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  1. J

    Anybody else lose screen after “update?”

    Good to know. I don’t remember which version I had. I had to take it in to Tesla & haven’t heard back as to what the issue was, exactly.
  2. J

    Anybody else lose screen after “update?”

    I scheduled my update for midnight & the next morning, my screen is black & car SOMETIMES will power on & sometimes will not. I had to drive it to Tesla service to fix & they said I was 4th car in today with similar problem. **ELON, IF YOU’RE READING THIS, PLEASE FIX THE UPDATE!**
  3. J

    Angry about HPWC replacement cost

    Tesla still continues to be a great company. Despite the initial trouble, they made good on their warranty & I am very pleased!
  4. J

    Angry about HPWC replacement cost

    Me again! I called Tesla Headquarters & they confirmed that back when I bought it, it WAS & IS covered under the 4 yr warranty. They said that policy is different now, but for early adopters, the warranty was different. So he will be calling my SC to inform them. Thanks everyone for the ideas &...
  5. J

    Angry about HPWC replacement cost

    I thought so too. I have proof I bought it w/the car, but my SC guy said it's only 1 yr warranty. Can you get documentation from your SC?
  6. J

    Angry about HPWC replacement cost

    Tesla service said that even though I purchased the HPWC with the car, it is an accessory & has 1 yr warranty. Does anyone have documentation saying otherwise? I bought the car in July 2013.
  7. J

    Angry about HPWC replacement cost

    The service tech said he didn't know why it stopped working. He confirmed wiring was correct by electrician and that the problem was the wall connector. Possibly something in the circuit board, but there were no parts. Getting new HPWC was only choice. - - - Updated - - - Thanks everyone. I...
  8. J

    Angry about HPWC replacement cost

    I purchased it with the car.
  9. J

    Angry about HPWC replacement cost

    I had a certified electrician take it from my old location & install in new. It was working fine at old location. He could not get it to work upon installation. So Tesla sent out service ranger who installed new one for & $750, plus labor cost of $335. I paid the electrician to uninstall &...
  10. J

    Model S reliability issues

    You should include reliability of all Tesla parts in your survey, like HPWC, since having that be unreliable becomes an issue for commuters without nearby Superchargers, who count on it working to get to work.
  11. J

    Angry about HPWC replacement cost

    I will begin by saying I've owned my Tesla almost 2 yrs now. I owned the stock, and have sung the praises of Tesla from day 1. As a matter of fact, I have sold a total of 6 new Teslas to friends and family in those 2 yrs. I have been a huge fan since before most people knew what Tesla was...
  12. J

    Supercharger - Country Club Hills, IL

    I would charge in Aurora & not CCH.
  13. J

    Supercharger - Country Club Hills, IL

    Country Club Hills, IL supercharger I have safety concerns about the Country Club Hills supercharger location. It is practically located in Markham (across the street). A police officer friend of mine from that area said I should never use that location because I would be a $100,000 sitting...
  14. J

    Chicago to Columbus, OH via Indy

    Thanks everybody. I think I will drive to Indy via Normal, IL (supercharge there), then have my Indy friend drive her ICE to Columbus. W/o a supercharger in Indy, my trip will take way too long. C'mon, Tesla! Get these superchargers in! I get the impression Tesla is more focused on new product...
  15. J

    Chicago to Columbus, OH via Indy

    Not sure if this was already discussed, if so, please tell me where to find the link. I have a business trip to make to Columbus, OH next week, but I have to pick up a friend in Indy. Is a Tesla trip possible???? Are there superchargers in Indy AND Columbus??? According to the map, no. What...
  16. J

    How to easily get bugs off paint?

    Thanks everybody. The bugs are dried on. I don't have time to spray them everyday, so I will try the soaking them in hot water idea.
  17. J

    How to easily get bugs off paint?

    I'm not sure if this has already been answered or not, but I'm having a hard time getting the dead bug marks off the paint armor part of my car. I wash with Griots soap & sheepskin mitt. This alone isn't getting the marks off-even with some elbow grease. Anybody find a product that works?
  18. J

    Sales tax

    You are charged sales tax for where you reside.
  19. J

    S85 Owners: Do you wish you had bought S60 instead

    0 regrets getting the 85 versus 60. If you live in winter climate, or take any road trips, 85 is the way to go!
  20. J

    Single Women Tesla Owners

    I'm a single, Tesla LOVING lady. I think that makes me #4. So far, my hot car hasn't attracted a hot man, but in time ;)
  21. J

    Any second thoughts???

    I spent 6 months extensively researching the company & took about 8 test drives because I was VERY nervous to spend that kind of money on a depreciating asset. The most I'd spent on any car was $35,000. I have ABSOLUTELY 0 regrets & do actually wish I'd bought it sooner!! It's been almost a...
  22. J

    Staying in the car while supercharging

    Shark is correct. The charging sound is barely audible.
  23. J


    It was great meeting you, KCVEINS. You are way more confident than I am. 8 miles left would have really stressed me out :scared:
  24. J

    Madison & Pleasant Prairie Supercharger Availability

    I've charged at Normal, IL maybe 15 times, only ever seen 1 person besides me charging. Saw 1 guy in St.Joseph today because it's heavy travel day, but nobody was there besides me Thurs.
  25. J


    I'm back. It went splendidly. I had more than enough miles to get to St.Joseph, had lunch for an hour, drove to Lansing. I even charged at the movie theater (non supercharger) which I have never done before. I met another Tesla owner in St.Joseph on my way home today. Nice guy traveling from...
  26. J


    Thanks. I've done a bunch of trips to the Normal, IL and then on to various locations from there with ease. This one makes me nervous because the distances between charges is about 150 miles, which on paper seems fine, but with a lead foot & a Tesla, well, you owners know :)
  27. J


    Tesla road trip to Lansing. Fingers crossed all my charging goes smoothly! The plan is to charge at St.Joseph, then at fellow friend/Tesla owner's house in Lansing. I will admit to feeling some range anxiety. This is a new supercharger trip for me.
  28. J

    Watching for I-70 Superchargers from Denver to St. Louis

    JeffZ, do you have a black Tesla? I drive to St.Charles twice a week & had a black one behind me a couple weeks ago. It's the 2nd one I've seen in that city (the other was a red signature).
  29. J

    I love Tesla

    Can I just say how much I love my Tesla, Tesla the company, & Elon Musk! What an incredible genius. I'm proud to be a Tesla owner, stock holder & fan of this company!
  30. J

    Will you get "TankMode" added to your Model S?

    I will wait & see the reviews from owners on TMC before having it done.
  31. J

    Tesla and 60 minutes

    Is it a positive piece?
  32. J

    No gas makes driving a lot "easy" -- are you concerned about mileage?

    Not worried about resale or mileage at all. I bought the car for the long haul & because I drive about 30-40,000 miles annually.
  33. J

    What other vehicles do you have in your garage?

    An Acura MDX & Honda S2000
  34. J

    Cold battery means not so super supercharge

    Yes, I have an 85kwh. And agreed! Lessons learned :)
  35. J

    Well..... I done done it! :-)

    Congrats! You won't regret it one bit!
  36. J

    Cold battery means not so super supercharge

    My travel distance was about 100 miles by way of mostly expressway. Because it was cold & I was driving fast (80 mph), I got to my destination with 20 miles left (starting w/195). I do value my time more than money, so I would take my ICE next time in order to save 45 minutes (30 minutes...
  37. J

    Cold battery means not so super supercharge

    My car was parked outside from 8am to 4pm while I was working. Then I drove 10 minutes to the supercharger & plugged in. The regen said it was disabled so I did know the battery was cold. But it was a frustrating experience since I was on a tight schedule & had planned 20- 40 minutes to charge...
  38. J

    Cold battery means not so super supercharge

    Yes, the car had been "cold" when I drove to the supercharger. It took me an hour to get 50 miles and because I was nearing 200 miles of charge, the charge rate was slowing, so I believe it would take 1.5-2 hrs to completely fill my battery. If I had arrived there with 20 miles total in my...
  39. J

    Cold battery means not so super supercharge

    I was on a business trip & took my Tesla. My plan was to charge in Bloomington, IL in order to get home. When I plugged in, the numbers said 5/6 miles/ hr in the charging rate. Long story short, because it was 30 degrees outside, the battery takes 1min/degree to warm up & the car must warm up...
  40. J

    A little webpage I'm making to help with Supercharger trip research

    I was just wishing Tesla would make such an app. Thank you so much for doing this!
  41. J

    For all Tesla owners who are still single...

    I'll try it!
  42. J

    Chicago to Lansing - charging options

    Thanks Rabar10! Extremely helpful. I've had my Tesla for 8 months, but obviously never charged anywhere besides home & superchargers. I have range/charge anxiety, but love this car so much I'd rather take it versus my other ICE cars on my trip. I appreciate your help & explanations :)
  43. J

    Chicago to Lansing - charging options

    Thanks everybody. I hadn't thought of L1/2 charging (because I've never done it) I will go through Angola just to be safe.
  44. J

    Chicago to Lansing - charging options

    My concern is if it's 125 miles from Supercharger to Lansing, and I will be driving around Lansing for 2 days, will I have enough juice to get back to the Supercharger? Given my full battery is 245 miles and round trip is min. of 250 to/from Supercharger, I may be in trouble.
  45. J

    Chicago to Lansing - charging options

    I have to drive to Lansing (from Chicago). My concern isn't getting there, but having enough juice to get back to the supercharger. Are there any other superchargers in MI besides the 1 on Tesla website? Anybody make the dive from Chicago to Lansing in the winter using only superchargers?
  46. J

    Aurora Supercharger added

    I experienced the same thing there on Friday night when I stopped to charge. I called Tesla & they said the cold temp of the battery affects the speed of charge & also how full the battery already is. It's a great location. I hope it becomes permanent.
  47. J

    Aurora Supercharger added

    I'm going to try it out tomorrow! It's not EXACTLY on my way home, but I'm curious. Isn't it downtown Aurora by the Casino? Not exactly a ...uh...posh area to get out and walk around. What an odd location. I agree with SP4rk. Closer to I88 would be better for most I would imagine.
  48. J

    Aurora Supercharger added

    Is it free like other superchargers?
  49. J

    Superchargers in Normal, IL

    I drove from my house (Yorkville area) to Bloomington supercharger, to U of I, back to Bloomington, back home today. It only took 40 mins to refill "tank" & I could've made it home without charging on the way back, but I have range anxiety ;) There were no other cars, Tesla or otherwise, parked...
  50. J

    Poll: How Many Tesla Owners Are Women?

    I'm a woman & I own mine solely. It's a guy magnet ;)

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