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  1. DMage

    Rim swap 19s for 18s

    Interested, sent message
  2. DMage

    2013 Tesla Model S P85+ with jumpseats and warranty

    Car has been sold
  3. DMage

    2013 Tesla Model S P85+ with jumpseats and warranty

    2013 Tesla Model S P85+ Asking $47,500 OBO Car is located in Orlando, FL Vehicle is in excellent condition. No accidents, and vehicle was paint metered for verification. Purchased via Tesla CPO program in February 2016. Currently has 74,580 miles on the odometer as of 5/16/2018. CPO bumper to...
  4. DMage

    Anyone wondering about the "Coming Soon" Supercharger Stations in Florida?

    A good location in that area, if its a full speed supercharger, would be in Colonial Town Plaza. Lots of empty spaces in the middle of the lot, restaurants, shops, etc.
  5. DMage

    Be honest: is SCing on a long trip annoying?

    Well I am planning my first long distance trip next Wednesday, from Orlando to Buffalo. Really looking forward to it, driving up solo and driving back +1. Planning on doing as much as I can in one shot, going to use the supercharger time as a chance to eat and refresh, and at night have a air...
  6. DMage

    Why are turnkey Solar PV systems so ridiculously overpriced?

    Suggest anyone interested in going solar checks out communitypowernetwork.com for a local solar co-op near you (or starts your own). They negotiated a great rate for us, in the low $2/w.
  7. DMage

    Model S/X Owners Have Priority Model 3 Orders Over Non-Owners

    Prefacing this as a Model S owner also looking to put a deposit down on a Model 3. I can understand those who have been waiting a long time for the Model 3, I was one of those people until the CPO program came along. I thought, I am going to spend $x dollars on a Model 3 anyway, why wait...
  8. DMage

    Proposed Model 3 Reservation Process Solutions

    This. Simplest solution is generally always the answer. Probably will store the times as UTC and ignore the dateline.
  9. DMage

    CPO Model S Delivered

    Gad to hear, sounds like Brent is great to work with. Seems much more detailed than the average product specialist, I was given the high level with photos but nothing as in depth as your description. Similar to you I am waiting on a new nose cone for my CPO as well as a few trim pieces. Also on...
  10. DMage

    Front-rear camera touchscreen parking protection switch kit reservations

    Finished installing a kit I picked up from a user who never installed and have to say this is the best mod for a S and can't believe there are not 60k of these kits out there! My car has no parking sensors and I was worried about curbing it, however after doing an overnight test drive I found...
  11. DMage

    CPO Timeline Advise Needed

    Communication during the CPO process is one big area for Tesla to improve on. Just expect that one day you will receive a call that its in. From deposit to delivery I was told 2 weeks, ended up being closer to 4 which I expected after reading other forum members posts.
  12. DMage

    CPO Model S Delivered

    Beautiful car, welcome to CPO ownership! Power folding mirrors were added around vin 16k I believe as an option. I have the screengrab for this car from the internal inventory system as I was interested in it also during my CPO search and power folding mirrors were not listed as an option. Back...
  13. DMage

    Firmware 7.1 - For Classic Model S

    Had this happen today post upgrade, and had something similar happen before...where the USB stick I am listening to isnt read the next time I enter the car. Almost as if the system rebooted and when it brought up the ports it inversed the mounting. So, what was USB1 is now USB2, making my...
  14. DMage

    Driving the Model S for Uber + Lyft

    I have thought about this as well in Orlando, but we have Select not Lux. What I've read is you need to take a certain number of UberX rides until you become eligible for Select. True? Otherwise, great write-up and detail!
  15. DMage

    Firmware 7.1 - For Classic Model S

    The upgrade from 2.12.22 on my end took all of maybe 10 minutes, faster than I was expecting (as this is only my second update).
  16. DMage

    Firmware 7.1 - For Classic Model S

    2.12.126 installed this morning on my 2013 P85+, upgrading from 2.12.22. Nothing new stands out in the change log. Will report back if I see anything different when I take it for a spin later today.
  17. DMage

    My Tesla CPO Buying Experience

    2013 P85+ with 50k miles on mine: Paint 9/10 - Great condition for the mileage but road rash and a few rock chips in the front, specifically the lower bumper and fog light area. Picked up a Dr Color Chip kit and plan to fix it myself. Drilled nose cone here as well that I am waiting on a...
  18. DMage

    Using TM-Spy to see Model S data.

    Would be interested in beta testing the android app as well.
  19. DMage

    My Tesla CPO Buying Experience

    Good write-up. A lot of praise on the forum for CPOs and of course the product specialists tell you how great the car will be, but you are still buying sight unseen. Seems like a significant amount of inconsistency across the company with the entire process. I am in the midst of it now waiting...
  20. DMage

    Can a Model S be towed by an SUV?

    Outside fuel costs and it being more difficult to haul? Should be doable. You can pick up a U-Haul auto transport, weighs 2,210 lbs according to U-hauls site. Plus the Model S curb weight of around 4,700 you are looking at 6,900 lbs. Another quick google pulled back a tow capacity of 7,500...
  21. DMage

    New Owner, not receiving firmware updates?

    Picked up my CPO last week and it had 7.0 on it. Had it on wifi and never received an update. A quick email to [email protected] and they pushed the latest 7.1 version to my car within a few hours.
  22. DMage

    Firmware 7.1 - For Classic Model S

    New owner here of a 2013 CPO, Tesla didnt upgrade before handing it over. Been a week on 3g and on Wifi at home and no update notice. Still on 7.0. This slow/normal for a rollout?
  23. DMage

    Extended Service Plan

    I find this thread interesting, but with Hank's list thought it would be helpful to counter it with ICE expenses. I plan on keeping my S for a long while, which is not normal for me (I am a 2-3 year car guy). If you are a 2-3 year car owner, then this list means nothing to you. However my wife...
  24. DMage

    Happy Birthday 4091

    Do you work over in the research park or at UCF? I pass by a white S occasionally on my way to work.
  25. DMage

    CPO buyers - Did Tesla fix your nose cone if in a state w/o front plate?

    Thanks everyone for the info. Sounds like all but one person so far was able to get it replaced if it had a front plate bracket already. Seems like something they should just do by default with CPOs.
  26. DMage

    CPO buyers - Did Tesla fix your nose cone if in a state w/o front plate?

    So maybe the question to ask is - did you buy your CPO car from a state that requires a front plate when yours does not, and was there a front plate bracket on the car at delivery or a new, hole/plate free nose cone? I have to assume there are a lot of CPO cars shipping out of California to...
  27. DMage

    CPO buyers - Did Tesla fix your nose cone if in a state w/o front plate?

    Interesting. I'm in the reverse situation, car came from CA with a front plate bracket and FL does not require. Seems crazy to not fix this as part of CPO and be stuck with a front plate bracket.
  28. DMage

    CPO buyers - Did Tesla fix your nose cone if in a state w/o front plate?

    Planning on picking my car up Thursday and received pictures of it post-refurb and it had a front plate on it. I assumed as part of the refurb they would fix an obvious item like the front plate bracket if the CPO is coming from a state with front plate requirements to a state without...
  29. DMage

    Overnight Test Drive Option?

    ^this. Friend told me not to test drive. I did. I did the extended test drive. I am picking up my car in a week.
  30. DMage

    Overnight Test Drive Option?

    Same as the others here, no qualification took place for an extended test drive. I went in for two regular test drives, one without and one with the wife. After talking to the advisor I wanted to have some extended first hand experience of autopilot and also check things like garage fit, range...
  31. DMage

    3/4 pvc conduit already occupied with 240V 20A

    4 6ga wires will max a 3/4 conduit fill rating. You'd have to pull the 12 out. Having just done this with 3 6ga and 1 8ga ground in 1" conduit I am glad I upsized.
  32. DMage

    Tesla Pre Owned Advisors?

    Best of luck with that. call the 800 # on the CPO site and ask for the CPO manager for your region. I was told they have designated folks for this. Although working with my local Tesla sales guy he never mentioned it, and the person corporare gave me was in a different city altogether. And...
  33. DMage

    Tesla Model S CPO Website - Now Live

    Congrats, looks like a great deal! Saw that alert come over and when I went to check it out an hour later it was gone. My alerts are set for rear facing seats as well. Made the same decision as you, wanted a P85+ or D model but wasn't willing to pay the AP premium. Did a long term rental and...
  34. DMage

    New CPO Owner of a Silver P85+

    Thanks! Best of luck on your pickup. The first person I talked to said 2 weeks from purchase till delivery since my car was in Freemont and it loaded on a truck the next day, but I half expect a month even if it's here in the next week or two once accounting for refurbishment.
  35. DMage

    New CPO Owner of a Silver P85+

    Nice. Waiting for my P85+ CPO that I ordered last week. When are you picking up? Looks like they turned yours around in 3 weeks? Where did it ship from?
  36. DMage

    For anyone looking for an outdoor UMC solution

    Glad someone here found it useful! Looking forward to starting to install mine this weekend.
  37. DMage

    Tesla Model S CPO Website - Now Live

    Very nice! I had vin 10084 and have only been to DCS 2012 in Orlando (call me lazy). One of several things I will not miss with the car. That or folks at car shows who want to bang on the car to see what stainless steel feels like (bang your sink) or think they are the first witty person to...
  38. DMage

    Tesla Model S CPO Website - Now Live

    I would assume reserving. My car was immediately gone from Teslas site, and gone from Hanks site as soon as I refreshed a few minutes later. If you have Hanks history package you can see when it's probably Tesla removing as they seem to do a handful in bulk which the site tracks as the same...
  39. DMage

    Tesla Model S CPO Website - Now Live

    Interesting. My car is at the Fremont SC (factory). I expect they will do the reconditioning there, or at least thats what the sales agent said on the phone. When I was in at the Orlando location two weeks ago they had 3 X's they were prepping for delivery. - - - Updated - - - Thanks Hank...
  40. DMage

    just got my cpo #1047 need affordable electrician in orlando area

    Congrats fellow Orlandonian! I just placed my CPO order this evening! Tesla recommends Hughes and In Phaze. Depending on where you are and your skills you can opt to do it yourself. I am in Belle Isle and just applied for a permit as an owner. It will still go through the inspection process...
  41. DMage

    Tesla Model S CPO Website - Now Live

    Well, I bit the bullet and placed an order tonight. I blame Hank and his site. P85+ with rear seats. Mid 50's. Higher than average mileage but with the warranty not super concerning. Excited/nervous/shocked right now...
  42. DMage

    Tesla Model S CPO Website - Now Live

    In my digging up info (someone correct me if I am wrong) I believe all had hid with the led drls except for early cars without the tech package. Parking sensors start around vin 17000 from what I've seen but can of course vary.
  43. DMage

    Tesla Model S CPO Website - Now Live

    With two small kids and having the option to pull the car seats and utilize the middle row for adults if needed, yes its a good selling point. Tesla Orlando lent me a car for an extended test drive and I ran into a family @ the supercharger with the kids in the back - talked to them for a few...
  44. DMage

    Tesla Model S CPO Website - Now Live

    Wow, 2 P85+'s posted in the mid 50's and one @ 60k. Too bad neither of them have 3rd row seats. The search continues...
  45. DMage

    Tesla Model S CPO Website - Now Live

    Agree I have the feeling that this might be the case, and they'd rather only put the best on the public .com site. Although the one I was inquiring about was listed as certified. A bit surprised considering the accident / damage repair.
  46. DMage

    Tesla Model S CPO Website - Now Live

    As others have said, there is absolutely a different system where they can see more. That system does include the website CPOs as well, and it's only marginally better as it has some level of sort/filtering (although nowhere near as good as ev-CPO). I was just in this past weekend and found what...
  47. DMage

    For anyone looking for an outdoor UMC solution

    Putting together a similar setup to user Dane Jasper's here: http://www.teslamotorsclub.com/showthread.php/27365-Locked-NEMA-14-50-Outdoors?p=581910&viewfull=1#post581910 The Cooper B-Line 12106 RHC I found online but almost all were special orders with high shipping. Ended up finding an exact...
  48. DMage

    To D or Not To D - Driving Pleasure

    Not a lot of experience here, just recently drove the Model S for the first time. Ended up getting an extended loaner of a P85D for a few days. Realistically my budget is either a P85+ CPO or a 70D new. The performance and handling side of me says P85+, and the technology side says 70D for the...
  49. DMage

    To those who purchased CPO - what was fixed, what wasn't?

    Thanks everyone for the info, your responses are in line with my expectations. Glad to hear it isn't strictly a take the damage or leave it scenario.
  50. DMage

    To those who purchased CPO - what was fixed, what wasn't?

    I have been looking at CPO cars and found one outside the region that I am interested in. Local product specialist obtained pictures of the car from the store in the region its at, and the rims are badly curbed. Last email I have notes that they are damaged. Am I crazy to think this is something...

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