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    Model 3 - P Plate Prohibited Vehicle

    I remember when I was a teen just learning to drive. I wouldn’t have let me any where near a Tesla when I was that age. :)
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    Model X Plaid - How many miles at delivery?

    I know miles can vary at delivery, and in the big scheme of things, 150 miles is no biggie, but that does seem a little high.
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    AMD Ryzan speed comparison vs Intel Atom

    I haven’t owned a phone, or computer that didn’t slowly lose its speed somewhat as tech and software improved year over year. It’s just the way it is. If they offer an upgrade, you can chose to pay for an upgrade. Otherwise you’ll have to live with what you bought.
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    Set Temp vs Actual Temp difference.

    Thanks. Yes. The app, and car say 23°. However, the actual temp in the car is only 18° That’s a big difference. Was wondering if anyone by any chance has checked the car set temp vs the actual cabin temp. Wondering if I have a sensor issue, or if it’s normal now with recent updates. I...
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    Set Temp vs Actual Temp difference.

    Thanks for the reply. That scenario may be related. Both are potential sensor issues, or software issues. Let me know what they say. Very curious. Thanks.
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    Set Temp vs Actual Temp difference.

    Wondering if this is normal. It’s currently winter here in Ontario. I preheat the car, or just drive for a while, (long enough to balance out), and the set temp set at say 23° Celsius or 73.4° Fahrenheit is actually around 18° Celsius or 64.4° Fahrenheit in the cabin. So about 5° degrees...
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    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    I couldn’t find anything definitive in this massive thread. I likely just missed it, but I’m wondering if anyone can help me determine if the new order I placed for a SR+ (made mid October in Canada), would result in the car being an LFP battery ? Thanks.
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    Tesla Offer frunk kit

    Out of curiosity. Can you elaborate on what caused the water ingress on the wiring loom. What specifically failed that was allowing water to get in ? Thanks.
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    Gen 3 Wall Charger - Can I get data from it?

    Thanks. So I have a further question about the voltage reference. So my charger runs off of 240 volts and a 50 amp breaker. I’m hooking this up to the panel. So can this unit be wired into any two breakers, as long as one is X and one is Y, grabbing 240volts ? Thanks
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    I don’t think his post requires facts ? He stating his opinion.
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    That looks a lot like a Tesla screen and software transplanted into another car. ...
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    Almost ready with FSD Beta V9

    I read some of these posts, and think I really want to reply to this, and articulate how wrong they are, but respond as clear and concise as possible, so they can understand, and maybe see the light. Then you reply to these posts. They are exactly how I want to reply, but much better than I...
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    Production Halt on Model Y?

    I waited many months for my 3, and many waited a year or more. It would have a been a tragic mistake if I didn’t wait, and ended up with something different. I know it’s a difficult wait, but it’s worth it.
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    ID.4 Canadian pricing announced, undercuts MY LR AWD by $20k CAD :(

    I’m not sure what you mean by poor reliability, and and I’ve never heard of winter proof paint. If you mean paint chips on the rocker, the mud flaps solve that problem if you install them. If you’re convincing yourself on VW, or you just prefer VW, that’s great, but why dramatize on winter...
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    Production Halt on Model Y?

    Ah. Is that your thing. When you’re called out, and have no valid reply, you throw school yard insults to deflect instead. :)
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    Production Halt on Model Y?

    LOl. Or the only new billion dollar auto maker to succeed in the last hundred years, actually knows what their doing, and there just might be circumstances, and obstacles, you “who doesn’t run a billion dollar auto manufacturer” don’t understand. But who knows, maybe you’re right and they’ve...
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    The BMS, Range and Degradation

    I think if you want to nerd out, and track your exact battery degradation, you can. Many videos on it, that illustrate how to do that properly. Also, there is nothing wrong with that, since nerding out is a given right, and fun to boot. :) The state of charge only gives you a reasonable idea of...
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    Gen 3 Wall Charger - Can I get data from it?

    It states it only measures one hot and one neutral. Since the charger uses two hots and no neutral, how did the hook up and monitoring work. I’m not really familiar with this stuff, so I’m hoping you can help clarify for me. Thanks
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    Gen 3 Wall Charger - Can I get data from it?

    Curious how this is working for you. I also want to monitor the usage so I can tell how much power is used daily, weekly, monthly. Does the unit you linked to Amazon in your initial thread work well for the above. ?
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    Is driving Tesla from Canada to USA a bad idea?

    I’m from Canada, but I have been through the US in my Tesla many times, and I’ve not seen that scenario once. I think it may depend on the area your in, and if it’s a major holiday or long weekend or something. Some areas are busy all the time, but not most I don’t think.
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    Scratch just below PPF

    I don’t think PPF would have help enough to prevent paint damage for that one anyway.
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    Scratch just below PPF

    That sucks, but now that you have your first ding out of the way...
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    Does your emissions testing mode do this?

    Mine also. Works sometimes, then not other times. It’s a software issue, no biggie. It’ll get fixed with an update at some point.
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    Electric mowers, tractors and other lawn and farm equipment

    I have a SnoJoe/SunJoe 100volt snow blower and 100volt lawn mower. both have been overkill because my driveway and sidewalk is child’s play for the snow blower. I end up doing my neighbours as well, because it’s easy and the battery never dies. deep snow, wet snow, no problem. Same for the...
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    Model 3 18" Aero Wheel Cracked Alloy

    Based on what I’ve read here, I’m pretty sure damage from pot holes is very rare for these 18” rims. Thats likely why the service centre is indicating it’s likely from a pot hole. It could also be a manufacturer defect, in just your rim, (bad luck) and a pot hole that normally wouldn’t affect...
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    FSD - Level 2

    The media only released that portion. There is more. That’s not what Tesla is only going to deliver. FUD stuff.
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    In case you haven't seen yet - leaked v11 pics from refreshed Model S

    Could be a scenario where it predicts correctly 99% of the time. That actually would be very cool. The few times you have to select, may be a min issue. It would suck though, if you thought, it thought it was in drive, and when you hit the gas, it goes backwards. ...
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    In case you haven't seen yet - leaked v11 pics from refreshed Model S

    I agree. Shifting gears is done via muscle memory, and I’m usually looking around before shifting. I’m not sure if I could get comfortable shifting by having to look at the screen each time. I will reserve judgement until I try it though.
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    Anybody care to estimate cost to replace battery out of warranty?

    You’re saying that your cars battery is doing great, so by default, no one should worry about how they treat their battery. You’ve also now said that I don’t know what I’m talking about, and should do more research before talkingbecause your battery is doing great. :) I’m not going to spell...
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    Anybody care to estimate cost to replace battery out of warranty?

    So what degradation do you have on that battery. ? What degradation would you have, if you didn’t beat the crap out of it. ? And to be very clear, when I say “Beat the crap out of it”, I’m talking about abuse, not use. ... The BMS system will do its best to protect the battery, but it won’t...
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    Anybody care to estimate cost to replace battery out of warranty?

    There are many reasons a battery will show 10% loss, but actually hasn’t. Of course, your battery could have that amount of loss though. It depends on how you’ve treated it. You can kill a combustion engine quickly, and you can kill a battery fairly quickly also. There are a ton of folks here...
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    2021.4.6 bugs

    i have the same problem when I listen to rap music.. :)
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    Touchscreen malfunctioning on long trips

    Just to eliminate this as a source; if you’ve cleaned your screen, you may not know that some disinfectants (especially alcohol based) will cause the screen to act exactly as you’ve described. Does’t last too long, but this is a possible source.
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    Sway Bar Issues?

    I’m not a mechanic, but It’s potentially the bushings on the sway bar and or control arms. These bushings wear out quicker on any car or motorcycle (mounts for motorcycles) that has more torque (weight also doesn’t help), than cars without. You’ll often find upgraded aftermarket bushings for...
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    Self driving

    Tesla has delivered collected data on how many accidents occur with FSD, and without. It was clear, the without is significantly more. That’s the basis behind my comment, and why your generalization isn’t accurate. You can search those facts for yourself. :)
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    Self driving

    Generalizing comments that imply that FSD lulls drivers into a sense of inattentiveness isn’t exactly true. It certainly may do that to some, but from what I’ve seen, read and know about its use from many sources, I would say it doesn’t have this affect on the vast majority. Only some. So your...
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    Self driving

    So dramatic. :)
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    Self driving

    For most trips on the Highway, depending on variables, you can drive 3 hours straight with nothing, or several. Overall on the Highway, it rules. :)
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    Really nice interview with Elon

    I think he makes commitments, then sometimes flies by the seat of his pants in many respects. This causes problems, especially if he doesn’t communicate well. As for what reasons there would be for missing his commitments, well in business, there are a hundred reasons commitments aren’t met...
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    Really nice interview with Elon

    I think you summed it up when you said “I do think he lied about some things.”. It’s your belief. It’s what you think. Again, I don’t know he didn’t. I just don’t think he did. You don’t really know either, but you’re still calling him a liar. Your example that someone that says they would...
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    Really nice interview with Elon

    I think I just see things differently, because INTENT behind commitments to me dictates if it’s a lie. NOT just that it didn’t end up happening. For example: He said he would sell 500,000 cars by years end, and didn’t. By your definition, he lied. My company has annual goals and commitments...
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    Really nice interview with Elon

    Again, you’re calling him/Tesla a liar. Situations change in business constantly. A decision one day, may not work the next. Change that impacts decisions, isn’t necessarily and automatically lying like you are insisting. He/Tesla could have lied about those things of course. But knowing who...
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    Really nice interview with Elon

    It would be good for his customers if he did acknowledge the delays that are contrary to his claims of when FSD is delivered. But have you considered that he’s not lying like you claim, and that he’s just been wrong instead. He has stated he has been overly optimistic to a fault. (Or some...
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    Really nice interview with Elon

    From threads I’ve seen, I see two main groups. Each are extreme, causing the other to react. :) The first group of folks here (not fans of Tesla) find a fault, then completely exaggerate the fault, and spit it out repeatedly. The second group (fans of Tesla), react to the exaggerated claims, by...
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    PSA 2021 center console can scratch itself

    What actually did the scratching. ? Was something on it, when opened and it scratched when slid, or did it scratch under the area it slides. ? I’m not sure what the tolerances are under the lid, but how much does it bubble up when hot ?
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    Planning for the future: 12V battery dies

    That’s what I wanted to know. Thanks.
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    Planning for the future: 12V battery dies

    Anyone know if any 12volt battery work, or does it have to be this this one.?
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    Charge Port Door Not Working - Not missing the chip

    It sounds like you may have to have it replaced. I understand out of warranty repair in Ontario for this is about $399 with a mobile ranger.
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    Windshield washer fluid running over side window

    And if you add a few olives, and some vermouth, to that, you’ve got something... Anyone know if the squirt lines can be diverted to the cabin.....
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    Windshield washer fluid running over side window

    Keep in mind, most other cars on the market, don’t need to have optimum efficiency, so they don’t consider that in the design as much. There is a happy medium, but you will lose efficiency/range.

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