last post along the left side of the pic. It looked like a couple of 4"...
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    Supercharger - San Antonio, TX

    Latest update today-- Permanently mounted- done Wiring appears to be completed, no electricians today and a LOT of empty wire spools in the back. Tesla signs up- but covered. I would imagine all that needs to be done are inspections and maybe a little landscaping. I would guess that the SCs are...
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    Supercharger - San Antonio, TX

    Really moving very fast. They were wiring the SCs' while I shot these. 3 along the back and 7 along the street.
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    Supercharger - San Antonio, TX

    Stopped by the I10 site today and they are going at it. How could we put the bug in Teslas' ear and tell them the empty location for lease right next to the SC site would be perfect for a lounge, coffee, Tesla store, etc just like the big boys in Cali. They could even move the Gallery from La...
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    A/C Refrigerant Leak?

    Look at the thread titled "Model 3 stinks" and you will see more about this issue.
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    Model 3 Weird Smell

    In all seriousness, I thought that I was crazy but I have had passengers mention this also. Occasionally on initial use we have smelled what seemed to everybody as a vinegar smell, Crazy I know but it has happened multiple times. Edit- missed a page in the thread and saw others with the vinegar...
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    16.2 Near Collision w/ Auto Lane Change

    I agree with pdx3181. If you look at the video you will see the line in the center of the starting lane (looks to be an expansion crack) become very straight and visible. As the lane change starts the same type crack or "line" starts in the lane that was being moved to. It appears the AP may...
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    Tesla Software 2019.16.3

    HW means HardWare. It is used in this thread to describe the version of hardware installed in the car-- HW3- the new computer HW2.5- the version in most Model 3s' with the exception that the most recent builds (last month or so) have the new HW3. I hope this helps.
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    Tesla Software 2019.16.2

    It may mean absolutely nothing at all that those in Cali seem to be at the "bottom" of the distribution list for this update since some cars in Cali are receiving it. It could be that Tesla just decided to share the wealth and start in the reverse order so to speak. It really felt good to...
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    Tesla Black Wall charger for sale

    If it is still available would you text me at 2103707223 . I am in San Antonio.
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    Aftermarket HUD options?

    I have ordered this on Indiegogo, Looks very good so far and watch the videos. The second or third one has a lady in it commenting and she is driving a Model S. No OBD is required. the link is EyeDrive: The World's Smartest Car Assistant

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