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    Firmware 8.0 - For Classic Model S

    I did have one functionality issue this morning as well, though I didn't think it was related. When I put the car in Park after my morning commute, I heard a sound that sounded like the windows lowering. When I checked the app later, it turns out the front passenger door is ajar. I believe it...
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    Firmware 8.0 - For Classic Model S

    After a firmware update last night, I got what looks like a diagnostic screen on the right side of the dash instead of my usual climate control information. It disappeared after I tried to reset the display to show the climate info by clicking the right wheel. Is this normal? I have a 2013...
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    Melted new 14-50 adapter after one charge

    I know that there are multiple threads about old 14-50 adapters melting, but I didn't see a report of one of the replacement adapters melting, so I thought I'd post my recent experience. Over the last couple of weeks, I noticed a few mornings that my car was stopping short of its scheduled...
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    Alas, new problem: Windshield Stress Fracture. Anyone else?

    I just had the same L-shape crack show up on my previously replaced windshield. Over the summer, I had a crack develop on the passenger side while the car was outside at the Villa Park service center in the sun on a 90F day. They replaced it under warranty. After driving in and parking all...
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    Supercharger - Mishawaka/South Bend IN

    Very excited about this. I drive from Chicago to Grand Rapids, MI (a little over 200 miles) fairly often and could really use a SC along the way. I wonder if it will be ready by this weekend for a Thanksgiving drive. I was looking for one in Benton Harbor, MI, but this way works OK for the...
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    Service Center no longer giving loaner cars outside of 50-mile radius?

    Isn't the Chicago Service Center still open? It is on their website. If you're within 50 miles of that, aren't you good?
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    Are new winter tire/wheel/TPMS combos from Tire Rack plug & play?

    I ordered the same wheels, tires and TPMS from Tire Rack and had them installed by my local Firestone shop on Monday. The set is great, but the "Tire Pressure System Needs Servicing" alert has now shown up about 10 minutes into my last few drives. I'm assuming I'll need to take it in to the...
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    Charging around Battle Creek, MI?

    Thought I'd provide an update. The trip went off without a hitch. The backup plan suggested by mnx actually became my primary plan. I went on PlugShare and discovered that there was a Leaf owner with a lake house just 4 miles from the campground I was staying at. I e-mailed with the...
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    Model S Video Game Appearances?

    Just picked up a Coil Voltic. I don't think there's a Model S in GTA V, though.
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    "Tesla Roadster" in Grand Theft Auto 5

    I was very excited to see a Coil Voltic while driving down the pier. I jumped out and grabbed it, but the previous driver got stuck underneath the car (possibly because of realistic clearance) and I had a rough escape from the cops. I got it fixed up and painted Very Orange and it is now my...
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    Charging around Battle Creek, MI?

    I'm planning my second Model S roadtrip. This one is with my 6 year old son and we're going from Chicago to a youth campground just outside Battle Creek, Michigan -- about a 200-mile trip each way. I've e-mailed the campground and they do not have RV or other electrical outlets for my use...
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    Illinois Tesla Sightings....

    I am very happy for the owner of this brand new Model S I found parked four spots away from my blue one in the Aqua Building in downtown Chicago. I had never seen the "Stormtrooper" configuration -- it looks sharp (despite the grainy photo). By my count, this is at least the fifth Model S that...
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    Trying to go from Ithaca, NY to Grand Rapids, MI -- range anxiety

    I don't know how much it helps, but I made the trip from the suburbs west of Chicago to the east side of Grand Rapids last weekend and the folks at Fox Nissan at 4430 28th St SE were very accommodating in letting me charge at one of their Leaf stations overnight. I showed up with 10 miles of...
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    Model S Video Game Appearances?

    I have Gran Turismo 6 pre-ordered for the PS3. It doesn't release until December 6, though, so I picked up Asphalt 8 for 99 cents after getting a heads-up that it has a Model S from this thread: Model S featured in Asphalt 8 game. While it is neat to see a Model S in a video game, Asphalt 8...
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    EV plates getting popular

    I agree -- I'm happy to see the EL plates catch on. When I picked up my car in mid-January, I felt like the downtown service center was just starting to understand what I meant when I said I wanted the electric vehicle plates (I got 455). I had a friend pick up his car from Villa Park last...
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    Great Lakes Dragaway

    An update that I think reflects the effect of temperature: I went back to GLD today and made several runs at between 12.74 and 12.77 seconds for the quarter mile, at between 105 and 108 mph. The 40 degrees in higher temperature resulted in about a half a second quicker runs. I beat my buddy...
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    IPass install under nose cone

    I had the Villa Park Service Center install my iPass plate transponder behind my nosecone. I'm not sure where they put it, but it has only worked once out of the first eight times I've passed through a toll collection point. On the plus side, the VTOLLs have been posting regularly about two...
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    Model S in Gran Turismo 6 announcement trailer

    I noticed a few additional pictures of the in-game GT6 Model S on Amazon's web site. They're listing the Model S and three other cars as a pre-order bonus. Amazon.com: Gran Turismo 6: Video Games The Model S they feature in that ad and the associated "Amzon Exclusive video" is a white one. I...
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    Alas, new problem: Windshield Stress Fracture. Anyone else?

    I just developed the same crack as in in the picture in the initial post of this thread. I think it actually happened at the Villa Park (IL) Service Center. I was getting my tires rotated and some due bill/bulletin items. They moved my car outside to get out my Roadster loaner (yay!). They...
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    Front under bumper (black plastic lip) scratches / curb rash

    I'm interested in the repairability / replaceability of this part too. I couldn't figure out what to call it or I would have started a thread myself a while ago. I put the slightest dent exactly in the center of the piece when I pulled too far into my rearranged garage and hit a shelf. It's...
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    Model S in Gran Turismo 6 announcement trailer

    The game makers must obtain a license to use the real cars in the video games. I believe many companies allow their cars to be used in GT for free for the exposure. Porsche has an exclusive arrangement with EA, so you must drive a RUF instead in non-EA games. Yes, but I'm a little more...
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    Model S Video Game Appearances?

    Model S confirmed in GT6 announcement video (at 0:55). GT 6 Announcement | Gran Turismo 6 is coming | #GT6isComing - USK - YouTube So barring a typical GT delay, we'll be able to drive the Model S in a video game by the end of the year -- maybe as early as the July demo.
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    Model S in Gran Turismo 6 announcement trailer

    I am very excited to see the Model S featured prominently in the Gran Turismo 6 announcement trailer (at 55 second mark). GT 6 Announcement | Gran Turismo 6 is coming | #GT6isComing - USK - YouTube. I was worried that I was going to have to go frame-by-frame through all the headlights and...
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    Model S Video Game Appearances?

    Here's how they capture the sound (though I don't suppose that's what you're asking): It's interesting that video game folks have used Roadsters to capture road noise without the interference of an engine. Video Game Developers Want Authentic Electric Sports Car Sound, Record Tesla Roadster...
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    Model S Video Game Appearances?

    I'm also interested in finding a game where I can drive my car. The Roadster is available for purchase in Gran Turismo 5 (see Gran Turismo 5 - List of featured cars), but I have not yet seen a Model S available in a video game. I would run out and buy GT5 today if it had a Model S option.
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    Places to charge in Saugatuck, MI

    I don't have the answer, but I'll second the question. I have a week-long trip to Saugatuck planned for this summer and the best option I saw was to take a short day trip up to Holland and plug into one of their 18 public J1772 chargers.
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    Great Lakes Dragaway

    On the way to a Wisconsin campout this weekend, I stopped by the Great Lakes Dragaway in Union Grove, WI (Great Lakes Dragaway ) with my Model S. It was a fantastic experience and I recommend it for anyone who wants to go fast in a relatively safe, legal environment. I paid my 45 dollars and...
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    Auto headlights repeatedly turning on/off

    I'm running 4.3 and have 4.4 queued up to install tonight.
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    Auto headlights repeatedly turning on/off

    I'm in my 4th month of Model S ownership and haven't had any problems; I've been enjoying the car immensely. Today, I noticed on my drive into work (shortly after sunrise) that my headlights were automatically turning on/off every 15 to 60 seconds for about 10-15 minutes straight. I first...
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    21" Wheels Less Efficient?

    I'm no statistician, but I bet there's a positive correlation between choosing 21" wheels and being a lead foot. I'm not sure we should blame the tires for that without more evidence.
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    EV plates (Illinois)

    I just got a check for $120 from Tesla. I think it's because they charged me regular registration fees when I paid for my car in January. (However, there weren't any clues about what the check was for -- it was just a FedEx envelope with a check.) At pick-up, I vaguely noticed that Tesla...
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    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    387 Wh/mi, 1244 miles, P85, 21" wheels, Chicago, IL. I park the car downtown unplugged most days in an unheated garage, so there's some significant battery warmup energy used each day during the cold Jan-Feb here. April 2014 update: 354 Wh/mi, 12,700 miles, 19" Rials with Blizzak LM-60s...
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    Good snow in Chicago today, can you share your driving experiences in it?

    Interesting. I had decided not to get winter tires because I took delivery halfway through the winter and hadn't yet sold the SUV my Model S is replacing. I haven't had any issues when I have driven in the cold and wet, but I had been hesitant to drive on the 21" wheels with performance tires...
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    Media quick-nav at inappropriate times?

    They Might Be Giants is breaking my Tesla! I can confirm that Apollo 18 shows up the same on my screen, as do the Then: the Early Years discs. I'm guessing that it adds header rows to any list that has something like 30+ entries, thinking that no one would want to scroll through a list that...
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    Blue & Black

    Several blue/black combo pics here: Model S Photo Gallery - Page 7
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    EV plates (Illinois)

    I got my "EL" plates today -- less than 1 month after I got the car. Maybe the system is working a little more smoothly. Based on the numbering, it appears there were about 50 electric plates issued between FlasherZ's Thanksgiving application and mine.
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    Random Model S sightings

    I just had my first Model S sighting in the wild in the western suburbs of Chicago. It was a red sig with grey wheels turning east onto Plainfield Road from northbound Kingery Highway in Westmont. I was first at the light southbound turning to go the same way in my blue S, but I don't think...
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    Model S Insurance

    I added my new Performance Model S to my existing multi-car policy with Farmers (without removing a vehicle) and the premium increased by $332 per 6 months.
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    Model S Photo Gallery

    Hey, I've got one of those. I'm realizing that I don't have good shots of the interior, but attached are a couple of exterior shots. The blue is very dark, though these pics are taken under the gloomy midwestern winter sun. I'm very happy with the combo. I think it looks dramatic and sporty...
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    Coated windshield impacting door openers and EZpass

    I have a parking garage transponder that won't work through the front windshield. But I've found that it does work through the driver's side window. I'm obviously not going to mount it there, but waiving it in front of a closed side window is a bit easier than opening the sunroof and sticking...
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    Simulated regen braking option?

    The last few days, I've had to park my car unplugged all day in very cold conditions. When I've started my trips home, regen braking has been disabled until the battery warms up, as has been discussed in many other threads. Personally, I've found it to be a radical difference in driving...
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    Model S battery can not be replaced with a different size battery

    I note that Tesla is not quite as definitive on their current Model S facts page (Model S Facts | Tesla Motors). They even assert that an upgrade is "technically possible": "While technically possible to upgrade to a larger battery, we recommend configuring your Model S with the battery that...
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    It's blue. It changes depending on the light. There hasn't been enough sun this week to make it look blue often, but I've attached the picture that I deem most blue. I was a little worried about how the blue would look with the black performance interior, but I'm very happy with the effect...
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    I took delivery of VIN 3287 (P6514) at the Chicago service center on Saturday. Here's a picture of me pulling out of the garage (very carefully...).
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    Illinois Green Fleets Rebate Experience?

    I was going to submit an application with my temporary license plate number in the license plate field. According to this discussion on the teslamotors board, folks think it will work. Sign into My Tesla | Tesla Motors . My plates won't come in until well past January 31, and I'd like to...
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    EV plates (Illinois)

    Hey, FlasherZ - I think I saw that plate on an S that was jacked up at the Chicago Service Center when I was taking delivery Saturday. I'm getting the nondescript EV plates, too. I like the understated rarity.
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    Model S Delivery Dates and Sequencing

    I wondered "really??" myself, but now that I've driven 50 miles in my new S I picked up Saturday afternoon, I believe! When I woke up this morning, it was still there in my garage.
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    Model S Delivery Dates and Sequencing

    Got a surprise call from my DS that my car is already at the Chicago service center. P6514, VIN 3287. Got a VIN on January 2 and got final paperwork to DocuSign on January 10. Signed it and wired the money the morning of January 11. Then I got the call from the DS that afternoon that my car...
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    Model S Delivery Dates and Sequencing

    I believe we've narrowed down the MY2012 to MY2013 turnover point as somewhere between VIN #3247 (2012) and #3278 (2013) in this thread: New ViNs lately? - Page 6

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