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    Any suggestions on a hail repair shop?

    I encountered hail on Saturday near Akron, CO. I’m just curious if anyone has repair facility in the Denver metro that they would recommend? I definitely want to have a estimate from a Tesla qualified shop before I have my insurance adjuster take a look. Any other things that I need to know...
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    Can You Guess What's Happening Here?

    Trying to unlock your car
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    Why I'm Scared to Leave My Tesla At Home

    Why in the h$&@ do you have your Model X plugged into a 110v GFCI !?? Ground faults and pop machines don’t mix because there is a delay with the current returning to the outlet when the compressor starts. If I recall, the GFCI only allows a 5 millisecond delay. Something like that might be...
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    Any hack to remove the autopilot nag?

    I don’t use the Auto Steer because of the nag. A couple of months ago, I saw a video about using a 16.9 oz water bottle at 10 o’clock.....
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    Complete 19' Winter Tire Set in Denver

    I have a winter Tire Set From my 2013 Model S. They are OEM 19" wheels with 1st generation TPMS. I mounted Michelin X-ice tires on them and used them for 2 winters. I kept them just in case I bought another Model S. I finally bought a Model 3, so I don't need them. The tires should last one...
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    [POLL] Why do you think Tesla is raising FSD by $1K November 1, 2019?

    I bought a long range dual last Friday. I told the delivery specialist that I didn't mind paying the 6k upfront for FSD as long as the price doesn't decrease. Tesla is aware that lots of buyers are skipping on the FSD upfront in hopes that the price will eventually come down. These buyers...
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    I'm Willing to swap out 20" Performance For Aero's

    I just ordered a Model 3P. I really don't want the Performance wheels. I'm looking for some excellent Aero's in exchange plus some cash for brand new Performance 20's.
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    FS: 2018 Model X 100D

    You might want to reconsider your price. The model X new price was just reduced...
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    2018 Model 3 - LR, PUP, EAP, PPF, tint, 2k miles

    Wait a minute.....i thought that Washington had no sales tax on electric vehicles? Are you sure about getting that 10.3% credit. Obviously, I could be wrong?
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    2018 Tesla Model 3 For Sale

    Wow, You want a buyer to pay for your taxes in your state, handle the taxes wherever they live and give up the 7,500 credit on a Model 3 ...good luck.
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    2017 Model X 100D for $117,500 (Less than 1000 miles/2 months. New Car. Big discount SAVE $$$)

    Beautiful car. I would recommend that you lower the price a little more.
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    $1250 for an in production X 100D spot

    Wow, that is very close to my build. I was gonna also add the PUP. Sadly, I'm buying a new business shortly and won't be able to order for 3 or 4 months. Honestly, I would just eat the deposit.
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    Sold 2016 Tesla Model X 75 D for sale

    You might want to post a picture of the Maroney sticker.
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    Model X 90D Six Seat Pearl White/Tan Interior For Sale

    With the 6k State rebate, He would make money on a sale of 97K.
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    Goodbye Federal $7,500 tax credit - no way it survives Trump/Senate/House

    Nothing to worry about. The worst president in the history of the United States (Obama ) will be replaced by the best President in history (Trump). All of you liberals out there need to settle down and give Trump a chance +++
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    General chit-chat in "For Sale" threads

    With no autopilot, I would not even do 65K...
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    Late 2014 Model 85 S with Autopilot for sale

    Good luck with your sale. The car is priced right.
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    WTB: Please help with a friend-to-friend Model S sale/purchase price

    Your friend is out of touch. Not to worry, I see people here everyday trying to sell non-auto cars far over value. When the auto hardware showed up in Nov. 2014, I knew I had to sell my 2013 before the software was "enabled". When the rumors grew stronger last summer that it would finally be...
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    To Buy & Sell, To Cancel or To Hope and Pray for the Best

    Mike.....Thank you, Thank you very much. I sold our Model S out from under my wife 6 months ago (she is still pissed) , to wait for a Model X. you just bumped us up a slot!!!
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    Route 50 in Nevada

    Piece of cake! Yes, The Austin RV Park has full hookups and there is also the Silver Sky Lodge in Eureka, that has RV hookups as well. I had no problem setting my cruise at 50mph to smooth through Monument Valley to cut over to the Grand Canyon from Blanding UT. My favorite was driving...
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    los angeles to el paso anyone?

    It is 382 miles from Casa Grande, AZ to El Paso. Yes, you can stay and charge in Tucson, but don't forget about campgrounds along the way. If it were me, I would drive 236 miles (MAX 60MPH) from Casa Grande to the KOA in Lordsburg, NM and stay in a Kamping Cabin overnight. ( My girls love...
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    Someone's X prepping for delivery at Denver "secret location"

    This "secret" location is not so secret. It is the old Safeway at leetsdale and Quebec. You can stop by any night and see through the blacked out windows. This pic was taken through a scratch in the black-out paint. There were around 10 cars in there when I checked them out last Saturday...
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    Tesla Model S 70D - Midnight Silver, June 2015, 7k miles, Next Generation Black Leather, Pano Roof,

    You have not included the Month and Year of build. This info is very important as well. It is on the door plate.
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    Model X tailgate at Super Bowl?

    Wait a minute.....You don't like Defense??? Both Denver and Carolina have a SUPER Defense. (Denver's was just a Tad better on Sunday) I love to see smashmouth DEFENSE. All of the Primadonna Offensive guys like Cam disgust me. What a sore loser...he needs to grow up. He is a heck of a...
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    Model X at showrooms?

    I spotted 4 Model X's on a car hauler at Primm, NV on Wed. the 13th. The driver told me they were all headed to Denver. One sig red, two whites and a blue. I am sure they are at the Denver SC being prepped for delivery.
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    VERY close call today on snowy/icy Interstate 40

    I have a dedicated set of X-ice for the winter. (This is a must for the rear-wheel drive Model S.) Yes, you need to set the regen on Low , but most of all , SLOW DOWN when in any slick condition. I guarantee you, if I was in the car with the OP, I would have told him in no uncertain terms to...
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    Anyone on TMC own a 2016 Volt?

    We have a 2013 Volt with 25K miles (90% electric miles). I would say absolutely get the 2016 Volt. It will be a major step up for your wife and she will love it. We owned a 2012 Prius V for 20K miles before I sold the piece of junk. If I had researched the crash videos before I bought the...
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    Suspension software flaw

    I have posted this many times on the Tesla forums but never here. When you pull over a curb or block, spend one second your precious time to put the Model S into "Jack" mode. This is a simple and easy fix to NEVER EVER endure the terrible sound and gut wrenching feeling of scraping off of...
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    Tesla is in Telluride!

    Tesla has a P90D ludy at the festival. There are gonna be some lucky folks that get a major "grin" this weekend!
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    Tesla Model S P85+

    Beautiful car, good luck with the sale.
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    2013 Tesla Model S 85Kw - No Longer Available

    I sadly sold Tess for full price, a few days ago. In my opinion, I gave her up for a screaming deal. I will "suffer" for up to 6 months before I buy another awesome Model S.
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    Who owns, What is the old grocery store off of leetsdale

    Tesla has been using this old "Safeway" location for some time for storage. Safeway closed this store and Tesla has been storing cars inside. I live about 2 miles away and belong to a fitness club in this shopping center. I, also noticed the Tesla trailer show up in the parking lot a couple of...
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    2013 Tesla Model S 85Kw - No Longer Available

    Update: I have had lots of interest and a couple of people were close...but no sale yet. For some strange reason, I can't get in to edit my ad. I am now dropping the price to $58,500. This is an excellent value with the "D" battery pack. Jim 303-503-6220 [email protected]
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    2013 Tesla Model S 85Kw - No Longer Available

    Winter driving in the rear drive Model S is excellent. The key is snow tires. I bought an extra set of rims from Tesla and ordered a set of Michelin X-ice from Tire Rack. With great snow tires, 4,700 pounds of evenly distributed weight and traction control, the 2-wheel drive is awesome in snow...
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    2013 Tesla Model S 85Kw - No Longer Available

    My wife drove to a rec center and when she got out to the lot , it would not start. Tesla Service showed up quickly with a loaner. The next day they already had installed a "D" pack. It was a new one, (not reconditioned ) so I was very happy. All they told me was that there was a "electronic...
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    2013 Tesla Model S 85Kw - No Longer Available

    2013 Tesla Model S 85Kw SOLD List Date: 7/24/2015 Location: Denver, CO, United States For more info, click here to view the original listing: 2013 Tesla Model S 85Kw -------------------------------------- This item is no longer available. --------------------------------------
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    Does TMC Charge 5% to sell a Model S?

    Thanks for the response and info.
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    Does TMC Charge 5% to sell a Model S?

    I would like to list my S85 for sale to upgrade. When I went to create an ad, it showed 5% to TMC. So, if I sell for 62K, it would cost me $3,100 ? Can anyone verify this for me. Thanks, Jim
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    Dad with teenage son torn over getting Performance versus Standard

    My oldest daughter will be driving in 5 more years. Her first car will be a Volt. Until the Model S came around, the Volt was winning awards including one for High-strength steel. The Chevy Volt is an excellent choice for a teenager. I might sell our 2013 Volt when we get a Model X, but I will...
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    Buy a 2016 Volt?

    I drive a 2013 Volt as my daily driver (My wife drives the Model S). I do really like the Volt, and have driven 21K miles on 90% electric. My only complaint with the Volt is it too cramped and small for me. I always look forward to driving the Model S when I can. I would recommend buying a...
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    2015 Tesla Model P85D -- Pearl White, FULL LOADED, Full Xpel, 3M Tints + more

    Awesome car. If the price were lower, I would be interested as well. These fancy autos depreciate a bunch in the beginning. Folks just don't understand that. I guess I will wait until the end of the year, for the prices to come down. (I sold a P85+ in 2013 after only 5 months of ownership. I...
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    Next Gen Rear Seats Opinions

    This topic is very personal to me. I have had my S85 for 26 months and am ready to upgrade to the 85D. My only holdup is the rear seats. I have sat in and checked out the Next Gen Rear Seats. The are light-years ahead of the standard seats. I will not upgrade until the Rear Next Gen seats...
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    The dream comes crashing down

    This "Habitual Tailgaters" situation has gotten out of control. I can't wait for the day when autos "refuse" to hit each other....and "force" you to keep a safe distance. I think it is funny that people will rear-end someone and blame it on the "jerk" in front of him. I have a "ingrained"...
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    Colorado to California and Back Again Using Superchargers and Destination Charging

    I stopped by last Spring Break at the Tuba City Quality Inn. Because of your efforts, they let us charge while we ate lunch. It was amazing setting the cruise at 50mph and floating through Monument Valley!!! Thanks again for your efforts.....I can't wait to do it again.
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    First S85D sighting

    I was told that a red P85D was headed to Denver to be a test drive vehicle.....but Elon wanted it for himself. It fits the description perfectly. Hey, I wanted to test that red Rocket!!!
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    Supercharger - Denver, CO

    I also got the e-mail this morning. I charged at around 9:30 am on my way to work. There still is NO meter? I just do not get it? Also of note: All of the light poles in the parking lot have 15 amp 110 volt outlets. You can see one sticking out on the pic below.
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    Supercharger - Denver, CO

    I drove by this afternoon. Still no meter! Excel energy must be slowwwwww.
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    P85D - NEW Seats Announced - Finally!!

    I also am ready to order a S85D. I must be able to get Gray Recaro seats!!! Or no order.
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    Is the Supercharger option worth $2,000?

    The next step is understanding that on your road trips you will want all of the range possible. The 85D with a range of 295 miles would be awesome! Just tell your kids they need to get a job while they attend college???
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    Is the Supercharger option worth $2,000?

    eco5280---I just don't think you realize how much you will enjoy driving this car. (especially in the awesome Colorado Rockies) Not only would I get the Supercharging, I would also think twice about a 85D with the Supercharging included.

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