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    Gen 1 HPWC Death - "Charging Stopped - Power lost while charging"

    So it looks like my HPWC gave up the ghost. It completed its last charge successfully, no lightning storms/surges that I know of since then, and the mobile charger works like a charm so not thinking it is the car. Tried resetting, cutting power, etc, to no avail. I'm going to guess that last...
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    HULU login in issue

    Is anyone still having this issue? I get "your login is blocked", even WITH the create-account trick (yay, no captcha!). I can sign in from a browser (e.g. on a laptop/computer) just fine, so pretty sure it isn't JUST my login credentials.
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    Success Stories for Preemptive eMMC Warranty Replacement with Center Display Repairs?

    So I have a question for @Akikiki and others with a more "vintage" model. Boring Background: I'm getting a bit sad the proverbial Shark is close, or Tesla has jumped it. I was going to upgrade my P85DL to a Plaid+, mostly for battery size. While there is certainly value, more for some than...
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    Denied eMMC replacement - what to do?

    OMG I thought it was $1500 still... ouch. And on the "time to upgrade firmware" I got a similar line... Sigh... wonder what all the new (e.g. no-analog-control) folks will think of their purchase in six years when they can't even shift because their touchscreen is cracked and it will be $5K...
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    Denied eMMC replacement - what to do?

    Responding to my own post (sigh) this is interesting... maybe the criteria by which they judge? https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2020/MC-10186276-9999.pdf I love the reference to “MCU_w031_cidSquashfsError" ... nice to know others in the industry choose such honesty in creating cover-up...
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    Denied eMMC replacement - what to do?

    Uhm @WhiteWi that's kind of the point of this thread... they are replacing SOME of the chips. Not all of them (e.g. mine, and I assume I am not alone). I'm not asking for free MCU2, but I am asking for all the safety features [the MCU controls] to work that I paid six figures for. You know the...
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    Denied eMMC replacement - what to do?

    So got my official recall notice that parts are available, and I should proceed with scheduling my eMMC replacement for MCU1. So, do so, drop it off... At the end of the day, service notes say to the effect "does not need replacement at this time... check back later to see if eMMC has reached...
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    Faster A/C charging?

    @brkaus I have no doubt in the Tesla world that what one person says is possible, really isn't. This was last month from my local SC- they swear they could pull it off. They seemed more surprised anyone still had a Gen 1 charger and could use it if they did it.
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    Faster A/C charging?

    My SC told me that you could still install dual chargers on a new Model S "off the menu", assuming you had a Gen 1 HPWC to use the second (or at least the remainder of the 80A). There's probably a way (or will be a way) to make it happen with the larger models like the CT as well. There have...
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    Plaid+ denial is an attempt to reverse the Osborne effect?

    Or one day, probably a day or two after I get a Plaid delivered, Elon will switch *ALL* Model S's to the new battery construction, and get a huge jump in range. Look for want ads in the papers looking for Nelson Muntz impersonators, as they'll be needed to go around to all the new suckers...
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    What sets time zone? (another dying MCU1 whine)

    Like a lot of us, I have a near-death eMMC MCU1. Had an issue with Spotify crashing and causing either a reboot of the Tegra screen or an infinite loop (where music would restart prior to getting controls back, causing a crash again). On an unrelated (I hope) issue requiring a trip to the SC, I...
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    Forward Collision Warning Just Saved My Bacon

    What dashcam do you have... with an accelerometer? Thats's awesome.
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    Tune in Podcasts and 8.0 - Unusable

    Your title, "Tune in Podcasts and 8.0 - Unusable" could do without the first four words. I feel your pain.
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    After 6 months of loving my car, version 8 makes me want to sell it

    OMG, consider yourself lucky. Your car just doubled in value. DO NOT UPGRADE!!!!1!!eleven! 8.0 IS COMPLETE AND UTTER CRAP. I cannot think of a single thing *I* find better in it. Others' opinion may vary, and no judgements if they do... but I think it needs to go. Hard. Model 3 reservation is...
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    Regressing to pre 8.0?

    Has anyone (without root) found any way to revert to the previous firmware? The horrendousness of every screen grates on me more and more... I assume someone thinks it is nicer, but now I've found something to hate on every screen. The radio is pretty much unusable, it is like coming out and...
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    Very sad... Fatality in a Model S on the 405

    Erp, my bad, thought it was an X. Did not correlate.
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    Very sad... Fatality in a Model S on the 405

    I haven't seen this posted here. The pictures are oddly uncharacteristic of a Tesla... it has pretty much destroyed the back half of the car, like the SUV hit it above the battery. Updated: 7-year-old girl dies, 13-year-old girl in critical condition after 405 freeway crash; another driver...
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    Tesla Compared to a 1500 Horsepower 32 Ford Review!

    Link with time advanced to Tesla reference for the TLDR version: 1,500HP 1932 Roadster - /BIG MUSCLE - YouTube The brake failure is right after it, for added LOL. These videos do make me proud... the way this guy says "if you ever have the chance to get into a Tesla" and one half of me says...
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    Upgrading home service to 600A

    Sigh, jealous. I only have 400A service. When I bought my MS, chademo was not out yet, and reality kept me from "reserving" money for a $10K charger that needed 3p 480V service to power it (e.g. "LOL we aren't offering you 3p service to a residence!"). Anxious to try out the 135KW SCs, just...
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    VBox 0-60 time for my P85DL: 3.1 s actual; 2.9 with 1-ft roll-out

    I don't have the detailed stats, but my butt-dyno also approves of the upgrade... well worth it. I believe it also worthy of note that the G-force pull, which fell off so quickly on launch with just Insane, pulls all the way to about 70MPH before a normal person can pull their head off the...
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    Valet damage ?

    Ferris Buller's day off ruined valet parking for me forever. I don't care if it was a beat up Yugo with 400K miles (lol, like that could happen) I don't think I could ever voluntarily hand the keys over. My last house (in urban Chicago) had free parking on my street, and the local valets would...
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    Looking for Midwest Tesla Owners help

    Completed. I also think it would be important to link to (from here, maybe) so I can cite it to places. My family does smaller places (like VRBOs, B&Bs, and non-chain hotels) far more frequently for personal trips than we do large hotels, so helping you increase the results' reach to these...
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    New Launch Mode - firmware 2.9.40

    Also, at the risk of sounding waaaaay too obvious, make sure your car is not in Hill Hold when you launch if you are not using launch mode.
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    Aliens tried to steal my mirror

    Ok, looking for some reassurance I am not crazy here. Out doing some errands, everything seems fine... get on the highway to come home, decide I need to be in the right lane, so look to see if the lane is clear, and... my passenger outside mirror is hanging from its perch. No earthly idea how...
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    Ludicrous Upgrade Scheduling?

    Yes, sorry, I am not trying to be confrontational... by technicality, yes, they did not complete it in the same calendar day. I dropped it off at 5p on Tues, app notification of firmware update about 11p Tues, got confirmation from SC via email it was complete around 1a Wed morn, and picked it...
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    Ludicrous Upgrade Scheduling?

    Maybe in Charlotte, but Chicago SC did it in about ~6 hours. They asked for it overnight, but were done by 1a... not really sure when they started. They claimed that was the norm for them. Bring your car in with a LOW SoC (they asked for <30% for me) or they will have to discharge it, which...
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    Ludicrous Upgrade Scheduling?

    Chicago has it down to a single overnight stay now- went in at 5p and it was done by 1a that morning. They did a great job, and IMHO... it is absolutely a worthy upgrade. I can't wait for the roads to get de-salted so I can actually apply some torque. I will share I never used to be able to...
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    Tesla's 85 kWh rating needs an asterisk (up to 81 kWh, with up to ~77 kWh usable)

    So I just have to ask... is anyone taking bets on what a 70 or 90 battery pack really is?
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    Front seat belts rub against neck - very bothersome

    For those TM employees on here lurking, please take note: I would *PAY* (a reasonable amount) for this retrofit!
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    Ludicrous Upgrade Scheduling?

    Chicago is doing them too, now! Scheduled for next week! :love:
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    Snowed in

    You're forgetting about the frost line... in the northern US, it is around 36" or so underground. So if water melts fast enough to have a running stream (which it likely would in a decent size snowstorm) it will melt and run into the sewer... it won't freeze until it is not moving at any...
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    Michigan may see ballot petition to allow direct vehicle sales

    Well.... with the anti-Tesla governor... who may be soon be meeting some new friends in an incarceration facility... maybe the replacement will see the light, and lots and lots of American workers that really really want to work in the motor city but can't find work... can find work... and help...
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    Unintended consequences of naming my car

    And for about 30 seconds, I wondered how long it would be before someone posted the "why is six afraid of seven?" joke... and no one has yet! (Because seven-eight-nine... groan...)
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    Main screen not turning on, mirrors not retracting, owner out of town.

    There's actually another one yet... stop the car (if needed), push the brake down all the way to the floor... then hold the scroll wheels both for 45 seconds. That's a "hard" reboot for the center console. I've had the soft reboot (scroll wheels for 15s) start the reboot, but never came back up...
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    Why I'll Never Buy Another Gasoline Powered Car

    What is that "Apollo" post referenced in the article?
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    Any Showroom or Service Center plans for Wisconsin?

    Keep in mind that of the year I've had mine, I've needed service exactly once (outside of SeatGate, but that's kind of a unique scenario unlikely to repeat)- when I drove over a nail. For your annual maintenance, you can pre-schedule a time, where you get a loaner. Drive down, drop your car in...
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    The worst part of AD "NAG" is

    You mean like all the other non-Tesla vehicles that have some variant of it, who were formerly mad as hell that some other car company had the intestinal fortitude to trust the signals and driver? Or the lawyers salivating waiting for the first lawsuit they could pin on this?
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    New Launch Mode - firmware 2.9.40

    Like others noted, now that it was actually a reasonable temperature (almost 50F, or so the car thought), launch mode works just fine for me now. Max Power just needs to be on, not batteries ready. Same firmware yesterday, hovering around 2F, no dice (and no error stating that... WTF... it isn't...
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    Splitting Pennies -

    Enjoy your MS. You likely didn't pay the "P" premium because the badging looked pretty. Launches do not get old. :love::love: When I had to get "permission" from the wife, I asked her the most important factor for her... she said fuel economy. Showed her the Monroney (sp?) sticker, 89MPGe...
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    Chicago Winters Anyone?

    I'm sorry you asked the opposite question I could answer... I'm sure if you drive intelligently, you will be OK. For me, the MS was too expensive a car to not be able to drive comfortably all 12 months here. WITH AWD, I can assure you you wouldn't be shown up by a Subaru or the like (I came from...
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    New Launch Mode - firmware 2.9.40

    Like others, I am not able to get it to work. The car DOES buck as the go pedal is pressed, so I suppose it could be used as launch, although the brake hold I've found noticeably decreases launch velocity. I've had identical results before and after the "summon" firmware update (regret I did not...
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    Force footwell lights on?

    I have premium lighting. It isn't exactly as premium as I'd been hoping. I don't mind interior lighting, esp if it is red or blue, which do not interfere with the driver's vision at night. No idea how to force them on... this is the closest thing I can think of... on my list for some day in...
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    Unintended consequences: Max Battery for Max Efficiency?

    Yeah, it's that time of year again. Y'know, with those nasty yellow dashes all over the power gage because it is f#*king cold out there. So as I briefly forgot that regen isn't as effective as it was earlier this year at a upcoming red light, this little thought popped into my head: for a...
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    A couple of crazy kids and a P85D

    ROFLMAO. The gas powered vacuum cleaner was a great touch.
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    Let the hacking begin... (Model S parts on the bench)

    My guess is when we get the point of complete pwn3rship, the talent of people like you and the other tech types that gravitate to Tesla vehicles could probably come up with a pretty bad-ass replacement for it. With a LOT more functionality the masses probably would never care about. As a...
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    ICE me now* , pay $75, LOL (*if you are in Illinois)

    What we need is a snitch hotline. While us Tesla owners usually do not panic, I can imagine the range anxiety of Leafs and others that DO need those charging spots at Whole Foods, Walgreens, etc to make it home to their families... and much like the heartless baboons that park in handicapped...
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    ICE driving dynamics deterioration

    OMG absolutely! It's that season here in Chicago where regen limits kick in, and it is almost the same thing... imagine how much we could blame friction loss from rotors for in the whole climate change debate... what a waste of energy. --- Almost a "Tesla moments" crosspost. Got my first...
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    ICE me now* , pay $75, LOL (*if you are in Illinois)

    Illinois “Anti-ICEing” Law Signed I wish we could call in tips for a share of the fine... The best part is this: So in Chicago that's like a $200 something tow and impound fee... :biggrin:
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    Ludicrous Upgrade Scheduling?

    Who called you? Freemont directly? Your local SC? Or the Tysons Corner one ? (Sorry, these may be the same for you). Just trying to figure out how this works... the Chicago SC folks seemed surprised when I mentioned that others were actually being done outside of Freemont here. MODS: should...
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    We need a cold weather support group...

    Maybe, if I can find a good one. Most of them suck, bad- I've tried a few. For LIGHT snow, I have a shovel. It is when it is heavy snow (either "heavy" = wet or "heavy" = 10 inches of it) that I'd probably die of a heart attack with one of the flimsy ones. I have switched to a battery powered...

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