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  1. Marius

    Old Roadster pack is recovering after going below CAC 76?

    If you a are asking about my battery it is sad to say that battery failed with a humidity error and Tesla still does not supply a 3.0 battery although I am 4.5 years on the waiting list. Car is not operational with this fault.
  2. Marius

    Old Roadster pack is recovering after going below CAC 76?

    Hi CAC stays on 90. However I have now encountered error 261 which means humidity in the pack. To solve this, pack has to be taken out. I do not trust Tesla being capable to solve this so for now it is in Germany with repair shop Marsorbiter.
  3. Marius

    Old Roadster pack is recovering after going below CAC 76?

    Story continues. CAC is now 89.63.
  4. Marius

    Old Roadster pack is recovering after going below CAC 76?

    Pack is from april 2012 with 403000 km on the ODO with this pack
  5. Marius

    Old Roadster pack is recovering after going below CAC 76?

    A very odd thing has happened. Since the last 2 months the CAC has climbed from 76 to 88.78. Range has also increased from standard 122 to 154 now as well as maximum range 100% is 220 km. Outside temperature is a normal 6 degrees Celsius winter in Holland. All temperature readings of the pack...
  6. Marius

    Roadster interior blower broken

    Blower is located behind the airco unit not easy to access. To replace this it is about 7 hours of work. Cooling system has to be removed completely. Every good garage can do this for you. You do not need Tesla Service Center. By the way Cheetah. I see you are located in the Netherlands. Do...
  7. Marius

    Roadster 3.0

    Hi, I am at 439400 km now. Please note in Germany there is a Roadster claimed to have 600000 km on the ODO and with 3rd battery.
  8. Marius

    Roadster 3.0

    I got an email response from Tesla The Hague that my urgent situation with CAC 77 is noted and after ordering in 2018 they told me they will deliver at best in Q3 2022. However someone in NL was quoted a replacement pack 3.0 just 4 months ago by Tesla. Funny, since I ordered 4 years ago for...
  9. Marius

    Roadster 3.0

    Just received an update from Tesla in the Netherlands. If I am lucky Tesla will deliver me a pack in Q3 2022. Most likely it will take even longer. 4.5 years on the waiting list.......I am down to CAC 77.
  10. Marius

    Roadster 3.0

    I like to see this topic back on 3.0 discussions. As this being said.....apparently some 3.0 packs has been delivered but nobody posts any information about specs, experience in performance and so on. What is happening out there. I am 3.5 years on the waiting list. Is the new battery performing...
  11. Marius

    Where to charge Roadster in Germany

    https://supercharge-me.de/index.php/karte-hpc Select Roadster HPC. I do nog know if it is kept actual. Better get a CAN and you can charge on all 43kW chargers 1 phase 14 kW
  12. Marius

    Leden van de 300.000 km club

  13. Marius

    New Roadster 4.0 Battery developement with Model S cells

    Hi Kris Definitely very interested. In another post you mention CAC240 which means 50% more capacity. Keep us informed
  14. Marius

    Roadster Needs New Battery

    Hi Chris I have done 429.000 km. Do I understand you correctly that you are developing a pack with model S cells?
  15. Marius

    Roadster Needs New Battery

    I did not get any news from the company in NL who said to be developing. I don't think they will continue. I got info from Tesla that a new pack will be developed in Q1 2021. I got that info in an email. I asked them last week if the pack is ready and again I receive the answer that they do not...
  16. Marius

    Roadster Needs New Battery

    @drewski, personally I think they tell stories and make it look very complicated with PEM changes and software adjustment and bla bla bla. I lost faith. I am waiting 3 years now and today my CAC dropped to 83. Every month I ask Tesla about the progress and they only say "no white smoke yet"...
  17. Marius

    Roadster Needs New Battery

    The big issue is effective cooling. If you stack 10 of these behind your seat you will burn the battery down. Not to mention effect on lifetime. Design of effective cooling compared with the small airco is the challenge. In NL a company is working on it. The engineering will take another 3...
  18. Marius

    Roadster History Europe/APAC

    Superso I sent you a PM
  19. Marius

    Hi, Where are you located? We have an active Benelux owners group. Tomorrow we have a meeting...

    Hi, Where are you located? We have an active Benelux owners group. Tomorrow we have a meeting with a tour planned. Sent me your mobile phone number and I can invite you to participate Regards Marius
  20. Marius

    Quickly decreasing CAC

    I have the same experience. Probably it has to do with software. My pack is well balanced and has done a lot of miles. I always see during long time the same CAC and then a sudden drop with 5 or 6 points and then a long time steady number again. Apparently degrading goes with steps of 5 CAC...
  21. Marius

    Benelux Roadster owners meeting

    Finally we managed to unite roadster owners in the Benelux. On 12th of September 2020 a group of 15 Roadsters will meet and greet in the center of the Netherlands. Do you know someone with a Roadster or do you have a Roadster yourself, sent me a PM and I will share all details. Plan is to meet...
  22. Marius

    BSM Isolation Warning # 19 & 283

    Thought so too, but apparently in extreme heat in the sun outside temperature high and high humidity it fails as well.
  23. Marius

    BSM Isolation Warning # 19 & 283

    It is the 400V Eberspacher controller. A friend took it out and lay it in the sun or on the heating to get the damp out. Since then no issues anymore. I had the same last year in July when it was extreme hot (40 degrees Celsius). There seem to be alternatives to purchase from GS Technology in...
  24. Marius

    Today's Roadster Orphan

    I should be very careful. A CAC of 111 means a degradation of 49 points is 30%. My experience is that after 25% the degradation goes much quicker. As there is no news yet about battery replacement offered by Tesla you might be stuck very quickly like me with a CAC of 90. Next to that I doubt the...
  25. Marius

    Charging the Roadster

    When car stops charging you can manually force starting by pushing the button "top up". Maybe this will push the battery past some point and continue charging. Just an easy thing to try.
  26. Marius

    Today's Roadster Orphan

    Hansjorg in Germany has crossed 350k miles. Driving with a3rd battery now. I am at 260k miles with a pack that did 235k miles and is of age of 8 years. Now down to CAC 90. Desperately waiting 2,5 years for a new battery but no response. Note that charging time has increased due to internal...
  27. Marius

    Dead Roadster 2.5 in Norway

    Tesla Codes – TroubleCodes.net There is something wrong with the software version. I think Tesla needs to push a new firmware version in the VDS. probably they don't have the experience anymore in Norway. Maybe if you try a reset in the VDS screen you can find a reset button there. It will...
  28. Marius

    Finally! A modern stereo for single-DIN Roadsters

    You are right. DDin conversion is much better. However I could not find parts to perform this conversion. Compared with the original blaupunkt 1DIN system it is a big step forward: Android8, better reception radio FM, much better car phone usage with noise suppression.
  29. Marius

    Roadster 3.0

    Yeah, at this moment I am willing to accept this degradation also for 35k. My current pack is at CAC 91 and I am very limited in use now. With the "old" 3.0 update I can get another 10 years or more before I reach this bad point. It is not only the range, but also the charging becomes...
  30. Marius

    Any Interest in JdeMo Bulk Buy?

    FYI JdeMo is working on both battery configurations. Mine is a 2.0 and owners with a 3.0 confirmed it is working also on that configuration. Still it is best to use it only for the few long trips a year since it is better for the battery to charge with the AC charger with relative low charge...
  31. Marius

    1.5 still getting 188 to 185 on standard charge

    I consider myself lucky. Just 1 maintenance cleaning every year I.e. every 30.000 miles. No major issues beside new radiator for AC, new blower for cabin heating, new Cooling fan (for PEM and electric motor) at 200.000 miles, new shock absorbers rear, in front they are leaking now and numerous...
  32. Marius

    1.5 still getting 188 to 185 on standard charge

    The fun is almost gone. You are right. If you push the car you end up with 50 miles of range. Next to that I presume they're is an algorithm built in that lowers the maximum output if the voltage drop too much. So when the range goes down to 75 miles, maximum output is 100kW and when range goes...
  33. Marius

    1.5 still getting 188 to 185 on standard charge

    I have 260k miles on it and standard charge stops at 95 miles.
  34. Marius

    Roadster 3.0

    I have serious doubts about this. I have ordered 2 years ago and they explicit said that delivery will take more than 1 year and a deposit is not necessary. "I will be in the queue". Chasing the SC every month now and I get everytime the answer they do not know yet when delivery will take place...
  35. Marius

    Am I crazy to buy?

    Replacing the heater takes a lot of work. The heater itself can you purchase easily, that is a standard blower around 100 euro. However you need to take the whole airco unit out to reach the fan. It is about 8 hours work which was done by my local car repair company. Tesla can do it too but...
  36. Marius

    JdeMO for the Roadster?

    FYI QCP has stopped delivering new JdeMo sets for the Roadster. They keep on supplying for the RAV4 and Mercedes B class. Argument is low volume sold and no requests coming in anymore. In total they delivered about 50 units mostly in Europe.
  37. Marius

    Is it true CHAdeMO adapter can damage Roadster battery pack?

    I agree fully with gregd. I am using the JdeMo for 2,5 years and it works great. This set is keeping me on the road as Tesla does not. My CAC went down to 110 at 350.000km, purchased the JdeMo and now my CAC is 93 at 414.000 km. I can not tell if degradation is stronger with this set since the...
  38. Marius

    Finally! A modern stereo for single-DIN Roadsters

    I have installed this unit and am happy with the result. For sure the radio receipt is much better than with my old Blaupunkt. There is some lag in finding GPS when using a routeplanner Visibility is somewhat blocked by the steering wheel, heating and ventilation controls easy reachable. I...
  39. Marius

    What exactly is the 1146 Alert?

    This theory is not correct. An electric motor draws less current if you block free air flow. Look at the characteristics of the power-rpm curve If the fan gets dirty then the airflow is reduced, hence the current goes down, hence an alarm is produced by the computer. This is in basis a good...
  40. Marius

    Any early Roadsters with the original battery?

    All info can be found here as long as everyone updates regularly. You can close this thread then. Battery Survey « Plug In America
  41. Marius

    What is normal PEM temp?

    Just as reference: today I did a drive of 3 hours keeping speed limits as prescribed 50, 80 or 100 km/hrs. Strong acceleration used and quick cornering Outside temperature 31 degrees Celsius. Motor 70 degrees Celsius Battery 38 degrees Celsius PEM 44 degrees Celsius Motor and PEM still 1 bar...
  42. Marius

    Water in trunk?

    Do not forget that the temperature in the trunk varies a lot through the temperature of the electric motor nearby (more then 100 degrees Celsius while driving) and the PEM This causes a lot of condensation in the trunk and is not a leakage
  43. Marius

    Roadster History Europe/APAC

    @PV4EV, can you share the mods that improve the range. If I remember I once have seen on the forum a picture of a different diffuser. That I will not change but if there are minor adjustments on mirrors and wheels, it could be interesting especially since my degradation is so high limiting my range
  44. Marius

    Video about Gruber Motors

    Post #2233 in thread Roadster 3.0
  45. Marius

    Video about Gruber Motors

    Gruber is also looking into ways to upgrade the pack with new cells however Pete told me that it is commercially difficult to make it viable on a low number of packs. So we wait if the signs and rumours are true about Tesla coming with a 3.5 pack of some sort end year 2019.
  46. Marius

    Roadster get together in Benelux

    Hi all Roadster owners in the Benelux. With the constantly reduced support of Tesla we need to get to know each other to keep our cars on the road and share experiences. I know both in Germany and UK there are already groups that do this which benefits for everyone. Is it an idea to have a...
  47. Marius

    Please Enlighten Me on Alignment

    I decided also to change the rotors. Very happy with the result. Titanium Dave on this forum might still have a set available.
  48. Marius

    New Sports 2.0 owner Sweden, CAC 155,5!

    Congratulations, awesome car, amazing CAC
  49. Marius

    Wiki Belgium and the Netherlands: Public Charging infrastructure

    Hoe vind je die dan? Volgens chargemap en newmotion staan daar geen snellaadpalen Chademo of CCS
  50. Marius

    Switching chairs?

    I did but could not find any thread on this.

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