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    2016 Model X 75D - AP, Loads of warranty, 6 seat, black, Make offer

    What you got for it if you dont mind?
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    Dec 2016 Model S75 with 2 Year Extended Warranty

    Got the price you was asking for? I am about to sell one similar
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    2020 Model XL rear-ended

    Also im glad those FWD opened!
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    2020 Model XL rear-ended

    Ouch, yup thats totalled. Im glad you guys are doing ok.
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    Center cubby wireless charging mod

    Really cool, but you just paid for wireless charging regardless lol
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    Model X Phone Key via Bluetooth

    I thought elon mentioned that older models will be able to get that feature. Hopefully its a small retrofit.
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    3rd row one seat not lifting up - pls help due to kids needs to sit there

    I had this same issue, my kid had a ball on the seat when he closed it, could not come up because it never went fully down. Stick your hand and see if theres anything there.
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    Falcon Wing Door hit parking garage roof - normal?

    I wish the fwd worked like in the demo when they first announced it. Open up even when there is a car close to you but at a tighter angle. In reality it just stops when it detects anything close lol
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    Model X 60D Range

    Thats based on my driving habits and car not being preheated. So if i was to head out without preheat i would get around 99-110 miles. When i preheat while charging that can go up potentially to like 150 miles give or take. So this morning on a regular run with no preheat i was getting...
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    Model X 60D Range

    110 miles at 90%, sorry should of clarified. In summer i get around 200.
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    Model X 60D Range

    Sorry to break your heart man, i have a 75d and its 110 miles in winter.
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    Model X - Falcon Wing Door hit Garage

    My lifgate replacement alone was 5k, thats easily north of 7k
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    What is the proper way to swap the wheels on the X?

    My guess winter is coming , so 20s are better for range.
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    I want to trade my 2015 Model S P85D for a Model X

    A "regular" model x costs 20K+ more than a 2015 model S.... Not a fair trade lol
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    I want to trade my 2015 Model S P85D for a Model X

    Not a fair trade imo
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    Long Range Plus or Performance X

    I have always said that teslas sweet spot would be at 450+ miles because no one charges to 100 daily,or lets it drop below 15-20%. In winter time thats a whole different story, So with 450+miles in the bag we can do 300 miles with all the worst conditions thrown at us.
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    Falcon Wing Door Hit Ceiling

    Yea that part of the car sucks, i have to search out open spots with nothing above before i park in an indoor garage. I also keep the doors locked before i let passengers out and make sure theres nothing above.
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    AP1 MCU2 Upgrade?

    I use radio.com app, has a couple of stations i used to hear on FM . On the music tab in the car should be a "phone " option, tap on it and it will play whatever your phone plays (make sure they are connected through bluetooth)
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    AP1 MCU2 Upgrade?

    Nope, just stream FM from your phone. In my opinion it is still worth it, makes the car feel like brand new.
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    Upgrade falcon door switches

    So has anybody personally did it themselves?
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    Raven (non Performance) real world range?

    Yea always chop off 50+ miles from epa, no one likes to drive it down past 15% anyway and no one drives at 55mph. I personally cant wait for a 500+ mile car.
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    Pre Owned Order Experience

    In NJ, expiration of temp plates are a non issue because of the dmv shutdown during covid. My temp plates expired a week ago but the state waived all expired plates until further notice.
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    Family of 5: 6 Seats or 7 Seats

    6 seater is awesome, it feels so spacious inside with no middle console and kids fit in great.
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    Palladium Model X

    FWD are awesome with kids, maybe have 2 versions?
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    Dashcam recordings to SSD

    I heard, but i wonder if they are going to make one for the model X
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    Dashcam recordings to SSD

    I have a SSD from my old model 3 with a jeda hub that used to hide it, it was pretty neat. Anything out there in the market that does something similar? Where do you guys place your SSDs?
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    Pre Owned Order Experience

    I dont have permanent plates or Registration lol
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    Considering used X, which year model?

    I bought mines 2 months ago, March 2017 build, and it said FSD capability. That means it comes with AP 2.0 minimum and its eligible for the fsd computer upgrade, free. I just did the upgrade along with MCU 2 infotainment upgrade and its litteraly the same as my model 3 in terms of tech ( except...
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    MCU1 to MCU2 upgrade - technician skipped screen replacement

    I have a MCU2 upgrade coming up on 2017 model X, i asked for a new screen and rep said they wont get it until the end of the year (NJ), so i opted for the discount since my old screen is still good.
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    Model X vs. Model 3 Range

    I just did a road trip of over 1600 miles myself on a 2017 75D with 22s and i was getting like 390-400 w/m. Speeds i had were constant 75+mph. It was getting like 130-140 miles before the next charge. I knew before i bought that 75d with 22s would suck but i rarely do road trips and it wasnt...
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    Service Center Care

    All service centers are like this, i dont even know why they bother having a phone in the first place. Call sales ( they pickup super quick ) and they will transfer you over to service .
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    Rear doors and hitting your head

    I have a march 2017 build and it doesnt detect my big ass head under it. I have a service appointment for the sensors on them since they open and bang into everything, i will ask service if they can look into adding or if there is an existing indoor sensor.
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    After FSD 3.0, Summon accident!!! Crashed my bumper and hood

    Yea we all love our cars, but gotta accept the limitations of FSD. Just dont get confident with it and you will be alright.
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    After FSD 3.0, Summon accident!!! Crashed my bumper and hood

    As with all the other features, beta for life
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    After FSD 3.0, Summon accident!!! Crashed my bumper and hood

    Yikes, sucks man. Thats why i refuse to use summon or any gimmicky stuff tesla puts out. Shows you FSD is not even near ready. Dont know if SC will do anything besides "we will investigate".
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    15 used Model X's under $50K now

    Did not know matte finish on the back of the seats were done in 2017, interesting. I am still waiting for mine, being shipped from CA to NJ
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    15 used Model X's under $50K now

    Keep us updated
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    I finally got a Tesla!

    I had that one on my list (from hayward CA), looks like you beat me to it :) Congrats!
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    Does anyone think MCU1 is fine?

    My MCU2 failed after 2 months of ownership on my model 3 midrange last year. It was replaced.
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    Used MX v New Model Y

    Yup it has MCU 1, MCU 2 was introduced around march 2018 for Model X. You would only get sentry once you upgrade your MCU 1 to MCU 2. Dog mode i dont know sorry.
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    Does anyone think MCU1 is fine?

    If he dies he dies
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    Buying Used - Refusal Rights?

    On what date did you pull the trigger?
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    2.39 on a used 2017 through Chase a few days ago
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    I want to buy Tesla Model X

    i think on their own website it states free supercharging cannot be transferred.
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    Buying a used AP1 Model X... is this a bad idea?

    I would say depends on how often you use AP. I have a midrange model 3 with 2.5 AP and EAP and rarely use any of it because its unreliable, and in hindsight i could of saved 5k. Also you wont have sentry mode with AP1 so once again it all depends on how often you use it. The blindspot is not...
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    Rear Trunk Exterior Dimensions

    Go figure its almost the same height as my rack :rolleyes::rolleyes:. That geofencing trick might help. I would pull in first but then i would have to get a long cord. Thanks alot fellas!
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    Rear Trunk Exterior Dimensions

    Hey guys, just ordered a 2017 model x and i was wondering if anybody knew the height of the rear trunk from the floor?Like from top of spoiler to floor? I couldnt find it anywhere and i need to know if i have to remove a rack at the end (i will be backing it in) that sits at 52 inches. Thanks alot!
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    USED 2016 MODEL X P100D Things to look for when delivery?

    I understand, those are all great but i personally dont care about netflix or any gaming in a car. I have a midrange model 3 with EAP and never ever used any of those gimmicks. Also i rarely use my AP 2.5 since its very flaky, i will be fine with a AP1 car, and for 50-60k i think its priced right.
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    Model X Used Prices

    Depends on what kind of configuration he wanted.

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