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    Model S range and interior update imminent?

    3,5 years, my predictions where right on target! Counts as “imminent” right? :D
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    Model S range and interior update imminent?

    As the creator of this thread, on Jul 30, 2017, I guess the answer to my question was NO. I´m still waiting for that new interior :p
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    Model S range and interior update imminent?

    As the OP, and now almost 2 years later, I guess "imminent" was not the case :p I like the new Air suspension update, but I got tired of waiting and bought a 3LR
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    M3 AP cameras in snow

    What about the radar ? Doesn't help if the cameras are defrosted if the radar gets disabled by a little snow, like on S and X
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    360 surround-view of the car (DRIVE PX 2 stitches camera images)

    Elon said somewhere it´s in devmode. I guess they will release it if they are satisfied and/or have time.
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    Frustrated with FSD timeline

    After AP1 was introduced in October 2014, they had this on their website (screenshot) Summon was released in Beta, 15 months later, in Jan 2016 with 7.1. Now 1,5 years after the software release, you still have to stand by and actively tell your car to go/stop. After almost 3 years, the...
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    Model 3 vs. Model S Wars

    If the 3LR was avalible for all now, Tesla would not sell "any" S with the current config. The "only" reason people still buy it, is because most people cant get an 3 for a long time. The $25K jump from 3LR to S75 is insane when you thing about the fact that the S75 has 61 miles shorter range...
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    FSD may require a hardware upgrade...

    On level 4,5 you dont need to pay attention to the road... only on 2 and below. On 3, the car should be able to stop/pull over if you dont intervene if needed. So why would it need a camera to check?
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    What I would do to the S interior in a refresh

    Light porn! Tesla needs this! Don´t even have autodim on AP2 cars yet :S
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    What I would do to the S interior in a refresh

    For interior I want the 3 dash but with more screen/HUD, and more colour options.
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    Silver turbines discontinued

    Hmm okay. Maybe different in the US then. Here in Norway I see mostly silver 21/22
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    Silver turbines discontinued

    I asked a Tesla sales rep about this and he said it was because dark was so much more popular, and no one bought silver. I think this is obviously sales BS and that he has no clue about the real reason. The demo car he was standing next to had silver 21"... :D My take on this is that they are...
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    Model S range and interior update imminent?

    It has feature S does not: - Doorpockets - Seatpockets - Armrest in back seats - Dual Phone charger - Hooks for clothes Console has more space Vents, wheel and mirrors are adjusted from screen. Alcantara or similar on doors. With the exception of the two screens, 3 seems better to me. S...
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    Model S range and interior update imminent?

    Yes true, but I was mostly illustrating the difference of price/range and for that premium package is not required :) None premium will lack this: Premium heated seating and cabin materials throughout, including open pore wood décor and two rear USBs 12-way, power adjustable front seats...
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    Model S range and interior update imminent?

    3LR: 310 Miles Range $44K S75: 249 Miles Range $69.5K +$25.5K (58%) difference in price, - 61miles in range. I hope the rumours of 85 battery kicks in very soon...(without a price increase) Also test drivers confirms that interior on 3 is superior to S. - Door pockets, consol space, fan...
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    Here's hoping that the July 28 event will be a complete reveal

    Elon usually have very short presentations. I think there will be a lot of questions after the reveal that will slowly be answered as more people get access to cars.
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    Toy Model S With ***GLASS*** Trunk!!!

    Clickbate title, annoying, should change to title to make it clear what this actually is.
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    Tesla owners: How strong is regenerative braking?

    It's very nice and lets you drive one pedal most of the time. You'll get used to it very quickly. It's horrible to drive any other car after. It's the feature i miss the most when i drive other cars.
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    Is it the right time to trade up to HW2?

    Could you elaborate on the 2.5 hardware ? What is better than S/X ?
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    June: no air suspension except 100D. July: air for all! wtf??

    Active forums users should know by now that this is how Tesla operates. Often the config will even change between order and delivery of your car. Just have to be happy with what you bought, or wait until the you are happy with the config. I predected that this would happend since 3 was comming...
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    Ultra-Quiet cabin

    But "ultra" is a bit for a strech when describing the sound damping in a Tesla :p
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    Ultra-Quiet cabin

    The premium package lists "ultra-quiet cabin" under description for sound package. Is this new?
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    New Source Code findings for Model 3!

    Red brake calipers... Since that will probably only be for preformance isnt it strange that they show that now ? I'm guessing preformance will not come on RWD...
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    Consumer Reports reliability of Model S - worse than average

    For me the problem is not certain issues, but the wait time at service centers. In Bergen (Norway's second largest city) the wait time for an appointment for none critical issues is 5 months... March 2016...
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    Any of the first 5 on here ?

    Give us all the details!
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    Wifi cost for a Tesla in Norway and Sweden

    It´s true that Tesla has issues with the roaming cost of Norwegian cars driving to Sweden and further. But user dont pay anything.
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    Will Tesla support CarPlay?

    In this pic from Volvo you clearly see CarPlay as an "app" taking about 40% of the screen.
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    Will Tesla support CarPlay?

    Most people get this wrong. It does not replace your cars OS, it simply streams iOS from your phone that is put on top of the cars core OS. It if fairly obvious that the carmaker vil not require you to have an iPhone to operate your car... Look at this video from Volvo: "While you can...
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    Firmware 5.6

    Some Norwegian users have gotten firmware 5.6. ref thread on norwegian EV forum: Software update v5.6 Still waiting on complete change log.
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    Experience with Piano Black decor?

    Hmm but now i may be able to add Carbon fiber to my EU order, if im allowed. I will check if its possible and what it costs. CF is what i want the most, but piano is a clear nr 2.
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    Design Studio Updates!

    No its MEMORY climate control, (seats and mirrors).
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    Experience with Piano Black decor?

    Hi, i have a q for you owners with piano black decor. What are your experience with fingerprints and the glossiness ? Would you choose differently if you could do it over again ? Also could you post some pics ? :D Every limited with pictures of piano black. Seems like most don't choose it.
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    Firmware 4.5

    Now lets figure out the undocumented features/fixes :)
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    Tesla to make announcement tomorrow [5/3/2013]

    @elonmusk11m @roulezelectric This is about getting a prior announcement right. Not part 4 yet.
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    Pics: Dirty Model S

    Cool :) More more ;)
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    Pics: Dirty Model S

    In Norway cars get dirty very fast. Therefore its important to many to know how the look when they get it. I guess silver/grey shows dirt the least ? But I wanna see how all colors look when dirty. Post your dirty Model S pics here!
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    So much to figure out before finalizing (Norway)

    Most insurance companies sites ive been on have a calculator where you can choose Model S. Ive really interested to know more about financing. Hope they have this ready soon. It may make or brake my purchase. (Im young not not very rich :p )
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    Model S Reservation Tally

    Yes I got 3305 late on the day Friday
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    Model S Reservation Tally

    Thx :) Tesla said 2013....so Im guessing December :p
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    Model S Reservation Tally

    3305 today, Norway :)
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    Something is happening (Tesla website down) - Leasing Option News

    Someone should liveblogg ;) - - - Updated - - - Twitter: "We're busy updating our website. We'll be back up at 1:45pm."

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