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    Model X weld/seam cracking

    On mine, there is a weld, but it isn’t cracked. Is that okay?
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    Multipattern textile seats and spills/kids

    Textile seats are made of cloth so it’s going to be pretty hard to get stains off. Probably not your best choice
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    New battery

    For some reason my delivery guy said to put it at 88%. Don’t know where he got that number
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    Missing Tow Package?

    Just a question- what are adaptive headlights supposed to look like?
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    Model X Recall?

    Does everyone get the email?
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    Issue with new X: Steering/Parking/Airbag all out; any clues as to cause?

    Tesla does seem to be having quality issues especially for us people who slipped in at the end of the quarter. My AC chiller broke three days after I got the car! However, service was fast and they gave me a P90D loaner. :)
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    2017 VIN Model X Order and Delivery

    E9C461E7-511F-40C6-946C-0684484DBF49 by bwho9000 posted Oct 9, 2017 at 9:18 PM That’s a picture of my cream interior. More pics of of the rear coming!
  8. E9C461E7-511F-40C6-946C-0684484DBF49


    Model X cream interior
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    Where to stow tow hook (towing eyebolt)?

    No, it’s for the wires for connecting to a trailer. If you got tow package, the wires will be neatly folded into the small loop.
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    New Cream Interior

    My cream interior on Model X has black carpets. Dash is not alcantara, I think it is vegan leather.
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    Where to stow tow hook (towing eyebolt)?

    My tow hook came in the UMC bag. Look in the back compartment of the bag and there is a little loop that you can put it in.
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    2017 VIN Model X Order and Delivery

    Took delivery of my Model X 75D! Delivery was fast and guy was professional. Got two keys, AC worked fine. Impressed overall! I got the cream interior, so I will post some pics really soon. Just note that dashboard trim has no alcantara and is all synthetic leather. The seats feel really good...
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    2017 VIN Model X Order and Delivery

    Can someone who has cream seats describe them? Are they really light (almost white) or are they more tan. Kinda regretting not going with the white seats. I hope the cream matches with midnight silver metallic.
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    0 to 60 uncork

    Just asking: does 4.9 seconds 0-60 feel impressive for passengers?
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    Model X Pricing and Incentives

    THE 2018 and 2017 model may not have that much of a difference because Tesla makes updates to the production line every week or so.
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    2017 VIN Model X Order and Delivery

    I asked my DS if the car arrived safely. He said he asked the people at the service center and the car is just fine. Arrived last Thursday.
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    2017 VIN Model X Order and Delivery

    My bank said that ACH payments with them are settled in 1-2 business days. No idea why I have to wait until next Saturday
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    2017 VIN Model X Order and Delivery

    My DS didn’t even allow me to write a paper check. He said “service centers don’t accept checks.” I didn’t even bother ask him if I could post date a check if checks aren’t allowed.
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    2017 VIN Model X Order and Delivery

    The car reached the service center before I even sent a check. They really need to make it clear on the MVPA that doing an ACH will take a week longer. On the MVPA, it says “and electronic check is the easiest way to pay for your Tesla.” That doesn’t sound right.
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    2017 VIN Model X Order and Delivery

    Apparently “we have these policies in places to protect our business.” They probably are afraid I don’t have enough money in my account and sent them a check randomly. Well, if it’s anyones loss, it’s theirs, because delivery was scheduled for tomorrow, but since it got pushed back, Tesla won’t...
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    2017 VIN Model X Order and Delivery

    Pretty bad experience I just had. I used an ACH to pay on My Tesla and delivery specialist is telling me I have to wait a week and a half longer. Don’t understand why- at a dealer, I could hand them a check and leave with the car. Delivery was slated for tomorrow, but now, I have to wait until...
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    Reasons I HATE driving my old car

    First world problems
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    2017 VIN Model X Order and Delivery

    My X is going to be delivered on Friday. Is there anything I need to know before delivery (what to expect)?
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    2017 VIN Model X Order and Delivery

    Just called the delivery specialist to schedule delivery. Scheduled for next Friday (the 29th). Pretty excited! Ordered 8/20 production began 9/11. In Houston, Texas.
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    2017 VIN Model X Order and Delivery

    My DS just told me today that my car will probably be delivered by the end of the month. When he starts asking to call you, does that mean you are close to delivery? The website says Oct 3-17, but my DS told me today the car already finished production and is on the way to Houston. Anyone think...
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    Opinions on 5-seater vs. 7-seater?

    Five seat second row and 7 seat second row is the same (bench seat) and the 7 seater just has a third row. None of the seats on the seven are motorized, nor with the five.
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    2017 VIN Model X Order and Delivery

    Okay, website says I’ll get my car Oct. 3-17. Ordered 8/20. Anyone think delivery to the Texas area will happen on Oct 3? Production started 9/11.
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    Model X delivery process

    My delivery specialist, Bryan, never responds to my emails ever. I resort to asking the Tesla employee who gave me the test drive (who is also a delivery specialist) to give me updates since he can access the status also. Tesla needs to make sure the delivery specialists are actually responding...
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    2017 VIN Model X Order and Delivery

    Just called Tesla. They said usually the wait is 6 weeks from ordering to start transportation, so he said that the Model X should be out of the factory on the 29 of this month (ordered 20th last month). Hope it can be delivered by the first two weeks of next month.
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    2017 VIN Model X Order and Delivery

    Which state are you in?
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    2017 VIN Model X Order and Delivery

    About a week for production at this time (end of q3). Then, there’s delivery which will take another 1-3 weeks depending on region.
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    2017 VIN Model X Order and Delivery

    Okay, my Model X just got switched to "Your Tesla is currently in production" tonight. DS said two days ago that it had begun production, but the website didn't reflect the change. My order was placed on 8/20 and confirmed on 8/23. I am hoping for delivery by the end of September (in Houston...
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    Model X delivery process

    Can anyone who has gone through the process describe the steps of delivery. For example, do I need to complete the six steps in order for the car to begin production? Also, I placed my order on 8/20, it’s a X75D. Still hasn’t entered production, do you think I will take delivery by the end of...
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    2017 VIN Model X Order and Delivery

    I'm sorry for asking this novice question, but what is autopilot hardware 3.0? To my knowledge, there was only a 2.5 upgrade which added wiring redundancy and another GPU. Was there another update in autopilot hardware?

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