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    Water collecting in Model 3 trunk lid?

    :(I washed my Model 3 today. After washing, I raised the truck lid and heard water sloshing inside the trunk lid as I raised and lowered it. When fully raised, I noticed water dripping from the pointed bottom edges on each side, as well as water dripping from the black plastic interior trunk...
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    Model Y

    :)Stopped by the Richmond, VA Tesla store yesterday morning. Specifically, I was hoping to see the new Model Y. Tons of new Model 3 in every configuration, Models S, and X. I walked by the only Model Y on the lot, closely sandwiched between two other Tesla's. I though it was a X. I was really...
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    Is the Model 3 on death row because of the Model Y?

    :)More options (models) are best. I believe the Model X might suffer loss of more sales than the Model 3. I'm a sedan guy. I prefer the size and cost of the Model 3 versus the Model S.
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    light hearted request... your car name? - and why

    :)H3LL BITCH. From the Lonesome Dove mini series. The name of Tommy Lee Jones' gray mare horse. And, it's hot as hell.
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    Worth it to upgrade from LR RWD to P3D?

    :)Yes, I could. Yes, I did. However, I could afford many things in life I don't have. Those are things I don't need.
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    Wall Connector or a second Gen 2 Mobile Connector

    :)Tesla HPWC for me, charging 44 miles per hour at home. Plenty spend large amounts on accessories, wraps, paint correction, etc. My Tesla priority, top Model 3, fully equipped, matched to the Tesla HPWC providing the fastest home charging.
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    Unexplained Reduced Regen Braking...

    :)Thanks for the information. It was 57 degrees in central Virginia this evening when I left work. I noticed more regen braking than the last couple of days. I love regen braking and was surprised when I didn't have as much as I was accustomed to.
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    to support Tesla bought shares-now heavily rewarded. How many of you wish.....

    :)Great news for Tesla stock. I support the home team, but no Tesla stock. I have numerous stocks purchased over the past twenty years. Don't be fooled, plenty of other stocks are through the roof.
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    Unexplained Reduced Regen Braking...

    :(I've had 2019.40.50.7 for several weeks now. I charged my Model 3 this past weekend. Charged to 80%, and realized regen braking was reduced. After several day of driving, strong regen braking hasn't returned. I checked settings and regen braking is set to "standard". I changed to "low" and...
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    Not enough sales pressure?

    :)I've been a Tesla fan for a long time. Started with a Prius Plug In, BMW i3 BEV, and Bolt EV. I was always interested in a Tesla, just felt it was more EV than what I needed. I stopped by the Richmond, VA Tesla Store one day to look at the Model 3 and get some basic information. I spoke to a...
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    Not enough sales pressure?

    :)As a adult, it's my responsibility to do "my" homework prior to making a big purchase decision. We're fortunate to have online forums like this that provide so much information, and the ability to ask questions and gather opinions. Don't be lazy.
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    thoughts on trading in a 2016 tesla 75d model s for performance model 3

    :)Had my P3D in for service issue, not able to charge, two weeks ago. Drove a 2016 Model S, P85 for two days. Huge difference. I never felt comfortable driving. Didn't realize the difference until I drove my P3D home. Seemed more refined, smaller, and nimble.
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    Service center loaned me a 75D...I love it (comparing Model 3 to Model S)

    :(I had a 2015 Model S 85D for two days. Seemed old and unrefined. When I picked up my P3D. It felt new, refined, nimble, and wonderful. I love the Model 3 simple dash and horizonal display.
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    which shade of window tint?

    I believe 35% is a happy medium. Not too light, not too dark, looks classy.
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    Model 3 Performance vs Model S 75D

    :)I had my Model 3 in for service, two days. Got a 2015 Model S loaner. I've always loved the look of the Model S. A little awkward to get use to. When I picked up my Model 3, it felt so much more simple, refined, and nimble to drive. Model 3 for me.
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    Charging Equipment Fault

    :)I received a text message from the Richmond, VA service center this morning, my Model 3 is charging and ready for pick up. They replaced the charge port electronic control module. Picked it up this afternoon and was charged to 90%. After driving the 2015 Model S P85 for two days, my P3D is so...
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    Charging Equipment Fault

    :)I received my third unsolicited phone call from the service person at Richmond, VA SC yesterday. Wanted to verify my charging effort with supercharging the night before which was unsuccessful. Said he'd be in touch after talking with a technician. Call later in the afternoon, and wanted me to...
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    Passive entry fob failure

    :)Just received my new passive FOB. Works well in the garage and very happy. Have a charging issue and haven't driven my car in two days. Currently at the local SC for trouble shooting and repair.
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    Comparison of a P85D loaner to my Model 3

    :)Took my Model 3 in today, unable to charge (Level 1, Level 2 (2 ea), or supercharger). Loaned me a Model S P85. So far, very positive Tesla service experience. The Model S is better than Uber, but I prefer my Model 3.
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    Charging Equipment Fault

    ;)For those interested. Surprisingly, I received a call at work today from my local Tesla Service Center in Richmond, VA. The technician was following up on my request last night for a service appointment, and asking questions about my charging problem. He recommended I try my 110V Tesla...
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    Charging Equipment Fault

    :(My excitement was short lived. My car charged for an added eight mile and shut off. Fault message is back.
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    Charging Equipment Fault

    :)UPDATE. Spoke to Tesla yesterday. They forced the 32.12.2 software update and I installed via phone at work. When I got home, still had the "Charge Equipment Fault" message. Did another hard reboot, no luck. Technician suggested I "power off & on" the vehicle as another option. still no luck...
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    Charging Equipment Fault

    :)I'll speak to the local SC center this morning. Speculating, I would assume it's a software issue, with three recent updates. Started receiving the error message on Wednesday, stays on constantly. I have not charged in almost two weeks.
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    Charging Equipment Fault

    :(I have the same issue, started last Wednesday. Car drives fine, but down to 76 mile range. I have a HPWC and a Leviton 40a EVSE. Neither will charge and show a fault. Initially, I thought it was a problem with the console USB charger until I saw this post. I was unable to get the latest 12.2...
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    New Fobs passive entry, old one gets update? [No, not possible]

    :)I took a BIG hit with a price reduction on my P3D two months after purchase. The key FOB is minor.
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    Best way to sell these OEM 20" wheels and tires

    :)Factory wheels are a tough sell. I've had many cars over the years, normally replace the factory wheels with aftermarket. At one time, I had four sets collecting dust. I agree, best to sell each wheel separately, even the damaged wheel. I'd be interested in one good 20" performance factory...
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    SuperCharging, South Hill, VA

    :(There's a Love's Truck Stop and Service Center up the street one mile. We looked for the Tesla Supercharger there, had a hard time finding it. We walked up the street to Love's, very dangerous walking on the side of the road. Again, just glad to have a Supercharger station available.
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    SuperCharging, South Hill, VA

    :)My wife and I took a day trip yesterday from South Richmond, VA (Chester) to Danville, VA. I was fully charged and left Home with a 307 mile charge. The trip was 152 miles to Danville with about 30 miles around town. I knew the trip to Danville and back to South Hill to supercharge was around...
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    Thinking about joining legal action on recent massive price cut

    :)I only realized it was overpriced when they reduced the price of the same car/options $6200 two months later. They could have reduced the price on the P3D $2000 to $3000 and people would have flocked to purchase them. Gradual, incremental, smaller price cuts would have achieved the same...
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    Thinking about joining legal action on recent massive price cut

    :)I tried, they wouldn't sell a fully loaded P3D for less. Just wait if FSD never materializes as promised. Plenty more will be more upset.
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    Thinking about joining legal action on recent massive price cut

    :)I'm not asking for sympathy or a refund. I ordered my fully loaded Model 3 Performance April 17 and picked it up on May 4th. I paid $68,000 plus. Two months later, the price was reduced $6200. That's a huge price reduction. I don't want to hear about computers, iPhones, and home previously...
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    Debating whether to buy a Key Fob

    :)I've had my Model 3 for two months. I initially used the phone app and the key card, preferring key card. The only problem, I was swiping it too low on the drivers pillar and it was frustrating getting it to work. I finally figured it out. I checked everyday waiting for the key fob to be back...
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    BMW’s new key

    :)Now the BMW owners can purchase their optional key FOB for those that don't like the card.
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    Final Decision, 14-50 or Wall Connector?

    :)Since I decided on a Tesla Model 3, just seemed natural to go with the HPWC. I already had a Leviton 40A EVSW from previous EVs. Still use to charge my Chevy Bolt and Prius Plug In. I like the Tesla EVSE appearance, sleekness, and the availability to charge at home at the highest rate...
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    Missing Free Supercharger Hours

    :(Ordered my Model 3 on April 17th with a referral code. Confirmed with my sales advisor for the 1000 Supercharger miles. Confirmed several day after delivery. Used a Supercharger within two weeks and charged $7.25, confirmed on my MC bill. Emailed [email protected] several weeks ago...
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    Adding A Flasher Or Strobe The Center Brake Light

    :eek:So negative. Three short flashes? Let's deal with real world problems.
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    Adding A Flasher Or Strobe The Center Brake Light

    :)Check eBay for "Third Brake Light Flasher". I've had them on several of my cars in the past. Inexpensive, easy to install and you can set the number of flashes.
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    Psa - Key Fobs Available To Order

    :)Ordered one two weeks ago, just received it. I like having the key FOB.
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    Inexpensive Mods Completed Today...

    :)Very easy, several minutes per handle. I started with the right rear in case I messed up. The vinyl is cut slightly smaller than the handle, due to the curvature of the handle. You'll see a slight line around the wrap, and only up close.
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    Inexpensive Mods Completed Today...

    Hi, I ordered mine from AbstractOcean.com. The color is off a little in direct sunlight, but I like the wrap better than the factory look. They were $16.
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    Inexpensive Mods Completed Today...

    :)I've had my Model 3 for about seven weeks. Been checking sites for aftermarket accessories. Made a list and ordered, they arrived yesterday and today. My scheduled plans were put on hold for a fun. productive day. 1. I previously ordered the Xpider (sp) all weather floor mats, they're...
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    What’s the one thing you like the least about your Model 3?

    :)I'm the only Tesla Model 3 Performance owner with a flip phone. Truth is, old habits are hard to break.
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    Pleased and excited about my new Model 3 Performance

    :)Congratulations! I have the same car and color. Looks wonderful! Only negative is a little less range than some. But I don't anticipate range ever being an issue. All in.
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    How the Tesla Model 3 became the World's Safest Car - 18 minute video

    :)I had no idea. You owe it to yourself to watch this 18 minute on your Model 3's safety features. INCREDIBLE video and safety information!
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    What’s the one thing you like the least about your Model 3?

    :)Lack of a passive key FOB. Old habits are hard to break. I have the Tesla key FOB on order. Still not passive.
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    Tips on how I averaged~190 wh/mi for 17,000 miles (so far...)

    :)I purchased my 2012 Prius Plug In, new in Jan 2013. At that time, only two real EVs, Tesla Model S, and the Nissan Leaf. The Prius Plug In was a alternative, with about 14 miles EV range. I have a 9.6 mile one way commute to work, and it took a lot of effort to drive all EV. At one point I was...
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    Tips on how I averaged~190 wh/mi for 17,000 miles (so far...)

    :)Driving conservatively is fine if you have the time. The Tesla Model 3 range is sufficient under normal daily conditions. The only exception would be when you're low on range to make a destination. Reduce speed, limit heat or A/C. Don't compromise the joy of driving your Tesla or any EV trying...
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    Go Ahead -- Grade my Vanity Plate Idea

    :)I like initials because they look classy.
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    Front lic plate holder

    :)I've had personalized plates since 1978. As a result, I don't mind a front plate and think the front of the Model 3 looks better with one.
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    Friend Considering Chevy Bolt vs Model 3

    :)I have both. The Bolt is solid, but I leased mine when there were no real discounts except for California. I started with a Prius Plug In, then BMW i3, Bolt Premier, and now a Model 3 Performance. Notice the progression. Check out my avatar.

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