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    Driveshaft clicking ok?

    Best to take it in. I had to have my drive unit replaced for that symptom and it's perfect now.
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    2018.12 has ruined the audio system

    I have a 2013 S with standard audio and had noticed the sound changed dramatically after the last update. I played with the EQ and wasn't seeing much difference but when I started playing with the front/back side to side positioning and believe it started sounding better. I can't say it will...
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    2014 Model S Passenger Door Opening On Its Own

    Yes, I had that issue and was told it was a faulty door handle. The replaced it and the problem went away.
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    Current owners of 40 kWh configuration

    I believe the 60 was ~10k more. Realistically that price is no longer justified as the pricing of batteries has fallen significantly (as noted by their offer to unlock 60's to 75 for only 2000) If it came down to that price I'd probably look into that service offering to swap the physical...
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    Current owners of 40 kWh configuration

    Yes, and as a matter of fact I sent an email to Tesla asking for the current upgrade price in light of the new reduced price for 60 to 75 and the email response I got was that they had no info and I would be contacted by my local service shop. I got a call today from the service shop saying...
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    Firmware Updates - so whats your geofencing gig?

    I was wondering about how reliable this is as well since the service center (875 N Ellsworth Ave, Villa Park, IL 60181) shows no geo fence but instead the Geo Fence is shown in a forest preserver a couple of blocks east.
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    Fully charged @ 84 miles?!?!?

    I had a similar but not as drastic drop when I saw a full charge at 116 (Normally charges to 131-132) I called and had them run diagnostics and they told me everything seemed fine it was just something weird about the calculation. Sine then I changed my car to range mode and all charges have...
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    Decreasing rated range.

    2014 S40 44K ish miles I'm seeing 131 to 133 at full charge. Typically it stays at that number for a couple/few miles.
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    Slacker Radio (US) Streaming - 320 Kbps Bitrate Support

    Out of curiosity did you try changing the setting to 320 kbps from within the cars browser or somewhere else? If this setting is configured on a per device basis then that would be your best shot at the car using that setting.
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    S40 Max range change with SW 6.2 (2.4.239)?

    Yes, I've noticed similar lower rated range with the latest update. I had been seeing 135 to 138 range and I'm seeing 131 to 133 now.
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    Steve Wozniak Talks About Tesla (and gets something wrong about internet service)

    Could offer internet for free for Tesla customers via the new satellites he's putting up for that purpose Elon Musk confirms fleet of SpaceX micro-satellites for internet | The Verge
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    Subwoofer Installation in Model S

    That's really cool, I have the standard audio and I'm happy with the sound other than the lack of bass. I've tried turning up the bass in the EQ and it helps but still lacks that deep bass. Your implementation looks great by the way, I'd love to add something like that and the price you...
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    Plugging into USB instantly crashes both screens

    Very similar to what happened on my car but the same USB drive worked fine with all prior firmware versions. I was able to get my USB drive working by changing the file structure (Moved all folders up 1 level by deleting a top level folder) I also deleted an audio book that had many files and...
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    Firmware 6.0

    do you have a USB drive in for your music? That does it for me. Pulling it out and rebooting makes it work perfectly again. I have my car at the service center today but I really doubt they'll be able to do anything since the issue started on 6.0 and probably won't be fixed until 6.0.x...
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    Firmware 6.0

    Not sure if this was changed in 5.11 or 5.12 but in 6.0 the volume now has 3 positions per number. When I was on 5.9 I only had 2 positions per volume number. (More granularity added to the sound level)
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    Decreasing rated range.

    So far I've seen a slight decrease in rated range on 6.0 I suppose it could be unrelated since the weather has also cooled off
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    Firmware 6.0

    64 Gb drive and mostly full, lots of folders some FLAC in addition to MP3. Worked well with previous 5.9 and prior but no go with 6.0 I did try removing the USB drive and checking blue tooth and that seemed to work fine after the drive was removed.
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    Firmware 6.0

    Interesting that I haven't seen anyone else confirm the bug that I can reproduce at will with the USB music causing the center console to lock up. Possibly related but my wife went to play bluetooth and also caused the center console to lock up. My thought there is when she hit the device...
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    Firmware 6.0

    Found a bug in 6.0. Every time I select my USB drive the system index's my files then locks up the center console. I can reboot to resume functioning but if I select my usb drive it will lock the screen again. I reported it to service and they said they'll look into it. Don't know if it's...
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    Firmware 6.0

    I went straight from 5.9 to 6.0 this morning
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    My rated range increased while the car was parked

    Possibly but the app and car agreed that my charge was 137 when I unplugged. The only thing different for me is that I had turned the AC off before getting out of the car. Maybe it takes the power draw from the AC into account when displaying Rated Range.
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    My rated range increased while the car was parked

    Doesn't explain mine though. I charged at work showing Rated Range of 137 on an 80ish degree day came back a couple hours later to show rated range of 141. roughly the same temperature and had been off the charger when it gained range.
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    Phone App: iPhone/Android app

    No app update so I assume it's something on their server authentication setup.
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    Phone App: iPhone/Android app

    My android app just made me change my password to something more "secure" and subsequently made me re-enter my password? Anyone else have this? Possibly getting closer to firmware version 6 with it's phone allows you to start the car option?
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    Firmware 6.0 (beta version discussion)

    I like the features but I really hoped to see the open api in this release. Would be nice to get 3rd pay apps going and Elon had mentioned it would be out this year.
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    Firmware 5.12

    Using visible Tesla it does the charge percent. When they fixed the vampire drain they dropped or max charge.
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    Firmware 5.12

    sounds like you charge before the upgrade. That happened to me when moving to 4.9. As you know they used to let us charge to 72% of capacity but they've since dropped it to 66%
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    Firmware 5.11

    Actually I'm on 5.9 and get that as well and I have a strong Wifi connection (full bars) I think it's a defect
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    What battery in 40 kWh Model S

    We 40 Owners have the option to pay to unlock the rest of the pack and make it a 60 which then gives us the option to buy supercharging. I think most of us are satisfied with the performance/range of the 40 though.
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    ECO vs normal mode for AC

    Acoustic Blanket? Is that an aftermarket thing they're doing for you or is that a new option I wasn't aware of?
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    Things you may not have discovered about your Model S?!

    Glad I saw these posts because I wondered if it was just me. Mine actually shows that it needs service as well as going crazy as I'm cleaning the dash. I have to undo things like seat heaters turning on etc when I'm done and the "car needs service" thing eventually goes away.
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    Model S not reading 128GB micro SD card

    I was wondering the same thing, I'm only aware of USB ports not SD card slots
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    Firmware 5.9

    My max charge rate on my 40 has gone down again. With the 5.9.88 version max charged dropped from 72 to 68%. I updated to 5.9.94 yesterday after a full charge and noticed when I clicked the battery icon my current charge was beyond the max slider. I charged again today and can't get to the...
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    6.0 - Public Beta

    I charged my 40kw on 5.9.88 stopped at 137 rated miles updated to 5.9.94 and now show 140 rated miles.
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    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    40 KW almost 16,000 miles in and my Wh/Mile has gone up significantly from my all time low of 270 Wh/Mi to 307 Wh/Mi. Winter was very difficult to keep the number down.
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    Firmware 5.9

    5.9 seems to have lowered the max charge on 40 Kwh cars to 68% per VisibleTesla. I've since loooked at the car and it appears to be the same. I'm fairly certain it was 72% before although the rated range is now up around 136/137 instead of the 126 I was getting with 5.8.x. I've also noticed...
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    Just found something odd. I am now on 5.9 firmware running latest Visible Tesla Version and am a 40Kwh battery pack owner. Visible Tesla is showing me 68% as my max charge but I remember being told it should be 72% max. I'm trying to figure out of 5.9 lowered the max charge or if it's somehow...
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    Firmware 5.8.6/7/8/9/10

    So you got them to put an 85 battery into your 60? What's the fee for that?
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    Phone App: iPhone/Android app

    My android app seems much more responsive since I replaced my broken Galaxy S4 with a Moto X running KitKat. Now the maps display updates faster (More like I've heard described about the Iphone version) and I don't get as many communication failure popups. I guess we'll know when more phones...
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    Firmware 5.8.6/7/8/9/10

    5.8.7 seems to have modified the stereo settings again. Had to turn down my EQ settings to get it to sound good again.
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    For those owners unhappy with drop in maximum charged range

    MarkB, You might want to post about this on the "teslamotors.com" forum as I recall there were a large number of the 40 owners over there. I've certainly seen the same issue with range loss. I received the car in May and would get around 145 rated miles at full charge now I typically get...
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    Decreasing rated range.

    I have a 40 as well and had a lifetime average of 270 Wh/m prior to the cold. Now I'm up to 296 wh/m and I'm finding that my range will fully charge and say I have 129 on a warmer day and 120 ish on a colder day but if the battery pack isn't nice and warm when I'm leaving the house I'd be lucky...
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    Glitches on the Tesla App for Android

    Yes, I just assumed everyone has this issue on android.
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    Audio: Sound System Quality?

    I noticed the sound wasn't right after the firmware update but once I rebooted both consoles my sound returned and it sounded to my ear like the bass had been bumped up. I have the standard sound system and have had to increase the bass and treble to get decent sound out of the car. In order...
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    Any 40 owners upgrade?

    I can't speak for anyone else but I don't need a bigger pack and would not pay what they're asking for something I don't need. If Tesla wants to reduce complexity by eliminating the 40 they're going to have to drop the price or simply continue to account for us because I'm very happy with the car.
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    Any 40 owners upgrade?

    I believe the point was that most of us that bought a 40 are happy with it and would most likely drive our gas car for long trips or rent a car rather than pay 13,000 for the rare times that we would need the extra range. It would have to be quite a bit cheaper to even consider it and obviously...
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    60kw upgrade to 85kw, Was told by multiple Tesla Sources not possible at this time.

    Seems like they could just have the 85 battery pack operate like a 60 in terms of power output so if the 60 uses less and we know Tesla is able to control the power going to and from the battery pack. No increase in performance for 60 owners but you would get the extra range (I'd be ok with that)
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    Decreasing rated range.

    My 40 shows a rated range at full charge has gone down from 145 (new) to now showing 136 to 139 now (depending on the day). I've been very careful to drive efficiently and am now down to 270 wh/mile. Despite the 136 rated miles I can fairly easily drive 150 miles on a full charge. I suspect...
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    Official: Replacement Battery Option

    I emailed ownership yesterday about this and got the response that they don't have anything new to report at the moment and that they'll will keep owners informed when new details are announced.
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    CHAdeMO Adapter (coming this winter)

    I wonder if those of us with 40Kwh packs will be allowed to purchase it for the $2900 price. That's significantly cheaper than having to pay $11k for the upgrade to the 60Kwh pack + $2500 for Supercharger access.

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