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    Deciding on second EV, a non-Tesla

    I am also looking at a second EV, but since I have a Model Y for road trips, which BTW are great, so my second EV can be a less expensive city car. I lean toward the Bolt EUV, which has a price and qualities that are attractive.
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    Replacement Tires for 19" wheels

    I replaced the original Continentals with Goodyear Eagle Exhilarate tires, and the ride is noticeably softer and quieter. I was pleasantly surprised, as was my wife. We took a long road trip (800 mi), on all types of roads, and noticed how much smoother my Model Y rode even on rougher...
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    Issues with phone key

    I had the same problem until I got a new phone, which has a newer version of Bluetooth. I think my older phone just had weaker bluetooth, so the car wouldn't always respond.
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    Why didn't the car go into Park Automatically here?

    I am guessing the waitress tip went from 20% to 2000%
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    Xpel Stealth pictures!!!

    Methinks the Emperor has no clothes.
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    Model Y LR Range Reduced?

    Maybe I don't understand this correctly, but would the lower expected range be a reflection on your historical use? So if you average 282 wh/mi, a 100% charge would most definitely not give you 326 miles range.
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    Road Trip Experiences

    I had that happen when visiting my daughter in Portland. It was parked on the street, under a tree. Rained heavy that night. The next morning my car reported 420 entry events. What I think happened, the heavy rain weighed down a branch, and with the wind, the branch kept hitting the...
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    Tesla Vision cars seems to be excluded from latest updates.

    You do not need to shake the steering wheel. Just move the right scroll wheel, and that accomplishes the same thing. Much safer, and not as annoying.
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    Model Y Key FOB

    Are there any cheaper 3rd party options for the fob? I would like two, for both my wife and myself, but they are awful expensive. Also, it is never a good idea to make any purchase after copious wine consumption. That's how I ended up married. Thought I was getting a Model XXX. Didn't.
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    A second Model Y for the baby?

    What is the expected range? And does it also have fart mode, or is that built in to the driver?
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    Towing an Aliner

    I had some areas where I was in the 700s, due to wind. Also I had air conditioning on the whole way.
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    Towing an Aliner

    The range was in the upper 300s and lower 400s. I traveled about 70 to 75 mph through Wyoming and Idaho. And 65 to 70 through Oregon. A lot of hills, but what really hurt range was 45 mph headwinds guting to 60 mph. That really sucked. But I loved how well it towed, no hesitation even on...
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    2500 miles in and now my tire has a puncture. Local Tire shop won’t touch it.

    I had the same issue. Went to Big O tire shop and they told me they could not fix it.. I called the Tesla service center and they said of course it can be fixed. He suggested I take it to discount tires. They said no problem, that they had fixed that brand before, and they did it and...
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    Towing an Aliner

    I just towed an Aframe ( Forest River T12 RB), which is 1950 lbs. And has a hitch weight of 230 lbs. Towed it 1200 miles from Colorado to Portland, Oregon with my Model Y long range. It towed amazingly well, I hardly knew it was there. Range was affected a lot, so more charging stops...
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    Model Y order - my VIN just got stolen [Update: Original car had defects so Tesla wouldn't deliver it]

    Strange response. I had a car that I sold for 40K to afford my Model Y. Not punching above weight class, just being prudent. Most people do this, I would assume.
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    Towing travel trailer with Model Y

    Just completed a 1200 mile trip from Colorado to Portland Oregon. The Y tows great (1900 lb. AFRAME TRAILER) Range was around 450 wh/mi, so not too bad. Except across Wyoming, where I ran into 45 mph winds with gusts to 65mph. Driving straight into that wind the range was closer to 700...
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    Need a little advise now that I will get my Tesla Y in June

    This box is just 35 dollars, and is completely waterproof, used for irrigation controllers, and is sold on amazon. Orbit 57095 Outdoor-Mounted Controller Timer Box Cover, Grey
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    How much could this minor paint damage cost to fix?

    I had the same thing happen on my MYLR bumper. I purchased this kit, and followed directions. It came with primer, paint and clearcoat. Also comes with fine sanding papers. It worked amazing, and looks perfect. The paint was a perfect match, and the clearcoat shine blends in. Plus I...
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    Model Y SR factory installed hitch bike rack recommendations

    I have this, and use it on my MY. Great bike rack, and I love how it easily it is to put the bikes on, and how easily it is too tilt back to access the hatch door. Reasonable price also.
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    2 week old 2021 Model Y - SHUT DOWN while driving

    "Equipment breaks??." What a childish reply. I certainly do not consider it "flipping out" to be concerned about a shutdown of the vehicle while driving. This is a major safety issue, and needs to be addressed by Tesla.
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    2 week old 2021 Model Y - SHUT DOWN while driving

    Weird reply. Kind of passive aggressive. This person obviously had a problem, and you reply with that kind of remark? This kind of issue needs addressing from Tesla, so that we are all safer. Childish retorts don't help.
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    Model Y hitch receiver tolerance.

    I got one of those for my hitch, and it works great, eliminates all the rattle. This type of rattle is common in all hitches, so this simple solution is helpful.
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    Should I Get a Tesla?

    I looked at the VWID4, and it looked like a great car, but then test drove the model Y, and was sold. I put down a deposit on the VW, but canceled it,. The charging infrastructure of Tesla was important, since the area i live and travel to is much better served by Tesla. Plus driving the...
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    Installing Amazon Echo Auto in Model Y.

    Does linking the Echo Auto to the Y sound system via Bluetooth disable Bluetooth for phone calls? I thought the Tesla only allows one Bluetooth connection at a time?
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    Model 3 size - more like an Accord or more like a Civic?

    Our the model Y. Very spacious. I had a Toyota Camry, and the Y is roomier, and feels more spacious.
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    Wanting To Do A Test Drive

    I am about an hour away from a Service Center. They often are set up for test drives close to me at a Supercharger site a few minutes away from me. I was able to try out the 3 and the Y, with an hour alloted for each. This was a great way to try them out without having to travel far. You...
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    Model Y SR factory installed hitch bike rack recommendations

    I have the same rack, in the two bike version. Works great, and I really like the ability to swing the bikes down to be able to access the car hatch, without having to remove bikes. I haul two ebikes, about 50 lbs each, with no problems.
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    Where is 2021.4? [2021.4.x Release]

    I got my Y yesterday. It has the heated steering wheel and is on version 2020.47.101
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    Tow Hitch Option Gone from Design Studio

    I will be getting my Y on Monday, with tow hitch, I hope. It will cost 200 more to order it from the Tesla store. (1200)

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