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    Model X design studio is here! What to expect for Model S?

    You might be right, but I think that people are making too much from design studio renderings that are very likely rushed and intended right now for a very tiny, and committed, audience. People are studying them like they're the Zapruder film, breaking down every nuance. My only point is that I...
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    LTE upgrade is on the way

    Are all Model S vehicles eligible for the retrofit?
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    Model X design studio is here! What to expect for Model S?

    I think everyone is getting out in front of their skis with speculation on the Model X interior based on these computer renderings. The renderings were not intended for public consumption. They could easily be placeholders set up for the Sig buyers, based on the existing Model S interior but...
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    Supercharger - Tinton Falls, NJ (Jersey Shore Premium Outlets)

    Just drove by the Jersey Shore Premium Outlets to take a look. There were four or five guys working on it, but when i asked them about the timetable, the "boss" said it would be two more weeks, because the electric company still has to do some work. So probably not ready until Labor Day....
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    Supercharger - Tinton Falls, NJ (Jersey Shore Premium Outlets)

    I have a vacation home down in point pleasant beach, about 15 minutes from the outlets. I'm down for the next two weeks and will check in to see what the status is. This is a great spot for a Supercharger for people visiting the shore from points north.
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    Remote S: Tesla app for Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

    Just downloaded it. Really slick interface, well-done. Thanks for your hard work, and for engaging the community so rigorously here. Amazing that you did all this in a short time. Now I may need to get the Watch.....
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    April 2015 85D | Pearl White | Black Leather | Black Alcantara | Upgraded Interior | Sound |...

    April 2015 85D | Pearl White | Black Leather | Black Alcantara | Upgraded Interior | Sound | Tech | Third-Row Seats.
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    So when do you stop loving your car and ignoring the small (and not so small) issues?

    Knock on wood, I am 21 days in with zero problems. I absolutely love the car, but I am pretty sure I would be extremely frustrated experiencing the repair issues some of you describe, particularly with 2014-15 models. Getting fit and finish issues nailed down should be priority #1 in Fremont...
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    Deal breaker therapy

    I would love to have better iPhone integration. I would love a 360 camera. But those would be terrible reasons to deny myself the utter delight of driving my 85D every day. Waiting for AWD for a New England owner makes sense. Waiting to play your iTunes playlists does not.
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    What are the Voice Commands you can give?

    Thanks, Rick, for the manual reference. I looked through the manual, the table of contents, and the index for references to "voice commands" and couldn't find them. Didn't occur to me they'd be covered under the "steering wheel" section. Not the most intuitive organization....
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    What are the Voice Commands you can give?

    Tha is, Zythryn. I looked through the manual and could not find it. I don't discount the possibility of user error in that regard. Helpdul info, thanks.
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    What are the Voice Commands you can give?

    I'm an owner for about 8 days now, and absolutely love my Model S, but I can't find anywhere a list of the available commands that can be used through the steering wheel controls. I have these: "NAVIGATE TO [address]" -- controls navigation and will search for address. "PLAY [song or artist...
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    One week old today, and then backed into....

    Ugh. I feel for you. I took possession a week ago, too, and have been driving like a grandmother on her way to church on Sunday all week (except, well, for launches...), and parking in the hinterlands of every lot. I just want to get through a least a few weeks before My Model S loses its...
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    Anyone got a black & black config?

    I have kids AND a dog. And Although I have sworn that my Model S will never haul a car seat for the kids (I got the rear facing seats, which fits one of them now and the other soon), I fear that I might not get away with that for long. Hence -- black everywhere.....
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    Anyone got a black & black config?

    I should be picking up my pearl white with black leather, black alcantara, piano black with pano roof this week. Obviously, can't speak to how a true black-black-black would look, but the interior should be similar. I haven't seen any pictures of my combination, at least not since Tesla added...
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    Tracking Model S 85D Delivery Thread

    S85D, all options Vin 716xx ordered 10/10, originally set for February, then early March. deferred for two weeks by me went into production 3/13 finished production 3/17 in transit as of 3/18 no delivery date set. looks like a lot of people are going to be getting cars by end of month. I...
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    Tracking Model S 85D Delivery Thread

    Ordered the night of the D announcement in early October. Got my VIN two weeks ago. MyTesla still says delivery in "March." OA contacted me last week, says I have til Tuesday to make any changes I want to the order, because they're going into production. Note that I'm in NY, so delivery...
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    How do people like the "new" seats?

    I know I had read a thread here or in the TM forum arguing that the older back row seat headrests were too low, and could be dangerous in the event of certain types of accidents. Too bad there's a trade off for visibility.
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    How do people like the "new" seats?

    Most of the discussion about the new Tesla seats has been about people not getting the seats they ordered, which is understandably frustrating. As someone waiting for my S85D, though, I am curious as to whether people have gotten the "new" seats that will be on the S85D. That is, I know P85D...
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    Disappointed by Poor Interior Quality

    I can't take seriously complaints about the tech in the Tesla from someone running around with a two-year old iPhone.
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    Model S Console Recommendations

    I'm confused about this (confirmed for S85D in October). Here's why: 1. My OA told today me that the console is not yet available, but some of you clearly have it.p and the website indicates it's available, at least for piano black. 2. Why is the console not an option in the Design Studio? I...
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    Some questions about options when ordering

    I know a lot of these questions have been answered before, often over and over, but I still find the opinions helpful. I ordered the night of the D announcement, and pretty much got everything because once I've spent over $100,000 I've already beaten the rational side of my brain into...
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    Why so many resell model S with less than 10k miles?

    @bighorn, I don't doubt that many of the people in this forum are piling up the miles just giving demo drives to their friends. I get my S85D in Fe rusty (hopefully) and put the 2015 over-under at 20,000 miles -- about twice what I currently drive.
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    Why so many resell model S with less than 10k miles?

    I don't think it's unusual to see Model S resales with under 15,000 miles -- after all, cars have only been on the road for two years. Assuming that few of those Rosales are Signatures, then you're probably talking cars with 18 months or less of drive time. Given that most people drive between...
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    Should you buy a Tesla? Perspective after 6 years, 2 cars and 100k+ miles

    Chad, this thread is amazing, thanks for your thoughtful contribution. I've been waiting two years for the AWD announcement, and since about two hours after the D Event I was in the queue. Contributions like yours help me get through the waiting period I have in front of me. Thanks.
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    Disappointed with the D unveiling

    My first post, so please forgive it I screw up any of the forum conventions. As someone who has been lurking for two years waiting for the long-rumored AWD announcement, I am a little surprised people have been so shocked about the safety features and the dual drive. I'm just your average fan...

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